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Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
Advanced Fabricating Machinery
65 Route 125
Kingston, NH 30848
Ph: 603.642.4906
Fax: 603.642.4813
Advanced Fabricating
Machinery provides the
North American HSS-fabricating industry with
cost-effective, high-quality machines and service.
Specializing in HSS,
pipe, bar and profiles, AFM offers products for bending, end-forming, deburring, loading, unloading and
transfer. These machines, manufactured by Ineco,
Stierli-Bieger, Transfluid, and SOCO, range from
entry-level to complete production solutions. This
enables AFM to closely define a machine that fits
both your requirements and your budget.
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
120 Deeds Drive
Dover, Ohio 44622
Ph: 800.321.5537
Fax: 330.602.3400
Designed specifically for
use on structural steel materials, the patented and
patent-pending features of
this system deliver outstanding performance and
durability. T-A® Thin Wall
geometry insert is ideal for
use in materials up to and including 7/16”-thick, while
the T-A® Notch Point geometry insert (U.S. Patent
#6,685,402) is designed for material greater than
7/16”-thick. TiAlN insert coating allows for increased
tool life and better heat resistance.
Anchor Lamina, Inc.
38505 Country Club Drive
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
Ph: 248.489.9122
Fax: 248.553.6842
Lamina Portable Hydraulic Drills are powerful and compact.
They are used in steel
fabrication and other
industries to drill or
tap holes from 13/16” to
4”. A magnetic base
attaches to the drilling
surface for vertical or horizontal work at virtually any
angle. The drill can be fixtured to allow step drilling
of larger diameters. The heavy-duty, low-maintenance hydraulic power units are built for continuous
operation in difficult conditions. The hydraulic unit
uses the hydraulic/electronic technology and is
mounted on a cart for mobility. It is 44½” long x
24½” wide x 54½” high. A remote pendant control
includes start-and-stop, speed control and for-
ward/reverse buttons. The system includes all cables
and a 12-volt battery back-up.
Behringer Saws, Inc.
721 Hemlock Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
Ph: 610.286.9777
Fax: 610.286.9699
25% additional cambering capacity at only 12% additional cost. Model 420 cambers Grade 50 beams
as large as a W30 by 116 and Model 1700 can camber a W40 by 397. Conveyorizing versions are also
available. All can be purchased as complete machines or as “do-it-yourself” kits.
Vernet Behringer,
and Behringer Eisele
design manufacture
and install bandsaws, circular saws,
fabricating machines
and integrated material handling systems for the metalworking and structural steel
industries. Behringer Saws manufactures heavy-duty
horizontal bandsawing machines, plate saws and
power hack saws designed to cut ferrous and nonferrous plates, tubes, profiles, and solids.
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
1800 West Central Avenue
Mt. Prospect, IL 60645
Ph: 224.232.2737
Fax: 224.232.2734
8506 North Fairmount
Davenport, IA 52806
Ph: 563.391.7700
Fax: 563.391.7710
Ercolinaâ manufactures innovative mandrel and nonmandrel rotary draw benders and angle rolls capable
of bending a wide variety of material and profiles.
Models are fully programmable and allow control of
bend angle from 0 to 180 degrees and material
spring back. Patented rotary draw machines with capacity to 3” diameter, bend pipe or tube to centerline
radiuses as small as 1½ times material diameter with
minimum deformation. Angle rolls are manually operated or hydraulically controlled with LED display
for center roll position, remote foot pedals for hands
free operation and adjustable side rollers to correct
material twist or create coil effect.
P.O. Box 207
White Marsh, MD 21162-0207
Ph: 410.933.8500
Fax: 410.933.1600
The Bosch 1700-series small angle grinders are getting a facelift with the addition of a vibration-dampening side-assist handle and new tool-free guard.
