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Components for Automation
Accurate Sensors
to Improve Quality and Productivity
Components for Automation
Are You at Peak Performance–
and Continuously Improving?
New, specially-designed or
Do you have enough material
Reliable monitoring and control
existing scales can be upgraded
to start the next batch? Should
instruments support the pharma-
and easily connected to your
you order today or tomorrow?
ceutical, beverage, chemical, and
automation system to make
Answer these questions by con-
semiconductor industries. Real-
sure that you receive the
necting METTLER TOLEDO weigh
time analysis promotes consis-
exact amount of raw material
modules to your automation
tency and productivity, minimiz-
ing out-of-spec production.
Are high profitability, cost management, quality and reduced waste key themes for
your customers. If you are supplying machines, production lines, or systems, METTLER
TOLEDO can help you with the most advanced sensors for continuous, batch and discrete processes with connectivity to automation systems that you control.
Packaging and
METTLER TOLEDO products give
Sensors designed to be easily
Many packaging and labeling
you precise control of your fill-
integrated into your transporta-
systems include load cells, or
ing processes to ensure that
tion and packaging systems
scales for accurate shipping
you package the right amount of
including weighing, vision and
product to keep your bottom line
metal detection.
dimensioning systems ensure
intact. Fill the smallest to the larg-
you deliver accurate dimensions
est possible containers.
for transport.
Industrial Communication
Industrial Communication Sensors
That Live in Your Automation Landscape
Flexible METTLER TOLEDO Automation Sensors can be connected to
automation systems from ABB, Emerson, Rockwell Automation, Group
Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens and more!
Industrial PCs
and Servers
Distributed Control
Systems for Process
Automation Controllers
Choose RS232, USB or
Ethernet TCP/IP
Choose 4-20mA, HART1, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Ethernet/IP
Ethernet/IP, Profibus, CC-Link
and DeviceNet
Easily connect sensors straight
to Industrial PCs for tracking
and tracing data critical to document and prove the quality of
your products. "Alibi" function in
many weighing products provide
legally relevant local data should
a server fail.
DCS users will find very powerful interfaces on many METTLER
TOLEDO sensors, scales and
process transducers, including
DO, O2, CO2 and turbidity equipment. Calibration services are
available on our terminals and
and CC-Link allow you to connect many automation controllers
to METTLER TOLEDO sensors.
You pick and choose which data
is relevant to you. Remote calibration and selectable filtering
give you very powerful process
HART1, 4-20mA
Foundation Fieldbus
Ethernet TCP/IP
IND131 Weighing Terminal
IND131 is an a example of a terminal/transmitter capable of fast and accurate weighing and 13 different
types of industrial communication to an IPC, DCS or
Programmable Automation Controller depending on
your needs.
Process transmitters only products
Receiving and Inventory
Inventory Control
Too Much, Not Enough or Just Right?
Are you sure that that your on-hand raw material inventory is sufficient for
production? Does the volume of your product change? METTLER TOLEDO
sensors are located outside your vessel and do not affect your product.
Railcar and
Truck Weighing
Accurate Bulk
Inventory Control
Weighing Bags,
IBCs, Drums
Are you receiving everything
you purchased?
Weighing maintains accurate
inventory in tanks, silos or
Choose either standard or hygienic floor scales or unloading
Weight is independent of vessel
shape and size – perfect for nonself-leveling materials.
Many high quality machine
builders integrate METTLER
TOLEDO sensors / scales into
their unloading systems, especially when time-based material
discharge needs to be tightly
Many manufacturers monitor
bulk material transfer with
METTLER TOLEDO scales to ensure that all material has been
transferred into their storage
silos and not left in the vehicle
or transfer system. Weighing
confirms that you are not losing
money if your supplier ships by
volume or mass flow. Convert
your existing scale to METTLER
And, because weigh modules do
not come into contact with the
process media, maximum precision and equipment lifetime are
Sensors for Inventory Control
Bench Scales
Floor Scales
Truck and Rail Scales
Load Cells
Weigh Modules
Automation Terminals
Weigh Modules
METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules provide the highest accuracy and reliability for static or dynamic
applications where loading involves horizontal
forces. PINMOUNT PDX is available in capacities
of 20t, 30t, 50t. A broken cable or damaged cell
signals an immediate message so you can respond
quickly, minimizing downtime. SafeLock™ improves your site safety.
