Brochure: Manufacturing

Brochure: Manufacturing
Smart Solutions to Improve
Process Reliability and Productivity
Process Reliability and Productivity
For Total Customer Satisfaction
Material Receiving
Quality Control and
Product Development
Quality Control &
Product Development
Ensure your suppliers meet
your specifications with the
latest weighing and measuring solutions. Verify the
amount of incoming goods
quickly and accurately with
vehicle, floor and bench
scales. Test the material with
moisture analyzers and other
analytical instruments for
quality and reliability.
Quality control, failure analysis and new product development require reliable and
powerful analytical instruments. Material characterization by thermal analysis is a
key application. Karl Fischer
titrators determine water contents down to 1ppm. Exact
analyses are crucial for longterm market success.
Smart weighing and counting
solutions keep track of stock
movements, ensure flawless goods storage and help
avoid out-of-stock situations
through direct integration
into ERP systems. Mobile
counting scales facilitate and
speed up commissioning.
In manufacturing, it’s key to keep process reliability under control while improving
productivity. Save time and money while speeding up your processes and controlling
quality. METTLER TOLEDO provides complete weighing and measuring solutions and
services that help enhance your business excellence.
Production / Quality Control in Production
Logistics and Shipping
Quality Control
in Production
Logistics & Shipping
Process automation and fast
user guidance are essential to increase production
efficiency and consistency.
Batching scales mix raw
materials automatically,
while counting scales and
recipe-weighing solutions
guide the operator quickly
and reliably through each
step of the working process.
Process reliability is indispensable to maintain high
product quality and to
ensure customer satisfaction. Damaged or incomplete
products or cavities in castings are discovered through
manual over/under checkweighing or integrated highprecision weighing modules
in production machines.
Make sure you pack the correct amount of parts and
ensure correct packaging and
labeling. Static or dynamic
checkweighers guarantee that
no product leaves the factory
with missing parts. Vision
inspection verifies packaging and labeling and ensures
brand integrity.
Prior to shipping, orders
must be complete, on time
and properly documented
for tracking and tracing.
and labeling solutions make
sure you meet all regulations
and fulfill your customers’
Material Receiving
Reliable Verification of Incoming Goods
Ensure you are receiving the right quality and quantity of products with
weighing and measuring solutions from METTLER TOLEDO. Raw materials
with out-of-specification characteristics jeopardize your product quality and
reputation. Smaller-than-declared delivery quantity negatively impacts your
Vehicle Weighing
Completeness Control
Moisture Determination
Unmatched accuracy and long
uptime with latest technology
Fast and flexible
verification of goods
Accurate verification
of material quality
Optimize plant efficiency with
transparent inbound material
control. Our latest ­POWERCELL®
PDX® load cells and ­DataBridge™
vehicle scale software help to
save time and money by giving
you increased uptime, precise
results and complete control of
your vehicle-weighing operation.
Reliably check completeness of
goods with rugged bench, floor
or pallet scales. You also can
verify small quantities up to large
volumes with two-scale counting
solutions. For more comfort and
flexibility, use the optional barcode scanners, mobile carts or
access ramps.
Moisture plays a crucial role in
many manufacturing processes.
For example, polymer granules
for injection molding should not
exceed the permissible water
level to avoid processing problems, poor surface quality or
reduced mechanical properties of
the molded parts.
Solutions for Material Receiving
Vehicle Scales
Vehicle Scale Management Software
Bench Scales
Counting Scales
Floor & Pallet Scales
Halogen Moisture Analyzers
Precision Balances
Halogen Moisture Analyzer HX204
Moisture analysis when you need it
The HX204 combines speed and high resolution,
providing reliable analyses of substances with very
low moisture content, down to 10 ppm. Robust
components ensure trouble-free operation, even at
production sites. Real-time graphics show the measurement progress. Individual control limits for each
product simplify pass/fail decisions.
Quality Control
Quality Control in Laboratories
Premium Products from A to Z
Parts and components have to fulfill high quality standards to excel
in the market. Rejects or even the recall of an entire batch translates
into high costs and reputation damage. Analytical instruments and
balances from METTLER TOLEDO help you achieve quality targets
with highly efficient testing.
