27" Integrated SDTV
Integrated SDTV to receive digital off-air and cable signals
Black Matrix picture tube for better contrast
Lifelike stereo sound to enhance your listening experience
Electronic Program Guide for retrieval of program schedules
Component Video Input for top quality playback and recording
S-Video Input for better picture performance
Smart Picture and Smart Sound to personalise your viewing.
27" Integrated SDTV
SDTV is the latest television signal available. In order
to effectively maximize the SDTV signal, a television
must incorporate signal input connectivity and
circuitry design.
Black Matrix picture tube
A Black Matrix picture tube improves the contrast of
images even when viewing in daylight conditions.
Electronic Program Guide
The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) will provide you
with an overview, listing the program information
Component Video Input (YPbPr
Technical specifications
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Visible screen diagonal (inch): 27 inch
Display screen type: Black Matrix picture tube
Picture enhancement: Smart Picture, Color, Color
Temperature Adjustment, Black stretch, Comb Filter,
Scavem, Sharpness Adjustment, Tint
(automatic clock), Electronic Programming Guide,
Menu Languages, Vchip and parental lock
S-Video Input
TV system: ATSC, NTSC
Video Playback: NTSC
Aerial Input: 75 ohm F-type
Cable: Unscrambled Digital Cable -QAM
Output power (RMS): 2 x 5W
Sound Enhancement: Smart Sound, Treble and Bass
Control, Incredible Surround, Balance, Auto Volume
Sound System: Stereo
AV 1: Component Video in, CVBS in
AV 2: S-Video Y/C, CVBS in
Front / Side connections: CVBS in, Headphone out
Audio Output - Digital: AC3 over S/PDIF (Optical)
Audio Output - Analog: L/R cinch
Ease of Installation: Autoinstall
Ease of Use: Auto Volume Leveller (AVL)
Remote control type: RCLU022
Remote Control: TV
Screen Format Adjustments: 4:3, 4:3 expand
Clock: Sleep Timer
On-Screen Display languages: English, French,
Convenience Enhancements: Closed Captioning
(analog), Closed captioning (digital), AutoChron
Date of issue 2006 09 06
Product Owner: Serene Teo
Version: 0.5
12 NC: 8670 000 23055
Component Video is the highest quality
interconnection standard for analog video. It is
sharper than S-video and composite video. Philips
DVD recorders can record directly from component
video (such as YPbPr) sources including satellite
Mains power: AC 108V - 132V
Set dimensions in inch (W x H x D):
29.29 x 23.31 x 20.16 inch
Product weight (lb): 77
Box dimensions in inch (W x H x D):
33.07 x 26.97 x 24.29 inch
Weight incl. Packaging (lb): 88
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An S-video format signal preserves the video quality
better than standard video input.
Smart Picture & Smart Sound
Preset modes for Smart Picture and Smart Sound
provide you with direct access via a single key on the
remote control. You can select the optimized picture
and sound settings for the various picture and sound
modes. Do refer to the user manual for the various
picture and sound smart modes.
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