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Take your life back
Now you can say to your clients:
Take your life back
Beltone Identity
There’s a reason
they call it a hearing loss.
When their hearing deteriorates, people lose so much more than sound.
They lose a part of themselves: their
sense of who they are. The way they
communicate with friends and family,
their social lives, their self-esteem and
their general health can suffer.
But now you can change that. People
whose hearing loss is effectively
treated report benefits as fundamental
and as life enhancing as:
So lots of people have a lot to gain
from the right hearing instrument.
Which is why we developed Beltone
Identity – to help more people feel like
themselves again.
· B
etter relationships with people
around them
· Improved mental and physical
· Better feelings about themselves
· G
reater independence and
1. Quantifying the obvious. The Hearing Review. January 2000. Sergei Kochkin, PhD, and Carole M. Rogin, MA.
Beltone Identity
Beltone Identity
Beltone Identity
- designed to help people
reclaim their lives.
With a long list of breakthrough features and benefits never before seen in a mid-priced hearing instrument,
Beltone Identity finally lets you tell your clients that they can:
Listen. Talk. Communicate.
When people can’t hear, it’s difficult to interact – which can make it hard for them to feel like themselves. Help your clients communicate confidently
again with advanced hearing technology like Smart
Gain and Speech Spotter.
Beltone Identity’s
breakthrough features:
Smart Gain
Speech Spotter
Learning Volume Control
Wind Noise Suppression
Improved Adaptive AFC
Significantly smaller across lineup
High-power option across the entire lineup
Multiple colors available
Relax and forget about it.
Your clients shouldn’t spend time thinking about their
hearing instruments – and feeling anxious and unsure
of themselves. That’s why Beltone Identity has sophisticated features like Learning Volume Control (LVC). It
“learns” people’s volume preferences and then adjusts
automatically depending on the audio picture.
Feel good again.
A lot of energy can go into putting up with unwanted
noise. Which can leave people feeling tired and worn
out at the end of the day. But not anymore. Features
like Wind Noise Suppression and SPDExtra help your
clients feel comfortable. And Improved Adaptive Active
Feedback Cancellation (AFC) provides more headroom
without compromising on sound quality. So they feel
good again – and more confident.
Use it. (You’ll like it.)
With Beltone Identity, it’s so easy. Our extensive lineup
of exceptionally attractive, exceptionally small models
with multiple fitting options will help you provide your
clients with a fitting they’ll like.
Beltone Identity is the hearing instrument that helps you help more people say hello again to the more social,
more confident, more comfortable “selves” they once knew.
Beltone Identity
Beltone Identity. listen. talk. communicate.
Help them participate again:
“I never just walk over and start a conversation
with someone I don’t know… I kind of keep to myself”1
Smart Gain
Speech Spotter
3-Point Adaptive Directionality
It’s no surprise that people who have trouble hearing and understanding speech may
lose their social confidence and keep more to themselves than before. Even the friendliest,
most outgoing individuals can seem shy if they hesitate to risk a conversation.
You want to provide your clients with features that will make communication easy for them in
order to give them back their confidence. So they can – once again – be active participants
in all kinds of life situations. Even noisy ones.
1. Quantifying the obvious. The Hearing Review. January 2000.
Sergei Kochkin, PhD, and Carole M. Rogin, MA.
Beltone Identity. listen. talk. communicate.
Beltone Identity. listen. talk. communicate.
Smart Gain
This first-time-in-class feature lets you finetune
amplification settings for up to seven pre-calibrated
auditory environments. Beltone Identity then adapts
automatically as your clients move from one type
of environment to another.
To the left you see two examples of different
gain settings in different environments.
The gain’s just right.
So the communication’s easy.
Beltone Identity is the first hearing
instrument in its class to feature Smart Gain. Smart Gain makes it easy to fine-tune amplification settings to suit a multitude of changing
surroundings for a multitude of lives.
There are seven, precisely calibrated
environment settings, ranging from
Quiet, to Speech in Noise to Loud
Simply choose the appropriate settings, and Beltone Identity automati-
cally adapts the amplification to the
auditory environment. For example,
when a user moves from a quiet
office to a noisy cafeteria, audibility is
optimized. So your clients hear more.
