Local rig consists of RRC-1258 MkII box, TP-Link TL-WR343ND router/access point and a laptop
running Windows 7 OS. Dynamic microphone - old Yaesu MD-1
Connection cable from between microphone and remote box - from Yaesu MD-100.
The purpose of router is to pickup Wi-Fi signal and to convert it to LAN (cable) which is needed for
the remote box. Since I mostly operate from hotels, the router is very handy.
Though, it is also possible to install wireless module instead of router, bus it cost around $100 vs
$50 for router.
Beside of that, the router, once configured does not require every day login, which is common in
many hotels.
Remote rig consists of remote box connected to Elecraft K3 transceiver.
Recently I started accessing remote rig via Elecraft K3/0-Mini, see pictures below:
2. Configuration
Initial configuration of local box made by Microbit Setup Manager thru USB port on front panel of
the box.
After initial setup of the box it could be reached by Ethernet on this address:
Note that is my home network IP address defined in
router. You may have different network address. Check your router settings.
When accessed, the start page looks like that:
If remote box on radio side has already installed and configured, after pushing “Connect” button
receiving signal should be heard.
3. How to control Transceiver with Ham Radio Deluxe
Transceiver control could be done by connecting PC to one of serial ports of the box, including USB
one. Since I have no serial ports on my PC, I decided to use USB port which has to be enabled in
“Serial settings” menu:
Do not forget to export and save settings which will be completely forgotten after couple of months.
After connecting the local box via USB, the port COM2 on the box was recognized by PC as
This could be used to configure Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) software:
The current version of the software is not free, so the above link pointing at which is free.
When running first time setup radio and serial port:
In my case it was COM20, the speed of 38400 is default for Elecraft K3.
So, to start remote control, I go to then “Status”, click on “Connect”
button, when hear air noise, run HRD.
4. How to control Transceiver with K3/0-Mini
Set the radio to mode 14 – Elecraft twin. In this case remote transceiver controlled directly by K3/0
panel. Both RRC's serial settings COM1 has to be set to Mode-7. The baud rate does not have to be the
same as COM2.
Use COM1 on the control RRC for N1MM or Ham Radio Deluxe. You may wish to change the control
RRC's COM1 "Use USB Com Port as COM1" to YES and then use that virtual serial port (see what
Windows assigned it in the Device Manager).
5. How to configure N1MM logger with K3/0-Mini
On the picture above Com2 corresponds to virtual port Com1 on RRC and used to control transceiver;
Com4 corresponds to Com0 on RCC and configured to key CW.
6. Password
If someone decides to set a password on remote and control box, make sure you enter it as a sip
Otherwice no connection would be possible and you will hear high pitch “po-pu-pi” sound.
There is default password on my box “hello”.
p.s. Here I did not describe settings of remote box, connected to radio since settings were done by
Boris, VE3DQ. I may add those settings as well in near future. The setting I can see when I get
online with the remote box.
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