Multitech | MVP-2410, MVP-3010 | Installation Instructions for MVP24-48 & MVP30-60

Installation Instructions for
MVP24-48 & MVP30-60 Expansion Cards
Both the MVP2410 and the MVP3010 use the same mechanical chassis.
This chassis accommodates a second MultiVOIP circuit card or
motherboard module. The add-on module for the MVP2410 is the
MVP24-48 product; the add-on module for the MVP3010 is the
MVP30-60 product.
To install an expansion card into an MVP2410 or MVP3010, you must:
1. Power down and unplug the MVP2410/3010 unit.
2. Using a Phillips or star-bit screwdriver, remove the blank plate at
the rear of the MVP2410/3010 chassis (see Figure 1). Save the screw.
Figure 1: Remove Plate Covering Expansion Slot
3. A power cable for the expansion card (+5V) is already present
within the MVP2410/3010 unit. This power cable has a two-pin
“molex” connector. When the rear cover plate has been removed, the
cable is accessible from the rear at the right side of the expansion slot.
Locate this connector within the MVP2410/3010. See Figure 2.
5. Push the expansion card fully into the chassis. See Figure 3.
Power Cable
Figure 3: Sliding Expansion Card into Chassis
Secure the vertical plate of the expansion card to the chassis with a
The MVP2410/3010 front panel has two sets of identical LEDs. In the
MVP2410/3010 without an expansion card, only the left-hand set of
LEDs is functional. However, when the MultiVOIP unit has been
upgraded with an MVP24-48 or MVP30-60 expansion card, the righthand set of LEDs will also become active.
Molex Connector
Figure 2: MVP2410/3010 Chassis (top/rear view)
4. While keeping the power cable out of the way, fit the MVP24-48 or
MVP30-60 card into the grooves of the expansion slot. Push it in far
enough to allow connection of the power cable to the receptacle on the
vertical plate of the expansion card. (See Figure 2.) Connect the power
Remember that the expansion card must be configured as though it
were simply another complete MultiVOIP unit: it requires its own
T1/E1 line; it requires its own connection to a computer running the
MultiVOIP configuration software. All of the procedures and
operations that apply to the original motherboard of the
MVP2410/3010 will also apply to the expansion card. See applicable
User Guide chapters for details.
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