Power Quality Solution
Power XpertTM 9395 UPS
200 - 1100 kVA
green power
Introduction and overview
As IT managers, facility managers and CIOs face increasing pressure to achieve zero downtime, reduce energy costs by scaling
down data centres and meet sustainability requirements, the
quest for the most reliable and efficient power protection system
has become more critical. With an unprecedented level of power
performance, reliability and energy savings, Eaton® has raised
the bar in three-phase power protection technology with the
Power XpertTM 9395 UPS, the state-of-the-art product from the
Powerware® series.
Premium power performance and true reliability
• Enhanced power protection due to double-conversion design
and lower ITHD
• Dependable operations with Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling
• Option to build parallel systems either with distributed or centralised static bypass switch
• Ingreased reliability through inherent redundancy and Intelligent
Power® software
• Longer battery runtimes due to higher efficiency and ABM®
Key applications
The 9395 delivers a wide scope of superior customer-driven
Large data centres
Server farms
Telecommunication installations
Internet service providers
Transportation systems
Security operations
Broadcasting and entertainment
Process control equipment
Financial systems
Credit card operations
Industrial systems
Multiple medical imaging units
• Higher availability through concurrent maintenance
Lower TCO through sustainable design
• Savings on source materials, space and freight costs due to
reduced footprint and weight
• Reduction in energy consumption during manufacturing,
testing and use
• Electrical and cooling cost savings due to higher up to 99 per
cent efficiency with EAA technologies
• Flexible, upgradeable architecture for future expansion needs
• Longer component life due to higher efficiency
• Installation and testing savings with the Easy Capacity Test
• Reduced end-of-life impact because the materials are recyclable
Power Xpert TM 9395 UPS
Premium power performance and true reliability
Double-conversion design for highest power protection
Eaton’s double-conversion design outperforms the competitors
by completely isolating output from input power anomalies, while
regulating both voltage and frequency to deliver 100 per cent conditioned, perfect sine wave output. Even under the most severe
power disturbances, power output remains stable with the Power
XpertTM 9395 UPS.
Efficiency vs. Load
2x550 kVA
2x800 kVA
Enhanced power performance
Power performance is measured by system efficiency, ITHD, and
input and output power factor. A robust combination of these
elements makes the Power XpertTM 9395 the premier UPS in its
The 9395 delivers an efficiency of up to 94.5 per cent. This high
level of performance is powered by modern transformer-free technology with small, lightweight filter inductors, high performance
IGBTs in the rectifier and inverter, and an advanced control algorithm. The graph on the right shows how efficiency generally dips
as load level decreases. In general, manufacturers list an optimal
efficiency rating at full load. In reality, however, most three-phase
UPSs operate in the range of 30 – 50 per cent load. The 9395 can
provide exceptional efficiency at half load capacity.
% Load
XpertTM 9395
Competitive UPS
Additionally, because of IGBT technology, the 9395 does not
require input filters to obtain excellent input ITHD, unlike most
other manufacturers, whose UPSs require input filters that ultimately lower their efficiency rating. Due to low input ITHD (less
than 3 – 5 per cent) and high input power factor (over 0.99), the
9395 is exceptionally compatible with diverse power sources,
especially generators, but is also mains friendly due to its low harmonic content.
On the output side, the 9395 supports leading power factor loads,
which are becoming more prevalent in new and updated data
centres, thus delivers its full power capability. The 9395 handles,
without derating, down to 0.8, which is the leading power factor
of modern computer and server loads.
These technological innovations result in dramatic cost savings,
given extended battery runtime, longer life of components and
cooler operating conditions within the UPS.
Powerware Hot Sync technology boosts system reliability
Hot Sync®
The Hot Sync system functions automatically without any dependence on centralized, external control.
Powerware Hot Sync utilizes a peer to peer control architecture,
as opposed to the ubiquitous master/slave controls found in competitive systems. This unique architecture eliminates the need for
a single UPM/UPS to depend on any outside source for its control. The multiple UPMs/UPSs simply monitor their own internal
metering, and use simple mathematical computations to remain
synchronized, share the load equally, and detect and isolate malfunctions. This architecture does not require extra circuitry or
added complex wiring in order to function in parallel. Therefore, it
eliminates huge bundles of control wiring, hundreds of electrical
connections, removes the need for a failure-prone central control
thus eliminating complexity and enhancing reliability.
