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Moving Procedures - Windsor at Midtown Apartments
Welcome Home to Windsor at Midtown
We are so glad you have chosen Windsor at Midtown as your new home.
This is a quick introduction that we hope will be a useful resource prior to
your upcoming move. Of course, if you have any questions we are always
happy to assist.
Welcome Home!
Your Windsor Midtown Team
Contact the leasing office to
reserve your elevator time.
Move-ins and
move-outs are
only permitted:
• Monday & Thursday 9:30 4:30
• Tuesday and Friday 10:00 6:30
• Wednesday 9:30 - 6:30
• Saturday 10:00 - 5:00
• No moving is permitted on
Trucks over 24ft
in length or
7.5ft in width
are not
permitted to
use the service
road due to size
On Move-In Day:
Come to the leasing
office at your scheduled
move time to pick up
gate/freight elevator
Remember to bring
your photo ID.
I got the
All moving trucks enter on the
West (left) side of the property.
Drive truck up to the service entry area.
Use the key issued by the office to unlock the gate.
Drive truck through and to the back side of the
building. Please lock the gate after entering.
On the back side of the building, there are
two sets of loading area doors(East & West sides).
Unlock and use the access card/fob to
open the loading entry door.
Please do not leave the door propped open or
an alarm will sound. The access card/fob
provided will quickly re-open the door.
Walk through the garage to the elevator
lobby. There are two lobbies (East & West side).
The elevator on the left side is the freight
elevator. Please do not use the elevator on
the right for moving purposes.
Insert the elevator key and turn to the “SERV.”
position. This locks off the elevator for your use.
Once in the locked position, you must press and continue
to hold the button to go to your desired floor. Please keep
the keys with you at all times and do not leave them
unattended in the elevator.
When you are done moving, pull your truck around
to the other side of the building to exit.
Please use caution as it is a tight turn.
•Please lock all doors and gates.
•Reset the elevator to regular service mode.
•Return all keys and access cards/fobs to
the office and pick up your photo ID.
on completing
your move!
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