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• WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit
children to use this product unless they are closely supervised
at all times.
• A wire connector is provided on this unit to connect a minimum No. 8 AWG (8.4mm2) solid copper conductor between
this unit and any metal equipment, metal enclosures of electrical equipment, metal water pipe, or conduit within 5 feet (1.5
m) of the unit.
• DANGER - Risk of Accidental Drowning. Extreme caution
must be exercised to prevent unauthorized access by children.
To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot use this spa unless they are supervised at all times.
• DANGER - Risk of injury. The suction fittings in this spa
are sized to match the specific water flow created by the pump.
Should the need arise to replace the suction fittings or the
pump, be sure that the flow rates are compatible.
• DANGER - Risk of Electric Shock. Install at least 5 feet
from all metal surfaces. As an alternative, a spa may be installed within 5 feet of metal surfaces if each metal surface is
Aries Spas • User Manual
permanently connected by a minimum No. 8 AWG (8.4 mm2)
solid copper conductor to the wire connector on the terminal
box that is provided for this purpose.
• DANGER - Risk of Electric Shock. Do not permit any electric appliance, such as a light, telephone, radio, television,
within 5 feet of a spa.
• WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury:
• The water in the spa should never exceed 40˚ C (104˚
F). Water temperatures between 38˚ C (100˚ F) and 40˚ C
are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children and when
spa use exceeds 10 minutes.
• Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage during the early months of
pregnancy, pregnant or possibly pregnant women should
limit spa water temperatures to 100˚ F (38˚ C).
• Before entering a spa, the user should measure the
water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the
tolerance of water temperature-regulating devices varies.
• The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication before or
during spa use may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.
Aries Spas • User Manual
• Persons suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory system problems, or diabetes should consult a physician
before using a spa.
• Persons using medication should consult a physician
before using a spa since some medications may affect heart
rate, blood pressure, and circulation.
Aries Spas • User Manual
About this manual
This booklet was designed to be an aid in understanding
the operation, functions, and maintenance of your Aries
To receive maximum pleasure from your Aries Spa, it is
helpful to understand how the spa operates and to have
knowledge of proper maintenance procedures.
Different applications and installations require various
types of equipment. If your equipment is different from
that described in this manual, it may be necessary to refer
to any manuals supplied by your equipment manufacturer
for specific operating and installation information.
We hope that this manual will give you all the information
needed to understand the basics of operation and maintenance of your spa. If you have questions that were not
answered in this booklet, please give us a call.
The Staff at Aries Spas
Aries Spas • User Manual
About this manual......................................... v
Installation of Portable Spa............................. 9
Replacement of an existing Equipment Pack................. 10
Location..................................................................... 10
Operation................................................... 11
Initial Start-up............................................................. 11
Filling your Spa........................................................... 11
Starting your Spa........................................................ 11
Spa-Side Controls....................................................... 12
Setting the Desired Temperature.......................................... 13
Digital Temperature Readout / Adjustment Readout............ 14
Up (Increase) and Down (Decrease) Arrows....................... 14
Function Buttons................................................................. 15
Pause Button (on Single Pump models only)...................... 15
Jet Button - Single Jet Pump System................................. 15
Jet 1 Button - 2 Jet Pump System.................................... 15
Jet 2 Button - (On optional 2 Pump System only)............... 15
Air Button........................................................................ 16
Light Button..................................................................... 16
Indicator Icons.................................................................... 17
Smart Winter Mode Icon.................................................... 17
Jet 1 Icon........................................................................ 17
Jet 2 Icon (on optional 2 Pump System)............................ 17
Air Blower Icon................................................................. 18
Light Icon......................................................................... 18
Aries Spas • User Manual
Filter Icon........................................................................ 18
Heater Icon...................................................................... 18
Temperature Icon............................................................. 18
Special Features......................................................... 18
Pause Mode........................................................................ 18
Auto-Purge Cleansing.......................................................... 19
Internal Clock...................................................................... 19
Customized Circulation Modes............................................. 19
Freeze Protection and Smart Winter Cycle............................. 20
Internal High Limit (Overheat) Switch.................................... 20
Interior Fittings........................................................... 21
Venturi Controls (Air Controls).............................................. 21
Circulation Fittings............................................................... 21
Suction Fittings................................................................... 22
Hydrotherapy / Massage Jets............................................... 22
Standard Jets................................................................... 23
Circular Jets..................................................................... 23
Jumbo Jet....................................................................... 24
Neck Jets........................................................................ 24
Circulation Jets................................................................... 24
Air Injectors........................................................................ 25
Recovery Fitting.................................................................. 25
Maintenance............................................... 26
Filter.......................................................................... 26
Cleaning Your Filter............................................................. 26
Water Treatment......................................................... 28
Disinfectants...................................................................... 29
Bromine.......................................................................... 29
Ozone Generator.............................................................. 29
Aries Spas • User Manual
Adjusting pH....................................................................... 30
Preventing Hard Water or Staining Damage........................... 31
Preventing Algae................................................................. 31
Caring for your Spa’s Surface....................................... 31
Deep-Cleaning of Plumbing Lines................................. 32
Draining your Spa....................................................... 32
Troubleshooting Guide................................. 34
Trouble Codes............................................. 41
Appendix A................................................. 43
Special Programming.................................................. 43
Setting a Customized Circulation Mode................................. 43
Aries Spas • User Manual
Installation of Portable Spa
Please contact a qualified electrician to wire your spa.
Your Aries Spa requires a GFCI (ground-fault current interrupter) for safe
installation and operation.
All Aries Spas require a 220 volt supply circuit consisting of four wires.
Use #6 AWG wire (copper conductors only).
All metal components of the equipment assembly have bonding lugs.
These lugs should be connected together with a minimum #6 AWG copper conductor.
All spa equipment packs require a dedicated GFCI breaker. The breaker
should be 50 amp, single phase, 220 volt service, consisting of four wires;
two hot wires, a neutral wire and a ground wire. Wire size is determined
by length of run, but generally #8 wire for 0-50 feet and #6 wire for 51+
feet is recommended. This might vary, depending on length of run or
other unforeseen factors. Any variation from this service will void warranty.
The equipment package should be installed such that the heater housing
is in a level, horizontal position and the bottom of the equipment is approximately four inches above ground level and protected from water and
other elements.
All Aries Spas are designed to be permanently connected units, consisting
of pumps, heater, light fixture and Spa-Side Control.
It is the responsibility of the spa owner to insure that electrical connections are made by a qualified electrician in accordance with the National
Page 10
Aries Spas • User Manual
Electric Code and any local and State Electrical Codes in force at the
time of installation. This equipment has been designed to operate on 60
Hz alternating current only and at 240 Volts. Make sure that power is not
applied while performing any electrical installation. A copper bonding lug
has been provided on the electrical equipment pack to allow connection
to local grounded points. The ground wire must be at least 8 gauge solid
copper and must be connected securely to a grounded metal structure.
Replacement of an existing Equipment Pack
Follow the instructions above for equipment installation so that the proper settings are made for current and voltage that the spa was connected to.
Due to the frequent updates in equipment models, please consult an Aries
Spa technician if there are any differences in component connections.
It is mandatory for warranty purposes that your spa be located
on a solid, level foundation.
