Creative | Blaster Modem | Instructions for Modem Blaster driver updates, to be used

Instructions for Modem Blaster driver updates, to be used with a
Creative Modem Blaster Product.
This file contains instructions on how to update your modem’s driver using the
file <Modem Update filename here> in Windows. The purpose of this latest driver set is
to further enhance the modem’s performance and capabilities. This .EXE file is a
self-extracting archive file, which means that the file has been created as a result
of compressing numerous files into one smaller sized file. You must first “unzip”,
or “uncompress” this file. To do this, you must follow the instructions below:
1. Find, and then copy the .exe file into an empty directory/folder, for example
2. Double-click on the file name (use Windows Explorer) and it will automatically
guide you through the steps to unzip the file to your hard drive. Be careful as
to where the files will be unzipped into, as the default directory/folder in which
it will be unzipped may be C:\temp. If you would like to keep everything in a
separate directory/folder, since C:\temp is likely to contain other files not
pertaining to this modem, type in the directory/folder name you would like to
unzip into. For example: C:\Modem.
3. The new files are now ready to be used for installing your Modem Blaster
4. Please uninstall your modem from Windows before attempting to use these
new files. Depending upon which modem model you have, you can go to the
Add/Remove Programs Icon under Control Panel to locate the modem's
uninstall item.
5. Next, go into the C:\Windows\INF\Other folder and look for any files relating
to your modem. You can double-click on the .INF files to open them as a text
file if you are unsure if they do relate to the modem. The lines of code within
will identify which device they are for. Look for references to your modem's
model number, and for the terms "Modem Blaster" or "Creative".
Note: Users of *Windows 95 (version A), may not have the C:\Windows\INF\Other
folder. In this case, drivers will all be in the C:\Windows\INF folder. The drivers that
need to be removed will begin with "OEM". In such cases, each OEMxxxx.inf file will
need to be opened and identified as a modem driver before deletion.
6. Once the modem has been removed from Windows, please first empty the
Windows Recycle Bin, and secondly re-start your computer.
7. Once the computer comes back on, and your modem is detected, please,
when prompted for the installation files (driver) for your Modem Blaster
specify or “Browse” to the directory you have unzipped the files into. For
example: C:\Modem. These new drivers will then be used to install your
*To determine which version of Microsoft Windows you are using, please right-click your mouse onto the "My
Computer" icon on your Windows desktop and select Properties from the menu selections. You will see the
System Properties box open and the version of Windows listed underneath the words Microsoft Windows 9x.
Thank you for choosing a Creative Modem Blaster product.
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