Automated Production
Automated Production
Less Rework and No Bad Batches
When accurate analytical and weighing measurements are performed,
METTLER TOLEDO sensors reduce batch-to-batch variation and ensure that
your processes are repeatable even under changing conditions.
Analytics Solutions
Liquid Weighing
Solids Weighing
METTLER TOLEDO offers integrated in-line process control
analysis into your systems via
appropriate high-performance
transmitters for pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity, and turbidity measurements. Immediate,
reliable and continuous results
provide the base for optimized
plant performance.
In many processes, integrated
weighing sensors have been
found to yield better results than
flow meters, because weighing
sensors do not require cleaning
when your materials change.
Preweighing batch components
can effectively speed up production. METTLER TOLEDO load cells
precisely control the addition of
liquids into your reactor or mixer.
Dry materials are best processed
by weighing, because weight is
a more constant measurement
than volume. If you are seeing
variations in your weighing results, consider using METTLER
TOLEDO automation sensors and
METTLER TOLEDO load cells in
your loss-in-weigh systems.
Instruments for Automated Production
Sensors for:
- pH
- dissolved O2 and CO2
- conductivity
- turbidity
Cleaning and Calibration Systems
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)
"Plug and Measure" is an outstanding feature of
METTLER TOLEDO ISM technology. It leads to fast,
hassle-free system start-up and optimized maintenance routines in the field. This approach helps to
minimize life-cycle costs of analytical in-line measurement systems throughout your entire plant.
Load Cells, Weigh Modules
Automation Terminals
Automated Production
Semiconductor and Solar Cells
Use Best of Class Automation Sensors
Integrated sensors improve quality, consistency and production yield for
critical operations such coating, bonding and abrasion. Conductivity sensors ensure ultra pure water.
Ultrapure Water
Conductivity measurements with
WideRange™ open up new dimensions in measurement
technology. Superior electrode
surface finishes now make it
possible to venture measurements in applications that previously were possible only with
toroidal sensor systems.
Verify the correct sealing of integrated circuits, the thickness of
solar wafers, or even coverage of
post coating processes with high
resolution weigh modules. Detect
small variations in the consistency of very small objects.
Semiconductor processing machines use industrialized WMC,
the world's smallest ultra-high
precision sensor. It offers laboratory resolution in a postage
stamp sized sensor. WMC are
used for calibrating dispensing
Semiconductor Sensors
2 or 4 electrode conductivity sensors
WMC, WMS, WXS precision modules
Automation connectivity modules
Lab Balance Accuracy
Accuracy in a compact industrialized sensor
The ultra-compact WMC weigh modules is specifically designed for the use in automated processes
under industrial environmental conditions. Speed,
ruggedness, precision and direct connectivity are
the key features of this product. These innovative
sensors can be used for weight control as well as
filling/dosing applications.
Packaging & Filling
Filling Containers of All Sizes
Exact Fills Equal Profitability
With METTLER TOLEDO, you supply the machine and we'll help you
improve its filling performance no matter if it is extremely small or
extremely large, METTLER TOLEDO has your sensors for accurate filling.
Micro-filling of Small
Drums, IBCs, Big Bags
Trucks and Rail Cars
Weigh modules from METTLER
TOLEDO are tailored to machine
and equipment manufacturer
specifications for simple electrical and mechanical integration.
Standardized interfaces allow
easy communication with control
systems. Stainless steel housings and overload protection
ensure reliable operation in automated applications.
When your product is expensive, you shouldn't give it away
through bulk container overfilling.
METTLER TOLEDO load cells,
weigh modules or scales can be
easily integrated into your filling
machine for accuracy in safe and
hazardous environments, ensuring you deliver high fill accuracies to achieve cost savings.