A filled spa is very heavy (up to 5,000 lbs.), with most of the weight resting on the center portion. Without firm support for the bottom of the spa,
settling can occur, causing the outside edge or “lip” of the spa to carry the
weight-load, pulling the spa out of shape. Cement blocks are not acceptable, unless they are concreted into place.
A 4” thick concrete pad is the desired foundation. If a balcony or deck is
used, it must support at least 75 pounds per square foot.
Aries Spas will not be responsible for damages incurred on spas
placed on other than level, solid surfaces.
If your spa is located near water sprinklers, adjust or relocate them so that
water will not hit the siding of the spa.
Gates giving access to the spa should be self-closing and self-locking for
Page 11
Aries Spas • User Manual
Initial Start-up
Please read this section fully before attempting initial start-up of
your spa.
Always turn the thermostat(s) and electric power off when filling or
draining the spa, and always fully open any valves that could restrict
water flow to and from the heater element.
Filling your Spa
Your spa should be filled with water to approximately the middle of the
skimmer (to identify, see picture of skimmer in the “Suctions Fittings”
section of this manual). The water level should never be below the regular or whirling jets, but should never cover any neck jets, recovery fitting,
or built -in pillows. Do not overfill spa.
Starting your Spa
Turn on your home circuit breaker and service disconnect (if applicable).
Within 10 to 15 seconds all pumps on the spa will run for 1 minute. The
Jet Pumps and Air Pump will then turn off, leaving the continuous-circulation pump running. If, within 30 to 60 seconds, water is not observed
flowing from Return Jets (see “Jets” section for description), lift the lid
that covers your Top Loading Pressure Filter, and release any trapped
air by turning the Bleed Valve (the small valve located on the filter lid)
counterclockwise until you hear a release of air. Do not totally unscrew or
remove the Bleed Valve. Do not remove the black locking ring of the filter
lid at this time or serious damage could occur. Opening the Bleed Valve
will allow any trapped air to be purged and some gurgling or bubbles may
come from the Return Jets. Once a steady stream of water starts spurting
from the Bleed Valve, retighten by turning in a clockwise direction until
hand-tight. (For more information on the Bleed Valve, see the “Top Loading Pressure Filter” section of this manual.)
Page 12
Aries Spas • User Manual
Once the Circulating Pump motor is running and water is circulating
properly, you should be able to observe water and/or bubbles coming
from the two Circulating Jets (one regular-sized, one small) usually
located near your steps and/or the light. This indicates that the water is
circulating properly.
If no water flow is observed, do the following:
Listen to make sure that the Circulating Pump motor is running.
Make sure that the Knife (“T” shaped) Valves are open. These
valves are located on either side of the Equipment Pack. They
are opened if the handles are extended as far out as they will
go. When opened, you should be able to see either the exposed
silver rod or a red retainer clip.
Recheck the Bleed Valve on the filter lid to make sure you have
released all trapped air.
If you have tried all the above, and there is still no visible water flow
coming from the Circulation Jets, STOP! Turn off your GFCI circuit
breaker and / or quick disconnect
and call the Aries Spa Factory phone
support center immediately! Do
not go on to the next step or serious damage may occur to your spa
Equipment Pack.
Once you are sure that the Circulating Pump motor is circulating the
water, proceed to the next section.
Equipment Pack
Spa-Side Controls
Your Aries Spa equipment is composed of state-of-the-art microprocessor circuitry, similar to that of a home computer. All user-functions and
operational changes are done via the Spa Side Control.
Page 13
Aries Spas • User Manual
Digital Readout
Smart Winter Icon
Jet Icon
Air Blower Icon
Light Icon
Filter Icon
Heater Icon 8
14 Temperature Icon
Pause Button
Jet Button
Air Blower Button
Light Button
Heat Up Button
Heat Down Button
Topside Controls
The Topside Control Pictured above is that of a single Jet Pump System. A 2-Jet Pump System
will have the additional Jet Icon (between #2 and #3 above). The “Pause” button (#9) will
instead be labeled “Jet 1”.
Setting the Desired Temperature
The Thermostat can be set to temperatures within a range from 59˚
through 104˚ as described below. Depending on whether you desire to
raise or lower the temperature, push and hold either the Up or Down
arrow button for a few seconds. The “actual” water temperature in the
display will be replaced with the “desired” temperature, an arrow in the
digital readout will show under the small temperature icon above the
display, and the number will begin to increase or decrease, depending on
which arrow you are depressing. When you get to your new desired temperature, simply release the arrow button. The spa will now begin adjusting the water to the desired temperature and maintain it there.
Page 14
Aries Spas • User Manual
WARNING: Prolonged immersion in hot water may induce hyperthermia.
The causes, symptoms and effects of hyperthermia may be described as
follows: Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body
reaches a level several degrees above the normal body temperature of
98.6˚F. The symptoms of hyperthermia include: drowsiness, lethargy and
an increase in the internal temperature of the body. The effects of hyperthermia include:
Unawareness of impending hazard
Failure to perceive heat
Failure to recognize the need to exit the spa
Physical inability to exit the spa
Fetal damage in pregnant women
Unconsciousness and danger of drowning
WARNING - The use of alcohol, drugs or medication can greatly increase
the risk of fatal hyperthermia.
Digital Temperature Readout / Adjustment Readout
The Spa-Side Control has a digital readout of the spa’s water temperature.
(It is not uncommon for the temperature shown to vary from the actual
water temperature by a few degrees.)
This readout also displays the desired temperature as you reset (see below).
Up (Increase) and Down (Decrease) Arrows
To increase the water temperature, push and hold the “Up Arrow” button.
To decrease the temperature, push and hold the “Down Arrow” button.
As you hold the buttons to adjust, the digital temperature readout, which
previously showed the actual water temperature, will temporarily show
the “desired temperature” you are adjusting to. Once your desired temperature is displayed, release the adjustment arrow. The temperature display
will revert to the “actual” temperature.
Page 15
Aries Spas • User Manual
Function Buttons
Pause Button (on Single Pump models only)
This button turns off all spa operations for 30 minutes to facilitate routine
maintenance, such as cleaning filter, etc. To turn off system, press and
hold the Pause button for 5 seconds. The digital readout will read “OFF”.
(It is not uncommon for the spa to continue running for 30 to 60 seconds
to cool the motor before shutting down.) After 30 minutes normal operation will automatically resume.
Caution: Take care not to push any of the buttons while the
system is in this “pause” mode until you are ready to restart
spa operation. Hitting any of the buttons will restart the system.
To restart your system, push the Pause button briefly. The system will
resume operation.
Jet Button - Single Jet Pump System
Press the button once to turn on all the different types of hydrotherapy
(water) massage jets in your spa. Press again and the Jet Pump will turn
Jet 1 Button - 2 Jet Pump System
On spas that are equipped with 2 Jet Pumps this button has two functions.
When pressed once quickly (as described above in Single Pump System,
approximately half of the hydrotherapy (water) jets will operate. Press
again to turn off jets. When pressed and held for 5 seconds, the spa will
turn off for 30 minutes, as described in the Pause Button on Single Pump
models (above).
Jet 2 Button - (On optional 2 Pump System only)
Push this button and it will operate the jets not powered by using the Jet
Button 1. Press again and the pump turns off.
