Simpler Networks | HP200SA64 | User`s manual | Simpler Networks HP200SA64 User`s manual

HomePlug AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter
Quick Start Guide
Important Safety notice:
Package Contents:
2 x powerline Wall mount Adapters.
2 x Ethernet RJ-45 Cat5.Cables.
1x Quick Start Guide.
1x CD-ROM.
Hardware description:
LED indicators:
On/off for plug/unplug into power socket.
Powerline link.
Ethernet activity.
❹ NMK push button : Encryption / synchronization.
❺ RESET hole: Reset to default settings.
LAN interface:
RJ-45 LAN interface connect to the RJ-45 cable.
※ For details functionality please refer to the User’s Manual for further information.
System requirement for Power Packet Utility:
PC with an RJ-45 Ethernet port (network card & TCP/IP protocol be installed.)
Operating system: Windows 98SE, Me, Windows 2000,XP,Vista
Adapter installation:
Step 1
Connecting the PLC adapter
1. Connect the one end of the Ethernet cable provided in the package to the
first PLC adapter’s Ethernet port.
2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to PC’s Ethernet port.
3. Plug the adapter’s power plug into your power socket.
※ We strongly recommended you plug the PLC adapter into standalone power socket to get optimal
performance; for further information please refer to user’s manual.
4. Repeat the step1 for the second PLC adapter and connect the other end of Ethernet
cable to the LAN port of your ADSL router/Cable modem and repeat the step 3.
This device is not for outdoor use that may cause the risk of electric shock
from lightning.
Do not use this device near the water like swimming pool, wet environment.
Do not use liquid /aerosol cleaner to clean this device and must unplug this
product before cleaning.
Do not open the cover of device when plug into power socket. These expose you
to the risk of high voltage damage.
Do not put any other things into/on this device especially sharp conductive object.
Powerline application
ADSL / Cable
1F living room
Step 2
2F Reading room
Installing and use the Power Packet Utility
You can use Powerline Power Packet utility to check the quality of your connection
and scan PLC devices in your local network; you can change the adapter’s default
password and establish a private security network with other PLC devices, also you
can upgrade the firmware by using this utility. Now please follow the steps below for
1. After start your PC please insert the CD-ROM into your CD drive.
2. The installation program will be launched automatically, if does not please run the
“autorun.exe” which can be found in the CD-ROM’s root directory.
3. Click the “ Power Packet utility” on setup screen then start the installation.
4. Select the installation folder the click “Next” and simply follow the Wizard’s
instruction to complete the installation.
5. You can execute this program from this location:
“Start””Program files””Simpler-Networks Powerline””Power Packet utility”.
Forming a HomePlug AV Logical Network:
The Network Membership Key (NMK) button uniquely identifies a Private Network,
the HomePlug AV Logical Network (AVLN). Devices that share the same NMK will
form a logical network when connected to common powerline media. This permits
multiple logical networks to exist on the same connection. Individual devices can join
or leave a specific logical network by changing NMK. In order to form a secure
HomePlug AV Logical Network between two adapters are as following 3 steps:
1. Press the button on the first device for less than 3 seconds.
2. Press the button on the second device for less than 3 seconds.
3. Wait for connection to complete within 1 minute.
Please refer to user’s manual for further information.
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