Failure probability / year
In systems with multiple uninterruptible power modules (UPMs),
the 9395 leverages the synchronization, load sharing and selective trip capabilities of Eaton’s patented Powerware Hot Sync
technology. These capabilities are integral to the ultimate systems
availability that is the primary requirement for any parallel UPS
No common logic
Single UPS
Modular UPS
Parallel redundant UPS
Hot Sync®
Patented Hot Sync technology provides highest availability for load
Key design features of Hot Sync systems
• No system-level single point of failure
Ultimate reliability in the implementation of parallel AC power systems guarantees system autonomy and simple instrumentation.
• Paralleled UPMs operate completely independently.
One module cannot affect or interfere with the others –
no domino effect scenario
Sync Control
• No added circuitry is required for parallel operation. Any
standard UPS can be used in a parallel system without
Sync Control ensures that the output of two (or more) separate
UPSs (single modules or parallel systems) remain in phase with
one another so static transfer switches connected between the
separate distribution paths may change state seamlessly when
• This patented and proven technology has been successfully deployed in thousands of systems around the
Inherent redundancy option for highest availability
Surveys focused on efficiency in data centers reveal that UPSs are
often underloaded–frequently at less than 50%. To capitalize on
this trend and create even greater reliability, you have the option
to configure the multi-module 9395 with inherent redundancy.
Anytime the load is below 50% capacity, it is automatically redundant. This option might be the single most important feature that
saves customers from dropping their load. Traditional UPS manufacturers cannot deliver this additional availability without adding a
more costly second UPS module.
Scalable, redundant architecture for current and future needs
The 9395 combines the reliability and redundancy of a multimodule UPS into an integrated, pre-wired solution. With a unique,
flexible design that provides scalability, the UPS can adapt to
future changes in load demands and new requirements for higher
reliability without requiring the purchase of an additional UPS. For
example, the 9395 UPS enables you to add a 275 kVA UPM in the
field for N+1 redundancy or capacity (dependent on static switch
Power Xpert TM 9395 UPS
On site upgrade 550 kVA redundant
Concurrent maintenance for higher availability
Service this module...
With 9395 redundant models, Eaton field technicians can completely isolate and service a redundant module while the other
module carries the load–without going to bypass for service. The
9395 also features a completely front-accessible design and can
be installed against walls or back to back in multi-module configuration. This service-friendly design enhances maximum uptime
and availability.
Ease of installation
The 9395 is a completely integrated large system that incorporates multiple power modules and system switchgear on factory
pre-wired bases. Cabling busbar enters the 9395 UPS from either
the top or bottom of the cabinet to provide easier and more flexible installation. Since everything is pre-wired, cabling busbar
costs and installation time are significantly reduced.
Batteries: the heart of every UPS
When a utility power outage causes a UPS to switch to battery
power, it is imperative that those batteries are healthy, charged
and up to the task. Improper battery management is the number
one cause of downtime. Many UPS batteries on the market today
are constantly trickle-charged – a process that degrades the battery’s internal chemical composition over time, reducing potential
battery service life by as much as 50%. To address this, the 9395
uses a sensing circuit and an innovative three-stage charging technique ABM technology to significantly extend battery service life
and optimize recharge time. In addition, temperature-compensated charging monitors temperature changes, and adjusts the rate
of charge to prolong battery life.
Concurrent maintenance in Eaton
kVA 550 kVA
Power 9395
…while this
module carries
the load
Monitor batteries for optimum readiness
Advances in firmware and digital technology enable the 9395 to
offer sophisticated battery monitoring and management features
that you might expect to find only on expensive add-on systems,
• Battery runtime remaining monitor uses system loading and
trended battery discharge data plus internal sensing points for
voltage and current data to calculate runtime remaining
• Battery circuit test performs a periodic full-load test of the battery string to ensure that there are no open circuits or weak
cells that would jeopardize battery performance and system
Battery voltage during ABM charging process
Sustainable design lowers total cost of ownership
Due to its outstanding environmental performance, the Power
XpertTM 9395 UPS has been awarded the “An Eaton Green
Solution™” label. Eaton uses this label to identify products that
offer proven exceptional environmental benefits to its customers.
Power XpertTM 9395 – An Eaton Green Solution
Unmatched green power performance
The 9395 can operate at up to 94.5 per cent efficiency in double
conversion mode and at 99 per cent in Energy Saver System
mode, thus reducing utility costs and extending battery runtimes.