Page 16
Aries Spas • User Manual
When the Jet Pump(s) are turned on, an internal timer in the control box
will automatically turn the jet pump(s) off after 30 minutes, should you
forget to turn them off. If you are still using the spa and the Jet Pump(s)
shut off while you want them on, simply push the Jet Button(s) and the
pump will come back on for another 30 minute cycle.
Air Button
The Air Button operates the Air Blower Pump. This pump forces air
through the Air Injector Fittings. These are located in the spa seats or on
the vertical wall under the seats, and give a soft tingly massage.
Push the Air Button and the Air Blower will come on. Push it again and it
will shut off.
The system will automatically turn the blower off after 30 minutes should
you forget. If you are using the Air Blower and it turns off but you want it
to be on, simply push the Blower Button. It will come back on again for
another 30 minute cycle.
Light Button
Note: Pressing and holding the Light Button for 5 seconds
will put the system into “Programming Mode” (see Custom
Circulation Modes later). To avoid putting the system into
programming mode, just push the button and release for normal
light operation. If you accidentally put it in programming mode,
do nothing. After about 10 seconds, the system will return to its
normal function.
The Light Button operates the Spa Light, which is usually located in the
step area of the spa. Push the button once and the light will turn on. Push
it again to turn off.
The Spa controller box will automatically turn off the light after 1 hour,
should you forget to turn it off.
Page 17
Aries Spas • User Manual
The Raydiance® Light is an option. A specialty LED bulb replaces the
standard light bulb. This light has 8 different colors including fade/strobe.
The standard light can be replaced by the Raydiance® light, if desired.
The Raydiance® light is operated as follows: Push the Light button to
turn on or off as you would the standard light. As long as the light was
left on for more than 5 seconds, the next time you turn it on, it will remain the same color as it was last time you used it. To change the color,
turn the light off within 5 seconds of turning it on, then immediately turn
it on again. It will cycle to the next color. The last color on the cycle is
fade/strobe. The light starts by strobing, then fades from one color to another, cycling through all 7 of the other colors. Push on and off the Light
button until you get to the color of your choice.
The bulbs for either the standard or the Raydiance® lights are easily
replaced from the underside of the spa, accessed by the equipment area
door. Both can be purchased at the Aries Spa Store.
The standard bulb is a 12V, 4 watt low-voltage outdoor lighting type of
bulb also found at most hardware stores.
Indicator Icons
An indicator pointer will show in the digital display under these icons,
depending on what components of the system are operating at that time.
Smart Winter Mode Icon
A pointer will illuminate under the icon whenever the system has been
automatically activated to run because of low temperature at the equipment site.
Jet 1 Icon
A pointer will illuminate under the icon any time the Jet Pump is running.
Jet 2 Icon (on optional 2 Pump System)
A pointer will illuminate under the icon any time the second Jet Pump is
Page 18
Aries Spas • User Manual
Air Blower Icon
A pointer will illuminate under the icon any time the Air Blower is running.
Light Icon
A pointer will illuminate under the icon any time the Light is on.
Filter Icon
Any time the Circulating Pump is running, a pointer will illuminate under
the icon.
Heater Icon
Any time the heater is running, a pointer will illuminate under the icon.
When the water reaches the desired temperature and heater turns off, it
will no longer be illuminated.
Temperature Icon
Any time you are adjusting the temperature, a pointer will illuminate and
remain for 5 seconds after button is released.
Special Features
Pause Mode
This function allows you to turn the spa equipment off from the Topside
Control so that you can clean the filter or do other routine maintenance
without having to turn the breaker off. To turn off all spa equipment, hold
down the Pause Button (or Jet 1 Button on 2-Jet Pump Systems) for 5
seconds, or until the topside says “OFF”, then release the button. Wait a
few moments before proceeding, making sure that the circulation pump
has stopped flowing. If the heater was on when you started the Pause,
your circulation pump will keep running for 1 or 2 minutes to cool down
the heating element. You have 30 minutes total to complete your maintenance before the spa starts up automatically, so have everything handy to
Page 19
Aries Spas • User Manual
do your maintenance so that the spa doesn’t start before you are ready. If
you wish to restart manually, just quickly press the Pause (or Jet 1) button
Caution should be used when performing this operation. PRESSING
It is recommended that you have everything you need to do the filter
swap or other maintenance, as the spa will turn on in 30 minutes time,
ready or not. Auto-Purge Cleansing
Your Aries Spa is equipped with an Auto-Purge System that operates 2
times daily, turning on all pumps for 1 minute. This automatic flushing
of lines is important to the overall sanitization of the water, eliminating
stagnant water in unused plumbing lines. (If it is necessary to Auto-Purge
more or less frequently, please see Appendix A for programming instructions.)
Internal Clock
The Internal Timeclock in your spa is computerized. It is a factory set as a
12 hour clock, which controls Auto-Purging and Customized Circulation
Modes (see below). Any time power has been cut and reset to the spa, a
new period begins. The digital display will show 3 dashes while it runs a
purge cycle and performs system diagnostics. This usually lasts approximately 1 minute longer than the purge cycle.
Customized Circulation Modes
Aries sets the Circulation Pump to run in 2 six hour periods, totaling 12
hours per day. If you wish to customize the circulation periods, please see
Appendix A for programming instructions.
Page 20
Aries Spas • User Manual
Freeze Protection and Smart Winter Cycle
In an Aries Continuous Circulating Spa, the potential for freeze damage is
almost nonexistent, as moving water doesn’t quickly freeze, and the water
is kept heated to a minimum temperature. With the addition of the AutoPurge function, freeze damage is very rare.
In addition, the system monitors the temperature around the spa equipment. When severe cold is detected, the Smart Winter Cycle takes effect.
All pumps will come on and run for 1 minute. They will continue to cycle
on again, the start time varying from 2-hour to 15-minute intervals, depending on the severity of the temperature around the equipment.
Warning! Aries recommends never draining a spa or leaving a spa
drained at any time of the year, especially for the winter. Regardless of
draining procedures used, there will always be a small amount of water
remaining in the plumbing lines or equipment. In wintertime, this water
can freeze and expand, causing serious damage. Aries Spas does not warranty freeze-damage done to spas left drained.
Internal High Limit (Overheat) Switch
Your spa equipment pack is equipped with a heater overheat sensor. This
sensor protects your heater by turning it off in cases where the water temperature in the heater has reached a higher-than-normal condition. This
can happen when your filter is clogged or dirty enough to slow the water
flow and water is trapped in the heater for longer-than-normal periods of
If the Limit Switch trips, the digital temperature readout will flash, intermittently reading “OH”. This “Intermediate Overtemp” will disable
the heater until the spa water inside the equipment cools down. When the
display stops flashing, the heater’s function is restored.
The “Catastrophic Overtemp” happens when temperatures have reached a
critical degree. When this happens, the display will read “HL”. You must
Page 21
Aries Spas • User Manual
wait until the temperature in the equipment has had time to cool, then
manually reset the system by turning the equipment off, then on, using
your breaker or service disconnect.
Interior Fittings
Venturi Controls (Air Controls)
Venturi Controls are knobs located on the upper ledge of your spa. Depending on the model, your spa may have
one or several Venturi Controls, each operating a certain number of jets. They control the
amount of air that is mixed with the water
coming through the jets, which increases or
softens the pressure of the jets.
