Revised January/09
Steps to file a Warranty Claim
1. Go to and click on the warranty/returns link on the left.
2. Click on Red online form to submit online or click on download to print the claim form.
3. Attach a copy of a receipt or a proof of purchase (bank or credit/debit card statement).
4. Also, attach a photograph of the damaged item, if you can not attach a picture you must mail the
damaged part to our company (mailing address below).
5. If you print out a copy you can fax it to 972-422-5645 or mail it to:
3970 Lindbergh Drive
Addison, TX 75001
6. Allow up to 72 hours to process the claim once it is submitted or received by fax or mail.
7. You will receive your replacement part within 7-10 days from the time your claim is processed.
Missing Items from your order
Complete a warranty claim as it is instructed, but on your claim form leave a detailed list of the items that
are missing, your model number, and the missing items parts number (if you have that). You will receive
those missing items within 7-10 days after we receive your submitted claim.
Weather damage, damage caused by unauthorized repair work or damage caused by improper use of the
products are not covered by the product warranty.
Warranty Time Periods
Trampoline Frame and Jumping Surface
1 Year
Trampoline Frame Pad
6 Months
All other parts (enclosure net & enclosure frame,
springs and all other parts plus accessories)
90 Days
In the case of a damaged frame, the complete frame, including all the broken and non-broken
part(s), must be returned. YJ USA’s engineering department will inspect the entire frame for
damage or stress that may not clearly be visible. The inspection gives our engineers important
data that will confirm the cause of the damage to the component. Storm damage or damage
caused by unauthorized repair work are not covered by the product warranty.
Bazoongi ProJump, JumpKing, Lifestyles USA, & Orbounder are registered trademarks of
YJ USA Corporation.
3970 Lindbergh Drive
Addison, Texas 75001
Fax 972-422-5645
Revised July/07
Warranty Claims Form
Attach receipt here.
Name _____________________________
Street _____________________________
Zip _____________
Phone _____________________________
Phone _____________________________
E-mail _____________________________
Trampoline Info
Brand Name _______________________
Date of Purchase______________
Damaged Item
Mark with “X”
Frame / Steel tubing ____
Jumping Surface
Frame Pad
All other parts
Please explain in detail the defects on the parts
you are claiming and how they were damaged.
Please mark the damage with chalk, stringor colored tape.
The information requested is to assist in processing your warranty claim only and will not be sold.
3970 Lindbergh Drive
Addison, Texas 75001
Fax 972-422-5645
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