Higher system efficiency also results in cooler operating conditions, which in turn reduces air conditioning costs, extends the life
of UPS components, and increases overall reliability, availability
and performance. The environmental impact of using the 9395
is minimised due to its sustainable design and the resulting cost
• Less source materials
• Less energy required during manufacturing and testing
• Smaller footprint
• Less energy needed during use, less electrical and
cooling costs
• Reduced end-of-life impact
Greatly reduced footprint
Compared to traditional UPS designs, a transformer-free UPS typically weighs 50 per cent less and occupies only 60 per cent of the
floorspace. In addition, the transformer-free technology is highly
efficient even at half load capacity.
The 9395 fits a redundant design into the same footprint as a
traditional, non-redundant UPS. Unlike some larger and heavier
systems, the 9395 fits easily through all doors, can be transported
on freight elevators, and there is no need to dismantle it to fit it
on elevators or through doorways, which can cause significant
delays and increase costs. Therefore, the 9395’s smaller footprint
not only reduces your total cost of ownership, but also minimises
the impact on shipping.
Easy Capacity Test reduces testing time and costs
With the Easy Capacity Test, the 9395 can test its entire power
train under full load stress, including the rectifier, inverter, contactors, fuses, power busses, cabling, bypass (static switch),
magnetics and filter capacitors – all without an external load being
The net result of this innovative load test is that there are no load
banks to rent, no temporary load connections to make and no
wasted energy, saving you time and money during startup and
commissioning tests.
Eaton field technicians are trained to use this load testing capability during service startup to ensure optimum calibration, maximum
efficiency and inherent redundancy.
Power Xpert TM 9395 UPS
Easy Capacity Test power flow
Power XpertTM 9395 UPS
Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA)
The Eaton Advantage Architecture (EAA) is an umbrella name
for the complementary, innovative energy-saving technologies
by Eaton – Energy Saver System (ESS) and Variable Module
Management Systems (VMMS) – which offer new ways to maximise UPS energy efficiency without compromising on reliability.
These technologies allow engineers and facility managers to get
the best possible performance from their UPS while reducing
financial and environmental costs.
Parallel Power XpertTM 9395 – 825 kVA modular
Variable Module Management System (VMMS)
Most UPS installations are only loaded between 20-40 per cent,
but UPSs are not optimally efficient when used at these lighter
loads. As a key component of EAA, the VMMS technology maximises parallel UPS system efficiencies at low load levels while supplying continuous double-conversion power.
VMMS optimally employs uninterruptible power modules (UPMs)
in the UPS to achieve higher efficiencies in double-conversion
mode. By switching UPMs that are not needed to ready state, the
percentage load level of the active UPMs is maximised.
This is calculated according to the VMMS load threshold of the
UPMs (80 per cent by default) and the redundancy requirements
specified in the system configuration. The result is maximised
energy savings.
In the event of an increased load level on a critical bus, all readystate UPMs are able to revert quickly to double-conversion mode
by connecting the existing PWM signals to the IGBT gates.
Full system efficiency is
automatically optimised
according to the load level
VMMS is made possible through the Power XpertTM 9395 modular
design. It can also be applied in multi-module single-UPS systems.
Energy Saver System (ESS)
Energy Saver System technology enables UPS efficiency to
reach an impressive 99 per cent. ESS allows the UPS to switch
between three configurable operating modes:
Input power quality within load tolerance
Input power quality within rectifier tolerance
1) In standard double-conversion mode the UPS operates normally, supplying power through the power converters.
2) In Energy Saver System mode the power converters are in
ready state and the static bypass switch allows the UPS to supply
power from the mains directly. If mains power is lost or exceeds
preset output limits, the DC link that is kept active seamlessly
switches to double conversion in less than two milliseconds.
While in ESS mode, the UPS is also able to detect whether an
output fault has been caused by a source or by a load. A fault at
the bypass source results in immediate switchover to the inverter,
whereas a fault in the load keeps the UPS in Energy Saver
System mode.
3) In high-alert mode the UPS switches from Energy Saver
System to double conversion for one hour. Power quality is constantly controlled during this time. If a high-alert command is
received again, for example due to a thunderstorm, the one-hour
timer will be reset.