To control the amount of air introduced into
your jets, turn the Venturi Control to the
desired setting. For maximum air injection
and a firmer massage, turn the knob toward
counterclockwise. For a more gentle massage, turn toward clockwise.
When the jet pump is not running, the venturis will do nothing. It does
not matter what position they are left in when you leave the spa.
Circulation Fittings
All of the fittings under the water in your spa are considered circulation
fittings. They either circulate air or water. Your spa has two types of water
fittings; suction and return. Suction Fittings are designed to suck water
from the spa into the equipment, while Return Fittings push water from
the equipment back into the spa.
The spa’s Circulating Pump circulates the water by pulling it from the spa
via Suction Fittings (the Top Suction or Skimmer, and the Bottom Suctions), passing it through the heater and filter, then returning it to the spa
via the Circulation Jets, usually located near the light or step of the spa.
Page 22
Aries Spas • User Manual
Normally, there are two Circulation Jets: one is a normal-sized jet, the
other is very small.
The spa’s Jet Pump circulates water by pulling it from the spa via separate Bottom Suction Fitting and returns the water through the Massage
Suction Fittings
The Top Suction, or Skimmer, is designed to skim
debris from the water’s surface. The Bottom Suctions
are designed to pull water and dirt from near the spa’s
bottom. The Suctions draw water from the spa whenever the Circulating Pump is running.
It is important that the perforated cover of
the suction always be in place and in good
If it is damaged or broken, it must be
replaced immediately. Dangerous conditions
may occur if the spa is operated with
damaged or missing suction covers.
The Circulating Pump will
draw water from one bottom suction and the skimmer. Because this pump is
of a small energy-efficient
design, you will probably
not feel the suction of this
particular bottom fitting.
Bottom Suctions
Hydrotherapy / Massage Jets
The Massage Jets in your spa are powered by the high-speed Jet Pump.
The water is drawn from your spa via a Bottom Suction, and returned
through your Massage Jets.
Page 23
Aries Spas • User Manual
These jets massage sore muscles and stimulate and increase blood circulation to aid in the recovery of injured body parts. Most spa owners agree
that this is the single most beneficial function of their spa.
Below are the description and operation of several of the more popular
Massage Jets available at press time. In our continuing effort to update
and improve the quality of our product, and because of the rapid advancements in the components available to us, jet availability changes frequently. Because of this, the jets described below may not be identical with
those being used at the time of your spa’s manufacture.
Standard Jets
You can adjust both the direction and the velocity of water flow from the
Standard Jets. The water flow can be reduced by
turning the center nozzle or outer ring (depending on the model) clockwise. By closing one jet,
the pressure in the other jets is increased.
Do not close more than four jets at
one time. Doing so can damage the
plumbing system of your spa.
You can adjust the flow from the jet by aiming
Standard Jet
the nozzle in the desired direction.
Circular Jets
There are several versions of these jets but they are all distinguished by
their circular flow of water. Some allow you to
adjust the diameter of the flow pattern. Certain
designs have two circles that overlap each other
when operating.
Circular Jet
Page 24
One model has an exterior that looks like a “honeycomb” and has a pulsing circular effect.
Aries Spas • User Manual
Jumbo Jet
The Jumbo Jet is optional, and is not available on all models.
This is the big brother of the Circular Jet, and is the
largest jet you will have in your spa. It uses a large
volume of water for a deep-muscle massage.
Jumbo Jet
The water pressure can be adjusted by turning the
outer ring of the jet clockwise (to decrease pressure) or counterclockwise (to increase pressure).
Neck Jets
Neck Jets are designed to be above the water level. They can be turned
on or off by pushing the nozzle inward (off) or pulling it outward (on).
Most people prefer to leave
the Neck Jets off when not in
The water level in the spa
should not be above the neck
Neck Jets
Circulation Jets
Do not obstruct the flow of these jets or serious damage to your
equipment could occur.
The Circulation Jets are two jets, usually located near the light and/or
interior spa steps. After the water is circulated through your Circulating
Pump, it is returned to the spa via these two jets.
All Aries Spas are equipped with an Ozone Jet. If your spa also has the
optional Ozone Generator (described later in this manual), the air bubbles
coming from these jets contains the cleansing agent it produces. If not
equipped with an Ozone Generator, the bubbles are merely air. (If your
spa does not presently have an Ozone Generator, one can be added at a
later time.)
Page 25
Aries Spas • User Manual
Occasionally, jets that look similar to the Ozone Jets will be used in place
of Neck Jets or Regular Jets in the spa,
or as air injectors (see below). These
jets are not attached to the Ozone Generator, but rather are similar to standard
jets. The Circulation & Ozone Jets are
not adjustable.
Ozone Jet (L)
Circulation Jet (R)
Air Injectors
Most Aries Spas contain 14 to 20 Air Injectors, depending on the spa
model. These are white or stainless fittings located in the seating area of
your spa. When you turn on the Air Blower Pump, air is forced through
these fittings to make stimulating, tingly bubbles.
The source for this air is the inside the spa enclosure, The air that passes
through the blower absorbs some heat from the blower, but it is not uncommon for the air to feel cooler than the spa water.
Recovery Fitting
The Recovery Fitting is a small jet above the spa water level. It may
look the same as the Ozone Jet, or it could be a round cap, about an inch
in diameter. This fitting is designed to draw air from the space between
your spa water and the spa cover. If your spa is equipped with
an Ozone Generator, this air contains the excess cleansing agent
(a gas) produced by the Ozone Generator. This excess is reintroduced into your spa’s water, to efficiently get the maximum
cleansing effect possible.
If your spa is not equipped with an Ozone Generator, this fitting
does nothing. It is there to facilitate the addition of an Ozone
Generator if one is desired at a later date.
The water level in the spa should not be above the recovery
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Aries Spas • User Manual
The most important function of the Circulating System is to run the spa
water through the filter to remove dirt, debris, and body oils. The filter
cartridge is located inside the filter canister, hidden by the round lid containing inset drink holders. The Top Loading Pressure filter is most commonly used due to its ease
of cleaning and maintenance. It is available in the majority of Aries Spa
Cleaning Your Filter
Cleaning of the filter is the single most important maintenance procedure
that a new spa owner can perform. Aries recommends that you clean your Filter at least once a week. If
cared for properly, you can expect to get about 1 years’ use from each
Filter Cartridge, depending on spa usage. When the Cartridge becomes
worn, damaged, or heavily debris-embedded, replace it with a new one.
Before cleaning the Filter, make sure to turn off power to the spa. Once
power to the spa has been terminated you may proceed to clean your
As the Top Loading filter is a pressure filter, make sure that
power to spa is turned off before attempting to open this type of
filter. Do not open the filter case while the Circulating Pump is
operating or serious bodily injury could occur.
To locate the Filter Cartridge, remove the round cover located on the top
edge of your spa. Underneath, you will see a dome-shaped plastic lid held
in place with a “mason-jar” type retaining ring. Before attempting to open
this, make sure that you have turned off power to the spa.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Release any excess air in the Filter by turning the small plastic Bleed
Valve on top of the lid. Then unscrew the retaining ring by turning counterclockwise. Once the retaining ring has been
loosened, lift the ring and the Filter lid. Inside,
you will find an accordion-folded fabric
Cartridge. Firmly pull up on the Cartridge to
remove it.
