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VideoMate Vista T500F
PCI Tuner Card
Start Up Guide
Compro Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents
VideoMate Vista T500F PCI Card Contents ................................ 4
VideoMate Vista T500F Connectors ............................................ 5
Hardware Installation ................................................................... 6
Software Installation..................................................................... 9
MCE Remote for Vista T500F TV Card...................................... 10
Remote Power On/Off................................................................ 12
ComproDTV Vista Gadget Tool for Vista ................................... 14
ComproDTV Windows Media Center Add-In ............................. 16
HID (Human Interface Device) for Compro Remote .............................. 17
Open and close the ComproDTV 4 display panel ...................... 18
ComproDTV 4.2 ......................................................................... 19
ComproFM 2 .............................................................................. 26
Troubleshooting ......................................................................... 27
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VideoMate Vista T500F Hybrid PCI Tuner Card
VideoMate Vista T500F lets you watch and record digital TV broadcast /
analog TV signal on your PC. VideoMate T500F features a TV tuner for either
digital TV or analog TV signals reception, Remote Power On/Off, Power Up
Scheduling, Digital Video Recording (DVR) functions, scheduled recording at
anytime, crystal video quality, intelligent TV viewing, video/audio capture, and
multi-functional MCE Remote Control.
Your PC must meet or exceed the following system requirements to watch TV
on your PC.
z 1.7 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent CPU for DVD-Quality recording or
z 512 MB System Memory
z Available PCI slot.
z Sound card or on-board sound chip
z Graphics card or on-board graphics chip support DirectX 9.0
z CD-ROM driver for software installation.
z Windows XP SP2
z 50 MB free disk space for basic software installation
To use all the features of VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card, your PC should
meet the following requirements.
z 2.6 GHz with SSE 2 support for HDTV, 3.0 GHz support for PIP/POP
z 1.0 GB System Memory
z Available PCI slot
z Sound card or on-board sound chip
z Graphics card or on-board graphics chip support DirectX 9.0
z CD-ROM for software installation
z Windows Vista x86/x64
z Update the latest drivers of VGA, motherboard, and soundcard from
z 50 MB free space for software installation
z 600 MB (VCD-quality) to 3 GB (DVD-quality) per hour of recorded video
z ATX power supply and a computer case with a separate power switch
cable from power on button for power up feature
VideoMate Vista T500F PCI Card Contents
Vista T500F
PCI TV card
MCE Remote
I-type to F-type
TV Converter
Power Up cable
FM Antenna
3 in 1 video/audio
input cable
IR Receiver
AUX-Out cable
Ulead Software CD
Installation CD
Start Up Guide
In order to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcast, you needs to have your own
antenna which is crucial. Digital terrestrial TV broadcast uses about the same
wave (UHF) as analog TV. It’s recommended to have a fishbone-like antenna
on the roof for receiving. More details can be found in the troubleshooting
chapter of this manual.
Digital TV broadcast is different than normal analog TV. You will see no picture
instead of noisy or blurred picture when the signal is too weak. Make sure you
have a good antenna and strong digital TV signal in your location. Or you will
have no TV picture at all.
VideoMate Vista T500F Connectors
6 7
TV Tuner-In
Analog/digital TV cable
FM Tuner-In
Connect to an FM antenna feed.
Connect the IR receiver here.
Use an audio patch cable to connect to an audio source,
such as a VCR, DVD or VCD. (Option for audio patch
cable, not included in the package )
for (3 in 1
Use an S-Video patch cable to connect to a video source,
such as a VCR, DVD or VCD. (Option for S-video patch
cable, not included in the package )
Use a Composite video patch cable to connect to a video
source, such as a VCR, DVD or VCD. (Option for
composite video patch cable, not included in the package )
To Sound Card
Use an internal audio patch cable to connect to the
AUX-IN port of your sound card.
To Case Power
Connect the ATX Power Switch cable of your computer
case here.
To Mainboard Power Use the supplied power switch patch cable to connect to
Switch Connector
the ATX Power Switch pins on the mainboard.
Hardware Installation
Unplug your PC’s main power cord before installing VideoMate Vista
T500F PCI card. Failure to do so may cause damage to your VideoMate
T500F PCI card and void your warranty.
