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Remote Control
for ME Series
Operator’s Manual
Remote Control
for ME Series Inverter/Chargers
Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Installation
3. Operation
Front Panel
Rotary Knob
Chart 1 - Battery Charge Voltages
Chart 2 - Absorption Times
Chart 3 - Factory Default Settings
LCD Display
4. Troubleshooting and Specifications
5. Warranty
This manual contains important safety instructions.
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
1. Overview
This product must be installed by a qualified technician in
accordance with all applicable electrical codes
Always disconnect the coach’s batteries before installing this
Remove the generator’s spark plug (or disconnect the
battery on diesel generators) to prevent accidental starting
during installation of this product
Use insulated tools
Remote Control for ME Series Inverter/Chargers
Congratulations on your purchase of a remote control for your
Magnum Energy inverter/charger. The remote allows you to
customize the operating parameters of the inverter/charger,
thus maximizing performance and increasing the life of your
The remote control has all of the programming and operation
functions included in an easy-to-use package. The remote
features soft keys (silicon pads) as well as a rotary knob, LEDs
and a two-line LCD readout.
To help save energy, the automatic power saver mode turns off
all LEDs as well as the LCD display five minutes after the last
soft key has been pushed. The display will "wake up" with any
keystroke or whenever a change in operational status occurs.
Installing the remote control is a simple process and requires
the following tools:
• Phillips Screw Driver
• Level
• 7/64” & 1/8” Drill Bits
• Pencil
• Drill
CAUTION: Always check for hidden wires, pipes and
cables BEFORE drilling or cutting into the coach’s
walls, cabinets or bulkheads.
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
2. Installation
Installing the ME Series Remote Control
1. Determine a suitable location to mount the remote control. It
must be located in a clean, dry and protected place.
Allow ample room to access the remote’s adjustment dial and to
view the LEDs for troubleshooting. Predrill the four 1/8” holes
as necessary.
2. Route the 4 wire twisted pair wiring from the inverter/
charger to the remote. Connect the wiring to the rear of the
remote and to the remote port on the inverter/charger.
3. Use the four 6x3/4” screws to mount the remote to the
coach’s wall or bulkhead.
Figure 1
ME Series Remote Control
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation
LED Indicators
LCD Display
Rotary Knob
Switches / Soft Keys
Figure 2
Remote Control - Font Panel
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
ME Series Remote Control - Front Panel
The remote control is equipped with a wide range of easy-touse switches and displays, allowing you to quickly setup your
inverter/charger as well as determine its operational status.
Rotary Knob
The Rotary “spin” knob is similar to a dash radio knob and used
to easily move between menus to select program options. Turn
the rotary knob clockwise to increase selections and counterclockwise to decrease selections. Push the knob to “save” the
selection displayed in the LCD screen.
Inverter ON/OFF:
Used to switch the inverter function ON and OFF. The green
“INVERTER” LED turns ON and OFF with the switch.
Charger ON/OFF:
Used to switch the charger function ON and OFF. The green
“CHARGER” LED turns ON and OFF with the switch. Press and
hold the switch down for 5 seconds to initiate EQ.
Soft Keys:
Press the soft keys to access the required function. Then use
rotary “SELECTOR” knob to scroll through the selections. Press
the rotary knob to save the selection. Options include:
Shore –
Sets the appropriate breaker size for the incoming shore
power and is used to control the amount of AC amps the
battery charger uses from HOT 1 IN. Selection options are
5,10,15,20,30 and 50 amps.
Turns the optional AGS (Auto Gen Start) function ON and
OFF. Selection options are OFF, ENABLE and TEST.
Meters –
This function is display only and indicates DC volts, DC
amps, AC volts (future) and AC amps (future).
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
Liquid Lead Acid (Flooded)
14.6 VDC
14.6 VDC
13.4 VDC
15.5 VDC
14.1 VDC
13.6 VDC
13.1 VDC
15.5 VDC
14.1 VDC
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)**
14.3 VDC
14.3 VDC
* CAUTION: Never “Equalize” Gel batteries.