Spray the cartridge with high pressure water
Filter Lid
from your water hose. The use of a pressure
nozzle is recommended to ensure that the water cleanses between the accordion-like pleats of the filter. Start at the top
working your way down, while rotating the Cartridge.
If it appears to be heavily embedded with body oil or
debris, you can clean it in your dishwasher, as the very
hot water helps to break down the body oils. If you
choose to use this method, do not add detergent,
and make sure that the dishwasher’s drying cycle
is turned off.
Note: For convenience sake, you may want to purchase an extra Filter Cartridge. When one needs cleaning, you can replace it with the other, and soak the
dirty Cartridge in a mild solution of swimming pool
acid (50 parts water to 1 part acid) or a 50/50 solution
of household bleach, overnight. Then let it dry and
shake or brush lightly. This process helps to remove
body oils and fine embedded particles, resulting in the
cleanest-possible Cartridge with the least amount of
effort. If you use this method, make sure to hose off
Filter Cartridge
the cartridge thoroughly (after soaking and brushing)
to remove bleach or acid residue.
Before repositioning the Cartridge, examine it for any tears or other damage. If damage is detected, you will need to replace it.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Reposition the Cartridge in the filter canister by reversing the process you
used to remove it. When you have completed reassembling the filter, turn
on the spa. The Circulating Pump will come on immediately. You should
see water starting to flow from the Return Jets and hear bubbling and gurgling. This is air being purged from the system. To remove any remaining
air, momentarily turn counterclockwise the black Bleed Valve on top of
the filter lid. When water starts to spray out, turn valve clockwise until
Make sure that there are bubbles coming from the Circulating Jets. If not,
refer to the “Initial Start-up” section of this manual. Once your Circulating Pump is operating properly, return Thermostat to previous setting.
Also, check to see that no water is leaking from around the “mason-jar”
lid. If you detect any leaks, turn off the power and remove the lid again.
Lubricate the rubber gasket on the underside of the spa lid with a small
amount of Vasoline©, marine or silicone lubricant, . Replace the lid as
before and restart the Circulating Pump. If leaking persists, call Aries Service Department for assistance.
Water Treatment
One of the benefits of Aries’ Continuous Circulating System is water
treatment. If you are sanitizing with chemicals, this system will effectively stir water to aid in the mixture of chemicals and water. If your spa is
ozone equipped, continuous injection of ozone will create a nearly chemical and maintenance-free spa.
Water treatment is a somewhat specialized topic. We will attempt to cover
some of the basics, but we recommend visiting a spa chemical store, or
the Aries Factory for in-depth information. Also, there are several good
books available on the subject.
It is necessary to treat your spa’s water for two important reasons:
1) To keep the spa water free from harmful bacteria and algae.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
2) To keep the water’s percentage of acidity and alkalinity (pH) in balance, so that your spa’s equipment will not be corroded by acid or
clogged by alkaline buildup.
There are several alternatives for disinfecting your spa, including chemical disinfectants (most notably bromine-based products), and non-chemical methods (such as ozone generators, reverse ionizers, etc.). Ask your
spa specialist for a more detailed explanation.
The non-chemical methods will not only sanitize your water, but also
help to stabilize the water’s pH balance (explained below). This is because you aren’t altering the balance by adding chemicals (which have a
pH factor of their own).
To chemically treat against bacteria, spa bromine is often used. Many
types can be used in self-dispensing containers. If you use these, check
frequently to make sure that your dispenser hasn’t run out of chemical.
Also, using a spa test kit, test the water frequently to make sure that your
sanitizer is at acceptable levels.
The use of chlorine products are not recommended in Aries
Occasionally, it is necessary to add a larger-than-ordinary quantity of
disinfectant to remove body oils and proteins from the water. This large
dose, or “Shock Treatment”, can be purchased in handy packets, or in
bulk form.
Ozone Generator
Most of the bottled drinking water today is purified by ozone as part of
the process. The Ozone Generator uses the corona discharge method to
make ozone (O3), a highly effective sanitizer, to purify the water.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Because this method of sanitizing uses fewer chemicals, chemical residue
in the spa water is lessened. Also, because you are not adding as many
products with their own pH factor (see below), the pH of your spa water
stays balanced longer.
When using an Ozone Generator for sanitizing, it is extremely
important to operate the Circulating Pump for sufficient periods
of time each day. We recommend operating the Circulating
Pump continuously.
Adjusting pH
It is necessary to keep your spa water’s pH (acidity /alkalinity ratio) at
acceptable levels. A simplified explanation of pH is that it is like a ruler,
numbered from 1 to 14. If you balanced the center of the ruler on your
finger, the center of the ruler, 7, is neutral, meaning the degree of acid and
the degree of alkaline are equal and they neutralize each other. The ruler
balances. The higher the number past 7, the more alkaline the water is the more unbalanced. For example a reading of 7.5 shows barely alkaline
water, while 9 is much more unbalanced, more alkaline. On the other
hand, the lower the number, the more unbalanced with acid the water is.
The desired pH level of your spa’s water is within the range of 7.2 to 7.8.
The more acidic your water, the more chance your heating equipment and
other plumbing will be damaged by the acid content. The more alkaline
the water, the more chance that your heater and plumbing lines will be
clogged by alkaline buildup.
Your test kit should have a pH test included. After testing, if your pH
level is too high, (the water is too alkaline) use one of the pH-lowering
products found in many pool and spa stores. If this product is acid, it
should be in powder or dry form. Use of liquid acid is not recommended.
If the pH level is too low, (the water is too acidic), use one of the pHraising products available at your local spa supply store. (You might try
adding household baking soda to raise the pH if only slight adjustment is
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Aries Spas • User Manual
needed.) It is best to adjust pH gradually. Remember, it is easy to add, but
difficult to remove chemicals from your water.
We do not recommend using chemicals formulated for
swimming pools in your spa. These products are highly
concentrated for use in large volumes of water (15,000
to 30,000 gals.). Proper dilution of these chemicals to an
acceptable strength is difficult at best. Whenever possible, use
one of the chemicals specifically formulated for spas. The Aries
Factory carries a complete line of spa chemicals.
Preventing Hard Water or Staining Damage
In some instances, water from you city source or well is extremely hard
or contains excessive minerals. There are several good products that can
be added in maintenance doses to prevent staining or hard-water buildup.
Check with your local pool and spa supply or Aries Store.
Preventing Algae
In some cases, if Ozone or chemical levels temporarily fall, algae can begin to grow in your spa’s piping. Once growing, normal levels of Ozone
or chemicals are usually not sufficient to completely kill the roots of the
algae. Spa algaecide is available at most pool and spa supply stores and at
Aries Store. It can be used in maintenance doses to prevent algae.
Caring for your Spa’s Surface
To clean the acrylic surface of your spa, use a nonabrasive cleaner, such
as Lysol Tub & Tile Cleaner®, Ivory Bathroom Cleaner®, etc. Make sure
to rinse thoroughly before refilling. Otherwise, your spa will make soapsuds when you operate the spa. Keep fingernail polish remover, acetone,
etc. away from the spa’s surface.
