Wall Box Dimmers and Switches
Wall Box Slave Switches
The CLW-SLVS is a 1-gang wall mount slave switch
designed for use with the CLW-SWS Wall Box Master
Switch to provide multipoint switching control of a single load.
Two models are available, the two-button CLW-SLVS for use
with the CLW-SWS master, and the single-button CLW-SLVS1
for use with the CLW-SWS1 master. The pushbuttons on each
model provide parallel functionality to those on the respective
master switch. An LED is included to serve as a beacon to
make the dimmer easy to locate in the dark.
One or more slave switches may be used with a single master
switch. All CLW-Series components are available in white, black,
and almond and are designed for use with Decora® style
faceplates (not included).
CLW-SLVS (W, B, or A)
Two-Button Wall Box Slave Switch
3.6 oz (0.50 kg)
CLW-SLVS1 (W, B, or A)
Single-Button Wall Box Slave Switch
Power Requirements
120 Volts AC, 60Hz, line power
Controls – CLW-SLVS Model
Large Button: Initiates instantaneous on/off
Small Button: Initiates delayed turnoff
Controls – CLW-SLVS1 Model
Large Button: Initiates instant-on/delayed-off; tapping during
time delay initiates instant-off
Typical CLW-SWS and CLW-SLVS Connections
lighting & automation
LED Indicator
(1) Amber LED, visibly signals location in the dark
Hot: (1) Class 1 flying lead, black, line power input
Slave: (1) 18 AWG Class 1 flying lead, blue
Connects between Master and Slave(s)
Neutral: (1) Class 1 flying lead, white, neutral
Ground: (1) Class 1 flying lead, green, ground
Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
1-gang mountable in a 3-1/2 inch deep electrical box
Requires Decora® faceplate (not included)
Height: 4.13 in (10.48 cm)
Width: 1.75 in (4.45 cm)
Depth: 1.91 in (4.85 cm)
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infiNETTM Dimmers and Switches
infiNET Wall Box Dimmer
while switching to the OFF mode completely disables the
dimmer and disconnects all power to the load to facilitate
changing bulbs.
lighting & automation
The status LED serves a dual purpose, providing helpful status
confirmation during operation and setup, and glowing dimly
when idle to make the dimmer easy to locate in the dark.
Automation System Integration—Its connection to a
control system allows the functions of the CLW-DIM1RF to be
controlled from touchpanels, keypads, wireless remotes, and
computers to support unlimited flexibility for remote control and
integration with other devices and systems. However, in the
event that communication with the control system is disrupted
for any reason, the CLW-DIM1RF will remain operable to control
the lighting circuit.
The CLW-DIM1RF is a 1000 watt wall mount dimmer designed
to operate as part of a complete Crestron automation system
communicating via the infiNET wireless control network.
Without the need for additional control wiring, the CLW-DIM1RF
easily replaces any standard in-wall dimmer or light switch.
Although functional as a standalone dimmer, the CLW-DIM1RF
delivers greatly enhanced automation and control capability
when connected to Crestron's PAC2 or PAC2M automation
control system (or any other 2-Series control system)
via the infiNET network.
infiNETTM—Crestron's groundbreaking infiNET wireless
technology affords reliable 2-way communications throughout
a home or office structure without the need for physical
control wiring. Numerous infiNET dimmers, switches, and
other devices can be linked to the control system via a single
RF gateway. Employing a 2.4 GHz mesh network topology,
every infiNET device functions as an RF repeater, increasing
effective range and reinforcing the complete network
by providing multiple redundant signal paths within the
mesh network.
Intuitive Lighting Control—The single large rocker button
provides intuitive operation with easy access to 3 user presets.
Simply tapping the button up once selects user-preset 1 while
tapping down once fades the lights to full off. Presets 2 and 3
are selected by double-tapping up or down respectively. With
each selection, the lighting levels fade naturally between each
preset level. Pressing and holding the rocker button up or
down allows manual adjustment of the lighting level.
A slide switch is also provided to select between RUN,
SET, and OFF modes. RUN is the normal operating mode
as described above. SET mode is used for storing presets,
Easy Installation—System design, installation, and upgrade
using infiNET dimmers could not be easier. Since there's no
control wire required, the CLW-DIM1RF can be installed just
like any conventional dimmer. Multiple units may be ganged
side-by-side along with other dimmers, switches and nonCrestron devices. (Note: Ganging the CLW-DIM1RF typically
requires the removal of the side heat sink fin on one or both
sides of the unit resulting in a derating of its load capacity;
see specifications below.)
Setting up a complete network of infiNET devices is simple,
utilizing dynamic discovery (self-install) to locate and acquire
each RF device automatically. Setting the RF ID of each device
employs the same convention as Crestron's familiar TSID
method, and each device is programmable using Crestron
SIMPLTMWindows®, SystemBuilderTM or D3ProTM software just
like any wired Cresnet device. Even firmware updates are
performed over the wireless network.
No further action is required to configure the infiNET network.
Each device assigned to a common gateway automatically
behaves as a repeater for any other devices within range
(approximately 150 feet indoors), and additional repeaters
may be added if necessary. At all times, the infiNET gateway
monitors each device on the network, ignoring any other 2.4
GHz signals, and reconfiguring the entire network automatically
in response to new sources of interference and other changes
in RF conditions.
Color Options—infiNET Dimmers and Switches are available
in white, black, or almond, with or without custom button
engraving*. Complete installation requires a Decora® style
faceplate (not included).
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