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The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
Index of Grill Manufacturers
This is the most complete list I have of the grill makers and their website/customer service
-AAlfresco Grills - Website:
Altima Gas Grills - Manufacturers Tuscany and Sonoma Grills. Website:
Amana Gas Grills - Manufactured by Sureheat. Website:
American Outdoor - Websites include: and "aftermarket" sites such as
Aussie Gas Grills - Manufactured by: (to click on left side index.)
"Aftermarket" sites like carry parts for Aussie.
-BBakers and Chef - The only website I'm aware of is: Also try
"aftermarket" sites like
BBQ Grillware (sold at Lowe's) - Lowe's customer service for grills is 1-800-643-0067. I
believe these grills are made by BBQ Grillware does answer 1-866-8695300 (as of 11/22/10) and a website shows up in a search engine as
(11/22/10) Also try also "aftermarket" sites like
BBQPro Gas Grills - are available through (for model numbers 720-0267 and
720-0268) and through (for models starting with BQ-0423-1 as well as
others starting with BQ) Omaha’s phone number is 1-800-933-0527.
Blue Ember Grills – are made by Fiesta which is now owned by Try and
Bond Grills - are available at: 1-877-885-8227. They have merged with the
Lucas Company, who makes the BBQ Grillware.
Brinkmann Grills - Website: Brinkman makes some Charmglow Grills
(model numbers beginning in 810- ) for Home Depot. "Aftermarket" sites, like, have parts as well
Broil King Grills - Website:, or in Canada: (available as
Broilmaster grills - Websites: and (available as
Broil Mate Grills - Website:, in Canada. (available as
Bull Grills, Brahma, Steel Bull and Texan Grills - Website:
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
BBQTEK Grills - Website: or call 1-877-885-8225
-CCal Flame Grills - Based in California. Website: or phone 1- 800-225-7727
Calphalon Cooking Essentials - AMG, Greenville, TN.1-800-251-7558 phone number for (also handles Aussie Grills).
Capital Cooking Equipment - Website:
Capt'n Cook Grills - was owned by Grills Galore. They were bought out of bankruptcy by Grandhall also seems to be having problems. Also try "aftermarket" sites
Centro -Trileaf Distribution -Toronto, Canada 1-800-251-5463
CFM Corp - Now owned by They may have some parts for CFM Grills
Char-Broil Grills - Is owned by WC Bradley. Website: Also check
"aftermarket” sites like
Chargriller - Website:
Charmglow Grills - First made in the 60's by the MHP's Koziol family. They sold it and the
Charmglow name went through many owners including Sunbeam. The name is now used (or
rented) by Home Depot. You can try Home Depot customer service at
You should try finding the model number of your grill first. Model numbers starting with 720(or
730) are handled by: Numbers starting with 810 are handled through Also try "aftermarket" sites like
City Grill - Website:
Coleman - Website: and "aftermarket" sites like
-DDCS - -888-936-7872 as well as "aftermarket" dealers such as
Devilbliss - by Sunbeam. Call 1-800-641-2100. Sunbeam has many websites and you'll
probably end up having to call them.
Ducane Grills - Ducane is the company bought out of bankruptcy by Weber. Try the website: You will probably have to use "aftermarket" sites like for
older parts.
-EEasy Chef - I found a manual online showing Empire Products in Montclair, CA 1-800-5274790. The phone number was answered as “Sierra Products (11/25/10). They might now be
Empire Comfort Systems in Belleville, IL. Also try:
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
Electrolux - Website: or phone number 1-800-527-4790. Also try some
"aftermarket" dealers like
-FFalcon Gas Grills - These grills originated in Texas and were purchased by Arkla Industries in
the 60's and then later sold to Preway. Finally they were owned by Sunbeam who closed their
grill production 12 years ago. You will have to look at "aftermarket" parts dealers like
Fiesta Grills - are now owned by However, they still show the website: "Aftermarket" dealers like also sell some parts.
Fire Magic - Website: "Aftermarket" parts are available.
Fisher & Paykel - This company may be the current owner of DCS grills. They show the
website: The phone number is: 1-888-936-7872.
Four Seasons - Website: Phone number: 1-800-229-5647
Frigidaire - Website: Phone number: 1-800-320-0859
Fuego - Website: Phone number: 1-888-88FUEGO
-GGE-Monogram -General Electric. Website: Phone number: 1-800444-1845
George Foreman - These grills are primarily electric. But I found a gas grill with this name
locally at a Kroger store that was made by George mostly shows the
website (this may not be a current site) on the manuals I found. If you
have the OMC made “George Foreman”, those parts have "aftermarket" coverage. And, is an OEM dealer.
Glenn Canyon Grills - are all made by: This company has a habit of
closing out parts, sometimes in just a few years. Try the "aftermarket" dealers, like, as well.
Grand Hall - Website: Also try the "aftermarket" dealers.
Grand Turbo - was made by BBQ Galore who was purchased by Grand Hall. Also, see
"aftermarket" dealers, like, who has a small collection of Turbo and Capt
Cook valves.
Great Outdoors - started as a small grill maker in Missouri about 10 years ago. They were
then sold to CFM Corp in Canada. CFM went bankrupt and was then purchased by You can find a collection of the parts at the OMC site. Additionally,
"aftermarket" parts are available through, which specializes in the older,
heavy Great Outdoors original series.
Grill King - The 810-XXX model numbers are made by
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
Grill Master Grills - were made by Sunbeam for years. Those grills only have "aftermarket"
parts available through websites like The name has shown up on stainless
steel “box" grills (seen everywhere). But those grills are not connected to Sunbeam. You can
find those grills at: 1-478-808-0710.
