Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor Brochure Discount Cardiology

Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor Brochure Discount Cardiology
Welch Allyn Connex EVD System.
Open architecture to protect
your investment.
Through thoughtful design of the core components of
the Connex EVD System, Welch Allyn virtually assures
that your investment is protected. The Connex Vital Signs
Monitor’s modular physical design, USB-based architecture
and upgradeable firmware have been constructed for not
only simple replacement/repair of existing sensor modules,
but also for seamless future parameter/sensor upgrades.
Plus, our open software architecture is designed to be
capable of offering future Welch Allyn and third-party
clinical applications that would be able to run on the
monitor and a remote server.
For example, Welch Allyn has partnered with Masimo®
to incorporate Rainbow® SET technology that today
provides you with SpO2 and is designed to be capable
of being upgraded to include additional future Rainbow
SET parameters.
You can download or activate upgrades or updates via
your PartnerConnect™ portal. No need to send in your
device to enable enhanced sensors or new parameter
capabilities, and no need to invest in new devices when
new features are introduced—protecting your investment
and giving you the confidence that our devices will adapt
as your facility evolves.
The Connex EVD System. The right solution at the right time.
Today, one-fifth of all medical errors are due to the lack of immediate access to patient
information.* The Connex EVD System was designed specifically to give your staff
immediate access to accurate patient vitals data anywhere, anytime. It delivers
the key benefits your facility needs in this ever-changing environment:
Helps improve patient safety
> Two-way bar code query delivers patient-specific demographic information
Reduces errors and thereby minimizing risks
> Automates the process to eliminate manual transcription errors
Increases staff satisfaction and retention
> Streamlines workflow so nurses can spend more time with patients
> Intuitive, touchscreen user interface makes the Connex VSM easy to use
Maximizes EMR investment
Ensures that accurate vital signs data is accessible to staff
Adapts to existing workflow to improve EMR adoption
With the Connex EVD System, Welch Allyn has advanced frontline care. Again.
Welch Allyn Connex
To learn how Connex Electronic Vitals Documentation can help you make documenting vitals more accurate and efficient, contact
your Welch Allyn representative or call 1.800.535.6663 to speak with a customer service representative. For a customized value
analysis, visit www.welchallyn.com/connex.
Welch Allyn Corporate Headquarters
4341 State Street Road, P.O. Box 220, Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220 USA
(p) 800.535.6663 (f) 315.685.3361
* Faisal Hoque, “A Management and Information Perspective on Healthcare,” Baseline, 9/17/09.
© 2010 Welch Allyn Reorder #: SM4038 SM4026 Rev B
Electronic Vitals Documentation (EVD) System
Partners in Care Services
Education, support, and complete installation and integration.
Our Partners in Care Services offer a broad range of support, acting as an extension of your staff to minimize the resources you
need to install, integrate, and maintain the Connex EVD System.
We help you determine your ideal clinical workflow and train your staff as part of the standard installation process. On-site or online
Partners in Care training gets staff up to speed quickly at both the biomed and clinical levels. We can certify your biomedical
technicians so they can perform system repairs and even maintain equipment under warranty.
Our experience in frontline care means that your integration will be smooth and seamless. Once you’re up and running, we’ll keep
you there with the Welch Allyn Service Tool that supports remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for all of your devices.
We’ve changed the way vitals are documented to give your
staff access to accurate patient data anytime, anywhere.
Vitals documentation today: prone to errors and missing information.
Why compromise your EMR investment by relying on manual transcription of vital signs? When vitals
are captured and recorded on a piece of paper for manual entry into the EMR later, it’s easy to transcribe
them incorrectly, enter them into the wrong patient’s record, or never enter them at all. And even
when vitals are entered correctly, there’s a delay between the time they’re captured and when they’re
actually posted into the EMR. This can make staff less efficient—and force physicians to delay clinical
decisions or make them without the latest information, potentially putting patients at risk.
The Welch Allyn Connex Electronic Vitals
Documentation System
Automates the vitals documentation process to reduce errors, ultimately
enhancing clinical decision making, minimizing risk, and improving patient safety.
