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part 2
project #7
project #9
EXterior mods
Install a carbon fiber hood, deck
lid and roof along with lower body
modifications in order to improve
aerodynamics, reduce weight and
add some serious style.
project #8
interior mods
Restyle the interior with custom
pedals, gauges, and Dupli-Color
special effects spray paints on the trim.
Design and execute a unique
exterior paint treatment to highlight
our exterior modifications. Polish
and protect with Meguiar’s NXT
Generation Tech Wax 2.0.
project #10
under The
Replace the stock battery with
a high-tech Optima Red Top to
ensure maximum battery life and
maximum starting power for our
V8, now equipped with a Paxton
Novi 2200 High-Output Supercharger
project #11
gps / audio &
Install a Magellan Maestro
4250 portable GPS Auto Navigation
unit and a state-of-the-art
Alpine/JL Audio system to upgrade
our Mustang’s stock system.
the May issue, we introduced our latest project car, a
2008 Mustang GT chosen in a Popular Mechanics (PM) reader’s
poll as the car you’d most like to see us improve. Like every
Mustang GT, ours came with a 4.6-liter V8 rated at 300 hp, a
5-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel disc brakes, traction
control and air-conditioning.
We added some optional Ford accessories, gaining larger alloy
wheels with 235/50ZR18 tires, ABS brakes, a 500-watt audio
system, six-disc CD changer, Sirius satellite radio and leathertrimmed seats. At just $30,165, this Mustang GT is a bargain.
We drove gently for 1,000 miles, before heading to Virginia
International Raceway (VIR) to see what a stock Mustang GT
can do. That turned out to be 0 to 60 mph in 5.60 seconds, the
quarter-mile in 14.4 seconds @ 100.5 mph, 60 to 0 mph braking
in 130 feet, 63 mph through a 700-foot slalom and 0.82 g around
a 200-foot skid pad. On VIR’s Patriot Course, the Mustang ran
its fastest lap at 58.5 seconds.
Back at the PM shop, we replaced the stock Ford clutch with
a CenterForce racing clutch and steel flywheel. Haynes Repair
Manual: Ford Mustang came in handy for checking our work,
and of course we wore our tough Wolverine apparel while
working in the shop.
While everything was apart, we installed JBA “shorty” stainless steel headers and a JBA “cat back” dual exhaust. To protect
the engine, we installed Wix oil, fuel and air filters, plus Royal
Purple engine oil and gear oil. A new Optima Red Top battery
replaced the stock battery.
We installed Eibach’s Pro-System-Plus suspension. This
lowers the Mustang front and rear with new struts, springs,
shock absorbers and anti-sway bars. We also installed camber/
caster plates, a panhard rod and rear suspension arms.
Stainless Steel Brake Corporation Force 10
aluminum calipers with 13-inch Big Bite cross-drilled
rotors replaced the stock brakes, front and rear.
A new set of tires and wheels completed our
upgrades. We chose BFGoodrich g-Force T/A®
KDW tires and ICCE Liquid (black/chrome) wheels
from Big O Tires. For the front, 255/35ZR19 tires
on 19x8.5-inch wheels; for the rear, 285/35ZR19s on
19x9.5-inch wheels.
We already had our baseline performance figures from testing the Mustang in stock form. Now we returned to the track
to evaluate the performance improvement of the BFGoodrich
tires, the Eibach suspension, the SSBC brakes and the JBA
Sometimes, everything just clicks. The Eibach suspension
measurably improved cornering and handling, while it also
contributed to quicker acceleration times. The SSBC brakes
dramatically shortened stopping distances to some of the
best braking figures we’ve ever seen. Our Mustang stopped
37 feet shorter than with the stock brakes, which is roughly
two and a half car lengths.
The JBA headers and exhaust were worth a 3 mph improvement in the quarter-mile. The new BFG tires, with a rear tread
nearly a foot wide, improved performance in every test thanks
to their stickier compound, aggressive flame tread design
and wider footprint. The Eibach suspension and BFGoodrich
g-Force T/A KDW tires combined to let our Mustang GT generate 1.3 g on the VIR skid pad, a 58 percent improvement.
Back in the shop, we installed a Paxton Novi 2200 HighOutput Supercharger with air-to-air intercooler. This is a
bolt-on system that fits neatly under a Mustang hood. The
final steps are fitting larger fuel-injectors and reprogramming
the stock ECU to flow a lot more fuel into the engine for
superior performance.
Before we went testing again, we installed a Seibon Carbon
hood and deck lid and the new Stillen nose to protect the
newly installed intercooler. We wanted to get our final track
testing out of the way before painting the Mustang, to avoid
chipping or scuffing the new paint. It’s the same
reason you see NASCAR racers doing preseason
testing at Daytona in January with mismatched body
panels and no decals.
