Yamaha | P-450 | Yamaha News,ENG,No.9,1971,September

Yamaha News,ENG,No.9,1971,September
Yamaha News,ENG,No.9,1971,September,September,Powerful 25hp Model,Yamaha Outboard Motor
p-450,Outboard Motor,Power plus Economy water-cooled twin,P-450,Effortless Operation,P. T.
Harapan Motor Starts Production Indonesia,Motorcycle,P. T. Harapan Motor Industry,125cc Street
AS3,Indonesia,Djakarta,August 4,knockdown system,Service Center,World Championship Road Race
9th Round, Finnish Grand Prix,R. Gould and Yamaha Come Near 250 Title; P. Read on Another
Yamaha Still Upholds One Point Lead over Rival in Title Battle,Swedish GP,R. Gould,J. Dodds,D.
Braun,C. Mortmer,G. Marsovszky,P. Read,Raku Raku Campaign in Japan,for V-Series,Raku Raku
Free Drawing Contest,Dream Come True,Lots of Masterpieces,Sales Promotion Materials for Yamaha
V-Series , V-Series,Yamaha Commercial Film for V-Series,Grade-up Big Twin Makes Market Debut to
Arouse Fresh Sensation in the World,NEW MODEL Yamaha 650 Street XS2,650 Street XS2,New Disk
Brake & Electric Starter,650 Street XS1,Handling Ease,Super-compact Twin Forerunner Features Full
Modifications for More Exciting Performance,NEW MODEL Yamaha 100 Street LS2,YL1,Handy
sensible model,100 Street LS2,Autolube does much,Materials for All Yamaha Models,More Efforts on
Bumper Catch Campaign,P-165,Service Educational Materials,profile of Yamaha Staff,World-Wide
Publicity Center Advertisement & PR Division,Here They Work!,M. Nakamura,T. Kiga,K. Hirata,Y.
Kimura,M. Kami,H. Kawai,M. Kobayashi,S. Yoneyama,YAMAHA Topics,Safety Campaign Tour on
Yamaha,K. yanagisawa,Shizuoka,Hamakita,Yamaha Mini Wins Rally,Okabe,Shimizu,Australian Sea
Rescue Team,Brown,the Miura Beach,lifesaving,SHIZUOKA ,HAMAKITA,NAKAJO
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