1. Shut down your computer and unplug main power cord.
2. Remove the computer case cover.
Power Up Connections
3. Locate the ATX power switch pins on
your computer case and trace the
wires to the power switch connector
on your mainboard. The ATX power
switch cable is normally a twisted
pair cable with a two-pin connector
as shown above.
On the mainboard, the ATX power switch pins are usually labeled “POWER
SW” or similar. It is vital to remember the position of these pins for a later step
in the installation process.
4. Unplug the ATX power switch cable from the
mainboard and connect it to the white
connector named “JS1” on the VideoMate
Vista T500F PCI card, as shown on the right.
5. Connect the black socket of Power Up patch cable to the power switch
connector on the mainboard.
6. Connect the white socket of Power Up
patch cable to the connector named
“JS2” on the VideoMate Vista T500F PCI
Tuner card.
Double check your work. If you plug the cables into the incorrect pins, your
PC may not start or otherwise function improperly.
Connect the white end of the Power Up patch cable to the TV tuner card and
the black end to the mainboard.
Power Up Scheduling is not required for using VideoMate T500F PCI card. If
you don’t want to use Power Up Scheduling from the Windows Shut down
state, you can skip the power switch circuit connections, in other words, you
can skip Power Up Connections in steps 3 through 6. You can still use
scheduled recording from Standby mode or powered on state.
7. Note: You may skip 7~9 if you select “Use PCI Audio” which can be found
at “System Device” tab under Options of ComproDTV.
8. Plug one end of the internal audio patch cable to the green Audio-Out port
on the VideoMate T500F PCI Tuner card.
9. Plug the other end of the internal audio patch cable to the AUX-In socket
on your sound card or on the mainboard. The on-board sound usually has
AUX-In and CD-In connector. Make sure you connect to the right one.
Then you have to choose the audio source to be AUX or CD-In in the
System Device in Settings of ComproDTV 4.
10. Verify that the power cord to your PC case is unplugged.
11. Insert VideoMate T500F PCI card in an open PCI slot. Compro
recommends installing the card in the third or fourth PCI slot away from the
AGP slot
This completes the hardware installation. Please read the following notes and
proceed to install the software.
For best performance, the VideoMate T500F PCI card should not share its IRQ.
For more information, please see the Troubleshooting section.
If the computer cannot be turned on, verify the position of the power patch
cable on the mainboard. Consult the mainboard documentation to determine
the position of the ATX power switch connector.
Power Up will start your computer 5 minutes in advance of the scheduled
recording time, for example, if you have set ComproDTV 4 to record a program
at 4 o’clock, it will start your computer at 3:55. Therefore, you need to shut
down the computer before 3:54 in order to let Power Up start the computer.
Power Up from Windows Shutdown mode, i.e., ACPI S5
state, requires:
An ATX power supply in your PC.
Motherboard support for PCI version 2.2 in order to
have 3.3V standby power.
ATX powers switch cable, which is a pair of twisted
wires with a two-wire connector, as shown to the
If you don't have the above items, you can still use Power-Up Scheduling with
Windows Stand by mode, i.e., ACPI S3 state, if your system supports it.
You can use VideoMate T500F PCI card without using Power Up Scheduling.
If you don’t want to use Power Up Scheduling from the Windows Shut down
state, you can skip the power switch circuit connections.
The ATX power switch cable is not polarized. You can plug it in either direction.
Software Installation
After installing the PCI card and cables in your computer, you should restart it
and follow these steps to install the software.
Step 1. After restarting, Windows will detect your VideoMate T500F PCI card
and start the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard, prompting you to install
the VideoMate T500F PCI card drivers. Please press Cancel and go
to the next step.
Step 2. Insert the installation CD into your CD drive. If you have Autorun
enabled, the installer will start automatically. (If Autorun is diabled,
double-click on “setup.exe” on the installation CD.) You can choose
Complete to install all necessary software (VideoMate T500F drivers,
ComproDTV 4, ComproFM 2) or choose Custom to install selected
item by item. (We also provide the DiecrtX 9 and Acrobat Reader 6.0
software on the installation CD; you can browse the CD folder and
install them by your need.
Step 3. Press Next to install ComproDTV 4, Windows Media Format 9 Series
Step 4. After each program is successfully installed, press Finish to proceed.
Step 5. When installation completes, press Finish to restart computer.
