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Bring Home
Intelligent Solutions
for Everyday Life
International Reach
Welcome to the world of Beko home appliances, where functionality and efficiency blend
in full harmony. Beko is the international household appliances brand of Arçelik Group
which is the 3rd biggest household appliances manufacturer in Europe. Its products are
sold in 107 countries worldwide and supported by an international network of 367
authorized distributors and 18,000 employees worldwide.
Intelligent Solutions
Beko home appliances are designed to deliver intelligent solutions to all your domestic
needs - from cooling, cooking, washing and cleaning to air-conditioning or entertainment.
Not only do we use intelligence in our products, but also at every contact point with our
customers, from design to packaging, from distribution to sales.
Quality Products
Beko has won several international awards for quality, design and functionality worldwide.
Not surprisingly, every day more than 25,000 consumers buy Beko products around the
world. There are currently more than 250 million satisfied Beko customers across the
globe and we hope you are next.
Welcome to the world of BEKO!
International Honours for Beko
4 Reasons to buy
Beko Air Conditioners
1- Energy Saving
2- Air Quality
Energy Saving Function
Active Carbon Filter
Beko Air Conditioners are designed to be
energy efficient to save your money.
It can help to absorb many kinds of bad odours
such as ammonia (NH3) and inactivates harmful
chemical gases. This filter can also help to
absorb small dust particles, smoke and prevent
allergic disease.
Sleep Mode
Under Sleep mode, the air-conditioner will
automatically increase tempretures (cooling)
10* c per hour, or decrease 20* c (heating)
per hour. The set tempreture will be stable
within 2 hours. With the sleep function, the
machine can maintain the most comfortable
tempreture and save energy.
Anti-Bacteria Filter
The easy to wash anti-bacteria filter catches
most small dust particles in the air, as well as
prevents bacteria reproduction and makes the
indoor atmosphere healthy.
Timer Function
With this function you can save energy by
programming your air-conditioner to shut
down when you don’t need it or alternatively
you can program your air-conditioner to
operate before you come home so that you
can enjoy your cool living room as soon as
you step in.
3- Comfort
Low Noise Airflow System
With the optimized air duct and the large
diameter cross flow fan, the indoor noise can
be reduced considerably without decreasing
the airflow, thus providing a quiet and
comfortable environment for the user.
4- Convenience
Numerical Display
On the Indoor unit
Full function LCD, LED or Numerical displays
help the user monitor and operate the unit
clearly and easily.
Independent Dehumidification
LCD Remote Control
This feature is usually used on rainy days or
in damp areas. By operating in cooling mode
or fan only mode, the unit can achieve
comfortable humidity for the user without
lowering the room tempreture.
All functions of the air-conditioner can be
controlled by the LCD remote control.
Hot Start
In heating mode, fan speed is controlled
according to evaporator tempreture. Only
when the evaporator’s tempreture is warm
enough, the fan begins to operate, preventing
any cold blasting.
New Line
Inverter Line
Cassette Range
0.75 Ton
1 Ton
1.5 Ton
2 Ton
Anti-Bacteria Filter
Anti-Corrosion Cabinet
Low Noise Air Flow
Timer Function (12H)
LED Digital Display
Hot Start
Wireless Basic Remote Control
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