New models include the 4½” 1700 and 1710 units,
5” 1701, 1711 and 1703EVS units and the 6” 1706E
unit. At the same time, Bosch is also launching two
new “no lock-on” paddle switch grinders, the 4½”
1710D and 5” 1711D units that also include the
above additional features. The new vibration-dampening side-assist handle cuts vibration by 60%. The
ergonomic improvement is great for professionals
such as metal workers, fabricators, or anyone else
who grinds extensively on the job.
Cambco, Inc.
P.O. Box 37305
Houston, TX 77237-7305
Ph: 713.781.9702
Fax: 713.781.0193
offers eight cambering machine
models. Four
new versions
(Models 520,
825, 1170 and
1700) provide
ROUNDO section-bending rolls (or angle-bending
rolls) are machines for rolling structural sections.
They are available in 22 models and sizes, and can
roll up to 44” beams the easy way, 33” beams the
hard way, 24” pipe and round tubing, and HSS to the
largest available sizes. ROUNDO BeamBenders can
roll up to 44” beams both the easy and the hard way.
In addition, special machines are available to handle
tough rolling requirements. ROUNDO angle rolls,
plate rolls, BeamBenders, and welding positioners
are produced in Sweden and have been distributed in
North America exclusively by COMEQ since 1970.
November 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
D28474W operates at 8,000 RPM with 100 in/lb of
torque for improved productivity. DEWALT also offers two higher-torque, more traditional units with
lower RPM.
CS Unitec, Inc.
22 Harbor Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
Ph: 800.700.5919
Fax: 203.853.9921
used to adjust the work piece to an optimum position
for efficient sawing. The counter balanced head permits easy manual adjustment of the sawing angle,
which can be from 45° left or right. An angle scale is
clearly visible from the operator’s position.
DISA Goff Inc.
CS Unitec’s lightweight,
portable magnetic drills
can cut up to 5”-diameter
holes through 4”-thick
steel. At only 24 lb, the
Model ECO-32, with a 9.5
AMP motor, can drill up
to 1¼” holes in structural
steel. The new ECO-50
Magnetic Drill weighs 29
lb and drills up to 2”-diameter holes for shop or
job-site use.
One Pleasant Grove Road
P.O. Box 1607
Seminole, OK 74818-1607
Ph: 800.654.4633
Fax: 405.382.7013
Daito USA
2346 North Main Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Ph: 920.231.4100
Fax: 920.231.4303
Daito manufactures
bandsaw machines
for structural steel
fabrication. Daito introduced the world’s
fastest CNC drill for
beams at the 2003
NASCC in Baltimore.
The CSD Series machines bring new carbide drilling technology to
structural fabrication. Daito offers a full line of drills
from the CSD Series carbide drills to the entry-level
DNE700, now offered with programmable, powered
701 East Joppa Road
Baltimore, MD 21286
Ph: 800.433.9258
7” and 9”
m o r e
torque and
power for
faster material
greater durability for continuous use, and better ergonomics for easier tool operation. Each model is
built around a 15-amp AC/DC motor with 4 horsepower maximum motor output and 3,084 maximum
watts output. The 9” D28494N and 7” D28474W
models offer light weight and high power. The
D28494N runs at 6,000 RPM with 125 in/lb of torque
to maximize the rate of material removal. The 7”
DISA Goff offers a full product line of U.S.-manufactured abrasive blast-cleaning equipment and HydroPulse degreasing equipment. The abrasive
blast-cleaning product designs include barrel blast,
spinner hangers, table blast, skew roll, monorail,
wire mesh pass-through, roll conveyor, wire and rod
descalers, strip and plate cleaners, numerous heavyduty foundry machines, shot peeners and various
configurations of custom designs for special application requirements. HydroPulse degreasing equipment is available in batch, table, spinner hanger,
mesh belt pass-through, monorail and numerous
custom designs.
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
411 South Ebenezer Road
Florence, SC 29501
Ph: 843.669.4411
Fax: 843.664.4258
The Aristo 400/500 series
systems, the AristoMig, AristoTig and AristoArc systems,
are for shipbuilding, mobile
machinery, civil and offshore
construction, auto production, power generation and
more. The system is modular
in nature and can be “built” or
upgraded with ideal components to meet any operator’s
demands. Designed for tough
environments, the casing is
made from corrosion-proof Alutech™ extruded aluminum. “Intelligence” is provided by a series of
easy-to-use communications/control modules.
