Bulk Foods Newsletter 10 (US Version)

Bulk Foods Newsletter 10 (US Version)
Bulk Foods
Industrial Weighing & Product Inspection
Eliminate Paperwork in Quality Control
Boost Efficiency and Profitability
Whether their customers are trying to lose weight, engage in an intense
exercise regime, follow special dietary requirements or just enjoy a good
snack, Multibar Foods has a nutritious snack bar designed especially for
them. By installing METTLER TOLEDO’s FreeWeigh.Net® software into their production process, the company is increasing its productivity and prosperity.
Over two decades of sweet success
For nearly 25 years, Multibar Foods has
aggressively engaged in a business plan to
place itself at the pinnacle of the nutrition
and snack bar industry. With over 300,000
square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, Multibar has become one
of North America’s leading food bar producers, by making hundreds of millions of
nutrition and snack bars each year. A profound allegiance to quality management
has allowed Multibar to experience steady
growth while designing food technologies
that allow its international client base to
offer the highest quality and to develop
new ways to improve the quality of their
wholesome snack bars.
As part of its efforts to stay in the forefront
of the technological era, Multibar asked
METTLER TOLEDO to find an advanced
solution to control weight before and after
coating each snack bar.
A high-tech solution
garners big success
Before contacting METTLER TOLEDO,
Multibar employees were compiling all
data on paper, which forced them to wait
several hours before making any essential
adjustments on production lines. Today
they have implemented FreeWeigh.Net®,
the statistical quality control (SQC) software to systematically reduce unnecessary overfilling costs.
FreeWeigh.Net® is a sophisticated software
system that ushers Multibar employees
through each step along the production line. Working with highly skilled
Quality Control Solution
METTLER TOLEDO technicians, Multibar
fitted each production line with an ID30
computer terminal connected to a highprecision X-series balance. FreeWeigh.Net®
not only documents and eradicates
product defects, but it also significantly
reduces material costs when a snack bar
receives too much coating.
More time to control
product quality
With the introduction of FreeWeigh.Net®,
Multibar is able to assign just a single
employee to each production line to test
snack bar samples. Because fewer calculations need to be made, Multibar employees
have more time to monitor the quality of
their products.
In today’s economy, a company cannot
afford to waste ingredients – each bad
batch means the company has lost money.
Because of Freeweigh.Net, Multibar analysts can easily attain a steady target
weight and eliminate the loss of expensive
Prepared for new nutritious
In the snack bar business, the relentlessly
shifting demands of their customers challenges Multibar to create a snack bar that
packs a nutritious punch, but does not
sacrifice a great taste. FreeWeight.Net® is
up to the challenge.
Tips & Tricks
Are you working
with SixSigma?
If you are implementing Six Sigma
to improve quality and eliminate
defects, FreeWeigh.Net is your tool,
collecting the relevant quality data
and playings a critical role in the
DMAIC project cycle.
DMAIC project cycle
Define your objectives
Measure your products
Analyze your data
Improve your processes and
Control your quality
FreeWeigh.Net ® operator screen
Key customer benefits
of FreeWeigh.Net®
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Bulk Foods News 10
• Significant reduction of product overfill cost
• Compliance to legal fill requirements
• Standardized and simplified processes
• Online monitoring and alarming
• Short reaction time in production
• Automated reporting
• Scalable system implementation and
• Seamless ERP integration
• Fast ROI (<12 months)
Use FreeWeigh.Net to collect
quality data for the DMAIC project
cycle and improve the quality
of your process outputs.
Success Through Quality –
Hagesüd Interspice
Quality is the key ingredient to the success of the spice and seasoning experts at Hagesüd.
Careful selection of raw ingredients, strict quality controls and use of the latest award
winning product inspection technologies has ensured the company’s quality for 125 years.