Step 6. When computer is restarted, please start up ComproDTV 4. Select
“VideoMate TV Capture” for Video Device. Also choose your country
for the country selection and then press OK.
Step 7. It will ask you if you want to scan channels. Please select OK then
select either one to start scanning. After channel scan is finished,
please press “Apply” first if you want to continue scan for other type of
signal. Press OK and you are ready to enjoy.
MCE Remote for Vista T500F TV Card
Compro VideoMate Vista T500F bundles the easy-to-use Microsoft certified
remote control to controls the Media Center and also ComproDTV, ComproFM
software. Some keys are special designed for Windows Vista
Premium/Ultimate, it may not be used in Windows XP system.
ComproDTV 4
ComproFM 2
Windows Media
Center (MCE)
Number Key
Preset stations
Number Key
Power On/Sleep mode Power On/Sleep mode
Into Sleep mode
Videos (MCE)
Videos (MCE)
Videos (MCE)
Radio (MCE)
Radio (MCE)
Radio (MCE)
Music (MCE)
Music (MCE)
Music (MCE)
Pictures (MCE)
Pictures (MCE)
Pictures (MCE)
Recorded TV (MCE)
Recorded TV (MCE)
Recorded TV (MCE)
MCE Guide
MCE Guide
MCE Guide
Live TV (MCE)
Live TV (MCE)
Live TV (MCE)
DVD Menu (MCE)
DVD Menu (MCE)
DVD Menu (MCE)
Up arrow or select
Up arrow
Up arrow
Scan channel(Down)
Left arrow
Down arrow
or snapshot
Advance in
Down arrow
Down arrow
Scan channel(Up)
Right arrow
EPG (US only)
Open on-line help
Media Center
Media Center
Media Center
Zoom In/Out
Volume up
Volume up
Volume up
Volume down
Volume down
Volume down
Channel up
Channel up
Channel up
Channel down
Channel down
Channel down
Timeshift Play/Pause
Advance/Fast forward
Fast forward
Fast forward
The last channel
The last channel
Skip rewind
Timeshift Play/Pause
Change scale of screen
Skip Forward
Enter frequency
Channel surf
Sleep function
Sleep function
C.C Language
Teletext on/off
Remote Power On/Off
Using Remote Power On/Off
Make sure you follow the instructions of the installation guide. You will be able
to use Remote Power On/Off immediately.
Remote Power On
Please put batteries in the remote control. Pressing the power button which
is on the top of remote control, it will start your computer. If the computer
does not start up, you may have to install the TV card’s driver correctly and set
a schedule first in order to use this feature.
You must correctly install the Power Up connectors to use Remote Power On
function. See Hardware Installation section above for more information.
There will be a two seconds delay before the PC powers on.
You have to install the TV card’s driver correctly before using this feature.
This feature cannot logon your system. You may need to enter your user name
and password.
Remote Power Off
There are two situations for this operation.
When not watching TV, i.e. no ComproDTV 4 running:
Just press the “CLEAR” button on the lower-left corner on the remote keypad;
you will see a dialog as shown below. Program will countdown 20 seconds to
shutdown the computer. If you don’t want to shut down the computer, please
press the CLEAR button again, in other words, pressing the CLEAR key a
second time is the same as pressing the “Cancel” button. You may also use
your mouse to press the cancel button. Press OK to immediately shutdown the
When watching TV, i.e. ComproDTV 4 is running:
Just press the CLEAR button on the lower-left corner on the remote keypad
repeatedly, you will see the text on the screen turns to SLEEP OFF, SLEEP
SHUTDOWN. When the text shows SHUTDOWN, it will countdown 20
seconds to shutdown your computer. If you don’t want to shutdown the
computer, please press the SLEEP button again.
Make sure you save all open files before using remote shutdown function.
ComproDTV Vista Gadget Tool for Vista
The Compro gadget tool is designed to provide the more convenient TV
experience in Windows Vista. It will be installed from the Compro installation
CD, and you can delete and add it from gadget setup.
1. Vista Gadget is meant for Vista 32 bit operation system only.
2. Vista Gadget Tool needs the channel table from ComproDTV 4. Please
autoscan all the available digital and analog channels in ComproDTV 4.
Then you can use the Vista Ggadget Tool.
