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r m s e r i e s m u lt i p l e s c r e e n m o n i t o r s e t s
RM-2435-HD™ Quad 3.5-Inch HD/SD-sdi monitor
Wohler Solutions:
Unsurpassed Quality, Service,
and Value Delivered by the
Leader in Broadcast Monitoring
Additional overlays can be added by
the operator for Safe Area and Safe
Title markers, Center mark, Time
Code, and Display Name. Audio
The RM-2435-HD is designed for
and Time code are derived from
confidence monitoring of SDI and
embedded SDI.
HDSDI video with embedded audio
in the production environment. Each
of the screens can display standard
or high definition video in a high
resolution 640 x 480 format plus has
4 pairs of on-screen
bargraph meters
Time Code display from embedded
16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios
Safe area display marker
The slim and light weight design
provides four screens in a very
compact 2 rack units, while the
chassis has only 2.25 inches of depth.
meters for 8 channels of audio.
Safe title display 90% and 80%
Frame marks 4:3, 2.35:1, 1.85:1, 15:9,
14:9, 13:9
User programmed function
In Monitor display up to 10
characters in Red, Yellow, Green.
or White
Designed for high resolution
HD imaging
Installs in 19-inch
equipment rack
Sleek and compact design with
no wasted space
world leader in-rack
audio & video monitoring
RM-2435-HD Quad 3.5-Inch HD/SD-sdi monitor
r m s e r i e s m u lt i p l e s c r e e n m o n i t o r s e t s
General/physical specifications
Power Requirements Power Consumption
Dimensions (Basic) (W x H x D)
12 VDC
Compact Design – Occupies only 2RU.
Approximate 10 Watts
Low Weight – Under 2 lbs. Using
19 x 3.5 x 2.2 (inch), 482.6 x 88.9 x 55.88 (mm)
Panoramadtv monitors in an OB-Van
can save thousands of pounds gross
weight resulting in significant savings
Weight Approximate
2 lbs / .9 kg
for interstate transportation tolls and
Space Required
2 rack units of EIA-19 standard equipment rack
fuel expenditures.
Supplied Accessories AC power adapter
Low Power – Requires 80% less power
Optional Accessories
None available
technical specifications
Inputs (Connector) SDI (BNC) 270 Mbs (SD Model) HD/SD-SDI (BNC) 270 Mbs - 1.48 Gbs
(HD Model) Tally (HD-15)
Reshaped and Reclocked HD/SD-SDI (BNC)
Display Type
Active color matrix amorphous Silicon TFT
Screen Treatments
Anti-glare 3H hardness
Active Viewing Area
2.83" (H) x 2.07" (V), 72mm(H) x 52.57mm(V)
640 x 480
Pixel Pitch
0.1125mm (H) x 0.1095mm (V) per RGB pixel cluster
than a 4 individual small screen
CRT unit.
Environmentally Friendly – The
components used in the construction of
the RM-2435-HD units contain no
contaminates compared to a CRT that
has several pounds of Lead and other
hazardous substances.
Brighter Screen – Each RM-2435-HD
screen can be easily adjusted to a
brightness of 350-cd/m2 and can be
used in a much wider range of ambient
lighting conditions that the typical CRT
at 100-cd/m2.
Accurate Color Reproduction – The
Pixel Response <30 ms
RM-2435-HD is a totally digital device
and, unlike CRTs, uses the end to end
250 cd/m2
precision of CCIR-601/656 digital values
for chrominance and luminance while
producing 60% color gamut.
Viewing Angle 110˚H 50˚V measured edge-to-edge
Valuable Features For Production –
60% ITU-R BT.709-5, SMPTE C and EBU profiles
Frame markers and area markers
provide the correct tools for shot
composition in any environment.
Color Depth
262,000 colors
Specifications and features subject to change. 4/08
Display Metering For Up to 8
Channels of Audio – Saves cost and
space where only signal level and peak
display are needed.
Audio Headphone Out – The audio
e m a i l : i n f o @ w o h l e r. c o m
from any screen can be selected to the
headphone providing aural confidence
of signal.
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