On VIR’s challenging Patriot Course, we turned
a fastest lap of 55.5 seconds, a full 3 seconds faster
than the Mustang in stock form. Then we drove to
Virginia Motorsports Park, an NHRA drag strip in
Dinwiddie, Virginia.
Including our driver and a full tank of high-octane
gas, our Mustang weighs just about 3,900 lbs. With our
street BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires inflated
to 28 psi, on a spring day when the temperature never
got above 60 degrees, we ran 0 to 60 mph in 4.3
seconds, an improvement of 1.3 seconds. Next, we
ran the quarter-mile in 12.9 seconds @ 112.1 mph, a
1.5 second / 11.6 mph improvement over stock.
Based on our real world 112.1 mph quarter-mile
speed and 3,900 lb. test weight, using formulas
developed by the SAE, we calculate our Paxton
supercharged Mustang V8 is producing a nice round
500 hp, SAE net.
Paxton claims 470 hp for this supercharger set-up
on a stock Mustang V8. That means our JBA headers
and exhaust system are worth about 30 hp, almost
exactly what JBA claims. Needless to say, we’re
thrilled by the performance of our 2008 You Drive
Mustang project car.
project #7
To make our Mustang look as sharp as it runs, we added a variety of
aftermarket body modifications. The most important thing to take into
consideration when doing something like this is that any changes you make
must blend with the styling of the original vehicle.
Our silver Mustang had a charcoal interior, so we decided to use black and
red as highlight colors to emphasize its low-slung profile, mixed with carbon
fiber areas for a modern touch.
We installed a carbon fiber hood and deck lid from Seibon Carbon. These
beautifully made pieces bolt right onto the stock hardware and show the
distinctive carbon fiber weave through clear resin.
To match the hood and deck lid, we purchased carbon fiber cloth to match
the Seibon Carbon pieces. We then sanded and primed the Mustang top,
filled the roof seams and then applied the carbon fiber. Our Mustang now
looks as if the entire top of the car is made from carbon fiber. After scuffsanding to promote adhesion, we clear-coated all the carbon fiber pieces
to a high gloss.
A whole lower body kit from Stillen dramatically changed the look of our
Mustang. Classic Design Concepts supplied a beautiful custom grille. We had
a master fabricator make matching grilles for the hood scoop and oversize
intercooler air intake, as well as the flanking brake cooling air intakes.
The lowered stance, low-profile tires on 19-inch wheels, massive intercooler
intake and oversize exhaust tips peaking out from under the lower body
cladding give further visual proof that this is no ordinary Mustang GT.
project #8
At first, we planned a number of expensive modifications to our Mustang’s interior. But
we soon realized that the stock leather-trimmed, heated, power bucket seats were
comfortable and supportive. We’ve also kept the original steering wheel and other controls,
for the simple reason that they function well and look sharp. Why replace them?
We did obtain a set of CDC polished aluminum
GT500 pedals and a dash top panel that
houses three gauges. We then covered the
gauge panel in carbon fiber to match the hood
before we installed Sunpro gauges to monitor
the fuel pressure, intake manifold pressure
and oil pressure of our Paxton supercharger.
Dupli-Color wisely sells a variety of specialpurpose paints in matching colors. We chose
Vinyl & Fabric Coating in a bright red that
perfectly matches the Paint Shop Performance
Red we used for an accent color on the exterior.
We also used Dupli-Color Adhesion Promoter,
a quick-drying clear primer that’s necessary
when applying color over disparate materials.
A popular trend is the use of matte finish paints, which are commonly referred to as
“suede.” Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Coating creates a perfect suede finish. We used it as an
accent to brighten up the interior’s charcoal color scheme, making the interior seem very
different from stock, yet it only took a short amount of time and a few cans of paint.
Our final step was to use micro fiber towels and Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer to clean
every interior surface and leave just a hint of gloss finish.
MEGUIAR’S is one of the largest suppliers
of specialized automotive cleaning and
finishing products in the world. Once our
You Drive Mustang had been painted,
we waxed the finish with Meguiar’s NXT
Generation Tech Wax 2.0. This high-tech
wax contains hydrophobic polymers that
protect against oxidation, corrosion and
ultraviolet radiation.
To keep the finish perfect, particularly
at car shows, we’ll use Meguiar’s Ultimate
Quik Detailer, which also contains hydrophobic polymers. On the Mustang interior,
we’ll use Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer
to clean and protect every part, from
upholstery to our new audio equipment.
Come clean at
project #9
After scuff-sanding the surfaces, we dusted the edges of the carbon fiber parts
with Dupli-Color Paint Shop lacquer to blend it into the Jet Black accent color, set
off with a “Boss Mustang” style stripe on the body sides that fades from Jet Black
to Performance Red.
