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Technical Tips from Ted
Ted's Technical Tips
Useful Information & Advice from SANYO SECURITY PRODUCTS
Volume 4, Issue 1
January 2003
Remote control of Pan Tilt Zoom cameras
with SANYO product.
Control of PTZ cameras over the Internet is a feature often
requested by customers. Although our current camera line up
does not include a Pan Tilt Zoom camera, we do have PTZ
support built into our MPX-CD93 and 163 Multiplexers.
This control is for the PELCO brand DD5 series dome drive
cameras or compatible models. These Multiplexers are
controllable remotely via SSP connection to our VSPSV2000 web server. To accomplish this, make the RS485
connections, and set up the SSP addresses in the Multiplexer
and Web server menus, (See Ted tips Volume 3, Issue 2).
The connections and addressing are made in the same way as
described for the DSRs. Connect the camera coaxial
connections to the channel inputs on the Multiplexer. Set up
the cameras in the Multiplexer menus. From the #7 Control
Set menus select camera control. Change option to other,
then select next. Set each channel with a connected PTZ
camera to on, channels without PTZ to off.
It is also possible to include a VSP-8000 controller for local
control in the same system. Any commands from the VSP8000 will take precedence over the VSP-SV2000. Network
control of the PTZ cameras can be accomplished once the
web server has been configured with a valid IP address for
the network or ISP to which it will be connected. Any
workstation that needs access to the webserver will need
JPEG 2000 plug-in installed to view video over the network.
PTZ control is operated through the in-browser keyboard,
(see page 45 in VSP-SV2000 manual.) Use your browser to
log into the web server. Click on the channel connecting the
Multiplexer to the webserver to select the single screen view.
From the Multiplexer controls in your browser, select the
channel you wish to control when that channel is displayed
use the MPX control to select the individual camera you
wish to control. Use the KEY pull down menu and select
CAM. Use the CAM controls for PTZ functions. To change
cameras select MPX from the KEY pull down menu, select
the next camera channel you wish to view, then select CAM
from the KEY menu.
Remote control of PTZ with SANYO products
Compatible hardware list for DSR-30xx revised
Network Adapters for the DSR
BELKIN, F5D5020, 10/100BASE-T
BROMAX, IPort BIN100-AF, 10/100BASE-T
NETGEAR, FA411, SANYO no longer recommends use of
This model network card due to compatibility issues
SCSI Adapter for the DSR-30xx
Adaptec, SlimSCSI 1460
DAT drives for the DSR-30xx
Hewlett-Packard, SuperStore 24e
Sony, SDT-9000
CDR drives for DSR-3009 & DSR-3016
Yamaha, CD-R
Models: CRWF1ZSX,
These last two may still be available from some dealers,
however Yamaha has discontinued these models.
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