Aristo’s digital communications are resistant to disturbances and use few cables for reliability.
Faccin USA Inc.
907 U.S. Hwy. 301 South
Tampa, FL 33619
Ph: 813.664.8884
Fax: 813.664.4454
Favelle Favco USA, Inc.
DoALL Company
254 North Laurel Avenue
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Ph: 847.803.7355
Fax: 847.803.7374
DoALL’s new model
TF-1822M is a
compact tilt-frame
saw with an 18” by
22” rectangular cutting capacity at 90°
and 18” by 14” capacity at 45°. It is
designed for sawing
all types of structural material including I-beams, square and round tubing, pipe and
angle iron. Features include a counter balanced saw
head, a full stroke hydraulic clamp cylinder and an
infinitely adjustable hydraulic feed force control. The
saw uses a 5-hp band drive motor with infinitely adjustable band speeds from 65 to 385 fpm to power a
1” saw blade. For unobstructed loading and unloading of material, the articulating and telescoping control panel can be lowered below the machine’s table
surface while the full stroke hydraulic vise can be
Modern Steel Construction • November 2004
P.O. Box 3049
Harlingen, TX 78551-3049
Ph: 956.428.7488
Fax: 956.428.7749
Favelle Favco USA, Inc. manufactures a full range of
construction tower cranes, offshore pedestal cranes,
ship cranes and wharf cranes, plus telescopic and
lattice-boom cranes. The telescoping boom cranes
have 30-ton and 40-ton capacity and are based on a
Caterpillar excavator power module including undercarriage, engine and cab. They are capable of 360°
lifting, on slopes as much as five degrees. With standard 32” triple-grouser pads, the machines have a
ground pressure of less than 8.0 psi for operation on
soft surfaces, versus the 60 psi-105 psi for comparable tire-mounted rough-terrain cranes.
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
Ficep Corporation
2301 Industry Court
Forest Hill Industrial Airpark
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Ph: 410.588.5800
Fax: 410.588.5900
217 Forest Road
Greenfield, NH 03047
Ph: 888.838.6500
Fax: 603.547.3800
the upper head of the saw away from the coolant and
chip area. This engineering philosophy sets us apart
from our competitors since the life of these components are significantly increased, keeping them away
from chips and debris. Regional sales managers will
do product demonstrations on this saw, where the
latest technology in sawing fluids-the HE&M Eliminator-will also be exhibited.
Hougen Manufacturing, Inc.
Ficep Corporation has installed more than 40 CNC
systems for the fabrication of structural steel and
plate in the United States during the past nine
months. This product range includes angle lines,
drill lines, coping systems, band saws and plate-fabrication systems.
The Type B 25 is new to the North American market this year. This system can process plates up to 8’
wide and 65’ long. It combines the operations of
punching, drilling, marking, plasma and hand blasting. Viking also offers customization of the RT 1818
to match customer part requirements. Oxy-fuel cutting so you can go from stock plates to finished parts
with accurate technology.
Franklin Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O. Drawer 998/Hwy 243, Industrial Park
Russelville, AL 35653
Ph: 256.332.6654
Fax: 256.332.0143
GWY, Inc. is celebrating its 28th year of distributing
installation tools for structural bolting. GWY has a
full line of installation wrenches for both TC Bolts
and standard structural bolts. Like the TC wrenches,
GWY’s wrenches for heavy hex head structural bolts
are constant-speed electric tools so bolts can be
tightened from one side by one person. GWY also
rents installation tools. GWY’s large spare parts inventory means same-day service for most tool repairs.