Thermal Analysis
at its Best
Water Content of
Polymers and Resins
Analytical and
The universal tool for
material characterization
Get the water specifically
and precisely
For your lab
weighing tasks
The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) technique is ideal for
quality control, material development and research. It determines
thermal quantities, analyzes thermal processes and characterizes
or compares materials.
DSC yields valuable information
relating to processing, application, quality defects, identification, stability, reactivity, chemical
safety and the purity of materials.
Karl Fischer titration is the standard method for the specific
water content determination. It
provides accurate and precise
results within minutes. The coulometric technique applies from
1 ppm to 5%. The volumetric
technique is designed for a range
of 100 ppm to 100%.
Facilitate and speed up laboratory weighing tasks with Excellence Balances. Master weighing
tasks, such as sample preparation, formulation or density
­determination, with easy-to-use
touchscreen features. Up to
61 million resolution points ­allow
for high readability and high
weighing accuracy.
Solutions for Quality Control
Thermal Analysis Instruments
Karl Fischer Titrators
Halogen Moisture Analyzers
Analytical Balances
Precision Balances
Potentiometric Titrators
Dropping Point Systems
The key to compositional
and thermal stability analysis
The TGA/DSC 1 is a versatile tool for the characterization of material properties under precisely controlled conditions. It yields valuable information for
development, quality control or failure analysis. The
TGA/DSC also measures the heat flow. This enables
you to detect thermal events unrelated to a change
in mass, such as melting or glass transitions.
Also available: TMA, DMA, Hot-stage microscopy,
high pressure DSC, ultra fast scanning DSC
Intelligent and Flexible Stock Control
Speed up your warehousing processes with efficient commissioning and
inventory control. The automated management of your expendable items
stock allows you to focus on more important tasks. Mobile weighing solutions and their extended connectivity optimize your operations in the warehouse and guarantee end-to-end stock control.
Remote Inventory
and Integration
Efficient order picking
with mobile scales
Survey and optimize
your inventory remotely
Analyze and integrate
your weighing results
Achieve significant time savings
due to short order-picking routes
with mobile weighing solutions.
scales facilitate error-free commissioning in the blink of an eye.
Battery operation and WLAN
connectivity to your warehousing
or ERP system allow maximum
flexibility for your daily operations.
Benefit from efficient and transparent stock control with integrated smart shelf weighing systems. The quantity of every bin is
checked remotely, giving you full
stock control, accountability and
the opportunity to optimize your
supply chain.
Customizable databases allow
for easy article data download
and analysis of the weighing
results. A selection of interfaces
simplifies the integration of your
measuring devices into your
existing back-end systems. It
increases efficiency by ruling out
overlaps and bringing together
all relevant data in one central
Solutions for Warehousing
Mobile Counting Scales
Database Solutions
Label Printing
Inventory Scale Solutions
Bench / Portable Scales
Floor & Pallet Scales
Mobile Pallet Truck Scales
Multifunctional Counting Scale
Designed for fast operation when
accurate quantities count
Accurately weighing and counting thousands
of parts or products means your operators have
to handle numerous articles and names. They
also have to match average piece, sample or
tare weights. The ICS685 Compact Weighing
System features a database for up to 30,000
articles, user management functions plus database software to easily manage either a central
host or different scale embedded databases.
High Throughput and Consistency
Speed counts in today’s competitive environment. Manufacturers must not
only deliver error-free, high-quality products, but they also need to produce
on time. Benefit from intuitive user menus facilitating your daily counting
and recipe-weighing jobs and completely automated batching solutions to
deliver consistent products.
Piece Counting
Fast and accurate counting
with high throughput
Error-free production
and traceability
Reduced waste
and reliable results
Reduce inefficient transportation
time by directly counting parts
at the production machine. Automate piece counting and completeness control by integrating
counting scales into your production process. Profit from various
interface options, such as digital
I/O to control conveyor belts and
redirect material flows.
Accurate, reproducible mixtures
are essential for product quality
and safety. Our stand-alone
or fully-networked formulation
solutions guide operators stepby-step through their daily tasks,
helping to avoid human errors.
High-precision scales guarantee
consistent quality and smart
software solutions offer reliable
documentation for traceability.
Efficiently manage raw m
­ aterials,
­reduce waste and avoid errors with
automated batching solutions.
­Batching scales accurately mix raw
materials according to predefined
recipes, even in difficult environments. Benefit from complete batch
control solutions or integrate terminals for precise filling, which communicate with your control system
via Fieldbus or Ethernet.
