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The DPX-213
Ultra Low Power MNP5 Dial and Leased Line Modem
The DPX-213 is a dial and leased line modem that operates off normal mains power, battery,
solar panels or any other low power source. These characteristics, along with its small size and
low cost make it the ideal modem for remote communications, monitoring and diagnostics.
The ultra low power consumption of the DPX-213 ensures long battery life, alternatively a
battery can be connected in standby mode where the mains power is unreliable.
Remote Data - Error Free
The DPX-213 is a compact, full-featured data modem for professional data
communications. It is ideal for medium volume data transfers where error free
data on any dial or leased line is essential. Low power consumption and the
ability to operate from a battery or mains power supply make it particularly
suitable for remote applications.
Alternate Alarm Dialling
A second number is dialled in the event of failure of the first dial (such as
when the line is engaged or a bad line condition exist).
Dialback Password Protection
The user must enter a name and number. If these details are entered
correctly, the user is prompted for a password. If the response is correct, the
modem disconnects and dials back on that number.
World Class Performance
Advanced Digital Signal Processing and adaptive equalisation ensures that the
DPX-213 delivers accurate data over the widest range of phone lines.
High Throughput
MNP 5 with selective block retransmission ensures highest throughput - ideal
for general purpose file transfers, point of sale data collection, telemetry,
remote control of any application where fast, economical and error free data
transfer is required. Data transfer of 4800bps with MNP 5 can be achieved with
most files. Incompressible files are sent error free at 2400bps.
Non Volatile Storage
450 characters in 10 locations allows up to 10 phone numbers to be stored. An
autodialling alarm function allows storage of 3 messages that will be sent on
closure of an external contact.
Extensive Diagnostics
Diagnostics include LEDs for on-line activity display and AT command activated
local and remote loopbacks.
Performance and Reliability
Designed by Dataplex and manufactured under the ISO-9001/AS3901 quality
control system, the DPX-213 offers advanced design with low parts count for
maximum reliability and is housed in a durable plastic case.
Data Format:
2400bps QAM V.22bis
1200bps DPSK V.22
1200bps DPSK Bell 212
300bps FSK V.21
300bps FSK Bell 103
Asynchronous 8 to 11 bit character format including
parity and stop bits.
Synchronous serial binary protocol independent 1200
or 2400bps.
Full duplex over 2 wire dial and leased lines.
Automatic or manual originate or answer.
Data Compression:
MNP5 with selective block retransmission, up
to 200%
Error Correction:
Constant Speed
Autorate at 300, 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600.
450 characters in 10 locations.
DTE Interface:
ITU-T V.24 / V.28 / X.21bis, RS-232-C via 25
pin DB-25S [female] socket.
Line Interface:
Modular RJ-11 sockets.
Transmit Level:
-10 to -23dBm.
Transmit Clocking:
Internal or Loop
Guard Tone:
Selectable - none, 500 or 1800 Hz
Ring Detection:
Level 50 to 150 VAC RMS.
Receiver Dynamic
-6dBm to -45dBm.
Auto Adaptive Equalizer.
Carrier Detect
ON above -43dBm, OFF below -45dBm.
Answer Tone:
ITU-T mode - 2100Hz.
Bell mode - 2225Hz
Loss of carrier configurable 0.1 to 2.55
240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 7-20VDC, 20-70VDC
option, 875mW max, standby < 10mA.
127.8[w] x 130[d] x 20[h]
279g Unit, 194g Power Supply
0 C to 85c, 95% humidity non-condensing.
Austel Approved:
12 months warranty
240VAC Standard Mains Operation
7 - 20VDC Standard DC Operation
20 - 70VDC Standard DC Operation
RS-232 Data Cable 25 pin (Unisex Ribbon 1 Metre)
RJ-11 to Telco 610 Socket
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