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Prospec JBL-PRV175 Owner`s manual
Owner's Manual
Model: JBL-PRV175
Watertight Stereo Receiver built for
the Outdoors Featuring Bluetooth Audio
Streaming, AM/FM, and Much More
The Bluetooth logo is owned by the Bluetooth SIG and
licensed to Prospec.
This product is designed and manufactu red by Prospec
Electronic s. Please contact us for any additional questions .
Product Description
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Front Panel Layout -------------------------------------------------------------- pg 2
User Operation ------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 3
Cieneral -------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg3
Ftadio --------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 4
USB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 5
Bluetooth ----------------------------------------------------------------------- pg 6
Auxiliary Input ---------------------------------------------------------------- pg 6
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Ftemote Option ---------------------------------------------------------------- pg 6
Installation ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg 7
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Troubleshooting ------------------------------------------------------------------ pg 8
Product Description
This radio features Bluetooth technology allowing music to wirelessly stream from an
audio source to the receiver you just purchased. Why Bluetooth? From a practical
standpoint, Bluetooth enables your music device (if applicable) to be placed in a glove
box, your overhead console, or even your pocket-places that are dry-without having to
install a separate docking station. In addition, Bluetooth audio streaming will work with
any Bluetooth enabled device, not just one brand of media. Once connected, you can
use your receiver to control your media device and vice versa! Bluetooth has a range of
approximately 30', depending upon conditions, making this a practical solution for boats
VTV's, and more!
The PRV-175 incorporates the following features:
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
USB input
Auxiliary input
Waterproof faceplate
45W X 4 amplifier
RF remote/wired remote option
U.S. and European tuning
Charging through USB
1 pair of RCA output
Front Panel Layout
0 Bluetooth•
Power On/Offbutton.
Short push for the first time to turn the unit on.
With unit powered on, short push for MUTE feature.
Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to turn the unit off.
Mode Function.
Switches amongst Radio, BT AUDIO, USB and Auxiliary mode.
SEL stands for SELECT.
In Radio mode, t~is works Band Function.
In MP3 playing mode, it works Play/Pause function.
In any mode, press and hold it to enter into CLOCK function.
In Radio mode, it works Auto Preset and Presets Scan function.
In USB mode, it works Search function.
Front Pane/Layout
Volume Increase
Volume Decrease
Track Up I Tune Up I Fast Forward
Track Down I Tune Down I Reverse
General Operation
A. SEL button
Press and hold this button to enter into SELECT function, then repeatedly short push
in succession results in the following menu options: Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader,
Loud, EQ, Beep, Initial Volume, Area. Press the VOL+ or VOL- to adjust the options.
- LOUD. Choose between Loud ON or OFF.
- EQ. Choose between Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz and EQ off.
-Beep. Choose between Beep ON, Beep 2ND, Beep OFF. Beep ON will result in
the beep sound at the press of every button; Beep 2ND will result in the beep
sound once the button is long pressed; Beep OFF results in the beep sound off
- Initial Volume. Refers to the loudness level upon start of the receiver.
-AREA. Choose between USA and European.
B ....... button (Clock function)
- In any mode, press and hold this button for more than 2s.
- To adjust the Clock.
While the clock displays, press and hold it again, the Hour will blink, press VOL+
or VOL- to adjust hour; press it again, the Minute will blink, press VOL+ or VOLto adjust minute.
Radio Operation
A. Pres ....... button (BAND function) to access FM and AM. There are three FM bands
and two AM bands, each band contains six presets.
B. APS button (Auto Preset Store). Press and hold APS will automatically preset six
stations into the current band.
C. SCAN button (Presets Scan). Simply press SCAN button to scan the preset stations in
current band. At your desired station, press SCAN again to play the station.
D. Tuning. A short press of the ..,... or ...... button results in a search of the station and
stops at next sufficient signal strength. A long press results in manual tuning mode,
allowing you to search one odd digit frequency at a time. (It will revert back to AUTO
tune mode with out operation in 5 seconds.)