And people who hear more feel more
comfortable – more like themselves
Focuses on words – so they
understand (practically) all of them.
The ingenious, unprecedented
Speech Spotter provides automatic
switching between omni-directional
and adaptive directional modes.
This helps your clients feel perfectly at
ease in many kinds of social settings
as they don’t have to change settings
The conversation just got easier to follow – even in noise.
When disturbing noise comes from
multiple sources and many directions,
3-Point Adaptive Directionality works
fast to cancel it out. Speech intelligibility is improved, following conversation
is a lot easier, and your clients feel
more sure of themselves again.
Speech Spotter
Based on a continuous analysis of the listening
environment (speech direction and signal-to-noise
ratio), Speech Spotter automatically switches
between omni and adaptive directionality to
optimize the listening situation for your clients.
3-Point Adaptive Directionality
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
3000 Hz
With its 3-Point Adaptive Directional system,
Beltone Identity cancels out numerous noise
sources simultaneously to greatly improve
speech intelligibility in noisy environments.
Beltone Identity. listen. talk. communicate.
Beltone Identity. relax and forget about it.
“I was so confused, and uncertain, about my own situation.
… It’s so many things … It’s like hearing is just so fundamental to everything
you do, and that’s why it (hearing loss) is so hard to accept.”1
Relax and
forget about it.
People who experience a hearing loss often feel confused. And getting used to wearing a
hearing instrument isn’t always easy. But the exceptionally advanced automatic features offered
by Beltone Identity make it easier.
Now, your clients won’t feel overwhelmed by controls that need adjusting and batteries that
need changing every few days. So they’ll be less conscious of their hearing instruments and feel
more relaxed, more comfortable and more like their same old selves again in many situations.
1. Quantifying the obvious. The Hearing Review. January 2000.
Sergei Kochkin, PhD, and Carole M. Rogin, MA.
Beltone Identity. relax and forget about it.
Make their lives simple again:
Learning Volume Control
Longer-than-ever battery life
Beltone Identity. relax and forget about it.
Relax and
forget about it.
Perfectly amplified.
Perfectly automatic.
Learning Volume Control is a true first
in the mid-price market. It registers
loudness (volume) preferences and
categorizes them within seven environments. Then it recognizes patterns
and automatically adjusts the volume
accordingly, both when a person
changes environments and independently between programs.
Sharing a quiet meal at home. Walking down a noisy street. Eating at a
crowded restaurant. Whatever the
situation, amplification automatically
adapts. Hearing is easier and clearer.
And your clients spend less time
thinking about adjusting their hearing
SATISFY satisfies.
SATISFY is the fitting tool that helps
people adjust to renewed hearing capabilities gradually – for a less
stressful, more agreeable experience.
You customize pre-programmed settings that automatically change
over a given period of time. Make the initial setting at a level you know
your client will feel comfortable with.
And then adjust the target settings
according to individual needs.
Learning Volume Control (LVC)
LVC automatically learns and adapts
to the pattern of the client’s volume changes
in different environments by looking at
consistent behavior over a period of time.
Longer battery life
equals peace of mind.
Worrying about battery life is a headache no one needs. That’s why
Beltone Identity’s batteries start out
with a significantly longer life than
most other products on the market.
Due to the latest chip technology, Beltone Identity consumes less battery. So your clients get longer
wearing time and greater peace of
To the right you see two examples of different
volume settings in different environments.
315 hours
172 hours
110 hours
Longer battery life
Due to the latest chip technology the entire Beltone Identity
family offers one of the industry’s lowest levels of battery drain.
And the less often your clients need to change batteries,
the happier – and the more relaxed – they’ll be.
Battery Size
Beltone Identity. relax and forget about it.
Beltone Identity. feel good again.
Make them feel comfortable again:
Wind Noise Suppression
Improved Adaptive AFC
“Right now the biggest problem is that I just feel exhausted
at the end of the workday. I think it’s because of my hearing
impairment because I use a lot of energy on hearing ...”1
Feel good again.
