Sphere 480i sheet
for Sphericall
All the
you need in a business
set designed for any
IP environment.
Sayson has
developed the 480i—
a versatile, feature-rich IP
screenphone for use with the
Sphericall system. The competitively priced 480i has all
the features of a proprietary
business set and more. Four
call appearance buttons make
juggling multiple calls easy;
pickup another line and the
current call is automatically
placed on hold. You can view
the status of other extensions
with the enhanced busy lamp
field. Power over Ethernet
support eliminates the need
for power supplies at the
desk, allowing for secure
centralized power.
Plug-and-Play — Tightly integrated to work with the Sphericall phone system.
Enhanced BLF (Busy Lamp Field) — View a phone's status (onhook,
offhook, ringing, connected) on the 480i’s large eight-line backlit display, or
view presence information (out to lunch, busy, DND and more).
Four Call Appearance Lights — Juggle up to four calls at the touch of a
button. Place callers on hold automatically as you jump between calls.
Exceptional Audio — Quality speaker phone with excellent voice delivery.
Intercom ability allows set paging within the office.
Protect Your Investment — Firmware upgrades can easily be installed in
the field as standards develop and protocols evolve.
Less Wiring — Built-in two-port, 10/100 Ethernet switch lets you share a connection with your computer. Inline power support eliminates power adapters.
Quality Business Set
Enhanced Productivity
The 480i offers the durability and reliability
found in the highest quality business telephones.
Its sleek, ergonomic design and large screen
makes this affordable telephone a smart addition
to any business environment. The built-in speakerphone offers the highest sound quality, and
intercom (set paging) is also available, connecting
you and your peers quickly and accurately.
Maximize your productivity while minimizing
training time with the 480i’s easy-to-follow visual
prompts. Instantly know whether someone is
available to answer a call with the screen-based
Busy Line Field icons. Juggle up to four calls with
call appearance lights. Gain access to advanced
telephone features at the touch of your fingertips,
and manage your calls with confidence.
User-Friendly Screen Menus
Mon April 12 11:10am
-Voice Mail
The large 3.5'' x 2.25'' backlit display and six softkeys guides
you effortlessly through the powerful features of the Sphericall
system. No codes to memorize, no need to constantly refer
back to manuals, just follow the screen
menu visual prompts using the six softkeys.
Michèle Leblanc
Mon April 12 11:10am
Joe Smith
Mon April 12 11:10am
480i Technical
- 11.43 cm W x 17.78 cm L x 11.43 cm H
- 0.91 kg
- Supports IEEE 802.3af inline power.
Optional universal wall adapter available, but
not provided, for networks that do not supply
- Modular RJ9 headset connector, compatible
with amplified business headsets
- Hearing aid compatible handset
The screen also displays information such
as call status, phone status, call time and
inbound call information. Busy Lamp
Field softkeys allow you to monitor the
status of up to five other extensions on
your system at a glance with easy-to-read
Handling calls is easy—transfer callers to another extension
effortlessly using the visual prompts, park calls to virtual zones
where they can be retrieved from any phone, and create conference calls with ease. Training time is greatly reduced, thus
resulting in improved business productivity.
- 3.5'' x 2.25'' backlit display
- 6 customizable softkeys
- 8 predefined hard keys for most common call
handling functions like Transfer, Conference,
Intercom etc.
- Dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports
- Manual or Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol (DHCP) IP address setup
- Time and date synchronization using SNTP
- User programmable Interactive Services
- Server provisioned XML-based user configuration files
- XML programmable—screen and softkeys
Package Contents
- 480i phone
- Desk Stand
- User Guide
- Network Cable with power cord
For more information visit www.sayson.com.
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