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Dell, our vision has evolved
Dell Latitude
C840: Desktop
goes mobile
The Dell™ Latitude™ C840 implements all
the latest technologies and more into an
all-in-one mobile platform for desktop
computing performance anywhere.
The C840 is built for performance with a mobile
Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-M running at 1.6GHz,
1.8GHz and 2.0GHz and an Intel 845MP chipset to
support a range of advanced features. All this is
complemented by the integrated 64MB nVidia®
graphics controller on a high resolution 15" UXGA
or SXGA+ display.
Integrated communications are also featured with
a 56K v.92 modem, 10/100 base-TX Ethernet and
integrated wireless LAN antennae as standard.
An optional upgrade using a Mini-PCI TrueMobile™
wireless LAN is also available.
True to the Latitude C-Series legacy, the C840 retains
backwards and forwards compatibility with all Latitude
C-Family media modules and docking solutions.
High performance dependable notebooks
Dell Latitude C840
High performance
The C840 uses mobile Intel Pentium 4
processors-M at 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz and
2.0GHz with the new Intel 845MP chipset.
The new chipset supports a 400MHz
Processor System Bus (PSB) and up to
1.024GB of PC2100 Double Data Rate
system memory running at
266MHz. With ATA-100 hard
drives up to 40GB, the
Latitude C840 truly delivers
desktop performance.
Spectacular graphics
Equipped with a high
resolution 15" TFT display with
either UXGA (1600x1200)
or SXGA+ (1400x1050)
resolution and the latest nVidia
GeForce4 Go™ 440 graphics
controller with 64MB DDR
video memory, the C840
delivers blazing graphics performance.
Versatile 3-spindle design
The C840 uses an all-in-one design,
allowing simultaneous use of two optical
drives or, alternatively, a single optical
drive and another C-Family module,
providing a high level of flexibility and
configurability. It incorporates a fixed
optical bay for a CD, CD-RW, DVD
or DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, in addition to
a C-Family media bay for other C-Family
modules, or a second battery for twice the
battery life.
Integrated communications,
Wired and Wireless
The C840 features 56K capable
v.92 modem and 10/100 Ethernet
Base-TX as standard and each
system has integrated antennae.
When you choose the optional
Mini-PCI wireless LAN card there
is no compromise, all three are
integrated at once, modem, wired
LAN and wireless LAN 802.11.
Dell DualPoint capability
The Dell DualPoint integrated
pointing device, which
incorporates both a Touch Pad
and a Track Stick, gives the flexibility of using
either device or both at the same time.
Service and Support1
3 years2 Next Business Day On-site1 service
comes as standard.
The optional Dell CompleteCare™ service
provides protection against accidental damage3.
Build, Purchase, Manage, Support - It’s Easier On-Line
It started with our direct approach – one-to-one, intimate
customer relationships – no middlemen, no dealers nor
distributors. Our manufacturing flexibility and buildto-order policy helped us to become one of the
world’s largest computer systems manufacturers.
Leadership Today our direct vision has evolved. We
are considered a model for how to do business on
the Internet. We have enabled our infrastructure,
developed processes to maximise our
operational efficiency and effectiveness –
everything from supplier integration with
e-commerce to customer support.
Build to order You are no longer
restricted in computer choices by
“what’s in the box”. At Dell we build
high quality computer systems from
notebooks to networks incorporating
some of the latest, relevant, proven
technology – configured to your exact
Services Portfolio
With Dell Financial Services, Custom
Factory Integration and Image
Management Services, through to
Installation, Dell’s suite of Rapid
Deployment Services can lower the
total cost of computing and free up
your internal IT resources.
Dell Latitude C840
Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-M
at 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz
Standard Module
• Floppy disk drive Module: 3.5", 1.44MB
Intel 845MP Chipset
400MHz Processor System Bus (PSB)
• 128MB PC2100 Double Data Rate (DDR)
SDRAM standard
• Maximum DDR SDRAM 1.024GB, PC2100
• Memory module capacities 128, 256,
512MB PC2100
1.6GHz only
15" SXGA+ TFT LCD with 32-bit colour depth
Resolution: 1400 x 1050 x 4.2 billion colours
1.8GHz only
15" UXGA+ TFT LCD with 32-bit colour depth
Resolution: 1600 x 1200 x 4.2 billion colours
2.0GHz only
Enhanced DellSharp UXGA LCD with 32-bit
colour depth
Resolution: 1600 x 1200 x 4.2 billion colours
Maximum External Resolution (CRT)
1600 x 1200 (UXGA) at 4.2 billion colours max
@ 60/70/75/85Hz (Pan mode on LCD/TV if active)
Video Type – 256-bit hardware accelerated,
4X AGP support
Graphics Controller: nVidia® GeForce4 Go™ 440
with 64MB DDR video memory
Hard Disk Drives
20GB EIDE/ATA-100 (4,200 rpm)
30GB EIDE/ATA-100 (4,200 rpm)
40GB EIDE/ATA-100 (4,200 rpm)
40GB EIDE/ATA-100 (5,400 rpm) High Speed
60GB EIDE/ATA-100 (5,400 rpm) High Speed
Optional 2nd HDD Module for media bay or
C/Dock II Expansion Station media bay
Choice of the following optical devices:
CDROM Drive (24X read)
DVD Drive
(8X read DVD/24X read
(24X read CDROM/24X CD-R
write/10X CDRW rewrite)
DVD/CD-RW Drive (24X read CDROM/24X CD-R
write/10X CDRW rewrite/8X
DVD-ROM read)
Optional Modules for the Media Bay
• CD-RW –
8X (write CD-R)
4X (write CD-RW)
24X (read CD) max
• DVD-ROM – 8X (max)
Combo –