Solutions for Production
Counting Scales
High-precision Reference Scales
Formulation Solutions
Batching Solutions
Process Weighing Terminals
Weigh Modules
Bench & Floor Scales
Batching Controller
Powerful and flexible batching technology
Batch processing requires a control solution
that manages not only recipes, but also weighing scales, valves and order management. The
IND780batch terminal supports these needs and
makes sure the material flow is constant. Up to
1,000 recipes can be stored in the terminal and a
PC configuration tool allows easy management of
batching data.
Quality Control in Production
Quality Control in Production
Stable Processes & Error-free Products
To manufacture high-quality products or parts, regular quality control is
essential to ensure that production parameters are within specified ­limits.
If checked too late in the process, an entire lot could fail to meet the
­specification. With METTLER TOLEDO solutions, you can check parts quality
in- or off-line and even statistically monitor the results.
Quality Control
Ensure high quality and
c­ ustomer satisfaction
Automated weight-based
quality control
Monitored and fully
documented quality
To maintain high product ­quality,
you must know about production
errors, such as small deviations
in assembling, cavities in castings or damage to coatings.
Static over/under checkweighing scales deliver those results
reliably. Operators benefit from
intuitive user interfaces with
colored displays (colorWeight®),
which immediately indicate when
­products are out of spec.
Check quality quickly and reliably by measuring weight before
and after each production step.
Automatic in-process control solutions detect violations of weight
tolerances as small as 0.001%
and control even complexshaped parts in split seconds.
The newest high-speed weigh
modules integrated into your
production machines instantly
deliver 100% product inspection.
Reduce waste and the amount
of raw materials used in production through Statistical Quality
Control. Our networked quality
control software monitors and
analyzes real-time quality parameters, such as weight, density or wall thickness. Alarms,
statistics and reports allow for
immediate process optimization
and full documentation for traceability.
Solutions for Quality Control
in Production
Over/Under Checkweighing Scales
colorWeight® Colored Weight Display
High-precision Weigh Modules & Platforms
Statistical Quality Control Solutions
Halogen Moisture Analyzers
WMS Line
High-precision Weigh Module
Accurate and reliable testing during
automated production
Efficient in-process control demands simple electrical and mechanical integration. WMS weigh
modules feature a high-speed interface on your
control system with 92 weight values per second.
The transmitted data can be converted to all common fieldbus systems. The proven ruggedness
guarantees prolonged reliable operation to 0.1 mg
Completeness, Reliably Checked
When packaging customer orders, it is important to fill the right
quantity. Products reaching the customer must be correct and
complete. METTLER TOLEDO checkweighing and product inspection
solutions reliably control packaging completeness and integrity.
Completeness Control
Dynamic Weighing
Vision Inspection
Let colors quickly
guide operators
Accurate and fast dynamic
weighing for 100% control
Detecting defects before
they reach the customer
When carrying out completeness
controls, operators normally
have to concentrate intensely on
the display to avoid errors. The
colorWeight® function shows the
checkweighing results in different
colors and spares the operator's
concentration, eliminates human
errors and saves you time and
Ensure at the end of a production
line that your quality standards
are met and complete packages
are shipped to the customer.
Garvens checkweighing and
bespoke weighing systems can
be integrated into each manufacturer’s existing or new production
line. This highly accurate in-line
weighing equipment provides
process reliability, productivity
and profit.
Vision inspection systems can
inspect products at a variety of
packaging speeds, up to 3,500
parts per minute. They offer
peace of mind that the products
are always in optimal condition
when presented to the customer.
Ensure label presentation, print
and code quality in a complete
in-line, high-speed accurate system, suitable for all packaging
Solutions for Packaging
Dynamic Checkweighers
Vision Inspection Solutions
Data Management Solutions
Over/Under Checkweighing Scales
colorWeight® Colored Weight Display
XS40 Checkweigher
For high demands and heavy load
with maximum precision
Benefit from the flexibility and many advantages
of the XS models. Easy-to-use touch screen with
a modern navigation approach and “user profiles”
offer clear operator guidance. The weighing terminal
can be tilted for optimum visibility. This state-ofthe-art dynamic weighing technology has many
software and hardware options. The modular
concept makes the X series particularly service
friendly, requiring little maintenance.