Keep sharp instruments, such as nails or stones from coming into contact
with the acrylic surface of your spa. If your spa’s surface does become
slightly scratched, Ineos (the maker of Lucite©) recommends applying a
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Aries Spas • User Manual
coat of auto wax on the scratch. For more serious scratches, it is suggested you carefully sand the scratch with 400 grit sandpaper. For scratches
or chips that go completely through the acrylic surface, acrylic repair becomes necessary. There are repair kits available at most spa supply stores.
Deep-Cleaning of Plumbing Lines
Occasionally, spas that are not used for long periods of time will develop
“white flaky stuff” floating on the surface. This “stuff” is usually algae
and can be removed with Algae Treatments or by draining and refilling.
But sometimes a simple drain and refill of the spa is not enough. Occasionally, a deep-cleaning or flushing of the spa’s internal plumbing
system is necessary to remove buildup of algae growth.
To accomplish this, first turn the heater off by lowering the desired temperature. Add common bleach to the spa water; One gallon for 7’ spas
and two gallons for 8’ spas. Run the Jet Pump and Air Blower Pump for
5 minutes. Then let the water sit for 20 minutes. Repeat running the jets
and air blower, then letting stand, several times as needed. Finally, drain
the spa and refill with fresh water. Install a new filter cartridge. This is the
best method for deep cleaning of the internal plumbing. Eco One Jet One
® is a deep cleaning products made specifically for this purpose, and can
be purchased at the Aries Store or shipped directly to your home.
Draining your Spa
Occasionally, it may become necessary to drain your spa for thorough
cleaning or other reasons. Aries recommends draining and refilling the
water at least once a year.
Before draining your spa, turn off spa’s Breaker or Service
Disconnect. Otherwise serious damage to equipment may
Siphoning is the easiest method for draining your spa. Before siphoning, make sure that your pump is off and will remain off while the spa is
draining or empty. The easiest way to start a siphon is to leave your garden hose hooked to a water spigot, with the free end of the hose in your
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Aries Spas • User Manual
spa water. Turn on the faucet, as if to add water to your spa. As soon as
water starts running into the spa, quickly turn off the water and unscrew
the hose from the faucet. The water will automatically start siphoning out.
Note: The above method of starting a siphon only works
when the faucet is below the water level of the spa.
Another way of emptying your spa is to use the hose bib or spigot that is
attached to the equipment pack. Open the spigot. It is best if you attach a
garden hose to the faucet, keeping the water off of the Equipment Pack.
The water will start to drain out as long as the free end of the hose is below the water level of the spa.
Note: The above method will drain the water only to the
level of the lowest circulating fitting in the spa (the lowest
Bottom Suction). The remaining water will have to be siphoned
(as described above) or bailed out.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Troubleshooting Guide
Problem Possible Causes/Solutions
Spa Equipment does not operate. Nothing works.
Breaker has possibly tripped or may be turned off.
Reset breaker. As the breaker will only trip to halfway, make sure to
turn it all the way off, then back on to reset it.
If GFCI Breaker resets for a moment, then trips again, see “Blower
does not work” below.
Additional Household circuit breaker has tripped.
If there is a secondary or main breaker that powers your spa, switch
breaker to “Off” position, then reset to “On”.
Equipment is not wired correctly, or isn’t provided with
proper power.
If you have questions about whether your spa is wired correctly, call
your spa dealer or the factory.
Can hear Pump running, but water is not circulating.
Knife Valve(s) are closed or partially closed.
Digital Readout may read “FLO”. Shut off spa immediately. Otherwise,
your equipment will “dry-fire” and burn out. Make sure all knife valves
are in open position (pulled up). If they are fully down and locked into
position, they must be turned one-half turn before they will pull open.
Circulating Pump has drawn air and lost prime.
Digital Readout may read “FLO”. Make sure that the water level in the
spa is approximately to the middle of the Skimmer. Turn Thermostat to
the lowest setting to protect heater. To release air from the system, with
pump running, loosen (but do not remove) Bleed Valve located on the
Filter lid. (This is a small screw-like fitting on top of the Pressure Filter.) Wait until water starts to spurt from the Bleed Valve, then re-close.
Don’t let the pump run for more than ten minutes without prime. To do
so could cause serious damage to your equipment. If, after 10 minutes,
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Aries Spas • User Manual
your pump has not picked up prime, wait 1 hour and try again to restore
prime. If you still can’t start circulation, then call Aries Service Department for additional tips.
After prime has been restored, reset the Thermostat to desired temperature setting.
The Filter Cartridge is very dirty.
Digital Readout may read “FLO”. A clogged Filter Cartridge may not
allow water to pass through to the spa. To verify whether this is your
problem, remove the Filter Cartridge, and reseal your filter without the
Cartridge inside. If the water now circulates properly, clean your Filter
Cartridge thoroughly, as explained in “Cleaning your filter”. If, after
cleaning, it still restricts circulation, it has probably become heavily embedded with debris and oil. It will be necessary to replace the
The Knife (“T” shaped) Valves may be partially or fully
closed, causing insufficient water flow (see “Filter
Cartridge is dirty” above).
Digital Readout may read “FLO”. Make sure that all Knife Valves on
either side of the Equipment Pack are completely open (“T” pulled
fully outward), and restart spa.
Water level in spa is below normal operating level, causing
insufficient water flow to heater
Digital Readout may read “FLO”. Fill spa to appropriate level (to about
the middle of Skimmer) and restart.
Internal “overtemp” switch may be tripped
Digital Readout may read “OH” or “HL”. Do not enter water until spa
has cooled down. If the water temperature in the heater tube gets too
hot (106˚ spa water), the high limit switch will trip and turn off the
heater and other accessories to protect the spa equipment from overheating. If this occurs, “OH” is displayed alternately with temperature
in the digital readout area of the Topside Control. When the temperature lowers, display will return to normal and the heater and other
accessories will be enabled.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
It may take several hours (or overnight, in warm weather) for the temperature to fall low enough for the High Limit to be reset. (A clogged,
dirty Filter Cartridge can cause the Overtemp Switch to trip.)
In extreme cases, “HL” may show in the display. All functions will be
disabled until the water in equipment cools. To reset (after water has
cooled), reset system by turning the spa off, then on.
Spa water is too warm and won’t cool off
You’ve heated the water too warm, and the outside
temperature is hot, not letting the water cool .
Turn down the Thermostat, and add cool water to your spa. If the outside temperature is very hot, you might try adding some ice, also. This
will help speed the process of cooling the water.
Can hear Jet Pump running, but water is not circulating
There is an air lock inside the Jet Pump system (this is a
common problem in in-deck installations, especially after
spa has been drained and refilled).
After turning system off, locate the Quick Coupler (it is white and has
ridges to aid in gripping) closest to the pump in question. Loosen it by
turning counterclockwise until water starts flowing out. Retighten and
try to operate the system again.
All jets are partially or fully closed.
Shut off spa immediately, otherwise your jet pump may overheat and be
damaged. Make sure to open 12 jets at least 75%. Open by turning their
outer ring counterclockwise.
Knife Valves are partially or fully closed.
Shut off spa immediately, otherwise your Jet Pump may overheat and
be damaged. Make sure to open all Knife Valves completely. If they are
locked, rotate the handle one-half turn and then pull up.
Jet Pump and/or Blower Pump shuts off after using awhile
Jet Pump and/or Blower Pump has been running for
approx. 30 minutes, and has automatically shut itself off.