3. If there is no picture when you click the live TV button, please right-click the
mouse button and select the video source you want.
UI Control
DTV Gadget has three modes including Live TV mode, display playlist, and
display scheduled list.
This button can change modes between
Live TV, display playlist and schedule list
Press the button to load device
and start to play live TV
The buttons from left to right sides are:
Channel down in live TV mode
Start/Stop Live TV, Play/pause from playlist
Channel Up in live TV mode
Start/stop record live TV
Playlist mode: It just displays first eight files in the list you recorded, if there
are more than eight files in folder, the ninth file or rest of files will not be display.
The figure in below shows the playlist style:
5 files and 3 empty items in list
If clicking any files, the gadget will change to play mode from playlist mode,
then playing the file you clicked.
Scheduler list mode: This mode will display the top 5 of your current
scheduled list, you can click any of the scheduled item and check the detail
information of it.
The last mode is schedule view which has two different parts. First, there is a
table that has five rows; it means that schedule view will allow the first five
schedules in the list. Second, if clicking the item, it will change to another part,
which show in detail about the schedule you clicked. Clicking again will go
back to first part. The process showed as below:
Dock and Undock Gadget Window:
Only docked gadget has three modes, the undocked gadget only support live
TV/playback video mode, and its size is bigger than docked one. You can
direct drag the gadget window to the other place out the sidebar and shows the
bigger undock window to watch TV or playback recorded video files.
Directly drag gadget windows out the sidebar and shows the bigger window
Because undocked gadget lacks playlist, if you wants to play a file in undocked
mode, you can drop a file into the window of gadget to play a file .(in docked
mode, you can also play a file by dropping a file into gadget) The control of
button in undocked mode is the same as docked mode.
Pop Menu
Click the right mouse button on the gadget window; it
will open the pop menu for selection. You can return
to last channel, autoscan available channels, select
channel to watch from channel list, select video
source, adjust audio volume, or snapshot TV screen.
Gadget Settings
Settings of gadget have four parts included:
z Capture device : to select capture devices.
(when running gadget first time or having more
than one device, this item is needed)
z Quality setting : to select recording quality
Normal, Better, Best Quality
z Record folder: a directory to place recorded files.
z Snapshot folder: a directory to place picture.
ComproDTV Windows Media Center Add-In
ComproDTV Add-In is practical feature for Windows Media Center. It provides
you the most user-friendly environment. After install Compro software at Vista,
just click the Windows Media Center icon Æ program library Æ DTV Add-In,
and you can enjoy Live TV at Windows Media Center.
1. ComproDTV Add-In is meant for Vista 32 bit operation system only.
2. ComproDTV Add-In needs the channel table from ComproDTV 4. Please
autoscan all the available digital and analog channels in ComproDTV 4.
Then you can use the Vista Ggadget Tool.
3. Please do the DTV Add-In Setup first in the Program Library of Media
While this environment provide you some useful function shown as below,
when the function is working on, the text will turn blue to red while your mouse
cross over it:
Full Screen button:
To enable the full screen mode of live the TV
Channel Scanning button:
To channel scan all the available channels.
Record button:
To record the TV show to your hardware drive.
Timeshifting button:
At Compro software will not forced to execute but let you control this function
by yourself.
Snapshot button:
It provides you the more instinct interface. As soon as you snap one shot, and
it will be shown directly on the left of DTV Add-In for preview.
HID (Human Interface Device) for Compro Remote
After you install the software,
you can see the remote logo
show in your system bar.
You can choose the “Option” to
enter the setup window.
Step 1: Choose the type of your remote control. (There are many type of
remote from Compro, please select the remote picture as you have).
Step 2: Choose one IR function you want to change.
Step3: Set the IR dialog you want and press OK button.
Step4: Repeat setp1 to 3 to run all the changes.
You can also set a whole new program of your remote control in some
particular software or window.
Press “Add” button and enter the name you want. Repeat the step 1 to 4.
If you have any Windows Media Center system in your PC, such as Windows
MCE, Vista Premium, Vista Ultimate, this function can replace the windows
remote control. HID can also combine the Compro software control in the MCE
interface to make you more convenient.
Open and close the ComproDTV 4 display panel
You can open and close the ComproDTV 4 display window by click the down
arrow on the right of ComproDTV panel.
