ACTi | TCM-6630 | Release Notes of VioStor NVR Official FW v3.6.1 build 5818

Release Notes of VioStor NVR Official FW v3.6.1 build 5818
The major updates of the VioStor NVR series beta firmware v3.6.1 are as below:
[Important Notice]
1. For optimized system performance, please use minimum five hard drives for
RAID 5 or minimum six hard drives for RAID 6 on VS-8100 Pro+ and
VS-8100U-RP Pro series NVR.
2. Strongly suggest to select 5% available storage capacity or above to overwrite
the oldest recordings on Camera Settings -> Advanced Settings.
[New Camera Supported]
1. Eneo brand is newly supported.
IP camera GXC-1710M, GXC-1606M-IR, GXD-1606M-IR, GXD-1710M-IR,
GXB-1710M-IR, GXC-1720M, GXD-1720M-IR, GXB-1720M-IR
2. Hunt brand is newly listed on NVR interface.
ICY BOX brand is newly supported.
ICY BOX IP cameras IB-CAM-B2210E, IB-CAM-2001, IB-CAM-2003,
IB-CAM-V2211E/H/R, IB-CAM-M2210E/V, IB-CAM-G2212E, IB-CAM-G2213E,
Illustra brand is newly supported.
ADCi400, ADCi610
Planet brand is newly supported.
ICA-HM131, ICA-HM312
StarDot brand is newly supported.
ACTi IP cameras TCM-6630, KCM-5611 and KCM-7911 are added.
AVTECH IP cameras AVN216, AVM257, AVM317, AVN362, AVM328A, AVM417,
AVM428, AVN801, AVN805, AVN806, AVN808, AVN812 are added.
Axis IP cameras M1033(-W), P3364(-V/-VE), P8513, P8514, Q1922(-E) and video
encoder P7214 (Blade) are added.
9. CNB IP cameras CNB IDP5035VR, IXC2050IR are added.
10. DAHUA IP cameras IPC-HF3500, IPC-HFW3300, IPC-HFW3300C, IPC-HDBW3300
are added.
11. DIGITUS IP cameras DN16053-1, DN16054-1, DN16055-2, DN16058-1, DN16059,
DN16059-1, DN16060-1, DN16062, DN16066, DN16067, DN16068, DN16069,
DN16070, DN16071 are added.
12. D-Link IP cameras DCS-3710, DCS-5635, DCS-6113 are added.
13. EDIMAX IP camera IC-3015 Wn is added.
14. Hikvision IP cameras DS-2CD754FWD-EIZ, DS-2CD793PFWD-E, DS-2CD855F-E,
DS-2CD8253F-EI, DS-8264FWD-EISZ are added.
15. iPUX IP cameras ICS8200, ICS8220, ICS8600, ICS8601, ICS8604, ICS8620, ICS8621,
ICS8624 are added.
16. IPX IP camera DDK-1800D is added.
17. JVC IP camera VN-H237 is added.
18. Mobotix IP cameras MX-M12D-Sec-Night, T24M-Sec-D11, T24M-Sec-N11 are
19. Panasonic IP cameras BB-ST162, BB-ST165, BB-SW172, BB-SW174, BL-VP101,
BL-VP104, BL-VT164, WV-SC384, WV-SF332, WV-SF342, WV-SF346, WV-SW352,
WV-SF538, DG/WV-SF539, WV-SF548, WV-SF549, WV-SP302, WV-SP508E,
DG/WV-SP509, DG/WV-SW155, DG/WV-ST162, DG/WV-ST165, DG/WV-SW172,
DG/WV-SW174, DG/WV-SW314, DG/WV-SW316, WV-SW558, DG/WV-SW559
are added.
20. Samsung IP cameras SNB-3002, SNB-5000/SND-5080(F)/SNV-5080,
SNB-7000/SND-7080/SNV-7080R, SND-3082, SNO-1080R are added.
21. VIVOTEK IP cameras FD8135H, FD8372, IP8361 are added.
22. Wansview IP cameras NCB541W, NCB545W are added.
23. Supports monitoring, recording, and playback from more ONVIF conformant
* To use ONVIF conformant products with QNAP VioStor NVR, ONVIF
specification must be fully implemented by camera vendors. The following IP
camera and video server models have been tested by QNAP.
A. 3S N5071 is tested.
Note: For other ONVIF conformant products, please execute the
compatibility test before any further usage.
[Camera Features Supported]
1. Motion detection of SHANY SNC-11XX-1.3MP Series, SNC-21XX-1.3MP Series,
SNC-22xx-2.0MP Series, SNC-23XX-3.0MP Series is supported.
PTZ function of Etrovision IP cameras EV8280U/EV8281U is supported.
PTZ function of Histream IP cameras under NVT ONVIF compatible is supported.
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