RoboteQ | Dual Channel Digital Motor Controller AX2550 | AX2550 and AX2850 Product Flyer

Dual Channel
Digital Robot Controller
2 x 30 SmartAmps
for Computer Guided and
Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicles
Roboteq’s AX1500 controller is designed to convert commands received from a R/C radio, Analog Joystick, wireless
modem, or microcomputer into high voltage and high current output for driving one or two DC motors. Designed for
maximal ease-of-useby professionals and hobbyist alike, it
is delivered with all necessary cables and hardware and is
ready to use in minutes.
The controller's two channels can either be operated independently or mixed to set the direction and rotation of a
vehicle by coordinating the motion on each side of the vehicle. The motors may be operated in open or closed loop
speed mode. Using low-cost position sensors, they may
also be set to operate as heavy-duty position servos.
The AX2850 version is equipped with quadrature optical
encoders inputs for precision speed or position operation.
Numerous safety features are incorporated into the controller to ensure reliable and safe operation.
The controller can be reprogrammed in the field with the
latest features by downloading new operating software
from Roboteq.
Light duty robots
Terrestrial and Underwater Robotic Vehicles
Automatic Guided Vehicles
Electric vehicles
Police and Military Robots
Hazardous Material Handling Robots
Telepresence Systems
Key Features
Microprocessor digital
R/C mode support
RS232 Serial mode
Analog mode support
Header for Optional
Optical encoder
Built-in power drivers
for two motors
Up to 30A output per
Programmable current
Open loop or closed
loop speed control
Closed loop position
Data Logging Output
Built-in DC/DC converter
Compact Board Level
Field upgradable software
Accurate, reliable, and fully programmable operation. Advanced algorithms
Connects directly to simple, low cost R/
C radios
Connects directly to computers for
autonomous operation or to wireless
modem for two-way remote control
Connects directly to analog joystick
Stable speed regardless of load. Accurate measurement of travelled distance
Supports all common robot drive methods
Suitable for a wide range of motors
Protects controller, motors, wiring and
Low cost or higher accuracy speed control
Create low cost, ultra-high torque
jumbo servos
Capture operating parameters in PC for
Operates from a single 12V-40V battery
Lightweight and easy to incorporate in
most applications
Never obsolete. Add features via the
Technical Features
• External temperature sensor inputs
• User defined purpose (RS232 mode
Microcomputer-based Digital Design
• Multiple operating modes
• Fully configurable using a connection to a
• Non-volatile storage of user configurable
• One Switch input configurable as
• Emergency stop command
• Reversing commands when running
settings. No jumpers needed
• Simple operation
• Software upgradable with new features
vehicle inverted
• Up to 2 general purpose outputs for accessories or weapon
• One 24V, 2A output
• One low-level digital output
Multiple Command Modes
• Serial port (RS-232) input
• Radio-Control Pulse-Width input
• 0-5V Analog Voltage input
• Up to 2 digital input signals
High Efficiency Motor Power Outputs
• Two independent power output stages
• Dual H bridge for full forward/reverse operation
• Ultra-efficient 5 mOhm ON resistance
• Four quadrant operation. Supports regeneration
• 12 to 40 V operation
• User programmable current limit up to 30A
• Standard Fast-on connectors for power
supply and motors
• 16 kHz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Built-in Sensors
Multiple Motor Control modes
• Voltage sensor for monitoring the main 12
• Independent channel operation
• Mixed control (sum and difference) for
to 40V battery
• Voltage monitoring of internal 12V
• Temperature sensors near each Power
Transistor bridge
• Safe power on mode
• Optical isolation on R/C control inputs
• Automatic Power stage off in case of elec-
Advanced Data Logging Capabilities
• Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection
• Watchdog for automatic motor shutdown
tank-like steering
• Open Loop or Closed Loop Speed mode
• Position control mode for building high
power position servos
• Modes can be set independently for each
Optical Encoder Inputs (option)
Two Quadrature Optical Encoders inputs
250kHz max. frequency per channel
32-bit up-down counters
Inputs may be shared with four optional
limit switches
Automatic Command Corrections
• Joystick min, max and center values
• Selectable deadband width
• Selectable exponentiation factors for each
command inputs
• 3rd R/C channel input for accessory output
Special Function Inputs/Outputs
• 2 Analog inputs. Used as
• Tachometer inputs for closed loop
speed control
• 12 internal parameters, including battery
voltage, captured R/C command, temperature and Amps accessible via RS232 port
• Data may be logged in a PC or microcomputer
• Data Logging Software supplied for PC
Low Power Consumption
Advanced Safety Features
trically or software induced program failure
in case of command loss (R/C and RS232
Run/failure diagnostics on visible LEDs
Programmable motors acceleration
Built-in controller overheat sensors
“Dead-man” switch input
Emergency Stop input signal and button
• On board DC/DC converter for single 12 to
40V battery system operation
• Optional 12V backup power input for pow•
ering safely the controller if the main
motor batteries are discharged
100mA at 12V or 50mA at 24V idle current
Power Control input for turning On or Off
the controller from external microcomputer or switch
No consumption by output stage when
motors stopped
Regulated 5V output for powering R/C
radio. Eliminates the need for separate R/C
Compact Design
• All-in-one board-level design.
• Efficient heat sinking. Operates without a
fan in most applications.
• 4.25” (108mm) L, 4.25” W (108mm), 1”
(25mm) H
• -20o to +70o C operating environment
• 3oz (85g)
• Potentiometer input for position (servo
Ordering Information
Dual Channel DC Motor controller up to 30 SmartAmps per channel
8180 E.Del Plomo Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 - USA
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