Two key pillars of the quality philosophy at
Hagesüd Interspice Gewürzwerke GmbH &
Co. KG are a well developed quality assurance system and certification to DIN EN
ISO 9001:2000. The use of checkweighers and foreign body detection solutions
from METTLER TOLEDO is a significant
component of quality management at
Checkweighing and X-ray solutions
A combined solution consisting of a
Hi-Speed XS3 checkweigher and an
AdvanChek x-ray inspection system, is
used on the production line for free-flow
product powders. This simultaneously
checks the spice/seasoning mixtures in
laminated foil pouches for any weight
deviations and for any foreign particles.
Detectable contaminates include glass,
metal, stone or high-density plastic. This
checking procedure secures Hagesüd’s
excellent reputation by protecting the customers it serves in fields such as catering
and the meat processing industry.
The X-ray CombiWeigher meets
all requirements of the food
processing industry
The XS3 AdvanChek monitors products up
to 5,500g at Hagesüd with an accuracy of
2g. Foil pouches are transported via an
inclined conveyor belt and then fed into
the XS3 AdvanChek for product inspection.
The infeed area of the XS3 AdvanChek
is encased in a protective polycarbonate
housing which prevents user access –
eliminating any risks for operators. Any
spice/ seasoning mixtures that are too
heavy or too light are ejected by the dynamic checkweigher using a pusher.
The x-ray inspection system detects any
foreign bodies and stops the belt so they
can be found. The operator can react
immediately and forward the product in
question to the lab to determine its cause
– for efficient quality management.
Key factors that made Hagesüd opt for a
METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed system included the simplicity of operation and
the large PowerPhasePRO touch screen
terminal. Item settings for weighing and
X-ray control are made centrally, quickly
and securely using a single terminal. This
minimizes operator errors and improves
productivity. Once an item i.e. product setup has been saved in the memory, switching from one item to another can be done
in no time at all.
Bulk Foods News 10
Checkweighing, Metal Detection & X-ray Inspection
and metal detection solutions
On the production
lines for smaller packaging units, combined
checkweigher and metal detector systems
monitor the high-grade spice/seasoning
mixes. The checkweigher/metal detector
combination not only includes all equipment and options of the XS3 checkweigher, it also guarantees metal detection with
the highest detection sensitivity.
Similarly to the XS3 AdvanChek, the unit
also employs passwords protection with
user profiles to restrict access to sensitive functions. The metal detector is able
to reliably detect foreign matter as small
as 2.5mm in the metal foil pouches. This
compact combined solution is suitable for
checkweighing products of up to 6,000g
while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1g.
Feedback control feature
With the optional feedback control feature,
the checkweigher is able to communicate
with the upstream pouch forming, filling
and sealing machine and optimize the
filling process. This prevents costly overfilling and maximizes utilization of the
ingredients. Thanks to these savings, the
investment in checkweighers with a feedback control feature pays for itself in no
time, especially when processing expensive, high-grade spices/ seasonings.
Hagesüd – A company committed
to quality for four generations
Hagesüd’s quality philosophy starts with
the careful selection of the raw ingredients: Whether visual appearance and
grain size, essential oils or the “heat” of
spices – Hagesüd only uses the very best
natural ingredients.
Bulk Foods News 10
XS3 AdvanChek x-ray
• Silver Medal of European Food Tec
Customer benefits
• ONE single user interface for both
technologies – reducing possible
operator errors and increasing
• Clear and easy symbols, touchscreen
for easy access, clearly visible at up
to 3 meters away
• Superior Contamination Detection –
uses both thresholding and morphology – to detect a wide range of
• True checkweigher for Weight and
Measure Legislation – integrated
EMFR weighcell technology for high
accuracy and fulfilling all conformity
assessment procedures
Quality assurance
at the highest level
Hagesüd has more than 2,000 products
available to cater to the desired tastes and
preferences of regional and international
customers. The x-ray CombiWeigher uses
over 120 preset weight definitions stored in
its memory for the various products. This
makes work both more efficient and easier.
Hagesüd interspice
Gewürzwerke GmbH & Co. KG
– about the company:
METTLER TOLEDO can optimize
your quality management
METTLER TOLEDO offers the full range
of in-line monitoring systems, namely
checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray
inspection systems. The product range is
rounded off by a global service portfolio.