Heck Industries
P.O. Box 425
Heartland, MI 48353
Ph: 810.632.5400
Fax: 810.632.6640
The new Model 8000 Bevel-Mill is designed for
plate-edge beveling for weld preparation also finish
chamfering. This replaces the traditional methods of
beveling, such as flame-cutting and hand-grinding,
producing a faster and cleaner edge. The Bevel-Mill
uses inexpensive indexable carbide inserts in a
milling-type cutter to produce clean and accurate
bevels. It bevels up to 6’-8’ per minute on aluminum
to stainless steel. Features include variable-angle-15
degrees-45 degrees-and adjustable depth of cut.
Corner rounding or radii can also be performed with
interchangeable inserts used for cleaning the welds
off box corners, or rounding the edge of structural
steel prior to painting as a “stop chip edge.”
HE&M Saw
Franklin is a worldwide supplier of CNC fabricating
systems. Franklin products are used in pre-engineered steel buildings, heavy structural fabrication
and joist fabrication. The CNC product line includes:
PF196x72 plasma/punch plate fabricators, BL-1005(5-Press) beam lines, HD-145 structural drills,
large structural band saws, AFC5108 CNC angle
lines, plate duplicators and engineered material-handling systems. Franklin also manufactures a complete line of portable punch presses and shears, with
more than 150 units in stock.
Main & Webb
P.O. Box 1148
Pryor, OK 74361
Ph: 918.825.4821
Fax: 918.825.4824
At the Fabtech 2004 show in Cleveland, HE&M Saw
will feature the V100HLA-3 vertical saw in booth
number 8046. The V100HLA-3 is a vertical band saw
that uses a 1.25” by 15” by 0.42” blade to maintain a
cutting capacity of 18” by 22” at 90 degrees, 18” by
15” at 45
degrees (left
miter) and
18” by 14”
at 45 degrees (right
miter). The
motor and
gearbox are
encased in
3001 Hougen Drive
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
Ph: 810.635.7111
Fax: 810.635.8277
smooth-action, quill-feed
portable magnetic drills.
The HMD150 Rescue Drill
makes holes up to 13/8” diameter thru materials 1”
thick with Hougen’s RotaLoc Plus™ Quick
Change annular cutters.
It’s compact, weighs 22.7
lb and has high-torque
The HMD505 is useful for a range of applications
but maintains a constant profile. It weighs 45 lb, features two speeds, and can drill from 7/16” to 23/8” diameter and to 3” depths using Rotabroach® Annular
Cutters. The HMD904 maintains cutting speeds and
feeds for deep holes, large holes and holes in tough
alloys. It weighs 27.5 lb. and drills holes up to 1½”
diameter thru 2” depth of cut.
Interthor, Inc.
1817 Beach Street
Broadview, IL 60155
Ph: 708.345.1270
Fax: 708.345.1290
Trans-Positioners from
Interthor allow workers
to lift, transport, and position up to 3000 lb at a
time. Whether loading
or off-loading pallets,
picking orders, or positioning materials at
workbenches or production machines, TransPositioners can increase safety and productivity by
eliminating repetitive bending, lifting, and carrying,
all at a fraction of the cost of a driver-operated fork lift
truck. It is designed to handle any type of pallet or
skid. Low 52.5” overall height and dual-wheel steering provide unobstructed operator views and maneuverability. Customers can choose manual or
electric lift and drive. Standard features include infinite height adjustment, safety wheel/toe guards, and
auto-stop release. Electric models have extendedduty cycles, battery discharge indicators, and integral battery chargers.
November 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
J&B Specialty Tool
526 A Paradise Way West
Greenwood, IN 46143
Ph: 317.883.1849
Fax: 317.883.1949
The beam gauge
tool is two- to
faster and more
accurate than
previous methods of laying out
holes in the web.
It contacts the outside of the flange at the center line
of the web, as shown on structural blueprints for fabricators. Generally, layout people measure from the
top of the flange to get to the first hole gauge. If
flanges are tipped in or out (not square), the holes
will be off. This presents a problem for erectors, because when things don’t line up, the job cannot be
completed on schedule, and everyone is thrown off
tight corners keeping the forks and load inside the
tight turning radius at all times. Inching big loads in
exact locations is more efficient and productive.The
telehandler is powered by a 110-hp John Deere engine. It can be equipped with a variety of attachments
including tilt carriages, swing carriages, side tilt carriages, 6-ft. vertical masts, truss booms, buckets, a
personnel work platform and more.