Before it was bolted on, the Stillen lower body kit was painted to match the stock Mustang
Vapor Metallic paint. Using Dupli-Color VHT Nite Shades, we blacked out the stock
Mustang running lights and taillights, blending them into the custom look that makes our
project Mustang so distinctive.
DUPLI-COLOR makes a wide array of
automotive paints, primers and coatings.
There’s everything from adhesion promoter
to wheel coating, including spray cans of
Mirage color-shifting paint and Metalcast
anodized colors.
The final touch was coating the GT emblems with Dupli-Color Metalcast and using
Dupli-Color Hot Tires to highlight the BFGoodrich name on the g-Force T/A KDW tires.
Our finished Mustang masterfully blends modern carbon fiber and performance
accessories with a paint treatment reminiscent of the iconic 1970 Boss Mustang.
To paint our Mustang’s custom bodywork,
we used a new Dupli-Color product, Paint
Shop. Paint Shop is a three-step lacquer
system—primer, color and clear coat—
intended for DIY painters.
Every year, Meguiar’s seems to introduce even more high-tech, easier to use waxes and
polishes. We can attest that the new NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is easy to apply and
buff, produces a brilliant shine and lasts longer than traditional waxes.
It’s available in eight colors, including Jet
Black and Performance Red that we used.
Paint Shop is ready-to-spray, requires
no mixing or reducing and has no recoat
Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer will make
our Mustang stand out on the circuit when
it’s showcased at SEMA and various events
across the country.
Brighten up at
project #10
under The
Ford’s modular, single overhead-cam, threevalve-per-cylinder, 4.6-liter V8 has proven itself
through years of faithful service. It has reliably
powered millions of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury
vehicles. Even in stock form, its 300 hp is
enough to give the Mustang GT plenty of power.
Any car that can do 0 to 60 mph in just over
5 seconds and 100 mph in the quarter-mile is
plenty quick.
We raised our Mustang’s performance to another whole level by bolting on a Paxton Novi
2200 High-Output Supercharger with air-to-air intercooler. Try 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds
and 112.1 in the quarter-mile. The belt-driven Paxton centrifugal blower is a true bolt-on,
but fitting all the pieces around the already crowded Mustang engine compartment is
The supercharger also makes the big V8 more difficult to start, because there are a lot
more moving parts that must be powered. Our easy solution was to bolt in an Optima
Red Top 34/78 12-volt battery. The Red Top weighs just 39 lbs., features both GM and SAE
electrical connectors, 800 cold cranking amps and 980 cranking amps. It spins our big
V8 just like a top.
Originally developed for the U.S. military
and now manufactured by global conglomerate Johnson Controls, the lead/acid
OPTIMA battery features a unique spiral
cell design. Among other things, every
sealed Optima battery is spill-proof and
can be mounted in any position.
There are three consumer Optima batteries. The Red Top, which we used in our
Mustang project, delivers high cranking
power. The dual-purpose Yellow Top combines high cranking power with deep cycle
capabilities. The Blue Top is designed as a
long-lasting, maintenance-free battery for
marine applications.
Get cranking at
project #11
The final addition to our Mustang GT is a
navigation and audio & video system that
rivals the supercharger for power. We started
with a Maestro 4250, Magellan’s top-of-theline automotive navigation GPS.
The Maestro 4250 features a slim design
that will fit almost anywhere on a car’s dash.
It features a 4.3-inch screen, Bluetooth
cell phone hands-free calling and voice
command/voice control. It can be upgraded
using a computer and comes with AAA
TourBook travel tips.
Upgrading our audio & video system started
with an Alpine IVA-W205 In-Dash Multimedia
Station. It features a 6.5-inch touch screen,
XM or Sirius satellite radio, a DVD player, a
radio tuner and a built-in four-channel, 50watt-per-channel amplifier.
We added a JL Audio A6450 six-channel amplifier. It features a built-in crossover that is
continuously variable from 50 to 200 Hz and a variety of configurations ranging up to 110
watts RMS times six channels.
To handle the output, we added a JL Audio 12W1v2 12-inch subwoofer rated up to 300
watts, a pair of TR570-CXi 6x8 inch coaxial speakers and a pair of VR600-CSi component
systems with 6-inch woofers and separate silk soft dome tweeters controlled by a
separate crossover network.
To continue our carbon fiber theme on the interior, we used a Q Logic carbon fiber
enclosure for the 12-inch subwoofer. Along with the carbon fiber hood, top and deck lid,
this carbon fiber speaker enclosure really completes our Mustang.
MAGELLAN is the leading manufacturer of
personal GPS units. There are five different
Magellan GPS model lines.