• Founded in Germany in 1881
METTLER TOLEDO is contributing to the
optimization of quality management for
quality-conscious producers.
• More than 250 staff members
For further information visit
• Company HQ: Hemmingen near
• Supplies over 16,000 butchers and
400 industrial firms with fine spice/
seasoning mixes and marinades
• Over 400 orders with individual
spice/seasoning mixes are despatched from the main facility in
Hemmingen every day
• Subsidiaries in Dortmund and
Bulk Foods News 10
Compact Weighing System
Designed to Speed up Production –
Built to Last
The new industrial bench portable scale line is designed to speed up your production and to withstand all
harsh production environment and cleaning procedures. It offers high configurability, colorWeight® display
technology for rapid manual checkweighing or classifying processes. The open and rugged stainless steel
constructions facilitates fast and thorough cleaning procedures. It is simply designed to accelerate and trace
your production process.
Current regulations and processing trends
in the food industry require not only safe
and traceable products, but also process
optimized and hygienic designed production equipment. The new ICS food scale
line combines both and offers a seamless
integration into the production process.
Tailored to your needs
The complete product family is based on
different terminal types (ICS4x9/ICS6x9)
with multiple functions, different keypad
options up to full graphical color screens.
The terminals can be mounted in three
different ways to the weighing platform
(column, compact or separate version).
Full stainless steel platforms from 3 kg x
0.5 g up to 600 kg x 100 g are available.
Fast, intuitive data entry
All terminals are designed for a fast
and straightforward weighing process. A
bright and large display provides excellent
readability and all relevant parameters
are easily entered on the intuitive keypad.
Selectable language options increase
your operator’s easily of use and further
improves your process speed.
Colored results for fast checkweighing and classifying
The sharp display with different color
options shows easily readable, unmistakable information as to whether or not the
weight is within the tolerance limit.
Resist wet and harsh 24/7
The ICS full stainless steel series of scales
provides a flexible and rugged solution
for a wide range of weighing tasks in
light wet or harsh production processes.
All parts have been built according to the
latest hygienic design guidelines supporting fast and efficient cleaning procedure.
Compact – ICS4x9...f
Terminal fix mounted in front of the weighing
platform. One unit, portable and robust
Column − ICS4x9...c
Bulk Foods News 10
The right load cell for an extended
life time
Choose the right load cell (from aluminum potted IP65 protected up to stainless steel fully hermetically sealed IP69k)
according to your environment and your
cleaning procedure. This increases long
term life and up time of your scale and
reduces lifetime ownership costs.
Trace your results and improve
your safety
Good traceability results depend on well
calibrated equipment, on safely stored
process parameters, on seamless data
integration and on connectivity to scanners and label printers. ICS6x9 terminals
offer a large database to store product
records and various interface options
assure easy integration into existing data
management systems. All for an efficient
process control with accurate and secure
A bright, color TFT graphic screen provides excellent readability − double sealed
Fast facts
•8 terminals for Basic Weighing, Over/Under Checkweighing, Classification
•Capacity x Readability: 3 kg x 0.5 g up to 600 kg x 100 g (equivalent in lbs)
•8 platform sizes: 229 x 229 up to 600 x 800 mm (equivalent in inches)
•Ingress protection: IP 65 up to 69k
Key customer benefits
•Rugged, hygienic construction for long life in tough industrial environment
•Ergonomic design for ease of operation
•Less exhaustion with color display technology
•Alibi memory and calibration logs for auditable quality records
Accelerated Over/Under
Above tolerance
Within tolerance
Below tolerance
colorWeight® provides clarity – full
color graphic for unmistakable results
The sharp and clear display provides
easily readable unmistakable information
as to whether or not the weight is within
the tolerance limit.
The open and rugged construction is designed for efficient cleaning.
All parts are developed following the latest hygienic guidelines.
The ICS6x9 product range is certified according to EHEDG and NSF.