Filling your truck or railcar with
a system including METTLER
TOLEDO sensors will yield the
lowest giveaway. When you can
confirm your flow meter results
with a scale in situations where
re-filling is impractical, you will
be surprised at how much you
could be giving away.
Automatic Precision Weighing
Load Cells
Weigh Modules
Bench and Floor Scales
WMS weigh modules are specifically designed
to be easily integrated into automated processes
under industrial environmental conditions. Speed,
ruggedness, precision and direct connectivity are
key features. These innovative sensors can be
used for weight control as well as filling/dosing
In-Plant Transport
Integrated Sensors for Work In-Process
Completeness checking and quality verification can be built into transport
systems between process steps by integrating space-saving weighing and
metal detection sensors.
Conveyor Sensors
Metal Detection
Forklifts and Scales
Weighing sensors integrated into
both static and dynamic conveyors allows you to eliminate timewasting manual transportation
steps in production. Consider
adding a weighing conveyor to
your extruders, or using cutting
machines to find production
failures, gaps in components or
incorrectly sized products.
When metal contaminants in
your product could harm customers, or following processes,
consider an in-process metal detector to automatically reject noncompliant product before contaminants down the production
stream and packaging process,
potentially damaging equipment
or bypassing quality checks.
Specialized weighing components are available for integration
into forklifts. Also, consider a
standard custom floor scale for
your packaging machines.
Inplant Transport Sensors
Load Cells
Metal Detectors
Floor Scales
Fork Lift Scales
Fork Lift Components
Metal Detection Transfer
The Gravity FlowHD is a heavy duty metal detector for use on all bulk and free flowing powders as
well as granular products that maintain a stringent
inspection standard. A high speed "cowbell" style
reject device incorporating METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's unique SealTite design reduces product
waste for added cost savings.
Automated Packaging & Shipping
Automated Shipments
Tracking and Revenue Recovery
Improved tracking is ensured when you build vision, weighing, and dimensioning components into your logistics process for accurate quality, billing
an freight rate calculation.
Vision for Tracking
and Tracing
Accurate Weighing
of Outgoing Goods
METTLER TOLEDO vision systems
integrated into your automation
landscape will validate and collect
data such as accurate label presence, label position, label skew,
label ID, label registration, and
human-readable text.
Prevent customer complaints and
freight recharges by building,
weight and measures approved,
load cells or scales into your
cartoning, wrapping and labeling
Volume and weigh are used to
calculate shipping cost. Ensure
that transport costs are covered
and avoid back-charges that
negatively impact your bottom
by integrating dimensioning
systems into your automation
Load Cells
Automatic Dimensioning
Bench Scales
Floor Scales
Vision Systems
The METTLER TOLEDO Pallet™ dimensioning,
weighing and scanning system accurately calculates size and weight of pallets and larger items.
Data is automatically transferred to your existing
IT system.
Automatic dimensioning captures accurate size
and weight data on any shape item, ensuring all
surfaces are measured Legal for Trade and storage
with accurate, secure results storage.
Your Automation
Engineered Machines and Systems
With Automation Sensors
If you are a manufacturer, integrator or engineering group you can add more
value by integrating high performance components from METTLER TOLEDO
while reducing your overall integration effort.
Machine Building
Systems Integration
Factory Engineering
OEM sensors designed to fit into
your machine
When your project calls for
weighing, process and in-line
measurement, METTLER TOLEDO
sensors yield high performance
and fulfill most world regulations
for safety, quality, hygiene, traceability and hazardous-area use.
close to a one stop
High performance OEM components designed to fit your
machine vastly improve your
competitive edge by delivering
high performance and reliability.