Push the “Jet” and/or “Blower” button(s) and the Jet Pump and/or
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Blower will restart and run for an additional 30 minutes, before again
shutting off automatically.
One of the Bottom Suction Fittings in the footwell area isn’t working
The suction is a suction for the circulating pump
Your spa should have 3 or more Bottom Suctions. One of these is used
to return water to the Circulating Pump, the others return water to the
Jet Pumps. The Jet Pumps are large pumps that move a great deal of
water and the pull from their suctions is very noticeable. The Circulating Pump is very small (for energy efficiency) and moves water at a
much slower pace. You will not be able to see or feel the pull of its
bottom suction, but will be able to see the water returning to the spa via
the Circulation & Ozone Jet
The Top Skimmer is not drawing everything in
This is normal and takes no action on your part.
Your spa’s Circulating Pump moves small volumes of water over long
periods of time for efficiency. Eventually, the surface items are drawn
into the filter.
Nothing works except Circulation Pump and Light
The system has been incorrectly wired and is only
receiving 110 power, instead of 220.
Call your electrician, or call Aries Service Department for proper wiring instructions.
Air Blower does not work
Air Blower Pump’s automatic shut-off feature has kicked
The pump is designed to automatically shut off after 30 minute run time
to prevent overheating if user should forget to turn off. Wait a minute,
then reactivate blower.
Air Blower Pump’s Internal High Limit has been tripped.
The pump has become overheated. The internal switch will reset itself
after the unit has cooled sufficiently. Wait 20 minutes or so and try to
turn on again.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
When Air Blower is turned on, all equipment shuts off and won’t
Air Blower has gotten wet.
The GFCI breaker has tripped because of moisture. The most common
causes are:
1) overfilling of the spa (or large bather load) causing water to overflow
the P-trap. 2) Large amounts of humidity or rain, runoff from sprinklers, etc.
To correct the problem, drain spa water to appropriate level if necessary. Make sure there is no standing water under equipment. Reset
GFCI. If GFCI immediately trips, the blower may still have moisture in
it. It may take up to a few days for the blower to dry sufficiently to be
able to reset the GFCI. If, after a few days, the problem persists, contact
your spa dealer or Aries Service Department..
Light won’t turn on
The light bulb is burned out.
In portable spas, take off the back of the light and change
the bulb. Replacement bulbs can be found at most large
automotive parts stores, or at Aries Store. Some inground
spas are equipped with swimming pool-type lights,
accessible from the front. Contact your spa dealer for bulb
replacement instructions.
Water is dripping from plumbing near the equipment area of my spa
“Quick-Coupler” Union has become loose and needs
Your spa has been designed with Quick-Coupler Unions on either side
of the equipment so that any necessary servicing can be done easily.
Over time, these unions can vibrate loose and start to leak. You can
tighten them by turning until hand-tight. If you see a union that has
screws, don’t try to tighten the screws (They merely hold the two parts
of the union together), If you turn the union to tighten and the leak gets
worse, try turning the other direction.
I just cleaned my filter and water is dripping from the canister
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Water has splashed into the filter area during cleaning and
has drained down.
Any water that was spilled into the filter cartridge housing during the
filter-cleaning process will eventually run down the canister and create
the appearance of a leak. This will stop once all spilled water evaporates. No action need be taken on your part, except to make sure that
the dripping doesn’t continue (see below).
The filter canister lid wasn’t replaced correctly or there are
problems with the lid’s Gasket (O-Ring)
Make sure to turn off power to the Circulating Pump, then remove filter
lid. Check the Filter Lid O-Ring for damage or brittleness. Lubricate
or replace if necessary. Make sure the O-Ring is seated properly in the
groove of the lid. Replace lid, making sure that it doesn’t cross-thread,
and tighten it sufficiently.
Water in spa is “ugly” or smells bad
Water used to fill the spa was dirty, or water in the piping
of the spa was dirty.
It can take your spa a day or two to clear up when initially filled. Make
sure your spa is in the “24 Hour” Mode and running continuously. In
extreme cases, especially when a spa has been filled with well water, it
may be necessary to drain and refill the spa, using filtered water. (Water
filters may be purchased at the Aries Spa Store.)
Water is not being circulated or filtered sufficiently.
Make sure your spa is set to run at least 12 hours per day so that the
Ozonator (if so equipped) or chemicals will be properly mixed in the
Filter Cartridge is clogged with body oils or other debris, or filter is
Thoroughly clean the filter, as described in “Cleaning Your Filter”. If it
still seems heavily embedded, or is damaged, replace it. If the filter is
difficult to clean and is over a year old, it is probably time to replace it.
The water has not been chemically treated or there is a
chemical imbalance.
See the section on water treatment elsewhere in this manual.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
If spa is equipped with Ozone Generator or other nonchemical sanitizer, it is not operating properly.
Make sure the device is plugged in tightly. If it has a fuse, check to see
that the fuse has not blown, and replace if necessary.
Verify that a blue or green light is being emitted from the Ozone Generator. Also, make sure that bubbles are coming from one or both ozone
jets located near the light fitting.
Make sure your spa is circulating at least 12 hours per 24 hour period
so that it can do its job.
Algae has grown in the piping system of the spa.
Make sure Ozonator (if so equipped) is working properly or that
sanitizers are at the proper level. Use Spa Algaecide to kill algae and
continue to use in maintenance doses to keep it from returning. If
necessary, use the Deep Cleaning of Plumbing Lines method in the
Maintenance Section of this manual.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Trouble Codes
If your computerized Equipment Pack senses an internal problem, it will
put an error or trouble code in the digital readout area of your Topside
Control. Following are the most common error codes, and the solution for
3 Dashes on Digital Display
The digital display will show 3 dashes any time the power
to the system has been lost, then restored, The internal
clock cycle will reset. (None of your other settings will
have been changed.) The 3 dashes will remain while the
system purges, and will continue to display for about 1
minute longer, until system diagnostics have run.
An internal hardware error has been detected in the
equipment. Contact an Aries Spa Technician.
This appears when the spa’s water inside the equipment
has reached 119o. Do not enter the water! Remove the
spa cover and allow the water to cool down, then shut
power off and power your spa up again to reset the
The temperature inside the spa skirt is too high, causing
the internal temperature in the equipment to increase
above normal limits. Open the skirt and wait until the error
The system does not detect any water flow while the
circulation pump is running. Check and open water valves
and jets, check that water is at appropriate level, clean the
filter. (See troubleshooting for additional information.)
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Aries Spas • User Manual
“ Prr”
A problem is detected with the temperature probe.
Contact an Aries Spa Technician.
The water temperature in the spa has reached 108o. Do
not enter the water! Remove the spa cover and allow the
water to cool down to a lower temperature. Call the Aries
Spa Technician if the problem persists.
The system has detected a stuck relay error in the
equipment. Call the Aries technician.
No low level configuration software has been installed into
the system. Call the Aries Spa Technician.
Flashing Arrow under Filter Icon
The arrow under the Filter Icon will flash when the system
is operating the pumps in “Smart Winter Mode”. It means
that the temperature near the equipment is very low. This
is not a malfunction, and the system is operating correctly.