Grill Mate - These grills are made by SR Potten, LTD in Canada. Phone number: 1-514-6314995. They do answer the phone and still make Grill Mate parts and grills.
GrillPro Grills - are made by You can find "aftermarket" parts at, who is an OEM dealer.
-HHearthland Grills - These grills are (as far as I can find) wood fired (and offer grills that are
fired with pellets). Website: The company is known as
Hearthland Products and they are located in Bloomington, MN.
Holland Grills - Website:
-IIgloo - These grills show the company North American Outdoors, Ontario, Canada, The phone
number is 1-866-626-4745. Additionally they show a support site: Igloo parts are also available through "aftermarket" sites
-JJenn Air Grills - These grills were made by 2 companies. CFM made the models starting with
JA, and Nexgrill made all the models starting with 720, 730 or 750. CFM is now owned by Website for Nexgrill is: . Since Jenn Air is no longer
carried by Lowe's, you may have to try an 'aftermarket' site like
-KKalamazoo - Website: Phone number: 1-800-868-1699. Also
try "aftermarket" parts.
Kenmore - Website: (which is still Sears). Also try "aftermarket" parts such
as Many companies have made grills for Kenmore.
Kirkland - All the 720-XXX numbers are through the Website: . The
CG107ALP is a made grill and the PCA-2600L shows phone number 1800-305-2557 support number. "Aftermarket" parts are available as well through
Kitchen Aid - Website: Phone number: 1-800-807-6777. These grills are
mostly sold in Canada.
KMART - Phone number: 1-888-317-7612. Also, try website: and
“aftermarket" sites such as:
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
Life@home - Loblaw Companies, Canada. Phone number: 1-877-885-8227
Lynx - Website: Phone number: 1-888-879-2322. Also available through
"aftermarket" dealers like
-MMagicater - Website: Phone number: 1-800-258-3708 and 1-603-2256684.
Magikitch’n - Same as above
Margaritaville - Website: Phone number: 1-877-689-2737
Master Chef - This is a Canadian company. Website: Phone
number: 1-877-707-5463. Also, "aftermarket" sites like
MasterForge - sold by Lowe's. I found a support phone number: 1-800-643-0067. Some
"aftermarket" suppliers show a few parts.
Masterbuilt - Website: Phone number: 1-800-489-1581. Located in
Members Mark - Several companies make these grills. The model numbers starting with 720XXX and 730-XXX are made by The grills starting with B and BQ are made by
Dongguan Xing Cheng and have a customer service number at 1-800-933-0527. I believe the
rest of the grills are from Sam’s Club shows a phone number: 1-888-7467726. Also, check
MHP Grills - are made by Modern Home Products. Website: Also, is an OEM dealer for these grills.
Minden Grill Company - Website:
-NNapoleon - Website: This company is in Canada.
NEX - Website:
-OOrion - Website: (this may not be a current site). Phone number: 1866-891-3663
Outdoor Gourmet - Dongguam Xing Cheng Hardware, Phone number: 1-800-933-0527
Outdoors Unlimited - 888-226-9850,
-PPGS Grills - Pacific Gas Specialties Corp. Website:
Patio Chef - SR Potten Ltd, Quebec, Canada. Phone number: 1-800-667-7313.
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
Perfect Flame - Made by several companies. The 720-XXX and the 730-XXX are through I believe all the models starting with G or S are through Phone number: 1-866-578-6569. One table top model TT-1001 had a
phone number of 1-877-447-4768 and that is for the GHP GROUP. These grills are made for
Lowe's and a phone number (last checked 6/10) is 1-800-648-0067 Of course, "aftermarket"
parts are available through sites like
Perfect Glo - Chino, CA. Phone number: 1-888-287-0735.
Permasteel - is made by:
Prochef - I do not believe that these grills are still being made. Parts will have to be bought
from "aftermarket" sites like
Profire - Website:, which is owned by is an OEM parts dealer as well
-RRoma - Website:
-SSears - Of course, try But you may have to try "aftermarket" dealers like
Solaire - Website: Phone number: 1-800-782-1365
Sonoma - Website: Phone number: 1-800-229-5647
Sterling/Shepard - Website: in Canada. Also, is an
OEM parts dealer.
Sunbeam - Sunbeam no longer makes grills. You will have to try the "aftermarket" dealers
such as
Sunjoy - Phone number: 1-866 578 6569 is for Sunjoy Industries. You may end up going to an
"aftermarket" dealer.
Sureheat - makes many Lowe's grills (and others). Website:
-TTEC-Grills - These grills are infrared specialty grills. Website: Phone
number: 1-800-331-0097
Thermador - Website: Phone number: 1-800-735-4328
Thermos - Website: and "aftermarket" dealers like
Tuscany Grills - Website: and "aftermarket" dealers.
Twin Eagles - Website: Phone number: 1-562-802-3488
The “FixIt” Manual – Index of Grill Manufacturers
-UUniflame - and "aftermarket' dealers like
-VVeranda - Website: Phone number: 1-800-489-1581
Vermont Castings - Website: This company was owned by CFM
in Canada and they sold it as a result of bankruptcy. "Aftermarket" dealers like carry many parts
Vidalia - Website:
Viking - Website: "aftermarket" dealers like
Vintage - Website: Phone number: 1-866-357-6420
Virco - Website:
-WWeber - Weber is an old American company. Website: "Aftermarket" parts
are also available from sites like
Wolf - Website: Phone number: 1-800-332-9513
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