Open and close display panel
ComproDTV 4.2
Control Panel
The ComproDTV 4.2 control panel resembles the controls on a VCR. Please
note that not all options are available at all times, and may be grayed out or
inaccessible depending on your hardware setup and TV services available.
The following figure gives you the function of the button with (Hot key)
Channel Up (Page Up)
with Quick Channel list (I)
(- , +)
Record (R) and
Pad (W)
Record Option
Play (P) /
Channel Down
Pause (U)
(Page down)
Mute (M)
Fast Forward
Timeshift bar
(Left Arrow)
(- , +)
(Right Arrow)
Digital TV
Pad (W)
Option (O)
Repeat Playback
Last Channel
Audio Switch (J)
Source (V)
Recorded Files
Channel Surf
Add Window
Reduce Window
Closed Caption
Alignment (F5)
Close All
Windows (F6)
No function
Video Source
Switch (V)
Enable/Disable Always-on-Top function for
TV window.(Oregon circle on the upper-right
corner of the TV window)
Sleep function
Video Desktop
Open snapshot dialog box
Audio mode
TV / Timeshifting
Note: Language select is only available while the program
supports it.
Start ComproDTV 4 and watch TV
After installation, just press the yellow button of the last line on the remote or
double click the ComproDTV 4 icon on the desktop, you will be able to watch
TV. Same as operating a normal TV set. Watch TV programs on your PC, in
full-screen mode or in a window. Channel up and down. Close ComproDTV 4
and even shutdown the computer with the full function remote control keypad.
Press the Options button
to open the Options dialog box. You can change
detail settings of ComproDTV 4 here.
TV Settings
This option gives you the way to manually set the method of scanning TV
programs. Select your choice here or use default channel table to do the
The first time you start ComproDTV 4, Autoscan will automatically scan for
available TV channels for TV signals. Please select your TV source from
analog cable/antenna or from digital antenna. You can rescan the channels at
any time by pressing the Autoscan button. Also, you can enable the advanced
autoscan for more precision scan result.
When Autoscan is finished, detected channels are automatically enabled and
. Channels, where a valid signal could
marked with the green check mark
not be detected, are disabled and marked with a blank. However, you can
interrupt the scanning process by pressing the Stop button.
After you are finished scanning for available channels, you may select OK to
return to the display window, or customize the channel orders according to
your preferences.
Channel Naming
You can customize the channel names by double-click on the CH Name field
of the channel you wish to rename.
You can do more changes on the channel’s property by right-click the mouse
on the Description field of the channel you wish to edit.
Custom Settings for each channel
You can customize each channel properties by click the icon in “Custom
Settings” filed and edit it.
In the channel property settings, you can setup video color and noise reduction
level, de-interlacing level for each channel (noise reduction level,
de-interlacing level, and sharpness setting are not suitable for digital TV). The
SmartZoom property setting only works when you choose the custom
SmartZoom display mode.
Import and Export current channel list
If you have edited the channel name, fine tune channel, or customize channel
settings. You can export the current channel list to text file and save it to other
place. When you reinstall the ComproDTV 4 or your system, you can import
the previous channel list and save your time for resetting it.
Using my favorite channel list
You can click to select using my favorite
channel list from option window. And exit the list
by yourselves to makes channel switch more
Channel Surfing
While watching TV, the channel surfing
displays a 4x4 grid of channel images to give you
an overview of available programming. Double
click the channel screen can direct jump to the
channel you want.
PIP/POP mode
Usually, digital TV station broadcasts multiple programs on one frequency.
Therefore, ComproDTV 4 in Vista E900F TV card supports up to 1 main DVB-T
channel windows, 3 sub channel windows, and playback recorded video file at
the same time if available. Or watch 1 live analog TV show and playback
recorded video file at once.
You can press the Add/Reduce Window
button to open a slave
window for that. Please see the following picture.
Main window has all features while slave window has limited functions only.
Double-click on the slave window can switch the TV program to the main
button will put slave window(s) into main
window. Alignment Window
window which is convenient for you to watch multiple programs on full screen
The buttons on the upper-left corner slave window
are Channel
Up, Channel Down, Mute, Windows Alignment, and Close respectively. Slave
window can be resized by mouse dragging
lower-left corner to any ratio.