The Connex Electronic Vitals Documentation System provides wireless transmission of patient vitals data
from the point of care into the patient chart in your EMR. This dramatically reduces the time and labor required
to document data and thereby eliminating transcription errors.
The Connex EVD System helps you deliver the highest level of patient care:
> Provides clinicians with faster updates of changes in a patient’s vital signs
> Intuitive and easy-to-use design
- integrates into your department’s workflow, so staff won’t have to learn new ways to work
- eliminates need to type vitals data into your EMR
> Makes complete, accurate information available when it’s needed
- improves efficiency and helps deliver positive patient outcomes
Add it all up, and you get a considerable return on your investment—in both the Connex EVD System,
and in your EMR.
Quick and easy: Automating vitals documentation allows clinicians to identify themselves and the patient, then
capture and wirelessly transmit the readings to the EMR—eliminating extra steps and ensuring that vital signs
are accurately documented.
Designed for medical/surgical and noncritical care floors.
At Welch Allyn, our experience helps us understand frontline care and the people who provide
it. That’s why we don’t simply try to retrofit an ICU solution for noncritical care settings.
Workflows are different. There’s no need for duplicate data confirmation. So we created this
complete system for electronic vitals documentation specifically for medical/surgical and
general care floors—adding to our legacy of innovation.
> Provides immediate
access to accurate data
The Welch Allyn Connex EVD System
An end-to-end solution that includes the Connex Vital Signs
Monitor, Accessory Cable Management Stand, Connex
Vitals Management (VM) Software, and Partners in Care
comprehensive service and support.
Getting accurate patient information to the people who need it,
when they need it, has never been more important—and with
the Connex EVD System, it’s never been more possible.
Connex Vitals Management Software
The backbone of the Connex EVD System works behind the
scenes to seamlessly integrate and manage data from discrete
data sources and repositories (EMR, ADT, and devices).
Communicates directly with the Connex VSM via your wired or
wireless network*
> Two-way communication capability allows users to transmit:
– vitals data (NIBP, temp, SpO2, etc.), manual parameters (pain, respiration,
weight, height, etc.), and modifiers (patient position, NIBP site, 02
source, etc.) at the bedside—from the device directly into your EMR
– patient demographic data (name, etc.) from your ADT system back
to the monitor for positive patient identification at the point of care
Accessory Cable Management Stand
This unique mobile stand is ergonomically designed for efficiency
and ease of use. System components have specific compartments
to ensure quick identification and access. Natural draping keeps
everything neat and organized to help make users more efficient.
Connex Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series (VSM)
This easy-to-use wireless device provides complete documentation at the
point of care and provides multiple devices in one.
Choice of Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000
ear thermometry and/or SureTemp® Plus
oral, pediatric axillary, adult axillary and
rectal thermometry. Choose one or both
technologies based on your facility needs.
Complete documentation enables users to enter modifiers such as oxygen levels,
Advanced user interface with vivid, full-color, touchscreen operation
body position at NIBP acquisition, and more from the bedside—without using a
computer or terminal
Bar code query provides positive patient identification; also supports multiple forms
Unique cable routing features minimize tangling and may improve
equipment life
> All cables, accessories, and disposables are onboard, enabling users
to quickly determine if the stand is properly stocked to minimize
workflow disruption
On-board infection control wipes holder, rounded corners, slotted bin
openings, and a modular design facilitate cleaning and help minimize
the risk of cross-contamination
The cable-management tray protects the monitor and bins, which are
within the footprint of the base
of patient identification
A simple scan of the patient’s bar-coded
wristband displays their name, providing
accurate identification at the point of care.
> Optimized monitoring profiles allow users to quickly adapt the device to patient-specific monitoring needs; custom profiles let users quickly switch from spot-check
configuration to full monitoring mode
Allows users to efficiently manage alarms and patient data as needed
On-board lighting aids vision in dark
rooms without disturbing the patient.
When Connex VM Software is integrated with your EMR, clinicians can access
vitals information anytime, even remotely—so they make informed decisions
before a minor issue becomes a major problem.
*Contact your Welch Allyn representative for system requirements and compatibility.
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