** NOTE: AGM voltages are courtesy of Lifeline
brand batteries.
Chart 1 - Battery Charge Voltages
Battery Size
200 AHr
400 AHr
600 AHr
800 AHr
1000 AHr
Charge Time
90 minutes
120 minutes
150 minutes
180 minutes
210 minutes
Chart 2 - Absorption Times
(determined by battery bank size selection)
Battery Bank
Battery Type
Charge Rate
5 watts
10 VDC
400 AHr
Liquid Lead Acid
100 %
75 %
Chart 3 - Factory Default Settings
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
Soft Keys, continued:
Setup –
Configures the inverter/charger. Options include:
• Search
Used to set the search watts at which the inverter will come
out of “sleep” mode. Selections are 3-75 watts.
• LBCO (Low Battery Cut Out)
Used to set the DC voltage level to shut down the inverter
and protect the batteries from over-discharge damage.
Selections are 9.0 VDC, 10.0 VDC and 11.0 VDC. DC volts
must reach and maintain LBCO setting for 2 minutes before
inverter shut down is initiated.
• Battery Size
Used to select the approximate battery bank capacity.
Selections are in 200 amp increments from 200 -1000
amps. Battery capacity is also used to determine absorption
time during battery charging. See Chart 2.
• Battery Charge Rate
Used to set the maximum charge rate during bulk, absorption or float charge. Selections are in 10 amp increments
from 10% - 100%.
• Battery Type
Used to select battery type for the battery charge profile.
Selections are Gel, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Liquid Lead
Acid (Flooded) and Custom (future). See Chart 1.
• Contrast
Used to adjust the LCD contrast.
• Factory Reset
Restores all settings to factory defaults. press and hold the
switch the switch for 5 seconds. “Reset Complete” will be
appear in the display. See Chart 3.
Tech – (display only)
Reserved for future, this feature is used for troubleshooting
the inverter/charger. Options include FET temp, transformer
temp, battery temp and fault record. Fault record tracks the
last 10 inverter/charger shut down faults.
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
The remote contains the following LEDs to indicate various
modes of operation.
The green POWER LED indicates 120 VAC power is available
at HOT OUT 1 and HOT OUT 2 from either inverting, shore or
generator power.
The red FAULT LED indicates the inverter/charger has shut
down from one of the following conditions:
• High Battery - Battery voltage exceeded 15.5 VDC
• Low Battery – Battery voltage is below LBCO setting
• Overtemp – Unit has exceeded maximum operating
• AC Overload – AC loads exceeded unit’s output rating
The green CHARGER LED indicates the charger is “ON.” The
charger’s output is determined by selections made in the
“Charge Rate” and “Shore” setup options. When the
CHARGER LED is blinking, it indicates a “reduced charge
rate” based on a low “Charge Rate” or “Shore” setting, or an
over temperature condition.
The green INVERTER LED indicates the inverter is “ON.” If
AC power is available from shore or generator, then the
inverter is in “standby mode” indicated by a blinking LED.
In the event AC shore or generator power is lost, the inverter is standing by to power the connected loads from the
Power LED
Fault LED
Charger LED
Inverter LED
Figure 3
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
OFF The unit is “OFF” with no shore or generator AC power
Search –
The unit is in search mode. AC loads are less than the
search watts setting.
Inverting –
The unit is inverting power from the batteries into 120 VAC
at its output.
Bulk Charge –
The battery charger is delivering maximum current to the
batteries. The charger will remain in bulk charge until the
bulk charge voltage is achieved. See Chart 1.
NOTE: The maximum current can be reduced by adjusting
the battery charge rate and shore power settings using the
setup options.
Absorption –
Absorption charge is the second stage of charging and
indicates the bulk voltage for battery type selected has been
reached. The DC current will start to taper off in order to
maintain the bulk voltage setting. Absorption time is determined by battery bank size selection. See Chart 2.