For outdoor adventures, the Triton series
is a state-of-the-art, hand-held GPS
with waterproof full-color display. The
eXplorist family of hand-held units
features expandable map capability, right
or left-hand use and a joystick controller.
The Crossover GPS is a fully featured GPS
that has all the features of a Magellan
auto navigation unit combined with a
pocket-size outdoors GPS.
The Magellan RoadMate is a compact
auto navigation GPS with touch-screen
menu and both voice and visual directions.
The Maestro family is a top-line vehicle
navigation system featuring voice and
visual directions, plus integrated
information from the AAA TourBook Guide.
Find your way at
Spending only a nominal amount of money and time, we’ve taken a stock Mustang
GT and transformed it into a slick, high-tech, high-performance sports car capable of
giving fits to Ferraris.
Our Mustang is reliable, easy to drive and only a tad noisier than before. The ride
is still comfortable on the street, but the muted roar of the supercharger instantly
lets you know this is anything but stock. Coupled with our custom mods, this 2008
Mustang GT is sensational.
Even with wide BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires, our 500 hp Mustang can burn
rubber in all five gears. With a set of drag slicks on the rear wheels and some careful
tuning, we’re sure we could get this docile street machine through the quarter-mile
in the 11-second bracket.
Add in the Magellan Maestro GPS, the Alpine/JL Audio upgrades, the subtle
carbon fiber bodywork, the Optima Red Top battery, the gorgeous Dupli-Color paint
job and the smooth Meguiar’s finish, and our You Drive project car has transformed
into the ultimate street legal Mustang GT.
test results
0-60 mph
4.3 sec
(1.3 sec ImprovemenT)
STOCK: 5.60 sec
1/4 mile
@ 112.1 mph
(1.5 sec & 11.6 mph
93 FT
(37 Foot ImprovemenT)
STOCK: 130 feet
STOCK: 14.4 sec @ 100.5 mph
Eibach suspension and
SSBC brakes
STOCK TIRES: 5.3 sec
BFG TIRES: 5.1 sec
Eibach suspension and JBA
STOCK TIRES: 112 feet
BFG TIRES: 93 feet
Eibach suspension, JBA headers/
exhaust and Paxton supercharger
STOCK TIRES: 14.1 sec @ 103.5 mph
BFG TIRES: 13.9 sec @ 103.7 mph
STOCK TIRES: 4.7 sec
BFG TIRES: 4.3 sec
Eibach suspension, JBA headers/
exhaust and Paxton Supercharger
Eibach suspension and JBA
STOCK TIRES: 13.2 sec @ 111.2 mph
BFG TIRES: 12.9 sec @ 112.1 mph
Road Course
55.5 sec
(3 sec ImprovemenT)
67 mph
(4 mph ImprovemenT)
Skid Pad
1.3 g’s
(0.48 G’s ImprovemenT)
STOCK: 63 mph
STOCK: .82 G
Eibach suspension, JBA headers/
exhaust and SSBC brakes
Eibach suspension
Eibach suspension
BFG TIRES: 67 mph
BFG TIRES: 1.3 g
STOCK TIRES: 58.0 sec
BFG TIRES: 57.5 sec
Eibach suspension, JBA headers/
exhaust, SSBC brakes and Paxton
STOCK TIRES: 57.2 sec
BFG TIRES: 55.5 sec
Coming soon, you can see our 2008 You Drive
project car at the following venues:
June 6 - 8
Pocono 500
Long Pond, PA
June 29
Freewheelers Car Club
Augusta, NJ
July 28 - August 3
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI
September 20
Route 66 Rendezvous San Bernardino, CA
November 4 - 7
Las Vegas, NV
You can bid on the 2008 You Drive project car by visiting
Alpine Electronics
Receiver/AV Head Unit
Big O Tires/ICCE Wheels
Liquid (black/chrome) 19x8.5 (fr)
19x9.5 (rr)
Classic Design Concepts
GT Replacement Grille, GT500 Pedals,
Gauge Pod
JBA Performance Exhaust
Shorty Headers, Dual Rear Exit Exhaust
JL Audio
A6450 six channel amplifier, 12W1v2
12-inch subwoofer, TR570-CXi
6x8 coaxial speakers, VR600-CSi
component speaker system
Paxton Automotive
NOVI 2200 High-Output Supercharger
System with NOVI 1200 Air/Air Charger
Q Logic
QL-C1MST112BCF subwoofer enclosure
Seibon Carbon
SC style carbon fiber hood, ST style
carbon fiber trunk lid
Stainless Steel Brake Corp.
Force 10 Tri-Power (fr), Sport R1 (rr) with
13-in Big Bite cross-drilled rotors
Street Scene Mustang GT Generation
1 Body Kit
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