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Omek Interactive
LVH, Hospitality Suite 22-121
2 Hahar St., Ganir Ctr.
Industrial Zone Har Tuv A
Bet Shemesh, 99067, Israel
972-2-991-8363 Fax: 972-0-7221-55831
Omek Interactive provides tools and technology to create intuitive, natural interfaces.
Omek’s offering includes Grasp, a close-range, hand and finger tracking solution being
integrated into personal computing devices and automotive systems; and Beckon, for full
body gesture and motion tracking.
Brands: Omek Beckon, Omek Grasp
OMG Electronics Ltd.
Omicron International Inc.
LVH, 47020
LVCC, North Hall, 3314
2901 S. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Omicron International Inc. is located in Southern California. The company started at the
beginning of 2006. Omicron designs, manufactures and markets speaker systems.
Omicron is also Apple licensed. Omicron focuses on Bluetooth portable speaker and HDTV
speaker development.
Brands: Tubus, Tubus - USB Speaker System, Tubus - Bluetooth Speaker System,
Tureno - HDTV Speaker System
OncQue Corp.
LVCC, South Hall 3, 32077
No. 278, Sec. 4, Tzuyu Rd., E. Dist.
Taichung City, 40147, Taiwan R.O.C.
886-4-2212-2715 Fax: 886-4-2212-2717
Oncque Corp., founded in 1996 and located in Taiwan, is certified with ISO9001,
QC080000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. Won Medium Enterprise Innovation Research
Award in 2003, and 2005, and honored by National Invention Award in 2004, 2005 and
Brands: OncQue®
Onda Systems Inc.
Venetian Tower, Suite 29-312
2431 Sovereign Cir. SW.
Calagary 43C 2M4, Canada
North American manufacturers of audiophile cables. Onda uses high purity solid silver
multi-core components for their interconnects, power cords and speaker wire. Onda’s
breakthrough technology provides a clean, crisp analog sound with transparency and
soundstage realism.
Brands: Onda Cables
One Magnet Electronic Co. Ltd.
Venetian, Lvl 2, Hall D, 72130
9F Lixin Plz., No. 90 S. Hubin Rd.
Xiamen, 361004, China-PRC
Onemag has engaged in serving and manufacturing both ferrite and NdFeB magnet for
various speakers, receivers and headsets, etc. in China for over 12 years. We are so
honored to have famous companies like Sony, Samsung, Harman, etc.
Brands: One Magnet
ONKYO U.S.A. Corp.
18 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
201-785-2610 Fax: 201-785-2650
Venetian, Lvl 2, Bassano 2701
Venetian, Lvl 2, Bassano 2702
Venetian, Lvl 2, Bassano 2703
Venetian, Lvl 2, Bassano 2704
Manufacturer of audio components and systems.
OmniVision Technologies Inc.
LVH, Hospitality Suite 28-121
4275 Burton Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
408-567-3000 Fax: 408-567-3001
OmniVision Technologies is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Its
award-winning CMOS imaging technology enables superior image quality in many of
today’s consumer and commercial applications.
Omron Healthcare Inc.
LVCC, South Hall 2, 26511
1925 W. Fld. Ct., Ste. 100
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Omron Healthcare Inc., a leading manufacturer of home health products, offers a new suite
of connected products including pedometers, heart rate monitors, activity monitors and
blood pressure monitors. Omron products provide accurate health and wellness information
to support healthy lifestyle changes.
Company Contacts: Kazuko Kuriyama, Global PR & Product Development; Angela
Salerno, U.S. Public Relations Contact; Johnna Purcell, Sr. Marketing Communications
Brands: Omron
On a Higher Note
Venetian Tower, Suite 30-216
PO Box 698
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693
949-488-3004 Fax: 949-612-0201
Exclusive importer of high-end audio components for North America, currently distributing
Luxman, Brinkmann, Vivid Audio and Audioaero, working with elite audio consultants to
help music lovers and audiophiles maximize the enjoyment of live music performance at
the comfort of their home.
Brands: Luxman, Brinkmann, Vivid Audio, Audioaero
Best of
Ooma Inc.
LVCC, South Hall 1, 21134
1840 Embarcadero Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94303
650-566-6600 Fax: 650-325-7197
Ooma offers a consumer electronics product that provides free telephone calling and
advanced telephony services in the U.S. and Canada. Ooma uses your high speed Internet
connection and existing home phone to deliver exceptional call quality with its exclusive
PureVoice™ HD Technology.
Brands: Ooma Telo
LVH, Hospitality Suite 323
Svetsarvägen 15
Solna, 17141, Sweden
46-8-55-00-36-00 Fax: 46-8-55-00-36-19
Exceptional sound, reduced cabling, wireless streaming, ease of use and a stunning design
are the main attributes of the Opalum sound concept. Eva Hanner, one of Scandinavia’s
premiere designers, has put her unique signature into every Opalum product. "It’s all about
simple and solid elegance."
Brands: Opalum
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