Multitech TA410 User manual

Multitech TA410 User manual
Web-based Click-to-Talk Media Server
• Convert web site visitors to buyers for
increased revenue
• Reduce call handling costs
• Increase customer loyalty
• Differentiate from the competition
The TalkAnytime® web-based click-to-talk media server provides direct, real-time voice interaction, over the
Internet, between web site visitors and your sales and support staff. Customers simply click a button on your
website to talk directly to a company representative, through their PC, to get the help they need while completing
an eCommerce transaction, soliciting online support, or inquiring about a product. The TalkAnytime media server
will help you close sales, enhance customer service, build customer loyalty, and ultimately generate increased
revenue for your company.
• Live voice conversation over the Internet
• Web-based administration
• No system upgrades needed
• Customizable “TalkAnytime” web site button for company brand
• Full duplex, high-quality voice connections
• Automatic detection and traversal of firewall
• 4- and 8-port analog and 24/30 port digital models
• Connects to existing PBX or key telephone system
• Two-year warranty
Convert Web Site Visitors to Buyers. 57% of all online shopping
carts are abandoned (DoubleClick August, 2004). This wellknown problem attests to a huge opportunity to boost online
sales at the point of purchase. The TalkAnytime media
server enables instantaneous voice connectivity, through
the user’s PC, over an Internet connection. This gives you the
opportunity to convert web site visitors into buyers. E-mail
has proven to be too slow as a channel to address questions
during a transaction, and if a shopper needs to log off and
use the phone, that sale has been delayed or lost altogether.
Studies show that live customer service can cut shopping
cart abandonment rates by 10% to 45% because company
representatives can walk customers through problems or
immediately answer questions.
Upsell Opportunities. The opportunity for upselling while
the customer is on the phone with you is a tremendous
opportunity to generate incremental revenue. Studies have
shown that customers who asked for help and received it
during the sales cycle spent from 10% to 50% more on their
web purchases. Your TalkAnytime media server prospect
is already qualified and has an interest in more of what
you have to sell. Take advantage of this revenue-enhancing
customer interaction.
Increase Customer Loyalty. With the TalkAnytime soft phone,
you will enhance customer satisfaction by responding
quickly to customer needs. Now customers can click a
button to receive live support, and remain connected to the
Internet during the call so that problems can be resolved
more efficiently and productively. In addition, you can reduce
your technical support call handling costs by allowing the
customer to find the majority of the questions/answers
online and immediately link to a support representative to
close the information gap where needed. Ultimately, you will
strengthen customer loyalty through an immediate efficient
response and increased one-on-one communication.
Stay Ahead of the Competition. Differentiate from the
competition with the TalkAnytime soft phone’s costeffective, value-added customer interaction. By significantly
increasing customer convenience, satisfaction and upselling
opportunities, businesses can generate increased revenue
and reduce abandoned sales.
TalkAnytime Components. The TalkAnytime media server
solution includes the following components:
• TalkAnytime web site button – can be customized to reflect
company brand identification
• TalkAnytime PC client – a JAVA applet downloaded on the
user’s PC that comprises of a media driver, codec driver,
TalkAnytime call setup protocol and client configuration
• TalkAnytime media server – holds the TalkAnytime server
component which comprises of the call setup protocol,
media server, call routing interface, logging and reporting
World Headquarters
Tel: (763) 785-3500
(800) 328-9717
7/06 86002061
How it Works. The call flow for TalkAnytime is outlined as
1) The visitor clicks on the TalkAnytime button on the web site.
The TalkAnytime client application is downloaded to their
computer and the Internet call is initiated.
2) The TalkAnytime client software routes the call over the
Internet to the corporate office, where the call is connected
to the TalkAnytime media server.
3) The TalkAnytime media server converts the IP call to a
circuit-switched call and passes it directly to the PBX or ACD
where it can be sent to a call que or directly to a company
PC User System Requirements
• 200 MHz Pentium CPU or higher
• Windows 95 (requires Winsock2), 98, ME, NT SP6 (or higher),
2000, or XP
• Full duplex soundcard
• Standalone microphone and speakers, headset, handset or
USB audio device (A headset is preferred for best quality)
• Internet connection
Ordering Information
Copyright © 2006 by Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Specify country when ordering.
Made in Mounds View, MN, U.S.A.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Trademarks / Registered Trademarks: TalkAnytime, Multi-Tech, and the
Multi-Tech logo: Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. / All other products and technologies
are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
EMEA Headquarters
Multi-Tech Systems (EMEA)
United Kingdom
Tel: +(44) 118-959 7774
4-Port Click-to-Talk Server
8-Port Click-to-Talk Server
24-Port Click-to-Talk Server
30-Port Click-to-Talk Server
Multi-Tech Systems (EMEA)
Tel: +(33) 1 64 61 09 81
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