Advanced Multiple Video Display Mode
ComproDTV 4 also supports 2 or above Compro
products connect and watch it at the same time. If
you have more than one Compro analog or digital
TV cards and USB TV box, you can use it to
watch the live TV from different devices.
When Starting PIP mode, there will be two option for you to choose;
1. “Digital Sub Window” Æ If any one of connected products have digital TV
2. “VideoMate xxx (another installed product name) Video Capture” Æ Other
analog or digital TV cards/USB box.
(Pictures below show the H900 for example of the second device)
Choosing the “Digital Sub Window” will open a new window to view the digital
sub channels in the same frequency of the main window. Choosing the
“VideoMate xxx Video Capture” will open a new window to view digital or
analog channel with the second tuner in other products, which you are able to
tune to any channel you prefer. However, you are only allowed to have one
channel from the second tuner. Therefore, you can view total of five channels
with main window’s channel and three sub channels of the main window and
another channel of the second tuner. Furthermore, you can also have another
window to playback recorded file which now allows you to watch total of 6
windows at the same time.
Running additional windows consumes more CPU usage. If CPU usage
reaches 100%, then video lag will occur. Please reduce the number of
When main window changes the channel to another frequency, slave
window(s) will move to available programs of another frequency. The slave
window will show black if there is no additional program on this frequency.
Slave window has no full screen mode. Please double-click on slave window to
switch program with main window in order to do so.
It is available to hear audio on multiple programs at the same time. You can
mute or un-mute the sound of slave window(s) at any time. However, main
window audio can’t be muted separately from slave window(s).
Video Desktop
While watching TV, you may right-click on the TV
screen and select video on desktop or press the
hotkey (F7) to activate Video Desktop mode. This
mode makes the video source as your desktop
screen. It is similar with full screen but the desktop icons and taskbar will
remain on top. The following picture shows the TV on the desktop.
For the Video Desktop feature, you needs to enable the “Use Overlay
Surface” feature in the setup dialog box of OptionÆVideo/Audio.
Right-Click Mouse Menu
If using mouse to right-click on the TV screen, you can see a menu pop up.
There are many useful options for your convenience.
The right-click menu also provides SmartZoom feature to auto-fit or customize
video screen for different type monitors, the Aspect Ratio setting provides 4:3,
16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1 and customize for different resolutions. Also, you can
Zoom In/Out the video display screen to standard or 1/2X, 2X, 4X size.
Zooming image
If you would like to see more details on a certain part of a video image, you can
press the mouse right button to drag a zone of the screen. You will see the
zoomed image.
Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the
zoomed area of the image. Just click the mouse left button to resume normal
Still Image Capture
Click on the capture icon
on the control
panel or hit the "Space Bar" of the keyboard
shortcut to capture an image of the display
window. You can see the screen capture dialog
as below. You can setup to save it as jpg or
bmp format in the ComproDTV option Æ
interface. And also setup the picture compress
quality in jpg file.
ComproDTV 4 supports MPEG-2 and Transport Stream formats recording in
digital and MPEG-1/2/4 formats recording in analog TV.
To instantly start recording:
Press the Record button
. ComproDTV 4 starts recording the video source
currently showing in the display window. It will save it to a file on your disk. If
you already start recording, you still can click the record button to setup
30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes recording immediately. Thus, you can go out
without worry about the record still ongoing.
Press the Stop button
to stop recording. ComproDTV 4 will save it
automatically and show the file name on the screen.
You can also use the schedule recording by press Schedule button
control panel of ComproDTV 4.
Timeshifting temporarily saves the video to your hard disk for a specified
period of time so that you can pause, replay, or skip commercials during live
TV, without interrupting an ongoing recording session.
Press the Timeshifting
button and the Time Monitoring bar will appear.
You may also press the Advance (for commercial skip) and Replay (for instant
replay) buttons on the control panel or remote control to navigate through the
program. When you return to your seat, you can resume viewing the program
from the point when you left.
Click on the top left corner of the icon
on the control panel and select
Straight-to-Disc. The Vista T500F TV card supports DVD formats direct
recording in digital and analog TV.
You can see the straight-to-disc dialog as above.
Format: Display the recording format.
Device: Choose the DVD-R device here.
Erase Disk: If the disc is re-writable and not empty, you need to erase it first.
