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6 Day Pet Feeder
Please read the manual fully before using the appliance and keep the
manual safe for future reference.
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Control panel keys
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Appliance components illustration
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Getting started
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Disassemble and Assembling the
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General operation
Filling the bowl with food
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Setting the current clock time
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Setting the feeding time
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Review and starting the feeding
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Record voice message
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Playback voice message
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Battery replacement
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Notes & FAQ’S
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UK & EU Guarantee
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Contact details
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12 or 24 hour clock display.
6 second personal voice message recorder.
Personal voice message recorder.
Food bowl rotates according to your set time.
6 feeding times can be set for any time of the day or night.
C size alkaline batteries (4pcs required) last for over 1 year.
Red LED indicates batteries need to be changed.
Control Panel Keys
MODE– switches between clock or feeding time display. Also increases
clock time during clock/feeding time set mode.
SET– enters settings mode. Also confirms the time you enter and advances
to the next setting.
START NOW– starts the feeding timer immediately.
START TOMORROW- Starts the feeding timer the next day.
REC– records your personal voice message.
PLAY– plays back your recorded voice message.
ON SWITCH– turns the feeder on/ off. Press when the feeder will not be
used for an extended period of time. Turning the switch off will reset all time
and feeding settings.
Appliance components Illustration
A. Lid
E. Base locking system
B. Slide cover
F. Locks
C. Slide cover protrusion
G. Base
D. Feeder base
Getting started
Carefully turn the pet feeder upside down. Remove both battery doors by
squeezing the two tabs and gently pulling each door away.
Keep the ON switch set to OFF.
Insert four C size alkaline batteries into the battery tray. DO NOT use old or
cheap carbon batteries.
Close the battery doors, rotate the feeder right-side up and switch it ON.
The feeder will cycle once until “12:00” becomes displayed the LCD screen.
Please note: Your pet feeder makes the food available in the order of Tray 1-6.
When you only want one tray of food only fill tray 1, for two feeds tray 1 and 2 and
so on.
The appliance should already come fully assembled.
Unlock both locks (F) by pressing down on the locks and lifting them up.
Remove the lid “A” from the appliance.
Remove the slide cover “B”.
Remove the feeder base “D”.
Re-Assembling the appliance
Place the feeder base “D” into the base of the appliance “G” so that it aligns
and fits correctly with the base locking system “E”.
Fit the slide cover “B” into the appliance.
Align the lid (A) with the locks (F) and secure the locks by pushing them
General Operation
Filling the bowl with Food
Disassemble the appliance according the section “Disassemble”.
Fill the feeder base (D) trays 1-6 with food.
Re-assemble the appliance according to the sections “Re-assembling the
appliance ”
Setting the current Clock Time
During Clock display mode, press and hold the SET key for (2 seconds) to
enter Clock SET mode. The hour number will now be blinking.
Press the MODE key to increase the hour. Once you have set the hour, press
the SET key to confirm the hour. The minute number will now blink.
To change the minute number, press the MODE key to increase the minute.
Once you have set the minute, press the SET key to confirm the minute.
Both the hour and minute numbers will now blink.
If needed, Press the MODE key to change between 12 or 24 hour time.
Press the SET key to confirm your current time setting and the numbers will
stop blinking.
Setting the Feeding Time
After setting the clock time, press the MODE key one time. (1 1) will show
on the display. This is feeding time display mode.
Now press and hold the SET key for (2 seconds) to enter Feeding-time SET
mode. Feeding will start from the first feeding number & time. The 1 st digit
represents the feeding number (Food Tray 1)
The hour digits will now blink (2nd and 3rd digit). Press the MODE key to
increase the time, then press the SET key to confirm the time you set.
After confirming the 1st feeding time, the next feeding number & time will
show on the display. (1st digit will change to the next feeding number, e.g.
Food Tray 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 and back to 1) To change the feeding time,
repeat step 3.
Repeat step 3 until all 6 feeding times for each Food Tray are set. The display
will change back to clock display mode when all 6 feedings have been set.
1st dig-
2nd dig7
3rd dig-
Program examples:
Feed once a day at 13:00hr (24hrs display) and feed for 6 days.
Feed time 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 all equal = 13:00hr.
Feed twice a day at 10:00 and 20:00 and feed for three days.
Feed time 1 = 10, feed time 2 = 20, feed time 3 = 10, feed time 4 = 20, feed
time 5 = 10 and the last time 6 = 20.
