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User Manual
AW520 Enjoy TV Box User Manual
The ATV520, also Glled Dual core Android TV box, is a box connected to your TV HDMI
input that tum your TV to a multifunction smart TV: a media player, an intemet browser with
big viw, a photo viewer, a game player, a music player, a huge size screen E-book / Emagezine / newspaper reader, an online video TV, and it is a revolutionary entenainment
on your TV. lt provides a new family television entertainment experien@.Tv is smart frcm
now on.
The box is using ARM Dual CORTEX A9 CPU, based on Android 4.1 opeEting system.
Supporting Google Chrcme browser, wire and wireless networking ac@$, USB external h
ard disk, and single hand keyboard, mouse as well as easy like a nomal remote @ntrol.
ARM CORTEX A9, frequency is 1.sGHz, 1G RAM, buitt in 4G flash memory
Powered by Android 4. I
Built in 802.l lb/g/n WlFl module, wireless lnternet a@ss
RJ45 10/100M Ethernet interfa@
Support 1080P video playback
HDMI 1.4 video output, onnect to HDTV for HD video playback
USB interfa€, support mobile HDD, support mouse and keyboard operating.
Support weather, @lendar, and desktop clock gargets
Support USB mouse and keyboard operation
Support 2.4G wireless motion (also €lled air or sky) remote contrcl
Supportllash player 10.2 hardware decoding vemion and flash player 11.1 software
de@ding veEion for online vid@ playing back
Support music player, picture player and more family entertainment
Supporl SD €rd
Support Gmgle Chrome broreer
Applnstaller for application installation from USB/SD
Video format support:
Audio format support:
lmage fomat support:
Start Up
iRemote KR32
1 Plug in power adapter, and connect Enjoy TV Box to TV via HDMI @ble.
2 There are two screens appear while starting, first screen is robotic logo, second is
android text logo.
[01] Power
[02] Notifi€tion
[10] Menu
['1'l] Home
I03l Mute
[12] VOL+
lo4l Up
[05] Left
[06] Right
[14] Page up
[07] Down
[16] Zoom out-
[09] Exit
[15] Page down
3 Home screen
Two launchers for option
First one
Se@nd one
APP list, you can install any other apps you want.
Widgets screen
Settings provides individual preference setting functions.
will scan ambient Wi-Fi networks automatically when you click OFF to turn on Wi-Fi
Choose one encrypted or opened Wi-Fi network to connecl
Once network is working, you will see
icon in ttre rignt corner of the screen
Plug the network cable to RJ45 port, ctick OFF button to turn on Ethernet, you witt see
icon in the right ffier of the screen, once the box is @nnected to network, above icon will
3. Data usage
Show data usage information
become green
It includes VPN, Portable hotspot
Add VPN profile
Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
Choose different securlty way to share your network.
Please note you need to dis@nnect Wi-Fi and connect Ethernet while using hotspot
function. Wi-Fi and hotspot connection can't be existed at the same time.
Enable Portable hotspot
lf you enable louch sound, you will hear the sound while move remote control
Set wallpaper, output mode, display position and font size
Choose picture from Gallery, live wallpapers or wallpapers and set it to the wallpaper
Output mode
The default resolution is 720P
Display position
Use direction and Enter/Ok buttons on remote control to adjust display position when the
screen is not display as ful! screen on your TV.
Font size
Change the font size of OSD.
Shows the storage used of the 4G flash
B. Apps
List all apps on different status.
And, you can check the free RAM which click RUNNING module
Enable unknown sources, it will allow you to insiall non-market apps
1 0. Language & input
Change OSD language and input method.
The default input method is android standard keyboard.
lf you are using our IR remote control, enter into "Default" option and switch to remote
controller input method.
12. Data & Time
Set the fime of the box.
13. Developer options
If you are a developer of android OS, and you need to do some debug on the box.
Enable USD debugging, you will get ADB function by Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
11. Backup & reset
Choose factory reset, it will erase all user data of the box
And. you also can change the area of Google play store in Play Store setting.
lnstall apk from external SD card / USB disk /USB HDD
Movie player
14. About Niledia Box.
You will find firmware version under build number
Play vrdeos irom SD card, USB disk and USB
Cfick E
and so on-
button to change video mode, subtitie, audio track, and get video information
Network (SAMBA function)
Click the second button to confirm the choice
When you open network app at the first time, it will scan all shared folders in local area
Then, click and open the folder to b.owse videos mus
c ! .:jres ar: Jc.ume.ts
Upqrade the flrmware from
Choose one of them, you will see a green icon appeared on the righl
io€ cei E :. !- .a -a:::e --.e-
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