Flashing Arrow under Heater Icon
The arrow under the Heater Icon will flash when the
system has discerned that the temperature of the water
has fallen below the point where you set it. It will continue
to flash until the heater actually comes on. It is not a
malfunction, and the system is operating correctly.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Appendix A
Special Programming
Setting a Customized Circulation Mode
Your Aries Spa is factory-set to run for approximately 12 hours per day (6
hours on then 6 hours off for each 12 hour interval).
Before you change this setting, it is wise to understand how the Internal
Timeclock works. Each 24 hour period is broken into intervals. At the
factory we set 2 intervals of 12 hours each into your equipment. We program the spa to run for 6 hours in each interval, totaling 12 hours per day.
Before beginning to program your spa equipment, first decide how long
in each 24 hour period you would like your spa to circulate. Then decide
in how many intervals you want to divide your 24 hours. You can divide
your 24 hours into as many as 4 intervals (which would be 6 hours long
each). In each interval the Automatic Purge Cycle will run for 1 minute.
If, for example, you decided you want your spa to run for 16 hours per
day, but at 4 different intervals, the spa would circulate for 4 hours then
be idle for the next 2, on again for 4, off for 2, on for 4, off for 2.
To begin programming, do the following:
Push and hold the Light button for about 5 seconds, until the digital
readout reads “d” (duration) followed by 1 or 2 numbers. Release the
light button. The 2 numbers following the “d” represent how many
hours per interval the spa is set to circulate. Use the up or down
arrows until the number represents the hours you want the spa to circulate. (0 would be no circulation, 24 would circulate continuously.)
(Factory setting is 6 in 2 intervals).
Press the Light button again. It should now read “F” (frequency) fol-
Page 44
Aries Spas • User Manual
lowed by a number. This is the number of intervals the 24 hour day is
divided into. Use the up or down arrows to set the number of intervals you wish. (Factory setting is 2).
Press Light button again to confirm. Another “F” will be displayed,
this time with no number following. This “F” stands for Fahrenheit.
To change to Celsius press the up or down button.
Press the light button once more. A filter cycle will start immediately.
During the “off” period in each run cycle, if heat is required, the circulation pump will come on and the heater will operate until the desired temperature is reached, at which time the circulation pump and heater will
again turn off. During the “off” period, jet, air blower and light functions
are still available to be used.
It is recommended that when you initially set to the Customized
Circulation Mode that you do this in the evening, so that the
operating times will then be at night, in the cooler periods.
At any time you can easily reset the period’s start time by turning power
to the system off, then on (using your breaker or service disconnect). Any
run time settings you have previously set will be saved, but the cycle will
start when you restore power to the system.
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Aries Spas • User Manual
Acidity 29, 30
Acrylic Surface
Caring for 31
Adjusting pH Balance 30
Air Blower 25
Malfunctions 36, 37
Air Button 16
Air Controls 21
Air Injectors 25
Air Lock 34
Algae 28, 32, 40
Preventing 31
Algaecides 40
Alkalinity 29, 30
Appendix A 43
Auto-Purge Cleansing 19, 43
Bacteria 28
Bleed Valve 11, 12, 27, 34
on startup 11
Blower 25
Malfunctions 36, 37
Blower Icon 18
Bottom Suctions 22, 37
Breaker 34, 38
Bromine 29
Cartridge 26, 35, 39
Catastrophic Overtemp 20, 36
Chemical Sanitization 28
Circuit Breaker 9, 34, 38
Circular Jets 23
Circulating (Circulation) Jets 12, 21, 24
Page 46
Obstruction of 24
Circulating Pump 11, 21
Malfunction 34
Starting 11
Circulation Fittings 21
Cleaning Filter Cartridge 26
Cleaning Plumbing Lines 32
Auto Purge 19
Continuous Operation 39, 43
Customized Circulation 19, 39, 43
Deep-Clean Plumbing Lines 32, 40
Digital Temperature Reading 14
Disinfectants 29
Down Button (Arrow) 13, 14
Draining Spa 20, 32
Electrical Hookup 9, 34, 37
Error Code 41
Filling spa 11, 38
Filter 21, 26, 39
Cartridge 26, 35, 39
Replacing 39
Gasket 28, 39
Retaining Ring 26, 28
Filter Icon 18, 42
FLO 41
Foundation 10
Freeze Protection 20
Function Buttons 15
Filter 28, 39
GFCI Breaker 9, 34, 38
Hard water damage
How to prevent 31
Heater 21
Heater Icon 18, 42
Heat Light
Spa-Side Control 18
High Limit Switch 35
HL 36, 41
Honeycomb Jets 23
Hose Bib 33
Hydrotherapy Jets 22
Hypothermia 14
Air Blower 18
Filter 18, 42
Heater 18, 42
Jet 1 17
Light 18
Smart Winter Mode 17
Temperature 13, 18
Indicator Icons 17
Initial Start-up of spa 11
Injector Fittings 16
Injectors 25
Installation 9
Interior Fittings 21
Internal Clock 19
Internal High Limit (Overtemp) Switch 20,
Aries Spas • User Manual
Adjusting 23, 24
Circular 23
Circulation 21, 24
Obstruction of 24
Closed 36
Closing 23
Honeycomb 23
Jumbo 24
Massage 22
Neck 24
Ozone 24
Standard 23
Jumbo Jet 24
Knife Valve 12, 35, 36
Leaks 28, 38
Light 16
Malfunction 38
replacing 17
Light Button 16
Light Icon 18
Light, Raydiance® 17
Location of Spa 10
Loss of Prime 34
Maintenance 26
Massage Jets 22
Jet Button
Jet 1 (2 Jet Pump System) 15
Jet 2 (2-Jet Pump System) 15
Single Jet Pump System 15
Jet Pump 22
Malfunction 36
Neck Jets 24
Water Level at 11, 24
Operation of Spa 11
Page 47
Aries Spas • User Manual
Overfilling spa 38
Overheat Switch 20
Ozone Generator 24, 29, 40
Adding 24
Recovery Fitting 25
Ozone Jet 24
Pause Button 15
Pause Mode 18
pH 29
Adjusting 30
Plumbing Lines
Deep-Cleaning 32, 40
Preventing Algae 31
Preventing Hard Water & Stain Damage 31
Loss of 34
Programming Mode 16, 43
Prr 42
Jet 22, 36
Pump, Circulating 21, 34
Quick Couplers 36, 38
Raydiance® Light 17
Recovery Fitting 25
Water level at 11, 25
Replacing light bulb 17
Retaining Ring
Filter 26, 28
Sanitization of Water 28, 39
Setting Temperature 13
Shock Treatment 29
Siphoning Water 32
Page 48
Skimmer 21, 37
Water Level at 11
Smart Winter Cycle 20
Spa-Side Controls 12
Special Features
Pause Mode 18
Special Programming 43
Spigot 33
How to prevent 31
Standard Jets 23
Suction Fittings 22
Surface of Spa
Caring for 31
Range 13
Setting 13
Temperature Icon 13, 18
Temperature Readout 14
Thermostat 13
Top Loading Pressure Filter 26, 34
Trouble Codes 41
Troubleshooting Guide 34
Up Button (Arrow) 13, 14
Venturi Controls 21
Filtering 39
Smelly or Dirty 39
Water level in Spa 11
Water Treatment 28, 39
Electrical 9, 34, 37
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