Bulk Foods News 10
X-ray Inspection
Assure Product Quality
Prevent Product Recalls
To reduce contamination of its jelly sweets, Finnish confectionery manufacturer Fazer
has installed an AdvanChek Bulk x-ray inspection system from METTLER TOLEDO. This
system ensures product quality and prevents physical contaminant-based product recalls.
Fazer used conventional product inspection equipment on its existing production
lines, but was not satisfied with its inability to detect non-metallic contaminants.
The company therefore considered x-ray
technology to be the best solution for its
newest jelly sweets production line.
Products sent for testing
“We already use other METTLER TOLEDO
products at our production plant in
Lappeenranta, so it was natural for us
to contact the company about its x-ray
technology,” said Ilkka Koskinen, Fazer’s
Production Supervisor. “We sent product
samples to METTLER TOLEDO in the UK
and were very pleased with the speed of
the tests and the accuracy and clarity of
the test results.”
METTLER TOLEDO arranged a site visit to
one of its existing customers in Sweden.
Fazer’s representatives were able to see the
system in operation and asked detailed
questions about the performance of the
technology. Their positive feedback was a
convincing factor in Fazer’s decision to
purchase the system.
Various contaminants detected
The AdvanChek Bulk inspects the jellies
for many different contaminants, including metal, glass, stones and high-density
plastics and rubbers. The customer reports
that, since its installation, the device has
even detected tiny pieces of plaster from
the jelly molds.
“The maximum capacity of the new jelly
sweets production line is 3,500 kg/
hour. Considering that one jelly
may weigh as little as a few grams,
the x-ray system needs to be able
to inspect millions of jellies per
hour,” commented Mr Koskinen.
The AdvanChek Bulk inspects
up to 10 different product types
on this new production line, with
a change of product every eight
hours. According to Mr Koskinen,
“The x-ray system is helping increase efficiency and profits as it
only rejects contaminated products, using a multi-flap reject
system. This is minimizing our
Bulk Foods News 10
product waste and
reducing our
costs. Safety is
enhanced and
product quality is
also much better.”
Meeting hygiene standards
and providing traceability
Designed to the highest hygienic standards, with sealing of IP65 as standard
and IP69k as optional, the AdvanChek
Bulk Flow can withstand the harshest
wash-down environments required by the
food and beverage industries. This assures
customers that the highest possible
hygiene standards have been reached and
can easily be maintained in the production environment. Full traceability of all
procedures is ensured through a unique
and log event system, and a full
range of connectivity options are available, including external USB, Ethernet
port or OPC (OMAC compliant).
For more information please visit
Improve Process Yield
and Product Quality
The extremely fast response, precise measurement and instant
availability of the InPro 7100 i will enable you to improve your process
control – leading to higher product yield and quality.
Designed for demanding
The quicker and more accurately you
can measure conductivity, the faster you
can respond to process changes. The new
InPro 7100 i has been designed to provide
outstanding performance in the petrochemical industry.
The PEEK shaft material offers high resistivity against aggressive solutions, and
the WideRange technology feature allows
the combination of compact design for
ease of installation, with a very wide
measuring range of 0.02 – 500 mS / cm.
Electrodes are available in Hastelloy C22,
Titanium or 1.4435 stainless steel for use
in harsh or non-harsh environments.
Installation is simple with the
InPro 7100 i. ISM’s Plug and Measure
feature means that no configuration at
the transmitter is required. Simply install
the sensor in the process, connect it to the
transmitter and begin measuring.
Easy process integration
The InPro 7100 i is compatible with a
broad range of METTLER TOLEDO static
and retractable housings, opening a wide
variety of integration options. In conjunction with the InFit 761 e housing,
process insertion in the petrochemical
industry is safe and reliable.
Benefits of the InPro 7100 i
Fast response:
• Improves process control
• Increases yield
• Lowers costs
Reliable digital signal:
• Unaffected by moisture
• No degradation over long cables
Suitable for a wide variety of applications:
• Extensive measuring range
• Choice of sensor pin material
Low maintenance:
• Resists aggressive solutions
Easy installation:
• Compact design
• Compatible with many housings
Reliable signal, instant
The InPro 7100 i features METTLER
TOLEDO’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, developed to
reduce sensor configuration and maintenance, while increasing process uptime
and safety.