Figure 4
LCD Display
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
3. Operation, continued
Float –
At the end of absorption time, the charger reduces the
charge voltage to the float voltage setting for the battery
type selected. See Chart 1.
Battery SaverTM Battery saver mode is a new and unique setting to Magnum
Energy’s inverter/chargers. It maintains the batteries
without “overcharging” thus preventing excessive loss of
water in flooded batteries or drying out of AGM batteries.
When the charger enters battery saver mode, it turns off
and monitors the battery voltage if there is no float charge
current to the batteries after 4 hours. When the battery
voltage drops to 12.9 VDC, the charger turns on and float
charges the batteries to a nominal level. Once that level
has been reached, the charger returns to battery saver
mode to monitor the batteries.
Equalize –
The battery charger is delivering equalize voltage to the
batteries for a maximum of 4 hours. See Chart 1. Press
and hold the switch down for 5 seconds to initiate EQ. The
LED will blink fast.
NOTE: Equalize mode will not start until the charger is in
float or battery saver mode.
Fault LED
Figure 5
Fault Conditions
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
4. Troubleshooting and Specifications
Fault Conditions
Low Battery –
The unit has shut down because the battery voltage is
below the set point in LBCO. It will automatically restart
when battery voltage rises above 12.4 VDC.
High Battery –
The unit has shut down because the battery voltage has
exceeded 15.5 VDC. It will automatically restart when the
battery voltage drops below 15.0 VDC.
Overtemp –
The unit has shut down because the temperature at the
transformer or FET board has exceed the safe temperature
operating range. It will automatically restart after unit cools
AC Overload –
The unit has shut down because the AC load connected to
the inverter’s output exceeded its maximum output rating.
NOTE: When this occurs, reduce the load and MANUALLY
restart the unit.
Electrical Requirements 12 VDC
Charger (ON/OFF),
Inverter (ON/OFF)
LED Indicators
Power, Fault, Charger, Inverter
Soft Keys
Shore, AGS, Meter, Setup, Tech
Selector Switch
Rotary (press to accept)
LCD (2 line)
Cable type
4 wire twisted pair
0.5 lb (0.22 kg)
3.75" H x 5.75" W x 1.125" D
(9.5 cm H x 16.6 cm W x 2.9 cm D)
Cutout Dimensions
2.75" H x 4.75" W
(7 cm H x 12 cm W)
Specifications at 25 °C - subject to change without notice.
 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
5. Warranty
36 Month Limited Warranty
Magnum Energy, Inc., warrants the ME Series Remote Control to be free from
defects in material and workmanship that result in product failure during
normal usage, according to the following terms and conditions:
1. The limited warranty for the product extends for 36 months beginning from
the product's original date of purchase.
2. The limited warranty extends to the original purchaser of the product and is
not assignable or transferable to any subsequent purchaser.
3. During the limited warranty period, Magnum Energy will repair, or replace at
Magnum Energy's option, any defective parts, or any parts that will not
properly operate for their intended use with factory new or rebuilt replacement items if such repair or replacement is needed because of product
malfunction or failure during normal usage. The limited warranty does not
cover defects in appearance, cosmetic, decorative or structural parts or any
non-operative parts. Magnum Energy's limit of liability under the limited
warranty shall be the actual cash value of the product at the time the
original purchaser returns the product for repair, determined by the price
paid by the original purchaser. Magnum Energy shall not be liable for any
other losses or damages.
4. Upon request from Magnum Energy, the original purchaser must prove the
product's original date of purchase by a dated bill of sale, itemized receipt.
5. The original purchaser shall return the product prepaid to Magnum Energy in
Everett, WA. Magnum Energy will return the product prepaid to the original
purchaser after the completion of service under this limited warranty.
6. This limited warranty is voided if:
• the product has been modified without authorization
• the serial number has been altered or removed
• the product has been damaged through abuse, neglect, accident, high
voltage or corrosion.
• the product was not installed and operated according to the owner's
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 2003 - Magnum Energy, Inc.
Magnum Energy, Inc.
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