Feed three times a day at 6:00am, 12:00 and 18:00 (6:00pm).
Feed time 1 = 06, feed time 2 = 12, feed time 3 = 18 and so on…
Review and Starting the feeding timer
Use the MODE key to cycle through clock and your set feeding times (clock then 1st feed time→2nd feed time→3rd feed time→ 4th feed time→ 5th feed
time→ 6th feed time→ back to clock…) The sequence will repeat.
Press the START NOW key to start the feeding timer immediately. The bowl
will rotate to the pre-set starting position (Tray 6) and your recorded
message will play once. The BELL icon will now be On.
Or press the START TOMORROW key and the feeding timer will start at 0:00Midnight. The bowl will rotate to the pre-set starting position (Tray 6) and
your recorded message will play once. The BELL and Zz icon will now be On.
Display Mode (to check Feeding times you have set)
Use the MODE key to cycle through clock and feeding settings (clock - then
1st feed time→2nd feed time→3rd feed time→ 4th feed time→ 5th feed time→
6th feed time→ back to clock…) The sequence will repeat.
Record Voice Message to be played at feeding times
Press and hold the REC key, the Red LED will turn on.
Speak your message. You have up to 20 seconds.
When finished release the REC key.
Play back recorded Voice Message
Press the PLAY key.
Your recorded message will now play.
At each Feeding your recorded message will play back 3 times.
Battery Replacement
Change all batteries when the Red LED (Low battery indicator) flashes. Use
only new Alkaline batteries.
Notes & FAQ:
When the bowl is rotating both the clock setting and mode setting are not
Under clock display mode the colon icon (:) will flash. The colon icon (:) is
turned Off when in feeding timer mode.
A PM icon will be displayed in the afternoon under 12-hour clock mode
and turned off in the AM. The PM icon will not be displayed under 24 hour
clock mode.
In feeding timer mode, three numbers will show up, the first number is the
feeding number (1,2,3,4,5 or 6) and last two digits indicate the feeding
time in hours.
When the feeding timer starts, the BELL icon will turn On. Under feedingtimer display mode a solid BELL icon means the feeding time has already
passed. A flashing BELL icon means the feeding time has not been
reached. This lets the user know how many feedings are left for feeding.
If the time for the next feeding is set earlier than the present feeding time,
the feeding will start the next day.
If the Mode key is pressed and held for more than 2 seconds the number
will rapidly increase automatically until you release the key. When number
reaches its maximum, the number will fall back to the minimum value and
start increasing again.
If the feeding timer has already begun, pressing the START key will reset
the timer and begin again from the 1st feeding-time set.
If START TOMORROW key is pressed, both the BELL and Zz icon will be ON.
The Zz icon will turn OFF at 0:00 midnight to indicate the timer has
START TOMORROW is used should you want to set your feeder up today
and have it start tomorrow. This is good for when you have programmed
feeding times that have yet to pass so you can prepare in advance for a
possible trip or just being away the next day and not wanting the feeder to
run the day you programmed it.
UK and EU Guarantee
Your new Andrew James product comes with a 24 month guarantee and a 2 year
fixed warranty, effective from receipt confirmation. Your receipt or order number is
required as proof of purchase date so it is imperative that you keep it safe. This
guarantee only applies if the item has been used solely for the use intended, and all
instructions have been followed accordingly. Please note this product is only for
domestic not commercial use.
Abuse of your product will invalidate the guarantee. Returned goods can only be
accepted if repackaged properly within the original colour product box, and
presented with the original receipt of sale/order number. This does not affect your
statutory rights.
Returned products must be cleaned and returned to us in as close to delivery
condition as possible.
If your product develops a problem within the first 12 months of the fixed warranty,
we will pay all shipping costs to have it returned to us. After 12 months the
customer will be liable for the cost of returning the product to us. We will then pay
to have the repaired/replaced item shipped back to the customer.
If you wish to return your item for a full refund, you have the right to do so within
the first 7 days. For our returns policy please go to
Customers are responsible for any taxes applied to our products when they are
shipped outside of the EU.
All of our prices are inclusive of VAT.
Once a product has been returned to us, we will aim to repair or replace it within 30
days of receipt.
The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from improper use, damage, buildup of lime scale or repair attempts made by third-parties. Also, the guarantee does
not cover normal wear and tear of individual parts.
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