Leading the way in security
Whatever the emergency,
Homelink Extra II has the power to
deal with it quickly and effectively.
Homelink Extra II combines an
emergency call unit and intruder
alarm system, offering a reliable
helpline through the normal
telephone network.
• Easy to use and install
• Connects to any existing telephone (not included)
• Alerts family, friends and control centres
• Built in intruder alarm
• Emergency two-way speech facility
Volume control for built in loudspeaker
Remote emergency
Standard telephone
Mains power light
Call-cancel button
to signal that help
has arrived
‘Away’ button
activates intruder
alarm monitoring
Line fault indicator
Emergency button dials up
to 4 telephone numbers
Accessory Options
1 4608UK-00 10 metre PIR infra-red detector
2 4609UK-00 smoke detector
3 4670UK-20 ceiling mounted pull cord
4 4601UK-50 pendant PA
5 2080EUR-00 combined loudspeaker
microphone unit
Note: accessory options 1 to 4 are all wirefree.
Programmable Options
Homelink Extra II may be programmed locally or remotely.
The options include:
• Easy to use and install.
• Uses a standard telephone socket and mains power connection.
operate without a phone – using the auto answer facility and
• Can
built in loudspeaker.
battery recharges automatically and provides up to 36
• Internal
hours of standby power.
message recording facility. Allows a message of up
• Optional
to 20 seconds to be recorded and replayed in the event of an
• Personal alarm monitoring
• Medical alert monitoring
• Fire detection monitoring
• Inactivity monitoring
• Habit cycle
• Temperature monitoring
• Mains failure monitoring
• Intruder detection monitoring
• Front panel call-cancel button
resend after 15mins if call-cancel button
• Alarm
hasn’t been pressed
The above facilities are only available when connected to a
24hr central monitoring station and require a PSION II
programmer (02100UK-00) and a Homelink Data Pack
(02101UK-00) for full programme options.
emergency via a plug in telephone. (Available on 02020UK-03 only).
• Can be programmed remotely from a telephone or control centre.
button on front panel alerts the alarm receiving centre
• Call-cancel
that help has arrived.
alarm retransmit after 15mins if call-cancel button hasn’t
• Optional
been pressed.
• Pendant transmitter included.
signalling ensures compatibility with most types of
• Multi-format
control centre equipment, and the ability to dial friends and family.
02025UK-00 complete with 4601UK-50 pendant and plug in power supply.
Technical Specification
• Battery back up: 6V 1.2 Ah. Sealed lead acid type.
• Unit dimensions: (HxDxW) 50 x 210 x 270mm.
• Unit weight: 1.3kg.
• Manufactured to comply with the R & TTE directive.
02025UK-03 complete with 4601UK-50 pendant, speech chip and relay
output and plug in power supply.
Dealer Details
Scantronic is a leading brand of Cooper Security Ltd,
part of Cooper Industries, employing over 28,000
people at more than 100 manufacturing sites around
the world.
Scantronic manufactures security equipment for all
types of commercial and domestic premises. The
range is comprehensive, offering every type of solution
from multizone hard-wired and wirefree systems, to
digital and voice communicators, detectors and social
alarms. Installers trust us to deliver cost effective
products with the highest quality of field and support
services ensuring you receive the best and most reliable
systems to secure you and your premises.
Scantronic is a brand of Cooper Security Ltd
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