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Flowing productivity.
Impressive colour.
Your digital colour
production solution
• Take your productivity to the next level
• Impress your customers with offset-like quality
• Seamless integration. Synchronised operation and stunning performance with
Océ PRISMA sync
• Expand your services with versatile media handling and finishing
• Get uptime all the time with best-in-class hardware and support
• Professional expertise to get more from your investment
Flowing productivity.
Impressive colour.
Versatility architect
Workflow analyst
Quality specialist
Service engineer
Business consultant
imagePRESS C7010VPS series
Your digital colour production solution
Experience the next generation of productive digital colour innovation. Canon imagePRESS
C7010VPS, C6010VPS and C6010S systems combine imagePRESS digital colour technology
with Océ PRISMAsync workflow innovation to bring you everything you need to make a
brilliant impression. Real-world productivity. Ongoing reliability. Intuitive operation. And
offset-like quality that stays consistent sheet to sheet and from one job to the next.
The result? A digital colour operation that flows smoothly, effortlessly and efficiently - and
opens up new opportunities. Backed by a team of world-class experts dedicated to delivering
more digital colour performance than you dreamed possible.
Take your productivity to the next level
Next-level productivity is about more than printing jobs faster. It's at the heart of your profitability. The
imagePRESS C7010VPS is designed to take your performance to the next level: intuitive operation and
high-speed throughput incorporating plan-ahead production and a media-driven workflow.
“Flow into continuous productivity and more business.”
High-speed throughput on any media
Smooth, stable paper feeding
The imagePRESS C7010VPS series combines a robust steel
construction and a built-to-last design to produce up to 4500
images per hour. The innovative dual-fusing technology of
imagePRESS C6010VPS and C7010VPS keeps the speed of
your digital colour press steady on all supported media up to
325 gsm.
With the imagePRESS C7010VPS series there's no need to
worry about jams or downtime. Every tray features advanced,
air-assisted, vacuum-feed technology, media conditioning and
ultra-sonic multi-feed detection for smooth, stable paper
Generous input and output capacity
Next level performance. Unstoppable
The powerful Océ PRISMAsync operations management
features an intelligent job scheduler for up to eight hours of
plan-ahead production and an efficient, media-driven
workflow. You enjoy total control of your print operation,
minimising the risk of errors and delays. And with convenient
advance-alert functions and on-the-fly refills your operators
never have to stop the press to load toner or media - so you
can handle demanding production schedules with ease.
Need more productivity for peak volumes? Your system can
be configured with up to eight input trays providing up to
10,000 sheets for hours of uninterrupted productivity. Use
both high-capacity stackers and all of your inline finishers to
stack up to 17,000 sheets of output at once. Now you can get
more done faster and save on labour, training and operating
costs. It all adds up to non-stop, flowing productivity.
“Deliver beautiful, consistent colour that looks and feels like offset.”
Impress your customers with offset-like quality
What's the secret to consistent colour quality that looks and feels like offset? It's the perfect blend of imaging,
toner and colour management capabilities, together with media-handling innovations that do more than
meet customer expectations - they exceed them.
Optimised toner and fusing technologies
V-toner, oil-less fusing, a standard resolution of 1200 dpi and
gloss optimisation technologies allow operators to tune gloss
levels to specific media. They all deliver vivid colour with a
smooth, consistent finish.
Consistent colour quality
A suite of image control technologies stabilises toner density,
provides a steady supply of fresh developer and maintains a
stable, controlled environment in the print engine. For perfect
reprints and long production runs, real-time colour calibration
ensures consistent output quality.
Intelligent colour management with PRISMAsync
With intelligent PRISMAsync colour management capabilities,
you can always deliver flawless quality with minimal training.
Whether you use colour preset templates or professional
advanced colour management functionalities, high image
quality with outstanding solids and gradations is easy.
X-rite i1 Process Control
With X-rite® i1Process Control software, especially developed
for imagePRESS systems, you can build ICC colour profiles,
validate digital proofs and more.
