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PS 123 Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit Instruction Guide
The Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit includes the following parts:
• One EMT adaptor plate
• One 6-foot long electrical conduit
• Three 7.5 feet, 18-gauge spade connector power wires
• One UL rated zip tie wrap
• Three auxiliary crimp style spade connectors designed for 14- to 16-gauge wires
If needed, Extron recommends using a UL-rated crimp tool to terminate the spade connectors. One recommended choice is the Molex crimp tool (Molex part #19285-0008).
The kit provides a convenient means to replace the IEC power cord of the Extron PS 123 12 VDC,
3 Amp power supply (part #60-814-01) with conduit, where required by local codes.
Make sure that the source device, the PS 123 power supply, and all output devices are turned off
and disconnected from the power source before you begin.
The circuit breaker used for this connection should be rated a minimum of 20 Amps.
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified electrician only.
A UL listed electrical distribution box is recommended for the termination of the conduit
opposite the PS 123 power supply. See "UL requirements", below.
UL requirements
The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements listed below pertain to the installation of the
flexible conduit onto a PS 123 power supply.
• This unit is not to be used beyond its rated voltage range.
• This unit must be wired to a UL listed distribution box.
The UL approved electrical distribution box is not included with either the PS 123 power
supply or the Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit; the installer is responsible for obtaining and
installing the box.
• This unit must be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code and with all local
Installing the flexible conduit cable
Install the flexible conduit cable assembly to the PS 123 as follows:
1. Unplug the IEC power cord.
2. Remove and retain the two Phillips head
screws that secure the IEC plate (figure 1,
at left) to the PS 123 rear panel.
IEC Connector
50/60Hz 1A MAX.
3. Remove and retain the six screws that connect
the top cover of the PS 123 to its bottom board
(figure 2, below).
Remove Two Screws
Figure 1 — Removing the EMT plate
Lift the cover
straight up.
4. Carefully lift the top cover up, taking care not to
remove it completely.
Remove three
screws on
each side.
C 3A
Rough handling of the top cover can tear the wiring that connects
the front panel LED.
Figure 2 — Removing the top
68-1322-01 Rev. A
09 06
PS 123 Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit • Instruction Guide
Use a standard screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the hot and neutral wires on the
side of the terminal block nearest the IEC plate (figure 3, below).
Unscrew the IEC connector ground wire from the ground wire nut on the bare metal bottom
of the PS 123 enclosure.
From the rear panel end, pull the IEC connector (figure 1) out of the enclosure.
Thread the 18-gauge power wires through the length of the electrical conduit tube.
Terminal Block
Hot Terminal
Neutral Terminal
Ground Wire Nut
Figure 3 — Terminal block and IEC wiring
Install the EMT adapter plate (figure 4) (with conduit attached) into the opening from which
you removed the IEC in step 7. Use the Phillips head screws (figure 1) that you removed in
step 2 to attach the EMT adapter plate.
10. Slide the conduit nut (figure 4) over the bundle of wires exiting the conduit and onto the
conduit itself inside the PS 123. Hand-tighten the nut.
11. Attach and screw down the hot and neutral wires exiting from the conduit to their
corresponding screws on the terminal block.
Terminal Block
Hot Terminal
Metal Tab
Tie Wrap
Neutral Terminal
Ground Wire Nut
Conduit Nut
Figure 4 — Terminal block and conduit wiring
Ensure that you observe wire polarity. Figure 4 shows the location of the neutral and
hot poles on the mother board connector. The conduit wiring harness' neutral wire is
identified with a tag marked "N" (neutral).
12. Attach the ground wire from the conduit to the PS 123's bare metal plate bottom, securing it
by reattaching the ground wire nut.
13. Thread a tie wrap through the metal tab on the bare metal bottom of the PS 123, place all the
wires within its cradle, and zip the tie wrap over the bundle of wires.
14. Ensure that the conduit nut from step 10 (figure 4, above) firmly secures the conduit EMT
adapter plate to the power supply.
15. Use the six screws you removed in step 3 to secure the top cover of the PS 123 back onto its
bottom board (figure 2).
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PS 123 Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit • Instruction Guide
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