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Show your Brighter Side
Show your Brighter Side
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Video Projector Technologies
Empowering Technologies
Exciting 3D Projection to Mesmerize your Audience
Big Screen Entertainment at Home
Wide Adaptability for Superior Viewing Comfort
Outstanding Image Quality Anywhere
Great Performers with a Featherweight
High Definition Experience
Enliven Your Lessons
Capture Your Audience
Superior Performance for Large Boardrooms
Acer Projector
Designed to make the use of any Acer projector easy and trouble-free, the
Empowering Key gives instant access to simple setup, viewing and timer
utilities, making you more productive and helping get the right message
across the first time, every time.
Acer eView Management
Acer eView Management provides fast and easy adjusting of the projector
settings to suit any lighting condition and any type of content. It includes a
range of pre-set and custom display profiles to instantly configure colour,
brightness and contrast to deliver best-quality images.
Acer eTimer Management
Acer eTimer Management provides a handy OSD timer to keep users on time.
Complete with countdown and alarm capabilities, Acer eTimer Management
puts precision into your finest presentations.
Acer eOpening Management
Acer eOpening management allows the start-up and standby screens to be
personalised with any number of stored images at the touch of a button.
Acer ePower Management
Acer ePower Management offers quick configuration of power management
options to extend lamp life and reduce power consumption.
Acer Technologies
Acer’s family of projectors ensures the best projection in any environment, offer excellent usability
and powerful energy saving solutions thanks to cutting-edge technologies.
Acer ColorBoost II+ Technology
Acer video-projectors reproduce images images with more natural and balanced shades,
achieving truly lifelike tones, thanks to Acer ColorBoost II+ enhancement technology, featuring an
optimised 6-segment colour wheel design, a powerful image processor and an advanced lamp
waveform. As a result, colour performance is vastly improved for incredibly realistic projections.
Acer ColorSafe
When projectors are used for extended periods of time the displayed images might take on a
yellowish or greenish hue. To ensure picture integrity, Acer’s projectors use ColorSafe and DLP®
technologies making them virtually immune to colour decay ensuring longer lifespan and consistent
image quality.
3D Projection Solutions
The era of 3D vision has begun. The three-dimensional experience is made possible by certified
solutions that, using high (120 Hz) refresh rates, can transform the flat surface of the room wall into a
3D screen thanks to a combination of a PC with a compatible graphic card and special 3D glasses.
The possibilities unlocked by this simple solution are limited only by our imagination:
exploring the incredible human anatomy or the universe in 3D detail;
touring famous archaeological sites just like being there...
Acer video-projectors are available with DLP 3D Ready or NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready solutions.
Acer EcoProjection
Acer EcoProjection is a comprehensive solution that ensures the projector is environmentfriendly by reducing power consuming, by avoiding usage of known hazardous substances and
by adopting a minimalist packaging design made of recyclable materials. Acer projectors with
EcoProjection technology have an energy saving design that reduces power consumption by more
than 50% in standby mode and by up to 20% in EcoMode. Plus, the projector automatically enters
EcoMode if there isn’t any input signal for 5 minutes and through Acer ePower Management users
can setup customized power saving configurations. Using Acer EcoProjection projector helps
reduce annual CO2 output as well as total cost of ownership.
LED Technology
LED technology makes lamp replacement virtually unnecessary as LED lifetime lasts up to 20,000 hours.
As a result, the Acer projectors with LED lamps ensure exceptional reliability and great savings while
delivering a better performance. In fact, LED lamp technology allows the reproduction of a larger color
range with better saturation. The result is extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies.
On top of this, LED lamps are free of hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and can
reduce power consumption up to 30%.
Model Name
Acer S5200
Native XGA (1,024 x 768); Maximum UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), WSXGA+ (1,680 x 1,050)
Aspect Ratio
4:3 (Native), 16:9
Contrast Ratio
Enliven your Lessons
3,000 ANSI Lumens (Standard), 2,400 ANSI Lumens (ECO)
Projection Lens
F = 2.6, f = 7.5mm; Manual Focus
Acer S5200 Projector
Projection Screen
Size (Diagonal)
40” (102cm) ~ 300" (762cm)
Projection Distance
1.6' (0.5m) ~ 12.2' (3.7m)
Throw Ratio
161"@2m or 81"@1m (0.61:1)
Vertical Refresh
Scan Rate
56 ~ 120 Hz
Lamp Life
2,000 Hours (Standard), 3,000 Hours (ECO)
+/-40 Degrees (Vertical ), Manual
Projection Mode
Front, Rear, Front-Ceiling, Rear-Ceiling
Two Internal Speaker with 5 watts Output
3.5 Kg (7.7 lbs)
290 x 254 x 99 mm (10.6" x 10.8" x 4.1")
Remote Control
IR remote control
Digital Zoom
315 Watts (Operation), <1 Watt (Standby)
Noise Level
33 dBA (Standard mode), 28 dBA (ECO mode)
Input Interface
Analog RGB/Component Video (D-sub) x 2; Composite Video (RCA) x 1; S-Video (Mini DIN) x 1; HDMI (Video, HDCP) x 1; PC Audio
(Stereo mini jack) x 1; AV Audio (RCA L/R) x 1
Output Interface
Analog RGB (D-sub) x 1; PC Audio (Stereo mini jack) x 1
Contol Interface
RS232 (DE-9) x 1
Network Interface
Ethernet port (RJ45) x 1; Crestron Network Control
3D Projection
DLP 3D ready
The S5200 is especially well suited to being bring
engaging presentations and visuals in schoolrooms.
With Ultra Short Throw Distance this projector can be
placed very close to the screen and still deliver very
clear images.
To make any lesson really engaging and captivate the
classroom, the S5200 supports 3D projection.
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