Precise registration, sharp text and graphics
Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures exceptional
registration. Images are accurately aligned on the front and
back sides of the page and for two-sided printing the image
size is automatically adjusted to compensate for paper
shrinkage. With Advanced Smoothing Technology (AST) and
Intelligent Pixel Positioning technology, you can produce text,
graphics and fine lines with absolute precision.
The right settings every time
Media settings are defined in the integrated Océ PRISMAsync
media catalogue, so your system always uses the correct speed,
temperature and pressure settings for the job - based on the
type, weight and size of media used. Colour profiles are
automatically added to the catalogue. The result? Fewer
misprints and predictable quality time after time.
Océ PRISMAsync operation management
Seamless integration. Synchronised operation. Stunning colour performance.
The imagePRESS C7010VPS series brings together state-of-the-art Canon colour technology and
PRISMAsync workflow innovation to redefine production performance. A smooth workflow is the key to
efficiency and profitability. With the intuitive PRISMAsync operation management, one harmonised
workflow makes it easy to manage complex colour jobs and keep your production colour operation humming.
One integrated printing solution for your business
The imagePRESS C7010VPS series features PRISMAsync
operation management - designed from the ground up to
optimise your digital colour production. Behind one central
operator panel the strength of a high performance colour server
delivers blazing performance, and this is not just limited to the
RIP processing speed. Did you ever experience
miscommunication between your print engine and the
controller? Or just a difference in performance status of your
job, depending where you look - at the engine user interface
or at the monitor of the controller? With your imagePRESS
C7010VPS, this is a thing of the past. Define media and colour
settings once, use them throughout the prepress and printing
process and enjoy all the advantages of intuitive operation in
one total solution.
Efficient production planning
With PRISMAsync, handling complex print jobs is
'keep-it-green' easy. An industry-unique user interface with
intelligent job scheduler displays every queued job, and an
overview of work scheduled for the day. The intuitive visual
indicators show at a glance time to completion for jobs based
on the media type, set and run length and intermediate
automatic quality assurance procedures. An operator attention
light displays the status of the printer - even from a distance.
The attention light signals upcoming operator interventions
such as necessary media refill several minutes before the actual
event - and gives you time to prevent a stop in production!
“Keep 'all systems go' with the Océ PRISMAsync intuitive, efficient operation.”
Synchronised media catalogue
In its media-driven workflow, the imagePRESS C7010VPS
lets you access a centralised media catalogue from the
web-based controller interface, the local engine user interface
as well as the printer driver. Because media is precisely defined,
you always print on the right paper with the right settings.
Users submitting jobs and operators running printers all work
with the same catalogue. And paper input trays can be flexibly
filled based on the media required for each job. That's good
news for your print operation - because it means fewer errors,
less paper waste, better quality and flexible use of your
production equipment.
A harmonised workflow for optimum resource
One operating concept across PRISMAsync driven colour and
black & white production printers ensures that operators run
complex colour jobs as easily as black & white ones. Open
connectivity ensures smooth integration of Océ equipment
into your existing infrastructure. PRISMAsync supports a
task-based workflow, where prepress specialists focus on
document preparation, while operators concentrate on
production. When you decide to adopt this approach, your
staff is more efficient, training costs are reduced and your
productivity soars.
Professional colour management for high quality
PRISMAsync gives you professional colour management at
every level, from preset colour templates to more advanced
functionalities. PRISMAsync uses industry-standard Adobe
ACE colour management, and the output profiles are
automatically selected based on the chosen halftone and media.
Adjust halftone screens and render styles. Define profiles and
calibrate colour by media family. Handle embedded profiles
in a document and if desired overrule them. Use pre-defined
and user-defined spot colour libraries to match desired house
styles. Whether you have a colour expert on staff, on every
shift, or whether you require high quality colour
'out-of-the-box', PRISMAsync has been created with colour
knowledge to help you produce high-quality colour no matter
which scenario defines your shop.