Start Burning: Press this button to start burning disc.
Stop: Press the
button on the control panel to stop burning.
Cancel: Press this button to exit the dialog.
You need to install the bundled Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 SE software in
order to have this feature. If you don’t have Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 SE in
the package, then this model doesn’t support it.
ComproDTV will estimate your DVD capacity automatically. It will stop
recording when it comes full.
ComproFM 2
ComproFM lets you enjoy FM radio programs on your PC. Listen to music or
other programs while you work or browse the Internet.
The hardware needs to have FM tuner in order to use ComproFM.
This section provides basic information for ComproFM. For more details,
please check the help file of ComproFM or the manual in the installation CD.
Control Panel
The following describe the ComproFM control panel functions, and tips for
using ComproFM. The following figure gives you the function of the button with
(Hot Key.)
Always on top
Progress bar
Channel Up
(Page Up)
Channel Down
(Page down)
Last Channel
(+, -)
Record (B)
OS requirement
VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card has to work on Windows XP SP2 or Vista.
You are welcome to website for the Service Pack
update of Microsoft.
VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card can also works on Microsoft XP Media
Center 2005. Make sure you have install driver correctly (see below) and DVD
decoder like ComproDVD, NVDVD or WinDVD 6.0. For more information on
MCE 2005, please check Microsoft website.
Driver Installation
The most common cause of
problems with the TV Tuner Card
is incorrect installation of the TV
capture and TV tuner drivers. If
you have problems watching,
recording, or timeshifting live TV,
please check the status of the
drivers with Device Manager.
You should see "VideoMate TV
SAA 7133/35 Hybrid Capture
Device” devices, in the "Sound,
video and game controllers"
section of Windows Device
If these drivers are not there,
uninstalling and reinstalling the
VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card
drivers can help. Use the
Add/Remove Programs Control
Panel applet to uninstall the drivers. Reinstalling the drivers should fix this
No digital broadcast signal
In order to receive digital terrestrial TV
broadcasts, an antenna is crucial. Digital
terrestrial TV broadcast uses about the
same wave frequencies as analog TV (UHF).
It’s recommended to have a fishbone-like
antenna (see figure) on the roof for
Make sure you position the antenna in the
direction of the TV broadcast base. Adjust the position for the best reception.
Digital terrestrial TV’s determined by government policy. The broadcast bases
will be increased in order to cover the entire country. Please check the related
government website for more information about the strength of digital
terrestrial TV broadcast in your area.
You can check how good the signal is in your location by performing a simple
test. Please plug in the antenna into an analog TV set. Then check if this TV
set can receive a good TV signal. If the picture is not clear, the digital terrestrial
TV broadcast signal is about the same. The difference is when the program
data is not sufficient, you may see a blank screen or the video will be
Digital TV broadcast is different than normal analog TV. You will see no picture
instead of noisy or blurred picture when the signal is too weak. Make sure you
have a good antenna and strong digital TV signal in your location. Or you will
have no TV picture at all.
Why won’t my PC start?
Don’t panic. The most common reason for this is because you connected the
ATX power switch cable to the wrong pins on the mainboard. Verify the
position of the power patch cable on the mainboard. Check the mainboard
documentation to verify the position of the connector for ATX power switch
If that doesn’t help, remove the TV card and restart your PC. If you still cannot
turn the computer on, the problem is not caused by VideoMate TV. Recheck
the ATX power switch cable connection.
My system cannot Power Up, What should I do?
First, make sure you have connected the Power Up circuit correctly. Please
refer the hardware installation section for more information.
Second, make sure you see a green LED light on the VideoMate Vista T500F
PCI tuner card. If you don’t see the green light, your motherboard does not
support the standby power. You can only use Power Up with motherboards
that provide standby power.
Third, Power Up will start your computer 5 minutes in advance of the schedule
time. If you set the schedule on 4 o’clock, Power up will wake up your
computer at 3:55. Therefore, you need to shut down the computer before 3:54
in order to let Power Up start the computer.
Fourth, make sure you have the correct schedule time. Also, verify your
system time or clock.
Finally, it is possible that your power supply doesn’t provide the standard 3.3V
standby power. Therefore, changing your power supply might help.
My PC cannot shut down?
In rare circumstances, the VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card must be reset.