World wide support ensures
that we can solve problems no
matter where your machines are
Many end user customers prefer
Because a large variety of sensors are easily integrated into
you new or existing production
lines, METTLER TOLEDO brings
you closer to being a one-stop
shop. You can plan calibration
and maintenance with you and
assisted by services like iSense
and GoodWeighing Practice
Weighing Components
Leading Process Analytics
Process Analytics Catalog
Weighing Components 2010/11
and Systems Service
High Precision Weigh Modules
Precision Weighing Platforms
Load Cells
Weigh Modules
Weighing Electronics
Leading Pure Water Analytics
DO & Ozone
Gas O2
Housings & Cleaning Systems
Sodium/Silica Analyzers
Weighing Components
from a Global Supplier
Engineered Machines
1_OEM_Cat_13_EU_1-11.indd 1
Industrial Catalog
Process Analytics Measurement Solutions
for Industrial Applications
19.12.12 14:45
Weighing Components Guide
Weigh Module Handbook
Vehicle Scales Selection Guide
Good Weighing Practice
METTLER TOLEDO provides many resources where
you will find drawings, specifications, and approval
details to make it easy to specify automation sensors into your engineered systems.
Service and Compliance
Services for Uptime,
Performance, Compliance & Expertise
The METTLER TOLEDO service team knows how to satisfy your business
needs by getting the best from your instrumentation and equipment.
Take advantage of the experience, skills and thorough know-how of
our far-reaching team of thousands of dedicated service specialists,
in your immediate vicinity.
The METTLER TOLEDO service offering ensures optimal equipment
uptime, performance, and compliance, and offers the expertise necessary to maximize your investment.
Profit from maximum uptime for
your equipment and processes,
receiving support whenever and
wherever you need it:
Realize highly accurate and precise results from your processes
by optimizing equipment performance in all environments:
Get peace of mind in complying
with regulations and norms and
with results that meet requirements every time:
• On-site and depot repair
• Wear and tear parts
• Spare parts and kits
• Refurbishment
• Remote monitoring and
• Qualified Installation
• Setup and Configuration
• Preventive Maintenance
• Software Maintenance
• Instrument and Process
• Application Support
• Calibration and Certificates
• Legal Verification
• Weights and Measures Support
• Qualification and Validation
• Documentation and Testing
Ensure high efficiency and
workforce expertise through
training and seminars tailored
to your needs:
•Basic User and Technical Training
•Advanced Application Training
•Consulting and Customization
•System and Process Integration
•Expert Seminars
•Literature and Downloads
Measuring Practices
Optimal service throughout the solution lifecycle
METTLER TOLEDO Good Measuring Practices (GP) like
Good Weighing Practice (GWP®) help customers to optimize
their results while keeping cost at a minimum. GP offers a
set of tailored services that form a systematic and efficient
product evaluation to ensure professional installation, appropriate calibration and optimized routine use.
Company Competence
Global Presence with
Field Support & Service
When it comes to instrumentation you need a powerful partner
that has the strength and know-how in R&D to develop products
that add true value to your processes and has a truly global
presence to serve you even in the most remote global locations
providing application support and technical assistance.
Extensive, highly experienced support force
METTLER TOLEDO serves customers
worldwide with one of the largest
sales and service networks in the
industry. Over 5,000 factory-trained
special-ists in sales, application
support and technical service are
on-hand to assist you in increasing
the efficiency, cost-effectiveness,
safety and reliability of your operational processes. Local teams are
able to maintain close relationships
with users; they have the flexibility to
adapt support and service to different user requirements.
factory trained service
and sales specialists
Global presence
METTLER TOLEDO market organizations operate in most industrialized
countries as well as selected partners in other regions, we are ready
to serve customers well around the
globe. In total METTLER TOLEDO
products and services are available
in over 100 countries. METTLER
TOLEDO, geographically-focused
market organizations are responsible for all aspects of sales, service
and support.
METTLER TOLEDO has its own Sales & Service Organizations
in 35 countries as well as Distribution & Service Partners in
most other countries around the globe.
Products are developed and produced in various locations
in the United States, Europe and China.
METTLER TOLEDO sales & service locations
Access Information and Know-How
Learn more about how METTLER TOLEDO can assist
you by visiting our global website. View up-to-the-minute product and application information, order our full
catalog or request quotes or sales assistance and see
for yourself how we can add value to your business.
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