D-Link | DI-784 | 11a/11g Dualband Wireless Router 11a/11g Dualband Wireless

11a/11g Dualband Wireless Network
Up to 108Mbps with
D-Link 108AG
Be more efficient with D-Link 108AG Technology.
With transfer speeds now reaching up to 108Mbps,
work 15x faster than previous wireless devices could
achieve. Bandwidth-intensive applications, such as
graphics or multimedia, will benefit significantly
because large files can now quickly move across the
network. With its versatile support for both the
802.11g and 802.11a standard, the DI-784 offers
increased wireless services without signal
Cable Diagonostic
The Cable Diagonostics utility allows you to check the
status of connected Ethernet cables through the DI-784’s
Web-interface. Test a cable’s connection, locate a problem
along the cable’s distance, and detect short/open cable pairs.
Compatible with
802.11a, 802.11b,
and 802.11g Devices
The DI-784 is fully compatible with 802.11g and 802.11a
standards and is also backwards compatible with the
802.11b standard; meaning any 802.11b-compliant PCI,
USB, and cardbus adapters can connect to the network.
Better Security
with WPA
With the DI-784, you can securely connect wireless
clients to the network using 802.1x user authentication,
through the use of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access),
providing you a much higher level of security for your
Advanced Features
Through its easy-to-use Web-based user interface, the
DI-784 lets you control what information is accessible
to those on the wireless network, whether from the
Internet or from your company’s server:
Content Filtering – Easily applied content filtering
based on MAC Address, IP Address, URL, and /or
Domain Name.
11a/11g Dualband
Wireless Router
Other D-Link products that
work with the DI-784:
11a/11g Dualband
Wireless Cardbus Adapter
11a/11g Dualband
Wireless PCI Adapter
Filter Scheduling – Filters can be scheduled to be
active on certain days or for a duration of certain
hours or minutes.
Network Address Translation – NAT protects the
DI-784 and its users from outside intruders gaining
access to your private network.
VPN Multiple/Concurrent Sessions – Supports
multiple and concurrent IPSec and PPTP sessions, so
multiple users behind the DI-784 can access corporate
networks through various VPN clients more securely.
Wireless Access Point
The DI-784 includes other advanced features
including D-Link’s own robust firewall for added
security and control. With its easy-to-use Web-based
interface, settings can be applied for policy-based
content filtering based on MAC address, IP address,
URL, and/or Domain Name.
Product Information
Part No: DI-784
Description: 11a/11g Dualband
Wireless Router
UPC: 790069-264399
D-Link Systems, Inc.
TEL: (800) 326-1688
D-Link AirPremier™AG products can transfer data up to
15x faster than standard 802.11b and 802.11g
networks. AirPremier AG products are also
compatible with 802.11b-compliant
wireless devices.
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