Binatone | WR3000N | Userguide for Binatone Modem Final RDC

User Guide for Binatone ADSL CPE - Model : DM 856W
150M Wireless ADSL2+ Router
This user guide contains procedure for:
i. Configuration to set up a PPPoE connection for IPv4 Internet access.
ii. Verification of Internet connection status.
iii. Change DNS address setting of ADSL Router.
1. Configuration to set up a PPPoE connection for IPv4 Internet access :
a. Login into the ADSL router with IP address Enter
Username as “admin” and the password for the Username “admin” is
“written on the back side of the Modem (Wi-Fi/Admin Password) ”
b. Select Interface setup then click on Internet.
c. ATM VC Settings : Select PVC - 0, Status –Activated, VPI - 0 and VCI – 32
( Change only if required.)
d. IPV4/IPV6 : IP version : select IPV4 button.
e. Under the Encapsulation heading select ISP PPPoA/PPPoE
f. Under PPPoE/PPPoA enter the service name as MTNL, Username as the
“Telephone number of the Customer and attach @a after Username if
connected to SOTL or Alcatel network”, Password as CA number or the
working password of the user.
g. Under the setting at Connection setting, IP Common Options and IPv4
Address configuration keep all setting as default. Check once whether all
the parameters are as shown in the following figure.
h. Save the configuration.
i. To make the changes permanent restart the router. Select Maintenance then
SysRestart, then System Restart with Current Settings. Then click on
2. Verification of Internet connection status :
Click on Status Tab. Under WAN - check the IP address, subnet and gateway, all
should be present, it indicates Internet connection is OK. The Internet connection
status can also be verified from the Green Internet LED – on the front panel.
3. Change DNS IP address setting of ADSL CPE :
a. Select Interface setup then click on LAN.
b. Under DNS change as Primary DNS server : and Secondary
DNS server :
c. Save the configuration.
User Guide for Wireless security
Model : Binatone DM 856W 150M Wireless ADSL2+ Router
This guide provides you simple steps to secure your wireless router.
Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch : Wireless access to the Wireless ADSL router can be
opened or closed with the help of a physical Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch provided on
the front panel of the Wireless ADSL router. The Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch is a toggle
switch, to make the Wi-Fi ON or OFF, keep it pressed for 2-3 seconds.
Whenever not required it is better to keep the Wi-Fi access in OFF state.
1. Secured Access through data encryption:
For secured data transmission between wireless clients ( Laptop, Mobile etc. )
and Wireless ADSL router, different encryption standards are available. You can
select any of the encryption standards but both sides (On wireless router and
Client) this encryption standard should be the same. For eg: WPA-PSK/WPA2PSK encrypts data frames before transmitting over the wireless network.
Wireless configuration on Wireless ADSL Router:
Step 1. Login into the ADSL router with IP address Enter
Username as “admin” and the password for the Username “admin” is
“written on the back side of the Modem (Wi-Fi/Admin Password) ”
Step 2. Select Interface setup then click on Wireless.
Step 3. Check the access point is Activated, if deactivated then it should be
Step 4: Note the Pre-shared key. It is required to set it on the client like LAPTOP
or Mobile for wireless access to this Wireless ADSL Router. ( It is better to
change the Pre-shared key. To change the Pre-shared key enter the
desired key at Pre-shared key field and save the setting. Use the new key
on Laptop or Mobile)
Note: Pl do not share Pre-Shared key with unknown person.
Step 2: Save the configuration.
Restricted Access based on MAC Address
Restricting of access to Wireless ADSL router can also be done by putting MAC
Address of NIC Card ( Wireless Adapter / Wireless network connection) from
which only access to be allowed.
The procedure is as explained below:
Step 1. Select Interface setup then click on Wireless .
Step 2. Under Wireless MAC address Filter Select Activated button.
Step 3 Enter the MAC address of the Wireless LAN adapter ( Physical address)
in the field Mac Address #1. ( Pl enter the MAC address with “:” separated
fields. )
Step 4. If more devices needs to be connected enter the MAC address in different
The following figure shows the capture of ipconfig /all command output and
configuration on the ADSL router page.
Step 5: Save the configuration.
Note :
Both the settings (Secured Access through data encryption and Restricted
Access based on MAC Address) can be used simultaneously. But, once the
Wireless MAC address Filter is activated then MAC address of all the devices
using this Wireless ADSL Router must be registered under “ Mac Address # “ field
as shown in above figure.
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