Philips | 27 IN COLOR TV TS2779C | TS2779C

Color Television
27" Stereo Remote Color
(screen size measured diagonally)
• Universal TV/VCR/Cable remote
• dbx® hi-fi stereo sound with
Incredible Surround™
SmartSound Plus™
Onscreen Clock
• Stereo A/V
input/output with
S-video input
• 27" dark glass flat
square picture tube
• Onscreen clock
with sleep timer
and alarm timer
• Auto programming
• Black stretch
• 3-position color
• SmartLock™
This television receiver provides display of
television closed captioning in accordance
with §15.119 of the FCC rules.
Color Television
Instantly optimize brightness, contrast, color, tint, and sharpness settings
to enhance enjoyment of video games, sports, movies, or weak signals.
27'' Dark Glass Flat Square Picture Tube
Our flat square tube offers more viewing area, 35% transmission dark
glass faceplate, black matrix, and specially-tinted phosphors for the best
picture in its class.
Auto Programming
Closed Caption
Onscreen Volume Bar
Black Stretch
Special circuitry enhances the darker portions of the picture for added
realism and overall picture quality.
Incredible Surround™
3-Position Color Temperature
An exciting psycho-acoustic method of widening the stereo spatial image
for full-impact home entertainment.
Customize picture to your personal flesh-tone preference with cool,
normal, and warm color temperature settings.
SmartSound Plus™
Remote Control
Instantly optimize sound to satisfy any program situation. Select from one
of four factory settings including movies, music, voice, or personal with a
variety of combinations of bass and treble boost and automatic volume
leveling to suit any taste.
Universal TV/VCR/Cable Remote
Controls all features of this monitor/receiver with direct menu access,
plus activates exclusive SmartSound Plus™, Surf™, SmartPicture™, and
clock options. In addition, this remote controls all important operating
features of virtually all VCRs, and on/off and CHANNEL ¶ Ä on most
cable converters. (Remote # RCU82C)
dbx® Hi-Fi Stereo Sound System
Audio/Video Jack Panel JP0110
Built-in stereo sound system includes MTS/SAP decoder and dbx® noise
reduction to eliminate hiss and high-frequency interference.
Tone Controls
Protect young children from harmful programming with V-chip technology based on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the
network television rating systems.
Simplify channel surfing by storing up to eight favorite stations in the Surf™
memory and then surfing only those channels at the touch of a button.
Picture Preference Recall
Remembers personal tuner and audio/video picture control settings, and
automatically adjusts customer controls to your personal preference.
A/V Input Labeling
Additional Features Include:
Onscreen Clock with Sleep Timer and Alarm Timer
• Channel edit
• Total remote menu format tuning with multicolor onscreen graphics
• 181-channel capability
• 4-way cursor control
• Direct channel access
• Programmable scan tuning
• Status recall
• Mono/stereo/SAP select
• Cable/normal select
• Two 2" x 5" oval, full-range speakers
Correct digital onscreen time display at your fingertips. Sleep timer
automatically turns set off at a preset time of up to 240 minutes,
programmed in 15-minute and 1-hour increments.The Alarm Timer
automatically turns on the TV to a preselected channel at a preset time
of up to 24 hours from the time it was set.
UPC: 0 3784989576 4
Product dimensions: 26.1"W x 23.3"H x 20.4"D
Product weight: 92.6 lbs.
Carton dimensions: 30.3"W x 28.1"H x 24.6"D
Carton weight: 94.8 lbs.
Master pack: 1
Menu-selectable labels with five different names to choose from
including A/V 1,VCR, DVD, SAT, and GAME.
Automatically activates closed-captioning when the MUTE button is pressed.
Alternate Channel
Keep close tabs on 2 different channels with one-button convenience.
Trilingual Onscreen Display
Control various television features with easy onscreen displays in your
choice of English, Spanish, or French.
SmartSound Plus, SmartPicture, Surf, SmartLock, SmartMute, and Incredible Surround are trademarks of
Philips Consumer Electronics Co.
dbx is a registered trademark of dbx, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA.
Carton Contains: 27" Stereo Remote Color Monitor/Receiver, Universal TV/VCR/CBL Remote
Control w/Batteries, Operating Instructions,Warranty Information
Printed in USA
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