Logistics & Shipping
Logistics & Shipping
Fast and Accurate Order Fulfillment
Delivery quality is essential for both customer satisfaction and your
reputation. Accurate scales, standards-compliant labeling and full
documentation help to ship complete orders quickly. METTLER TOLEDO’s
simple and efficient solutions make sure your customers will continue
to purchase from you, their most reliable supplier.
Fulfilling Orders
Heavy Loads Weighing
Correct order fulfillment
for customer satisfaction
Proper labeling according
to your needs
Accurate weighing
of outgoing goods
Prevent customer complaints by
making sure that you pack the
right parts, the right amount and
ship it to the correct address.
Smart weighing solutions guarantee that customer orders are
filled accurately with exactly the
right products, on time and with
the required documentation.
Correct, industry standard labeling is important when shipping
goods. METTLER TOLEDO provides tailored printing solutions,
meeting the demands of your
customers and the standards
with which you need to comply.
Our system specialists help you
design your own customized
printouts, including pictures and
To accurately weigh and count
heavy and bulky outgoing items,
you can choose from a variety
of floor, pallet and pallet truck
scales. With a range of capacities up to 12,000 kg, free-size
dimensions and rugged construction, there surely is one that
meets your requirements.
Solutions for Logistics & Shipping
Bench & Counting Scales
Case Weighing Solutions
Floor / Pit Scales
Ultra Low-Profile Scale
Heavy Capacity Scales
Pallet & Pallet Truck Scales
Ultra Low-Profile Scale
Rugged drive-through scales
for industrial environments
To maximize productivity in logistics and shipping,
easy and fast loading of floor scales can be essential. The low overall height of 35 to 45 mm allows
smooth driving via a ramp and makes a pit installation unnecessary. Thanks to side and end guards
that protect the weighing cell against side shocks,
the scale provides reliable and accurate weighing
Improved Productivity
For Excellent Business Results
Maximize uptime and throughput to protect your profit margins. Process
inefficiencies are reduced through the intuitive handling of our products,
while the ergonomic setup options minimize operator fatigue to speed up
production. Measuring results can be integrated into your network applications, but they also can trigger a process step to improve throughput.
Data Handling and Documentation
Integration and Automation
To simplify various measuring processes, you need
to handle numerous article IDs, reference values
and process parameters. For efficient data handling, METTLER TOLEDO products offer integrated
data storage and advanced connectivity to your
existing systems or computer. This also allows you
to store and analyze measuring results for statistical purposes. Printing solutions ensure your results
are properly documented and products are labeled
according to standard requirements and for tracing
and tracking.
The right interface option simplifies the integration
of your measuring equipment into your existing
network applications. It increases efficiency by
­ruling out overlaps and bringing together all relevant
data in one central database, where the data can
be monitored and analyzed. The most commonly
used interfaces allow for easy integration. To speed
up measuring processes, use barcode scanners,
RFID readers, external keyboards and alarm lights
connected to METTER TOLEDO equipment. Additionally, digital I/Os allow the control of manufacturing
­processes based on the measuring results.
Easy Operation
Flexible Ergonomics
Easy-to-use software and intuitive user menus
prevent operator errors and fatigue during routine
tasks. They also improve efficiency.
In order to improve productivity, distances between
devices need to be reduced and weighing equipment needs to be integrated in your environment
for convenient scale operation. METTLER TOLEDO
offers independent terminals and platforms, which
can be mounted as a compact, stand-up or separate version. For further comfort, the scales can be
operated on a mobile cart, using batteries and with
wireless communication. The dust-proof and rugged design of the measuring equipment guarantees
a perfect fit for your industrial environment.
•User prompting and recipe weighing solutions
guide the operator efficiently step-by-step through
the process to avoid human errors.
•The colorWeight® checkweighing function indicates unmistakably whether the result is within
•One Click® operation is built in to many lab
instruments and balances for simple and secure
operation with just one keystroke.
Accuracy and High Quality
For Your Success
Whether you are producing the smallest gears of a clock or products
as large as an airplane, high-quality production demands reliability
and accuracy. METTLER TOLEDO’s measuring solutions help you ensure
consistent high product quality, avoid waste and accurately count or
verify end-product quantities.