Ask a normal-hearing person to imagine struggling to understand speech when every word
is “buried” in wind noise, background noise or embarrassing feedback. He’ll understand
how tiring an ordinary day is for someone with a hearing loss that’s not optimally treated.
And why people may suffer from headaches, or feel “not quite themselves”.
Beltone Identity’s remarkable enhanced features help you give your clients back the comfort
they once took for granted. They let them hear better and feel better – by reducing conditions
that can make the simplest encounter difficult. And every day an uphill battle.
1. Quantifying the obvious. The Hearing Review. January 2000.
Sergei Kochkin, PhD, and Carole M. Rogin, MA.
Beltone Identity. feel good again.
Beltone Identity. feel good again.
Off: 0 dB
Mild: -3 dB
Moderate: -6 dB
The SPD Extra noise reduction system
eliminates ambient noise to help
clients focus on speech. With the new
Moderate setting option (in addition to
Mild and Off), there’s an appropriate
fitting choice for more people.
Feel good again.
Bye, bye wind noise.
Wind Noise Suppression is an exciting
feature that frees clients from uncomfortable wind noise. It detects and
reacts to noise generated by breezes
and turbulence. So people can
comfortably enjoy outdoor activities.
The only thing that will tire them out
will be the activities – not discomfort.
No more feedback.
No more embarrassment.
Improved Adaptive AFC shuts out
feedback – practically instantly and
better than ever – without compromising amplification. It has 3-5 dB more
headroom than earlier systems. And
all that extra headroom comes with
no negative impact on sound quality
– unlike some competing products.
Your clients won’t have to battle to
hear through feedback or put up with
poor sound when they listen to music.
And they won’t be embarrassed by
feedback anymore either. So they’ll
feel more confident wearing their hearing instrument.
SPD Extra
The world’s suddenly
a more peaceful place.
Identity’s SPDExtra noise reduction
system eliminates noise around your
clients to help them focus on speech.
Independently in the 9 channels,
SPDExtra estimates the S/N ratio by
sampling the sound input repeatedly.
It then attentuates the gain when
the noise level is too high. Plus, with
the new Moderate setting option
(in addition to Mild and Off), there’s an
appropriate fitting choice for more of
your clients. The result is more listening comfort with less effort.
Feedback path 1
Improved Adaptive AFC
Mic 1
Mic 1
Active feedback cancellation measures the phase of the feedback
travelling back to the microphones. Once identified, an inverted signal
cancels the feedback without any reduction in gain. The latest version of
the system, Improved Adaptive AFC, features 3-5 dB higher feedbackfree, stable gain than earlier versions.
Feedback path 2
Short time average
Wind Noise Suppression
To reduce disturbing turbulence picked up by the
microphones Wind Noise Suppression affects noise
in the mid and low frequencies. It can be set to
Off or On (-10dB) as shown in the graph.
Beltone Identity. feel good again.
Beltone Identity. use it. (you’ll like it.)
“For some reason, I’m ashamed that I don’t hear so well, so I hide it …”1
Use it. (You’ll like it.)
Many people are reluctant to begin
wearing hearing instruments. Hearing
instruments are for “old people”, they
think. Accepting that they need them
isn’t easy. That’s why when someone
does decide to be fitted, the right fitting process is crucial. As is their first
impression of their new instruments – of the way they look as much as of
the way they sound and feel.
Too often, people who don’t have a
positive initial experience with hearing
instruments simply don’t wear them.
And even the best hearing instrument
won’t do much for a client if it’s lying in
a drawer.
But Beltone Identity is so easy to wear.
It looks good. It feels good. And it’s
easy to fit successfully. So it helps you
help more people say hello again to
the more social, more confident, more
comfortable “selves” they once knew.
Beltone Identity. use it. (you’ll like it.)
Looks better. Feels better.
Works better. (And it’s so small!)
Beltone Identity represents our most
extensive lineup ever with an appropriate fitting option available for most
clients. It’s a comprehensive family of
good-looking hearing instruments with
a model, a configuration and a fitting
option to suit just about everyone.
There are custom models, nearly
invisible RIE (Receiver In the Ear)
models and small BTE (Behind The Ear)
models. They’re all available in both
standard and high-power configurations. Most are significantly smaller
than earlier comparable models. And
they come in a rich variety of different
colors. So no matter which option suits
your client best, it will be one of the
smallest, most attractive, most comfortable hearing instruments around.