Like all other ISM equipped sensors, the
InPro 7100 i contains a microchip in
the sensor head that converts the analog
measurement signal into a digital one
which is sent to the transmitter. As digital
signals are almost unaffected by moisture or cable length, measurements at the
transmitter are always reliable.
To find out more about the InPro 7100 i,
go to:
InPro 7100 i conductivity sensor
Bulk Foods News 10
Online Tools
Use www.mt.com as a
Work Efficiency Resource
Webinars – Learn More With Little Time and Effort
Join a wide array of webinars to learn about various topics from choosing the right technology to process optimization. Our On Demand
Webinars are available at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
View the full range of webinars:
White/Technical Papers
METTLER TOLEDO has published a range of white papers that cover focus areas which enable
you to select the right solutions to improve your processes.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) White Paper
OEE is an important tool in the packaging and food processing industries. This white paper is
intended to serve as a guide for professionals in all manufacturing industries who are seeking to
become more efficient and to utilize their processes more effectively. Request this free white paper:
Regulatory Compliance White Paper
Learn how fulfilling regulations can offer multiple opportunities to increase your quality, save
costs and increase your profitability and productivity.
Technical paper
- Detecting More
Metal for Increased
Brand Protection
Understanding Metal Detection – A Technical Paper
This free technical paper download from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline can help to explain some
of the issues and give valuable guidance on how to ensure you are achieving the optimum metal
detection performance.
Statistical Quality Control Guide
Day after day, thousands of millions of packages of all kinds are filled. This guidebook is a
“must-have” for anyone engaged in filling operations!
Label Mix-up
White Paper
Label Mix-up White Paper
Product label mix-ups seriously damage brand reputation, hurt company profits, and pose a
serious risk to customers. This free white paper offers advances in vision inspection technology,
designed to prevent label mix-ups.
Bulk Foods News 10
White Paper
Value Calculators – Find Out How to Save Money
Download our calculators and work out how much you could be saving.
Colored weight control system saves both time and money
Save money with quality control and correct filling
Eliminate unnecessary costs during formulation and maximize your profitability!
Download Comprehensive Product Documentation
Food and Beverages Brochure
Solutions to improve food safety, product quality and productivity
PowerPhasePRO Metal Detectors
METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s PowerPhasePRO Metal Detectors provide the ultimate
in metal detection performance. They help manufacturers increase productivity,
reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness.
Know-how – Tips & Tricks for Daily Work Improvements
As an industry leader, METTLER TOLEDO have a wealth of material
to help educate and inform you about product inspection and industrial
weighing solutions.
New X-ray Inspection Web-pages Now Online!
The new web-pages about x-ray inspection are available in 18 languages and
make it easy for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to choose the x-ray
system suitable to their application.
Avoid Contamination
Hygienically Designed Equipment helps you improving food safety and to
comply with food safety standards like IFS, SQF, BRC, ISO 22000 or HACCP.
Bulk Foods News 10
Interpack Trade Fair
The world’s most important trade fair for packaging and processes in
Dusseldorf, Germany
Come and see METTLER TOLEDO in hall
11 on stand number B55 where we will be
exhibiting a wide range of our weighing,
checkweighing, process and quality control systems.
This includes weighing technology: bench
portables and floor scales, dynamic checkweighers and static scales, sophisticated
metal contaminant detectors, cuttingedge x-ray based inspection technology
and Vision Inspection Solutions, the newest addition to the product inspection
portfolio, for maintaining product and
brand integrity.
For further details on METTLER TOLEDO
product inspection solutions, please visit
For information regarding Interpack,
and how to register for tickets, please visit
Register for Free On Demand Seminars:
Webinar: Food Regulations
Learn how to comply with food regulations and improve your productivity.
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