Cutting-edge Technology
Compliance through Calibration
METTLER TOLEDO is a recognized leader when it
comes to integrating measuring technology with
software to create powerful lab, industrial and retail
solutions. We are committed to translating our innovations into real value for our customers with:
Calibration ensures quality and compliance with
unmatched ease and consistency. With MiraCal™,
the unique METTLER TOLEDO calibration and certification system, you can rest assured that your
operations are compliant. A consistent process,
readily available documentation and valuable data
let you manage performance beyond the next audit.
Fully traceable calibration certificates are generated
in PDF format. METTLER TOLEDO provides accurate measuring and documentation solutions and
­services that help you meet your requirements.
•MonoBloc® weighing technology (electromagnetic
force compensation), which ensures the highest level of accuracy and repeatability of reliable
results in industrial processes.
•61 million resolution points of XP balances that
provide the highest accuracy and precision to
weighing systems in laboratories.
5. Routine Operation
1. Evaluation
Benefit from tangible recommen­
dations for optimal performance
­verification, calibration and
Analyze your process flow and
associated criteria to consistently
ensure the highest quality for your
application and your data.
2. Selection
Choose the ideal combination of
instrument and measuring technology to best match your process
4. Calibration & Qualification
trained Service Team and tools
when it comes to calibrating and
qualifying your instruments.
3. Installation & Training
Enjoy every confidence in your new
device and master it with full professional skills right from day one.
Good Measuring Practices
for Weighing and Titration
Accuracy Where it Counts
Measuring equipment must be inspected, calibrated
and tested regularly to ensure the accuracy of measurement results. GWP® and GTP® are unique qualification services to determine the right measuring
solution for any specific process requirement. The
programs provide clear recommendations for evaluation, selection, installation, calibration and routine
operation of any manufacturer's measuring system.
Through this they give peace of mind to quality and
production managers as well as personnel responsible for qualification procedures.
Selecting the right counting solution saves money
and provides peace of mind from the start. The
GWP® Recommendation for Counting is a unique
qualification service to determine the right counting
scale for any specific process requirement. Counting accuracy is not accidental. With each quote for
a counting scale, be sure to ask for a GWP Recommendation for Counting.
Service / Global Presence
Global Services for Uptime,
Performance, Compliance & Expertise
Day-to-day laboratory and production processes are highly repetitive yet
innovative, characterized by very complex applications and the need for
guaranteed data quality and strict control of process risks. It is a world
very sensitive to the total cost per data point, demanding the utmost precision and accuracy while constantly complying with legal and industrial
regulations and norms.
Easy access to support knowhow and regular equipment
checks according to standard
procedures ensure maximum
uptime at minimal cost.
Professional installation and
setup of your equipment along
with the use of thoroughly tested
applications guarantee high performance from day one.
Full compliance with your industry's regulatory norms is a must
all over the world. This ensures
good audit results and provides
you with peace of mind.
Your equipment is often subject to tough environments and
heavy use in critical processes,
requiring every minute of uptime,
guarding against equipment
breakdown, parts failure and
wear and tear.
Regular preventative maintenance according to manufacturers’ procedures ensures efficient
and consistent performance
throughout the life of your equipment, preventing out-of-spec
results at all times.
Take advantage of our comprehensive equipment qualification and calibration packages
combining standard DQ/IQ/OQ
documentation with recommendations for maintenance and
routine testing specific to your
METTLER TOLEDO is represented with Sales & Service Organizations
in 36 countries as well as Distribution & Service Partners in most
other countries across the globe. Products are developed and produced in various locations in the United States, Europe and China.
Global Presence
Your expertise paired with the
know-how of our Service Team
are key to maximum uptime,
optimum performance and
100% compliance.
With our market organizations
operating in most industrialized
countries as well as selected
partners in other regions, we are
ready to serve you well around
the globe. In total, our products
and services are available in more
than 100 countries.
Benefit from our large portfolio of
premium applications, scientific
publications, SOPs and technical
documentation. In our tailored
trainings and seminars, your personnel acquire the know-how
and skills to run your business
with maximum efficiency.
Our geographically focused
­­market organizations are responsible for all aspects of sales,
­service and support.
Get more information on
Access Information and Know-how
Application Know-how
Benefit from a wide array of brochures and guides.
Comprehensive information enables you to improve your processes.
Value Calculators
Download our calculators and find how much you could be saving.
METTLER TOLEDO offers both live webinars where you can speak directly
with our specialists and recorded on-demand webcasts, which are
available at your convenience 24 hours a day.
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