Kaltenbach, Inc.
6775 Inwood Drive
Columbus, IN 47201
Ph: 800.TALK.SAW
Fax: 812.342.2336
Lista International Corporation
106 Lowland Street
Holliston, MA 01746
Ph: 800.722.3020
Fax: 508.626.0353
Lista International
Corporation introduces the AlignTM
Adjustable Height
Workbench. The
Align Workbench
brings the user an
unsurpassed level
of ergonomic comfort, flexible functionality
enhanced productivity. The height of the worksurface
can be easily adjusted from 25½” to 41½” through
use of a motorized lift, hand-crank or slide leg platform to accommodate the worker with the appropriate worksurface height.
Messer-MG Systems & Welding, Inc.
Jesse Engineering
5225 7th Street, East
Tacoma, WA 98424
Ph: 253.922.7433
Fax: 253.922.2536
Heavy metal fabrication, automated industrial machinery. Capital, CMH Crane Division, specializes in
overhead and gantry cranes and crane service. Wallace Coast Division specializes in pipe shop systems. Pipe benders (manual to fully CNC),
PipeShop© custom software, pipe-fabrication equipment for storage, selection, cutting, sanding; flangewelding, conveying, saddle and hole cutting, system
integration. Complete robotic profile-cutting systems
and saddle- and hole-cutting systems.
JLG Industries, Inc.
13224 Fountainhead Plaza
Hagerstown, MD 21742
Ph: 240.420.8721
Fax: 240.420.8733
The Gradall® Model 534D945 telehandler from JLG Industries, Inc. features a
9,000-lb. maximum lift capacity and a 7,000-lb capacity
at its 45-ft.maximum lift
height. Its 90° rear-pivot
steering provides maneuverability on crowded job sites.
The telehandler pivots around
Kaltenbach’s ‘KKS401 Touchscreen’ sawing cell can
operate with downloaded data for straight/miter cuts
within a +/-60° range, with no time penalty for mitering. Ballscrew material feed provides flexibility
and accuracy. Graphics-assisted programming at the
machine is easy with software developed to target the
application environment: high-volume, small-tomedium batch production, with a miter-cutting component, in materials up to around 6”. Software is
customizable. Cut parts in batches, in “families” or
automatically nested.
The Lincoln Electric Company
22801 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44117-1199
Ph: 216.481.8100
Fax: 216.486.1751
Lincoln Electric’s new
auto-darkening Ultrashade® welding helmets offer updated
designs and graphics
quality or safety. These
new helmets offer electronics, Swiss optics,
an adjustable ergonomic design, and a
two-year warranty. Features include a new edge lip to
help shed spatter; an extended forehead for more
coverage; and a front opening to meet the industry
standard for clear spatter shields. As a welding arc is
detected, the helmet automatically darkens to the
correct level of shade protection within a fraction of
milliseconds. The adjustable design keeps the mask
comfortably in place, even after many hours.
Modern Steel Construction • November 2004
W141 N9427 Fountain Boulevard
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Ph: 262.255.5520
Fax: 262.255.5170
Messer-MG offers a complete line of plate-processing equipment with more than 4,000 systems, including plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, drill and tap
units, and beveling units. A heavy-duty drill unit can
provide through-hold capabilities in up to 1”-thick
mild steel. Threads up to ½-13 can be established
with the tap unit. A hold-down shoe automatically
engages the plate during drilling and tapping to hold
it in place. Beveling units help eliminate other operations by creating bevels for weld-preparation
grooves. Both bevel and land-edge configurations
can be produced, while the bevel-angle-change-onthe-fly feature allows controlled variations of bevel
angles for consistency after bending or rolling.