Full Océ PRISMA integration
Full integration with Océ PRISMA software streamlines
production even further. Your imagePRESS C7010VPS digital
colour press is geared for full integration with Océ PRISMA
software solutions.
Océ PRISMAsync in a nutshell
• Complete engine / controller integration with one single
point of control
• Intuitive, award-winning user interface design
• High performance colour server
• Professional colour management (ACE) using dedicated GPU
• Job scheduler for planning up to eight hours
• On-the-fly switching of 18 user interface languages
• Adjustable warning time for next operator intervention
• Streaming functionality
(spool-while-rip-while-print-while-clean-up) for unlimited
run lengths with maximum speed and productivity
• Adobe Postscript 3, PDF 1.7, Optimised PDF / Postscript
• Colour presets: create colour templates for most common job
and customer profiles
• Custom spot colour for CMYK values, also per tint
• Spot colour libraries include Pantone® Plus, Pantone Goe,
HKS, HKS 3000+
• Colour scan-to-file with directly embedded colour profiles
• Hot folders for automated workflow applications
• Advanced workflow integration with for example MIS systems
via Océ Professional Services
• Fully compatible with Océ PRISMAprepare, PRISMAaccess,
PRISMAproduction, PRISMAsatellite for ERP,
Engineered for epic performance
Every aspect of the imagePRESS C7010VPS series is engineered to deliver flowing productivity. Experience
epic performance with versatile PRISMAsync operation management and award-winning Ocean user
interface, advanced feeding technologies, generous input capacity, state-of-the-art image transfer and fusing,
and innovative finishing options.
Put innovative technologies at work for you
Advanced paper feeding technologies
such as vacuum feed, air separation and
ultra-sonic double-sheet detection ensure
reliable and accurate paper feeding.
Toner density stabilising technology
ensures high colour consistency.
Real-time colour calibration automatically
sets colour densities for consistent high
image quality.
Advanced Smoothing Technology and
Effective Resolution Technology
automatically adapt to text and images
to enhance output quality.
E-drum technology ensures optimal
image transfer and durability.
Twin red laser imaging produces precise
1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with 256
Elastic Image Transfer Belt (EITB)
transfers lines, text and graphics onto a
wide range of specialty, coated and
uncoated stocks.
Full engine / controller integration with
one point of control:
Intuitive user interface with innovative
job scheduler
Intelligent pixel positioning technology
minimises the effects of stair-casing for
perfectly positioned fine lines.
Humidity sensors and the airflow unit
control the internal environmental and
density stabilisation and help to deliver
and maintain the highest quality
throughout a run.
Dual-fusing technology enables the press
to maintain continuous print speed. The
belt and roller systems ensure
outstanding solids and gradations.
imagePRESS C7010VPS series
Powerful digital colour press driven by PRISMAsync operation management
Customise the imagePRESS C7010VPS to your needs
POD Deck-A1
The paper module holds any supported
stock in any tray. Add a second paper
module and increase capacity to 10,000
Three main engine models
imagePRESS C6010S prints 61 images per
minute on all media up to 135 gsm.
imagePRESS C6010VPS prints 61 images
per minute on all media up to 325 gsm.
imagePRESS C7010VPS prints 71 images
per minute on all media up to 325 gsm.
Finisher-AJ1 and Saddle Finisher-AJ2
Both finishers provide corner- and two-point
stapling of up to 100 sheets and stack 5000
sheets. The optional punch unit offers 2- or
4-hole punch capabilities, while the Insertion
Unit-C1 provides cover and sheet insertion.
In addition, Saddle Finisher-AJ2 creates
saddle-stitched booklets of up to 100 pages.
Optional Booklet Trimmer-D1 and Two-knife
Booklet Trimmer-A1 offer one- or three-side
trimming for professional full-bleed
Additional finishers
Professional Puncher-B1
Use up to twelve interchangeable dies for
advanced punching for end products bound
with color coil, pro click, plastic comb, twin
loop or velo bind.