Input power quality out of rectifier tolerance
Components engaged in different ESS operating modes
Meeting the needs of data centres
Meeting the power quality needs of mega data centres
For customers with massive power supply needs, Eaton offers a
choice between two technical solutions for paralleling 9395 systems to best match their power quality requirements:
Both solutions allow the use of Eaton’s technologies Energy Saver
System (ESS) and Variable Module Management System (VMMS)
for enhanced efficiency and substantial energy savings.
1) Distributed bypass – where every UPS unit in the system has an
individually controlled Integrated System Bypass Module (ISBM).
2) Centralised bypass – where all UPS units use a common
system-rated, high-power, static-bypass switch.
Parallel system with a distributed bypass
Parallel system with a centralised bypass
Building a centralised bypass solution with Power XpertTM
9395 SBM
An Power XpertTM 9395 SBM is built to deliver custom, multimodule UPS configurations with a centralised bypass. The SBM
can be used with UPS systems from 2,000 amperes up to 5,000
amperes (1.4 – 3.5 MVA) and is capable of paralleling UPS units
with unequal kVA ratings – for example, one 550 kVA unit and one
275 kVA unit, or three 825 kVA units with one 550 kVA unit.
Sync Control
Sync Control ensures that the output of two or more separate
UPSs (single modules or parallel systems) remain in phase with
each other, so that the static transfer switches connecting separate distribution paths may seamlessly change state when necessary.
The Power XpertTM 9395 SBM cabinet
Power Xpert TM 9395 UPS
Extensive configurability
Customised solutions
Web card
The 9395 is Eaton´s answer to customers that need tailor-made
solutions for mega data centres requiring high power performance,
maximum availability and costs savings. Eaton’s project management team, Large Systems Group (LSG), works together with
our local sales and project management teams to fulfil customer
needs and to meet the sophisticated requirements set by demanding installations, environment and load applications.
Power Xpert 9395 UPS comes equipped with a ConnectUPS
Web/ SNMP card. This tool is a complete UPS monitoring,
control and shutdown solution for a networked IT environment.
In case of alert, the Web/SNMP card notifies users and administrators through e-mail. During a prolonged power failure the
protected computer systems can also be shut down smoothly
with Intelligent Power Protector software.
For example, UPSs used in marine environments have special
dependability requirements due to the harsh environmental conditions they have to withstand and the critical nature of the equipment they protect. Eaton has supplied marine UPSs to hundreds
of vessels over the years.
Eaton offers customised 9395-based systems for different markets, including:
• Mega data centres
The ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP Card allows you to connect your
9395 directly to the ethernet and the internet. This unique solution
allows you to conveniently monitor and manage your UPS with a
standard Web browser. As an added feature, the unique three-port
switching hub on the X-Slot model provides additional network
• Marine and off-shore
• Oil and gas
• Rail and track, underground, traffic, tunnel, mines
• Aviation
• Industrial applications
• Defence/military
Intelligent Power software
Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is a user-friendly monitoring tool for UPSs, ePDUs and environmental sensors. It collects
data through the network, storing it in a database to view and
analysis later. IPM has a powerful alarm function which collects
alarm events from individual devices and sends alerts through
Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) performs an orderly and controlled shutdown of powered computers in case a power failure
exceeds the battery backup time. IPM can be used to monitor
and manage all IPPs running in the network, which dramatically
reduces the workload of administrators and minimises the possibility of error.
Intelligent Power software is a welcome addition to today’s virtualised data centre. Web-based interfaces simplify usage, allowing access from any computer in the LAN or remotely via the
internet. IPM integrates seamlessly with the leading virtualisation
management tool, VMware vCenter. It can even trigger vMotion
to move virtual machines to other servers or sites if there is a fear
of power loss, resulting in zero downtime. IPP supports traditional
server operating systems as well as VMware ESX and Microsoft
Hyper-V virtual environments.
Unmatched green efficiency
An Eaton Green Solution
The Power XpertTM 9395 UPS dramatically improves
energy efficiency and sustainability, while offering a much
smaller footprint than legacy system.
• Less energy during use
Operating at 94.3% efficiency in double conversion
mode and 99% in ESS, the 9395 requires less power,
which in turn creates cooler operating conditions,
reducing air conditioning requirements and extending
the life of UPS components and batteries.
• Less energy during manufacturing
The new design requires 50-80% less energy in manufacturing due to less energy required for testing and to
the smaller configuration.
• Smaller footprint
50%-70% weight reduction is realized due to the much
smaller footprint, thus minimizing impact of shipping
and reducing freight costs.