8X (read DVD)
8X (write CD-R)
8X (write CD-RW)
24X (read CD) max
• Zip 250
• Second HDD for notebook external media bay
or C/Dock II media bay
• Second Smart Lithium-Ion Battery
• Second floppy disk drive for media bay in
C/Dock II
PC Card Slots
Two type I or II cards or one type III card
CardBus and Zoom Video support (bottom slot)
Audio Type – SoundBlaster® (software
emulation capable)
Audio controller – Crystal CS4205
Integrated Speakers Stereo (2 x 4 ohm)
Integrated microphone
Smart Lithium-Ion 8-cell with external LED
battery gauge and ExpressCharge™ capability
Power Supply
90 Watts AC Adapter
Key travel
Key spacing
Options for your built-to-order system
512KB on-die L2 cache
Pointing Device – Dell DualPoint
Touch Pad – PS/2 compatible
Track Stick – PS/2 compatible
System Dimensions
15" LCD Configuration
• 331mm (w) x 276mm (d) x 45mm (h)
System Weights*
15" UXGA Configuration
• With CD-ROM/Travel module – 3.35kg
• With CD-ROM/FDD module – 3.59kg
9-pin connector, 16550-compatible,
16-byte buffer
25-hole connector; normal, bi-directional or ECP
15-hole connector
6-pin mini-DIN connector
Infra Red
IrDA v 1.1 (Fast IR) and IrDA v1.0
Microphone-in, line-in audio-in,
Universal Serial Bus
2 x USB-compliant connectors
Docking Connector
200-pin for the C/Dock Family Expansion
Station and C/Port Family Advanced Port
7-pin mini DIN (S-Video to composite video
adapter is also included with the computer,
supports SP/DIF)
IEEE 1394
4-pin, Mini-1394, Non-powered
56K v.92 capable internal modem
Ethernet LAN
10/100 Ethernet LAN
3Com® 3C920 10/100 Base-TX chipset PC99, DMI
2.0, and Wired for Management compliant
C/Dock II Expansion Station
Ports offered: 2 x PCI card expansion slots,
Parallel, serial, external monitor, line-in, line-out,
mic, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 x USB,
Infra red (lrDA v. 1.1 compatible), Ultra SCSI 2,
10/100Base TX (RJ-45), AC power and adapter.
C/Port II Advanced Port Replicator
Ports Offered: parallel, serial, external monitor,
line-out, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 x USB,
Infra red (IrDA v. 1.1 Compatible), 10/100BaseTX
(RJ-45), AC Power and adapter.
Dell OpenManage™ Client
OpenManage Client Instrumentation (OMCI)
is designed to help reduce the total cost of
ownership by providing remote monitoring
of the notebook in a networked environment.
The instrumentation allows remote
monitoring of specific attributes such as
battery status, power management settings,
display type, PC cards, SMART hard drive
status, variable drive capacity thresholds and
other information. OpenManage Client
adheres to industry standards such as DMI
2.0s and WBEM specifications.
Power Management ACPI
• Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
(SP 2)
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional
• Microsoft Windows XP Home
Combo Modem/Ethernet
Xircom RealPort CardBus 10/100 Ethernet and
56K Modem PC card (Type III)
(only required for ISDN & GSM support)
Full Range of Media Bay Modules
FDD, 2nd HDD, Zip 250
• Latitude Leather Carry Case
• Latitude Nylon Carry Case
• Second 90 Watts AC Adapter
• Second Smart Lithium-Ion Battery
• Kensington Security Lock
Mobile Security – Software
Protection against unauthorised access
• Primary system password
• Administrator password
• Hard disk drive password
3 Years2 International Next Business Day
On-site service1
Notebook batteries are supplied with a 1 year
warranty, which is not upgradable2
Mobile Security – Physical
• Kensington Lock
• Custom Factory Integration and Image
Management Services
• Installation Services
• CompleteCare accidental damage cover3
Dell AccessDirect™
• New to the Latitude C840 is the Dell
AccessDirect button. Located above the
keyboard, the AccessDirect button allows
you to quickly access a frequently used
program, such as e-mail or an Internet site
• IT Managers can remotely program this
button to access their own internal support
sites with a simple registry change. The
individual user can also program this button
Utility Software
• On-line Hypertext user guide
Operating System Versions Available
• Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional
• Microsoft Windows XP Home
Dell TrueMobile™ 1150 Wireless Mini-PCI card
Dell TrueMobile 1150 Wireless PCMCIA card
Dell TrueMobile 1170 Wireless Access Point
*Weight may vary depending on configuration and
manufacturing variability.
CD-RW Drive
*Configurable only at point of order
Dell PCs use genuine Microsoft ® Windows®
Subject to availability, prices and specifications are correct at the date of publication and may change without notice. Dell’s Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service apply and are available on
request and at 1. Response times may vary according to the remoteness or accessibility of product location. Service may be provided via telephone or Internet where appropriate.
Certain restrictions apply. 2. Notebook batteries, carry cases and consumables are supplied with a non-upgradable 1 year warranty. 3. CompleteCare accidental damage cover from London General
Insurance, available in selected countries, restrictions may apply. © 2002 Dell Computer Corporation. Dell, the Dell logo, Latitude, OpenManage, AccessDirect, TrueMobile, CompleteCare and
ExpressCharge are registered trademarks or trademarks of Dell Computer Corporation. Intel, the Intel Inside Pentium Processor logo and Pentium are registered trademarks or trademarks of Intel
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Dell Latitude C840 range of
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