2297 Kb Arri 435 Intervalometer Technical Data Sheet

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Arri 435 Integrated Intervalometer
The Arri 435 Integrated Intervalometer
(SFHC-1 plus ICS-1) is an elegant and
easy to use system for single frame or
time frame shooting with the Arri 435
A hand control easily and clearly controls
exposure time, interval, burst and the
integrated in-gate capping shutter.
Due to the design of mirror-reflex cameras,
stray light can pass around the mirror
shutter onto the film when the camera is
not running. For normal filming this is not a
problem, as the affected frames fall into
the camera run-up, which is usually not
used anyway. However on single frame
shots, this stray light can fall onto the film
during the interval between exposures. To
prevent this fogging during the interval
time, it is necessary to use a capping
Press to expose a single frame manually
LEDs displaying status of capping shutter
Unlike normal in-font of the lens leaf capping
shutters, the integrated capping shutter is
compact, has a quicker reaction time,
does not interfere with matte boxes or filters
and makes it possible to look through the
view finder at all times.
Press to open /close capping shutter manually
Switch single frame mode on / off
Switch interval mode on / off
Switch interval time from seconds to
fractions of a second.
Set exposure time
Under normal conditions the integrated
capping shutter allows intervals of up to
one hour without any fogging occurring.
Set interval time
The following parameters can be set on
the hand control:
Change interval time from hours :minutes to
minutes :seconds
Set burst
Exposure time from 1/8 second to 999
seconds when a camera shutter angle of
180° is used. 1/128 second exposure time
is possible when 11.2° shutter is used.
Interval of 1 second to 99 hours, 99 minutes.
Summary of Features
Burst from 1 to 99 frames.
• Easy to program
When the hand control is switched to single
frame mode, the camera LCD display
gives a read out of exposed frames, burst
and the remaining interval time.
• Integrated in-gate capping shutter
When the intervalometer is fitted to the
camera, single frame mode can be
switched off with the hand control and the
camera used for normal filming. With the
intervalometer fitted, the maximum speed
is 120 f.p.s.
• Interval from 1 second to 99 hours,
99 minutes
• Exposure time from 1/8 second to 999
• Burst from 1 to 99 frames
• Single frame mode can be switched
off and the camera used for normal
filming up to 120 f.p.s. even with the
intervalometer fitted