Perfect Binder-B1
The Perfect Binder produces hot-melt bound
books up to 200 sheets with a wraparound
cover and three-side trimming.
High Capacity Stacker-C1
For stacking of up to 5000 sheets on a
removable cart, for easy transport of output
to offline finishing. Add an additional stacker
for a maximum output capacity of 10,000
imagePRESS C7010VPS series
“Offer your customers more media choices,
more finishing options and more services.”
Open a new chapter on profitability with versatile media handling and
The imagePRESS C7010VPS series is all about versatility. Define media once in one integrated catalogue
and then choose the media you need for the job. Work smarter with state-of-the-art workflow software,
and team your system with a variety of inline finishing options to expand your application possibilities.
And open up a new chapter on profitability.
Expand your colour possibilities
With the imagePRESS C7010VPS, you have one versatile
machine that can do the job of many. Now, you can offer more
services, go after profitable opportunities and get your share
of the growing digital colour market by printing a wide range
of colour applications.
The right stock for every job
With the imagePRESS C7010VPS series, you can always offer
your customers the right stock for the job. Print on lightweight,
coated, uncoated and specialty media with weights from 60 to
325 gsm and sizes up to 330.2 x 487.7 mm (13" x 19.2").
Automatic duplexing on all supported stock keeps production
moving steadily. And you can produce bigger full-bleed
booklets, thicker business cards and forms or inlays on thinner,
lighter stock.
A perfect finish
When it comes to finishing, your possibilities are virtually
unlimited. With a wide choice of inline finishing
configurations, you can take on more jobs. Stack documents
flat for offline finishing. Print perfect-bound books with up
to 200 sheets. Create instantly usable, tabbed, hole-punched
catalogues - ready for immediate use.
Use the integrated saddle stitcher to produce full-bleed,
three-side-trimmed booklets up to 100 pages - that lay perfectly
flat. You can even saddle-stitch jobs printed on custom-size
paper and mixed media. Whatever the job request, with a full
range of finishing options, you are always a step ahead of
customers' changing needs.
Get uptime all the time with world-class support
Océ stands behind your imagePRESS C7010VPS series with a world-class service organisation,
multi-disciplinary support and consulting expertise to keep your digital press performing beyond expectations.
At your service: an award-winning organisation
While the imagePRESS C7010VPS is designed for reliable
performance, if you need support, the Océ service organisation
offers extended availability up to 24 hours a day, seven days a
week and industry-leading response times and SLAs. All
provided by a network of skilled professionals trained in media,
toner and colour management.
Expert service keeps you up and running
Proven maintenance routines keep your system performing
smoothly day after day. And with the Océ Key Operator
Program, your operators can exchange components without
requiring a service call. Uptime all the time. It's what flowing
productivity is all about.
“Ready to count on uptime - all the time?”
Professional expertise to get more from your investment in a digital colour
Flowing productivity is about more than state-of-the-art
technology. That's why Océ offers a suite of consulting,
implementation, training and support services. We can help
you analyse your processes, workflow and applications. Create
a blueprint, create customised solution, and get your staff
trained - and your system up and running quickly.
Whatever it takes to help you amplify your productivity, take
control of your colour costs, quality and turnaround - and
make your people more productive, Océ can help.
To learn more, contact your local Océ office and meet the
team of experts who are ready to help you experience the
benefits of flowing productivity and impressive colour quality.
“Looking for advice to get more from your
digital colour press?”
Beyond the Ordinary
Printing for
Creating global leadership in printing
Canon and Océ have joined forces to create the global leader in
the printing industry. For our customers this combines Canon
and Océ technology with the support of the Océ direct sales and
service organisations. Look to the new Canon-Océ combination
• Enterprise printing in the office and corporate printroom
• Large format printing of technical documentation, signage and
display graphics
• Production printing for marketing service bureaus and graphic
• Business Services for document process outsourcing
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