Unplugging the AC power cord from the PC case for 10 seconds will reset the
When you set up for scheduled recording, VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card
will issue the Power Up signal to the computer until ComproDTV 4 starts. If
your computer cannot start ComproDTV 4 for some reason, the TV tuner card
will try to wake up PC even while you shut it down. Unplug the main power
cord to reset VideoMate TV card. You can shut down the computer normally
after that.
Other possible causes of this problem include:
1. If you have a multi-Boot system and ComproDTV 4 is not installed and
running on the default OS. Solutions: Set the default OS properly or install
ComproDTV 4 on the default OS.
2. There may be other, independent problems preventing Windows from
starting normally. Solution: Remove the VideoMate Vista T500F PCI card and
troubleshoot PC start up. Remember to correctly reconnect the power switch
3. Some external software may be interfering with ComproDTV 4. Shutting
down unnecessary software can help.
4. The ComproDTV 4 Scheduler shortcut is missing from the Programs
“Startup” folder. Reinstalling ComproDTV 4 can help.
Video OK / No Audio
If you can view the TV picture but get no audio, you should check the following:
Please check that the WAVE sound is not muted or volume too low in the
Windows Volume Control dialog. (Double-click on the speaker icon in the
system tray.)
Also check the sound is not muted or volume too low in the Windows Volume
Control dialog. (Double-click on the speaker icon in the system tray.)
Sometimes updating the sound card driver from vendor or TV card’s driver and
application may help as well.
Can I playback recorded video in main window?
Yes, you may deselect “Playback in PIP mode” in “Video/Audio” tab which can
be found under “Options” of ComproDTV 4.
You may also playback in sub window, then double click the screen to switch
the content of the main and sub window.
Why does the remote control fail?
The remote control sensor, which is plugged into the TV card, may be loose.
Please unplug it and plug it in again. You should also check the batteries of the
remote control. Do not use rechargeable batteries.
IR icon (ComproRemote) is in the system tray on the
Verify that the
lower-right corner of the screen. If you don't have ComproRemote on the
system tray, start the following program:
C:\Program Files\ Common Files\VideoMate\ComproRemoteDTV.exe
Then you should see the icon on the system tray. The IR icon should turn
bright when you press buttons on the remote.
If you see no response, please move your mouse cursor on the IR icon. If you
see it shows “No Device,” your drivers may not be not properly installed.
Please remove ComproDTV 4 using "Add/Remove programs" in the Control
Panel and reinstall it.
Some devices may emit the IR signals. Please check if there are any
microwaves or lights that may be doing this. And make sure as few cables as
possible are crossing the IR receiver.
Why are images scrambled?
Please update the video and sound card drivers from vendors’ web sites.
Make sure the driver for motherboard chipset is also up to date. The default
drivers supplied with the Windows operating system are usually too old to
operate correctly. If you still have problems, please install the latest
ComproDTV 4 and driver from our website.
Why can’t I playback the recorded video?
The usual reason for this problem is conflict with some CODEC software, such
as Nimo, K-Lite, and Stormcodec. This kind of software forces applications to
use their CODEC for play back. Therefore, the recorded file cannot be played
since an incompatible CODEC is being used for playback. Uninstalling the
CODEC software will help. Also reinstalling DirectX usually solves the problem.
(See our website for how to reinstall DirectX)
How can I record as a different video format?
Digital program is a fixed MPEG-II format file already. ComproDTV 4 can’t
change it and will save it into hard disk directly. Only Analog TV, Composite,
S-Video, or component input video can be software encode to your choice of
MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 video format. You can do that in the Record
tab in Settings of ComproDTV 4.
Contacting Compro Technical Support
Before you submit an email for support, please check support FAQs on our
web site.
You can download the latest update from our website. Many issues should be
solved on the newer version. When contacting Compro for technical support,
please use the Compro support request form and provide as much of the
requested information as possible. Please write the details in order to
determine the problem. And also provide the product serial number (15 digits
numbers) on the PCI card. Please use the form from below or email to or use the customer service form from the link:
Make sure you include the information of hitting the button of "E-mail Info" in
the Device Settings in Settings of ComproDTV 4 in order to determine the
In order to solve the problem quickly, it is very important to provide as much
detail as possible.
P/N: 3GA0310320
Download PDF