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Easy Series
Designed for residential and small commercial
applications, the Easy Series requires minimal training
and support and is easy to install, configure, and test.
The control center speaks while showing animated
icons, so that the user quickly understands the
information and tasks.
System overview
Supports up to 32 total input points
Advanced false alarm reduction
Integrated proximity reader
Speaks language of choice
Remote Programming Software (RPS) support
Control Center
RADION receiver
DX2010 Point Expander
B426 Network Interface Module
B450 Conettix Plug-in Communicator
Supervised Points (single EOL)
Supervised Points (dual EOL)
Keyswitch Options (single and dual EOL) ((2.2k Ω)
Prog Output (PO) 1 Options
Prog Outputs 2 - 4
2-wire Smoke Detector Option
4-wire Smoke Detector Option
Note: The system uses a 12 VDC battery, connected as shown.
2 | Easy Series
Technical specifications
Advanced False Alarm Reduction
The Easy Series system guards against user-generated
false alarms through design features such as
Graduated Annunciation and Intelligent Threat
Assessment. Easy Series uses enhanced false alarm
verification methods that exceed industry false alarm
reduction standards.
Graduated Annunciation
The system gradually increases the control center
volume, changes the animation of the control center
display, and incrementally pulses the warning devices.
The control center notifies users when the system is
preparing to send an alarm and provides options to
cancel reports, reducing false alarms.
Alarm Verification
The following alarm verification methods reduce false
alarms without compromising usability or reliability.
• Two-way Audio Verification: Provides remote
customers the ability to listen to and speak with
users at the protected premises.
• Sequential Verification: When two or more input
sensors activate within a specified time period, an
intrusion alarm is considered verified. For example, if
a door sensor and a motion detector both sense
alarms, the system sends a verified alarm report.
• Intelligent Threat Assessment: The Easy Series uses
protection levels, input types, input conditions, and
system event timing to assess a potential threat. If
the threat reaches a specific threshold, the system
sends a verified alarm report.
Easy Series Intrusion Control Panel Configuration
Users can configure the Easy Series with the necessary
regional parameters for a specific country without
changing hardware. Installers can configure the system
using their language of choice and then set the system
to the appropriate language for the user. Installers can
remotely program the system using a telephone or
Remote Programming Software (RPS). A voice
prompted installer mode reduces service and
installation costs while ensuring accurate
Dimensions (H x W x
37 cm x 31.8 cm x 8.5 cm (14.5 in x 12.5 in x
3.25 in)
Cold-rolled steel, zinc seal, 0.36 mm thick
(20 Ga.)
Environmental Considerations
Relative Humidity:
93% at 32°C 2°C (89.6°F 35.6°F)
-10°C to +49°C (14°F to +120°F)
CE: -10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F)
NF A2P: -10°C +55°C (+14°F to +131°F)
Storage Temperature:
-10°C to +55°C (+14°F to +131°F)
Protection Level
IP 30 - IK 04
Supervised Points
On-board Hardwire:
Single or dual end-of-line (2.2 k EOL) tamper
point support
Point 1 supports two-wire smoke detectors
All points support four-wire smoke detectors
Enclosure tamper input (does not reduce
point capacity)
Reaction time lower than 250ms
Programmable Outputs (PO)
PO 1 only: Configurable relay
PO 2 to PO 4: Configurable solid state
PO 4 only: Internal supervised speaker driver
PO 1 Relay Rating:
Contacts: 2 A with no jumper installed;
resistive loads only; in a NF A2P certified
installation: 1 A
Output: 1.2 A with jumper installed; resistive
loads only; in a NF A2P certified installation 1
Operating Voltage: 30 VDC maximum
PO 2 to PO 4 Rating:
400 mA current sink
Number of...
Remote Programming Software (RPS)
RPS is a separate software package that allows
computers equipped with the Microsoft Windows
operating system and a modem to act as a remote
programming, record storage, remote control, and
troubleshooting tool for specific control panels.