Metabo Corporation
1231 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
Ph: 800.638.2264
Fax: 800.638.2261
Metabo Corporation’s
4” and 5” angle
grinders now feature
an 8 Amp motor versus
the older 7 Amp version and are ideal for
grinding and cutting various construction metals in
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
many welding and construction applications. All of
the upgraded grinders feature a long-lasting motor
with a special epoxy resin coating on the field coil
and a winding protection grid to deflect airborne debris away from the armature windings and increase
motor life up to five times. The angle grinders with a
more powerful motor include: W7-115, W7-125,
W7-115 Quick, WP7-125 Quick, WP7-115 Quick,
WPS7-125 Quick and WPS7-115 Quick.
ML USA Ercolina
8506 North Fairmount
Davenport, IA 52806
Ph: 563.391.7700
Fax: 563.391.7710
Ercolina’s rotary-draw
Mega-Bender 030
produces repeatable
accurate bends to
center-line radius as
tight as two-times
material diameter in
HSS, pipe and profiles up to 3” diameter
without a mandrel. Heavy-duty gear case with variable-RPM bend speed accommodates work-piece
centerline bend radius up to 15”. Programmable
controls with digital display stores 10 individual
programs, with nine separate bend-angle and material spring-back values in each program. Tooling
mounts rapidly to hex shaft for quick setup and
changeover. Optional mandrel bending system
adapts easily to Mega-Bender for centerline radius
as small a 1.5 times diameter.
Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc.
PAT America Inc.
4525 Turnberry Drive
Hanover Park, IL 60133
Ph: 630.924.9393
Fax: 630.924.0303
Nitto Kohki’s new WA-5000
has a 3” deep hole-boring
capacity. The Automaticfeed magnetic base drill has
2” diameter by 3” depth capacity. Aside from the other
automatic-feed magnetic
base drills, this new WA5000 has a larger capacity at
a very attractive and affordable price.These cost-saving automatic-feed machines are revolutionizing the hole-cutting process.
The automatic-feed machines are equipped with cutting load and feed load sensors to maximize cutting
production while extending cutter life. They are also
equipped with motion and non-restart sensors for
maximum safety. The magnetic base drills are coupled with JetBroach carbide-tipped high efficient annular cutters.
1665 Orchard Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Ph: 717.263.7655
Fax: 717.263.7845
Ocean Machinery, Inc
3081 E. Commercial Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Ph: 800.286.3624
Fax: 954.351.9472
Rigging Pro provides a Windows-based suite of
three powerful programs designed to help crane professionals create and evaluate rigging plans. The 3D
Project Wizard leads the designer step-by-step to
specify the load parameters, hitch type, and rigging
hardware such as collector rings, shackles, and fittings. Rigging Pro analyzes the load on each sling as
it displays the hitch in 3D and automatically generates a detailed 2D printout of the entire rigging assembly. The 2D SketchPad program creates
professional rigging drawings for any rigging situation, complete with title block, text and detailed rigging components, so you can communicate rigging
tasks to the field. The Inventory Manager lets you organize, modify, and add custom hardware to Rigging
Pro’s extensive database of Crosby parts for use with
the 3D Project Wizard.
MQ Power, a division of Multiquip Inc.
Peddinghaus Corporation
18910 Wilmington Avenue
Carson, CA 90746
Ph: 800.883.2551
Fax: 310.632.2656
300 North Washington Avenue
Bradley, IL 60915
Ph: 815.937.3800
Fax: 815.937.4003
MQ Power supplies portable generators to the construction and rental industries. A division of Multiquip Inc., based in Carson, CA, the company
manufactures a full line of self-contained power generators ranging in size from 2.3 kW to 2,000 kW. MQ
Power’s Engine & Equipment division manufactures
prime power and standby gensets up to 2,000 kW for
the military, government, telecommunications and
entertainment industries. The Whisperwatt line of
self-contained power generators are recognized for
reliability, ultra-quiet performance, containerized
generators, Crawford studio units, industrial generators, and the new Ultra-Silent Series Generators.