“Fits” better too.
Another barrier to wearing a hearing
instrument is the adjustment process.
But Beltone Identity offers the intuitive
SOLUS fitting system to guide you
– and your clients – painlessly through
fitting and the days that follow.
The SOLUS software program takes
the two of you through the process in
straightforward steps. From documenting the client profile to choosing, fitting
and activating the hearing instrument.
The result is a better chance for a
better fit. And that – together with your
own expert counseling – is truly the key
for hearing instruments to just do what
they were made to do: Helping people
hear. Helping people socialize. Helping
people feel good about themselves.
Helping people take their lives back!
1. Quantifying the obvious. The Hearing Review. January 2000.
Sergei Kochkin, PhD, and Carole M. Rogin, MA
Give them back their confidence:
Significantly smaller across lineup
High power option across the entire lineup
Multiple colors available
SOLUS fitting system
Beltone Identity. use it. (you’ll like it.)
Soft Stone
Dove Blue
Precious Black
Light Grey
Soft Grey
Majestic Silver
Soft Beige
Rose Pink
Ruby Red
Precious White
Use it. (You’ll like it.)
Beltone Identity. use it. (you’ll like it.)
2 RIE Mold
RIE 63
2 RIE Mold
Power BTE
RIE 62 2
Surprisingly small!
With significantly smaller housing for
the Power BTE (IDT86D), BTE (IDT76D)
and the Mini-BTE (IDT66D), you can now offer
the smallest, most attractive lineup in the world.
With a wide choice of models – most of them significantly smaller and available in
many colors – Beltone Identity represents our most extensive and attractive lineup ever.
Now you can suit the needs and preferences of more clients with hearing instruments
that fit well, look good and provide optimal hearing satisfaction.
With Beltone Identity you can offer significantly smaller,
high-performance instruments for more comfortable, more attractive fittings than ever before seen in this
segment. Even the high-power BTE is much smaller
than you might expect.
Across the entire lineup, options like Open and Standard
configurations, High Power and Gain receivers and multiple dome options, give you the tools you need to fit
more people more successfully.
New and improved.
NEW! Learning Volume Control (LVC)
Automatically learns and adapts to the pattern of the client’s volume changes in different environments
NEW! Smart Gain
Optimizes amplification independently in seven different environments
NEW! Speech Spotter Automatic soft switching between Omni and Adaptive directional mode
NEW! Wind Noise Suppression
Reduces disturbing noise, picked up by the microphones, in the low and mid frequencies
Improved! SPD
Modulation and power estimate-based noise cancellation system that can be set in two different attenuation levels
Improved! Improved Adaptive AFC
Curvilinear WDRC
More robust static and dynamic phase cancellation for added headroom
Correct gain for different input levels
Rapid DSP
3-Point Adaptive Directionality
3 nulls for signal cancellation
Bass Boost Handles
Compensate for the low frequency roll-off in directional mode
Multichannel MPO (9 channels)
Mapping of the individual’s dynamic range
Reduces irrelevant noise in quiet environments
Automatic adaptation for easier user acceptance
Low Battery Warning
Notification beep with variable frequency and level
Satisfaction Journal
Datalogging for counselling support
Delayed activation
Time delay of start-up with variable frequency and level
Beltone Identity. use it. (you’ll like it.)
Fast signal processing and distortion-free sound quality
Beltone was founded on the act of helping a friend to enjoy life more.
Since 1940, we have provided knowledge, tools, service and training
to the professionals servicing the hearing impaired. Beltone makes
quality hearing care available to more people. To do so, we develop
technically optimal hearing solutions without ever losing focus on the
individual’s needs. It is our belief that no individual should be denied
the possibility of an improved life with better hearing.
Worldwide Headquarters
Beltone A/S
Lautrupbjerg 9
P.O. Box 130
DK-2750 Ballerup
Tel.: + 45 45 75 11 11
Fax: + 45 45 75 11 19
M 100881-GB-08.11 Re v.C
Everybody has the right to good hearing
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