USB Operation
Note: USB slot is for USB sticks only. For play of other brands of media, please use the
auxiliary input or if applicable, utilize Bluetooth mode.
A. Insert a USB stick into the USB slot. *Songs must be of the mp3 or wma format.*
B. •••·U button. Press it to pause the track. Press it again to resume play.
C . ..,... and ...... button (Track Up I Track Down)
Short press Track Up or Track Down button to select the next or previous track.
Press and hold Track Up or Track Down button to go fast forward and rewind the
current track respectively.
D. APS button (Search function)
Short press APS button will result in track search mode. Press VOL+ or VOL- to
your desired track and push SEL to confirm.
Bluetooth Operation
Your media device must incorporate the Bluetooth option in order to stream music.
A. To pair your Bluetooth device, press the MODE button on the stereo until
BT AUDIO appears.
B. Press and hold SCAN button until PAIRING appears.
C. Next, go to settings on the Bluetooth device and turn the Bluetooth option to "on".
C. Pick the "PRV-175" option on your Bluetooth enabled device (please note that
if you are prompted for a password, the code entered will be "1234". If your stereo
does not immediately pair, press SCAN. This will allow the pairing process to
finalize. A higher pitch frequency noise will alert you to the connection/success!
The display will also read "CONN OK" (connection ok).
D. To disconnect your device, press and hold SCAN button. "DISCONN" will appear
letting you know you have successfully disconnected.
Auxiliary Input Mode , - .••
A. Press the Mode button until "AUX" appears on the LCD screen.
B. The use of auxiliary mode allows you to play the portable music device through
the headphone jack.
Note: An additional accessory/adaptor must be purchased in order for this to happen.
Prospec's part, SEAMINI2, or SEAUSBMINI fulfills this option.
RCA output
Description: The use of RCA outputs allow an amplifier or subwoofer to be hooked up.
Remote Option
A. RF remote option.
In order to take advantage of the remote option, a transmitter aOJi receiver must be
purchased (together part#, MILRF9 UART). Once plugged in the RF remote dongle,
the RF remote will allow for wireless remote control possibility.
B. Wired remote.
Proprietary wired remotes may also be used with this JBL unit. Part # JBLMC20 may
be purchased as well as part# MILREM50.
A mounting gasket has been added inside the package for convenience. Trace along the
outside edge and this will be your cutout.
Mounting Illustration
2. Use the bracket and screw to fix the unit.
Install the U bracket behind the unit,
using two nuts per bolt for ultra hold.
1. Please install this unit in the place
you prefer. Do not install beneath
cup holders!
Wiring Identification
r :
*Note: In many respects, a stereo acts much like a computer and occasionally requires a
reboot. In the unlikely event of product malfunction, a reset can usually fix the issue.
A reset is accomplished by holding the Mode and Preset 1 button simultaneously until
the unit turns off.
No power
1. Incorrect wiring
2. Fuse is blown
3. Low battery voltage
1. Double check wiring
2. Replace fuse
3. Check voltage of vehicle battery
with multimeter. Voltage must
be at least 11 V.
No Sound
1. Speaker connection
came loose
2. Bad speaker
1. Double check connections.
3. Output blown
4. Volume too low on
media device
No Reception
1. Antenna not firmly
seated in socket
1. Insert firmly
USB stick not
1. File must be a mp3
or wma file
1. Convert format to mp3 or wma.
While in Bluetooth mode:
No Connection
1. You are not connected
to the "PRV-175"
address on your
portable media
2. Out of range
3. The connection is
already in use.
2. Replace bad speaker with known
good speaker and connect.
3. Send unit in for repair.
4. Increase volume of media device
1. Choose "PRV-175"
2. Bring portable media device closer
to the receiver. Device needs to be
within 30'.
3. Ask the person who first paired to
drop out.
Corporate Information
Prospec Electronics
3325 South Morgans Point Rd.
Mount Pleasant, SC U.S.A. 29466
843-849-9037 (P)
843-849-9054 (F)
Pro spec has been providing outdoor audio products since
1986 and we thank you for purchasing this audio product.
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