The Ocean Avenger CNC beam line has been designed specifically for the small to medium fabricator processing a wide variety of profiles, including
beams, channel, angle, plate, and more. It dramatically reduces fabricator costs and increases margins.
It allows the fabricator to take on additional work
while reducing manpower, improving the overall
cash flow of the business, and significantly reducing
back charges to due to shop errors. It sells for less
than half a regular beam line and occupies less than
half the floor space. It eliminates all manual layout
and accurately drills beams at over 180 holes per
hour. This versatile machine processes webs up to
40”, any size flange, any beam weight up to jumbo
columns, and thicknesses up to 10”.
The totally
new Anglemaster for
6” by 6” by
with carbide marking and multiple punch stations-along with angle/flat
detail-the new FPDB plate processing system is the
answer for any plate connection requirement: base,
splice, gusset, shear tab, etc. The patented “onepass” process eliminates excessive plate handling,
multiple operators, and saves shop floor space. Peddinghaus provides engineering consultation for shop
efficiency design, and has installed over 50 complete
beam drill line systems in 2004. They incorporate robotic burning and coping of beams as well as speedy
band sawing machines to provide just-in-time cell
concepts to structural steel fabrication.
November 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
Penntech Industrial Tools, Inc.
319 Thomson Park Drive
Cranberry Township, PA 16066-6430
Ph: 724.776.2477
Fax: 724.776.5030
Regional distributors of a full range of metal fabricating machinery and tooling products for processing structural shapes, plate, bar stock, pipe & tubing.
3310 East 4th Street
Hutchinson, KS 67501
Ph: 800.338.5471
Fax: 620.662.1719
Piranha offers a complete line of metal
fabrication equipment, including single- and dualoperator ironworkers,
press brakes, shears,
and bending rolls.
Piranha also has a
complete line of single-end punch-press machines.
The Piranha Press Brake features full tonnage across
the bed for maximum flexibility in multi-operation
set-ups; parallel movement regardless of off-center
loading; and repeatability of +/-.001” using a singlecylinder, low-maintenance hydraulic system. Press
Brake models range in size from 25 tons to 500 tons.
Piranha offers 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” shears, with a a guillotine design, heavy-duty high-speed back gauge,
and a fully machined front table. Piranha’s light- to
heavy-duty bending rolls, include single, initialpinch and three-roll double-initial-pinch models.
Presto Lifts Inc.
21 Park Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
Ph: 508.222.0177
Fax: 508.222.2996
Rol-Lift® Hand Pallet Trucks are available in a variety
of sizes, configurations and capacities. Economy
models designed for occasional use have 4,500-lb
capacity and 48” forks. For more frequent use, standard and heavy-duty models have 5, 000-lb and 5,
500-lb capacities and are available in 20.5”- 27”wide configurations with fork lengths as short as 32”
and as long as 72”. Super Duty Trucks have a 6, 500lb capacity and are available in a wide range of fork
lengths and widths. Rol-Lift also manufactures a full
line of specialty hand pallet trucks for special-use
applications including Low Profile, Four Way, Zinc
Coated for hostile environments and Stainless Steel
for sanitary applications.
Southworth Products Corp.
P.O. Box 1380
Portland, ME 04104-1380
Ph: 207.878.0700
Fax: 207.797.4734
Scotchman Industries, Inc.
180 East Highway 14
P.O. Box 850
Philip, SD 57567-0850
Ph: 800.843.8844
Fax: 800.843.5545
Scotchman “Metal Fabricating Solutions” designs
and manufactures quality equipment for the metal
fabrication industry featuring: Hydraulic ironworkers
from 45-150 tons in three distinctive styles: 1. Component Tool Table design (numerous tooling options
available and mounted on the tool table), 2. Dual Operator Machine, (with built-in rectangular notcher
and the ability to have two operators work simultaneously, 3. Fully Integrated Ironworkers. Scotchman
also offers a large special tooling department for
custom applications including circular cold saws
with pivot and column design for ferrous and nonferrous applications.