User 1: Master user
Users 2 to 21: System users
User 22: Duress user
500 history events, stamped with time and
Certifications and approvals
Tokens and Key Fobs:
One per user (User 22 does not receive a
token or key fob)
Phone Line
Phone line trouble
Trouble condition occurs when the phone line
voltage is between 1.10 V and 4.75 V
Control Panel Power Requirements
3 | Easy Series
AC Input Line Voltage
Total Alarm Power:
Auxiliary Power:
Use a UL Listed 18 V Class 2 transformer (22
VAC, VA 50/60 Hz)
IUI-EZTY-5 Easy Series Token Package
1.4 A (AC power and standby battery;
intrusion applications only).
With a 7.0 Ah battery, the following current
draws apply to all outputs and devices
connected to the system:
• Up to 170 mA for 24 hr for fire and
combined fire/burglary applications
• Up to 1.2 A for other applications
Order number IUI-EZTY-5
12 VDC, 1.0 A maximum. Includes 110 mA
for each control center connected to the
system, and up to 400 mA for the
programmable outputs.
Current Draw:
85 mA standby; 160 mA alarm with all
outputs activated
12 VDC nominal (11.2 VDC to 12.3 VDC)
The control panel stops processing point
faults when the voltage drops below 9.5 VDC.
D126 (7 Ah) or D1218 (18 Ah) sealed, lead
acid rechargeable
1.7 A maximum recharging current
Low battery condition occurs when battery
drops below 12 VDC
If AC power fails and the battery drops below
9.5 VDC, the control panel stops processing
point faults. Disconnect the battery under
these conditions.
Maximum auxiliary current to recharge
standby battery within 72 hours:
• 12 V, 7 Ah Battery: 400 mA
• 12 V, 18 Ah Battery: 900 mA
In an NF A2P certified installation, use a
battery Yuasa NP17-12IFR
Five Easy Series proximity tokens (Yellow).
ICP‑EZPK Programming Key
Blue key for transferring information to and from Easy
Series Intrusion Control Panels.
Order number ICP-EZPK
RADION receiver OP (433.42 MHz)
A wireless receiver that connects RADION wireless
peripherals such as the repeater, as well as detectors
and transmitters, to supported Bosch control panels.
Order number RFRC-OPT
ICP-EZRU2-V3 ROM Update Key
Key for performing Flash upgrades.
Order number ICP-EZRU2-V3
DX2010 Input Expander
Zone expansion module with 8 DOEL zone inputs.
Order number DX2010
B426 Ethernet Communication Module
Supports two-way communications over Ethernet
networks for compatible control panels.
Order number B426
B450 Conettix Plug-in Communicator Interface
Supports two-way IP communication over commercial
cellular networks using a plug-in Cellular
Communicator for compatible control panels.
Order number B450
AE3 Large Enclosure (Gray)
Ordering information
Large gray enclosure with keyed lock. Measures
52.7 cm x 38.1 cm x 10.8 cm (20.7 in. x 15 in. x
4.25 in.).
ICP‑EZM2‑LC Mainboard
Order number AE3
Easy Series mainboard.
Order number ICP-EZM2-LC
IUI‑EZ1-NEW Oval Control Center
Oval control center that includes a speaker,
microphone, function buttons, and a bubble level.
Order number IUI-EZ1-NEW
IUI‑EZT‑5 Easy Series Token Package
Five Easy Series proximity tokens.
Order number IUI-EZT-5
IUI-EZTR-5 Easy Series Token Package
Five Easy Series proximity tokens (Red).
Order number IUI-EZTR-5
IUI-EZTO-5 Easy Series Token Package
Five Easy Series proximity tokens (Orange).
Order number IUI-EZTO-5
IUI-EZTG-5 Easy Series Token Package
Five Easy Series proximity tokens (Green).
Order number IUI-EZTG-5
4 | Easy Series
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