• Less source materials
Source materials such as steel and copper are much
less than in legacy systems. This reduction is possible
due to the transformer-free technology.
• Reduced end-of-life impact
The Eaton UPS business model supports recycling.
90% of the materials can be recycled, further decreasing end-of-life impact.
Power XpertTM 9395 exemplifies Eaton’s way of doing business right,
helping our customers utilize electrical power more efficiently while
paying attention to sustainable values.
At Eaton, we apply ISO 14001 Environmental Management
System, on site and R&D certification to all of our facilities. The
implementation of ISO 14001 has resulted in dramatic reductions
of energy and water consumption at the plant. Also the amount of
mixed waste has been cut by 80% since 2002.
Eaton is proud to endorse the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous
Substances) and the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment Directive) through the development of nonhazardous products and sound disposal of harmful electrical materials in support of a safer environment.
A significant part of 9395 components complies with RoHS initiative, such as:
- Mechanics
- Cable harnesses
- Electromechanical components
- Printed circuit components (except solder alloy)
Due to these outstanding green performance, the Power XpertTM
9395 has earned the “An Eaton Green Solution™”label used by
Eaton to identify products that offer proven exceptional environmental benefits to the customers.
Power Xpert TM 9395 UPS
Strategies have been deployed to guarantee proper collection and
disposal of materials falling within WEEE restriction.
Product specific end-of-life instructions included in the manuals
provide information for environmentally friendly disposal of batteries, electrical and electronic components.
Eaton Power Xpert™ 9395 UPS 200 - 1100 kVA
UPS output power rating
225 275 300 400 450
550 600 825 1100
VRLA, AGM, Gel, Wet Cell
202 247 240 360 405
495 480 742 990
Charging method
ABM technology or Float
with EMP
Efficiency in double
conversion mode (full load)
Efficiency in double
conversion mode (half load)
VMMS (double conversion)
Efficiency in Energy Saver
System (ESS)
Distributed parallelling with Hot
Sync technology
significantly increased efficiency at
low loads
up to 99%
Internal N+1 redundance capable Yes
Inverter/rectifier topology
transformer-free IGBT with PWM
Audible noise
75 - 81.5 dBA @ 1m, model dependant
Altitude (max)
1000 m without derating (max 2000 m)
Battery nominal
voltage (lead-acid)
Charging current /
ModelDefault A
480 V (40 x 12 V, 240 cells)
200 225 275 300 400 450 550 600 825 1100
40 40 40 38 80 80 80 76 120 160
Dimensions and weights
1350 x 880 x 1800
810 kg
225, 275 and 300kVA
1350 x 880 x 1880
830 kg
450/550/600kVA and
225/275/300kVA redundant
1890 x 880 x 1880
1430 kg
450/550 kVA redundant
2520 x 880 x 1880
2030 kg
275 kVA field upgrade UPS-U
740 x 880 x 1880
600 kg
825 kVA
3710 x 880 x 1880
2730 kg
1100 kVA and 825 kVA redundant
4450 x 880 x 1880
3330 kg
Input wiring
3 ph + N + PE
Nominal voltage rating
220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V 50/60 Hz
Input voltage range
+10% / -15%, +10% /-10% for bypass
Input frequency range
45-65 Hz
4 communication bays
Input power factor
Serial ports
1 available
Input ITHD
< 3-5% on nominal load, depending on
the utility UTHD
Relay inputs/outputs
5/1 programmable
Soft start capability
Internal backfeed protection
Yes, standard (except on 200/400kVA
Output wiring
3 ph + N + PE
Nominal voltage rating
220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V 50/60 Hz
Output UTHD
<3% (100% linear load);
<5% (reference non linear load)
Output power factor
0.9 (0.8 for 300 & 600 kVA)
Permitted load power factor
0.7 lagging - 0.8 leading
Overload on inverter
10 min 100-110%; 30 sec 110-125%;
10 sec 125-150%; 300 ms >150%
Overload when bypass available
Continuous <115%, 20 ms 1000%
Note: Bypass fuses may limit the
overload capability
External battery cabinets with long-life batteries,
X-Slot connectivity (Web/SNMP, ModBus/Jbus,
Relay, Hot Sync, ViewUPS-X remote display)
Compliance with standards
IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950-1
IEC 62040-2
IEC 62040-3
In the interests of continuous product improvement all specifications are subject to change without notice.
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