Sellstrom Manufacturing Company
One Sellstrom Drive
Palatine, IL 60067
Ph: 800.323.7402
Fax: 847.358.8564
Faceshield with a
combination of a clear
window with a flipdown Shade 5 IR window is first of its kind
in the market providing uninterrupted protection for grinding,
cutting and brazing.
Other models available include a full face clear window for grinding operations, Shade 3 IR window for cutting operations
and Shade 5 IR window for cutting and brazing operations. Delivers excellent protection with ease on
your neck and head providing comfort. Meets ANSI
Z87.1 Standards and is CUL Certified to meet
CAN/CSA-Z94.3 Standards. Comes with a two year
Modern Steel Construction • November 2004
Backsaver® lift tables from Southworth Products
Corporation are available in more than a million different configurations. Designed to improve productivity and worker safety in machine feeding, work
positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading,
and other applications, they can be shipped quickly
from stock. Although standard Backsaver Lifts™ can
be ordered with capacities from 500 lb to 6,000 lb,
and lifting heights up to 56”, higher capacities and
lifting heights are available. These rugged lift tables
feature tabletops with the exclusive Comfort Edge to
eliminate sharp corners and improve visibility. Platform sizes range from 24” by 36” up to 72” by 96.”
Stewart Engineering and Sales Co.
2140 Aurora Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49442
Ph: 231.767.2140
Fax: 231.767.2233
The Stewart
Beam Rollover
consists of an
a i r- p o w e r e d
drive unit and
an idler unit
nylon slings
and a safety
hook that loops
at the ends.
cranes position
the unit while
the beam is
lifted with the
slings in a basket configuration. Units are available in 10-ton or 20ton capacity air powered arrangements. The rollover
is typically used as a welding positioner for beams,
columns, trusses, and towers and also rotates tapered beams, curved beams, and beams with a “dogleg. Use it to drill, punch, clean, and paint!
Machinery, Tools and Material Handling Products
TigerStop LLC
Viking Blast and Wash Systems
W.A. Schmidt, Inc.
TigerStop® Assembly Plant
12909 NE 95th Street
Vancouver, WA 98682
Ph: 360.254.0661
Fax: 360.260.0755
3810 North Toben
Wichita, KS 67226
Ph: 316.634.6699
Fax: 316.634.6658
38 Souderton Pike
Souderton, PA 18964
Ph: 215.523.6719
Fax: 215.721.5890
Viking Blast and
Wash Systems
announces the
release of its
through blaster,
the RT 1818. The
RT 1818 uses
roller table style
conveyance for
structural parts,
plate and weldments. Utilizing the VC-9 centerfed blast wheel
Viking can concentrate the blast on a very small work
zone as small as 10” by 10”. The VC-9 wheel is 9.5”
in diameter encased in a fully cast liner package with
targetable control cages for optimum efficiency. The
lower height, smaller foot print and lower cost allow
for automated blasting in applications that were typically batch or hand blasting. Viking also offers customization of the RT 1818 to match customer part
W.A. Schmidt’s
Custom Widespan Mezzanines helps
transform unused overhead
valuable floorspace.
Designed to fit
around existing
columns and
machinery, the SpaceLoft design maximizes usable
space by conforming to the characteristics of your
facility. Add on to an existing SpaceLoft mezzanine
using the nut-and-bolt design. It allows future expandability without extensive re-engineering.
SpaceLofts mezzanine can be dismantled and re-assembled for facility moves. Potential applications include parts and inventory storage, production/work
platforms, loading docks, mechanical support, office
space, and break rooms.
If you are cutting heavier materials, let TigerStop
Heavy Duty accelerate your process. Its linear positioner can be added to new or existing equipment,
and the computer controlled accuracy of +/- 0.008”
helps produce the perfect part. Its rack and pinion
drive handles heavy loads up to 600 pounds and
lengths up to 125’. Routine cut lists are easy to run
with a touch of a button or you can download cut
lists from your computer. Customize your set-up
with options to semi-automate or fully automate your
November 2004 • Modern Steel Construction
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