Date: January 15, 2010
No. C-2007
Service Campaign
Ariens Company
655 W. Ryan St.
Brillion, WI 54110-1072
Product Family: 921020 Sno-Thro 30LE Deluxe
Subject: Attachment Belt Engagement
Dealer Action: Replace Attachment Belts Before Sale
Serial Number Ranges
000101 – 001229
30LE Deluxe
Ariens Company has learned that under certain conditions the attachment belts used on the Sno-Thro
model 921020 in the serial number range listed above may intermittently grab the engine sheave when the
clutch is released. This grabbing will cause the auger and impeller to engage briefly. The affected units
were placed under a stop sales order per Product Notice N-2019 released on December 30, 2009.
Replacing the attachment drive belts p/n 07200521 originally used on these units with p/n 07200536 HA
raw edge belts eliminates the potential for the belts to grab.
Before putting any of the above-listed units into service, inspect the unit. If the unit has belt p/n 07200521
(the part number will be printed on the belt), order and install HA raw edge belt set p/n 07200536. Each set
contains two belts; order one set per unit. Discard the p/n 07200521 belts removed from the units. After the
belts have been replaced, the units can be removed from the stop sales list and retailed to customers. The
belt replacement procedure starts on page 2.
NOTE: 921020 models that are shipped from Ariens Company on or after January 15, 2010 already have
the p/n 07200536 HA raw edge belts installed and will not need to be reworked.
Dealers should file a warranty claim for each belt replacement, using flat rate code 21-999. Note each
unit’s model and serial number. Belt replacement will be reimbursed for 0.50 hours at the dealer’s standard
shop labor rate.
Please direct any questions about the inspection or warranty reimbursement policies to Ariens Technical
Service, 888-927-4367.
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Date: January 15, 2010
No. C-2007
NOTE: The instructions presented below assume a unit has been set up for sales display purposes. When
replacing belts on boxed units, start the replacement at step 4 in Remove Old Attachment Drive Belts after
removing the unit from its box and setting the handlebars in the operation position.
Remove Old Attachment Drive Belts
1. Shut off engine, remove key, disconnect spark plug wire and allow unit to cool completely.
2. Rotate discharge chute all the way to the left (as viewed from the operator’s position).
3. Remove spring pin from chute crank and separate crank from discharge chute gearbox.
4. Remove belt cover.
5. Remove belt finger (Figure 2).
6. Remove attachment drive belts from engine sheave (it may be necessary to turn engine sheave using
recoil starter handle).
IMPORTANT: To avoid bending bottom cover when tipping unit apart, support handlebars firmly or tip unit
up on housing and remove bottom cover by removing six cap screws before separating unit.
7. Support Sno-Thro frame and housing.
CAUTION: Always support Sno-Thro frame and blower housing when
loosening the cap screws holding them together. Never loosen cap screws
while unit is in service position.
8. Remove cap screws securing housing to frame (two on each side). Tip housing and frame apart on
pivot pin (Figure 1).
9. Remove attachment drive belts from attachment pulley (hold brake away from belt).
Belt Cover
Chute Gear Cover
Discharge Chute Rod
Pivot Pin
Cap Screws
Figure 1
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Date: January 15, 2010
No. C-2007
Install New Attachment Drive Belts
1. Place new p/n 07200536 attachment belts onto attachment pulley.
NOTE: Holding down the attachment clutch lever will make it easier to reconnect the housing and frame.
2. Tip housing and frame back together and secure with cap screws.
3. Place belts onto engine sheave.
4. Reposition and secure belt finger.
IMPORTANT: With clutch lever engaged, belt finger on the side opposite the belt idler should be less than
1/8 in. (3 mm) from belt, but not touching the belt. Adjust belt finger as necessary.
5. Check attachment clutch adjustment.
NOTE: Check
belt finger
clearance on
this side.
Traction Drive Belt
Engine Sheave
Attachment Drive Belts
Belt Finger
5. Attachment Belt Idler
6. Attachment Idler Adjustment Nut
7. Traction Belt Idler
Figure 2
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Date: January 15, 2010
No. C-2007
Check Attachment Clutch Adjustment
1. Loosen jam nut on cable adjustment barrel, and then turn the adjustment barrel up or down to remove
all cable slack without tensioning the clutch arm (Figure 3).
2. Check the attachment clutch cable spring extension.
Measure the length of the attachment clutch cable spring with the clutch lever disengaged.
Then measure the attachment clutch spring with the clutch lever engaged (Figure 3).
• If spring extension is 9/16 in. (14.3 mm), no more adjustment is necessary. Go to step 5.
• If spring extension is not 9/16 in. (14.3 mm), adjust the attachment belt idler to get proper spring
extension. Go to step 3 below.
Check slack here.
Jam Nut
Clutch Arm
9/16 in. (14.3 mm)
spring extension.
Measure this
length with the
clutch disengaged.
Measure this
length with the
clutch engaged.
Figure 3
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Date: January 15, 2010
No. C-2007
3. Loosen idler adjustment nut, and move idler closer to the attachment belts to increase spring extension
or farther away from the belts to decrease spring extension. Moving the idler about 1/16” will change
spring extension about 1/16”.
NOTE: Check belt finger
clearance on this side.
Loosen idler nut and
move idler closer to the
belt. Then recheck spring
extension on the cable.
Figure 4
4. When spring extension is within specified range, recheck belt finger clearance.
With clutch lever engaged, the belt finger located opposite the belt idler must be less than 1/8 in.
(3 mm) from belts, but not touching the belts (Figure 4).
5. Replace belt cover.
NOTE: If units are being returned to warehouse inventory, carefully refold the handlebars and repackage
the unit. Make sure all literature packs and packaging are returned to the box before stapling the box
closed. Skip to step 7.
6. Reconnect chute crank and secure with spring clip.
7. File a warranty claim using flat rate code 21-999.
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