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Job Description - Kitchen
CSA Chef
On Farm Commercial Kitchen help needed on 300 member Winter CSA farm in NW
Wisconsin near the Twin Cities. Our kitchen produces value added products for our
members including: canned goods, fermented products, frozen vegetables, breads,
spreads, granola, soups etc. We grow and produce these things year round for our Winter
CSA members. Hours can be flexible.
Starting: June 2015
Part-time to Full-time depending on season and needs (most busy in late summer, fall,
and winter; slow in spring)
Compensation: $10-13/hour depending on experience
• Processing vegetables, canning, fermenting, baking breads, making soups,
spreads, granola etc.
• Maintaining kitchen, cleaning, bagging and portioning.
• Occasional help packing CSA boxes, helping in field (harvesting and processing)
and help in root cellars.
• Some kitchen experience on a commercial scale required
• Able to lift 50 pounds
• Detail oriented
• Able to manage time well and efficiently
• Able to do repetitive tasks
• Clean
• Aware of quality
• Able to work alone or with others
• Value organic, health conscious ethic
Please contact us at 715-417-2346 or foxtailcsa@yahoo.com for more information and to
Paul and Chris Burkhouse
Foxtail Farm
124 – 280th Street
Osceola, WI 54020
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