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"High resolution scans of obsolete technical manuals"
if your looking for a quality scanned technical manual in PDF format please visit
our WEB site at m or drop us an email at
manuals and we will be happy to email you a current list of the
manuals we have available .
If you don't see the manual you need on the list drop us a line anyway we may
still be able to point you to other sources. If you have an existing manual you
would like scanned please write for details, This can often be done very
reasonably in consideration for adding your manual to our library.
Typically the scans in our manuals are done as follows;
1) Typed text pages are typically scanned in black and white at 300 dpi .
2) Photo pages are typically scanned in gray scale mode at 600 dpi
3) Schematic diagram pages are typically scanned in black and white at 600
dpi unless the original manual had colored high lighting (as is the case for
some 70's vintage Tektronix manuals) .
if you purchased this manual from us (typically through our Ebay name of
ArtekMedia) thank you very much . If you received this from a well-meaning
"friend" for free we would appreciate your treating this much like you would
"share ware". By that we mean a donation of at least $5-10 per manual is
appreciated in recognition of the time (a manual can take as much as 40 hours to
reproduce, book, link etc.), energy and quality of effort that went into preserving
this manual . Donations via PayPal go to : or can be
mailed to us the address above.
Dave & Lynn Henderson
Artek Media
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