Black & Decker | LCM82 | Instruction manual | Black & Decker LCM82 Instruction manual

Coffee Maker
First Use Safety Recommendation
Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.
We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailed
instructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.
Keep this guide handy for future reference.
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While using electrical appliances, in order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock,
and/or injury to persons, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the
• Read all instructions carefully, even if you are familiar with the appliance.
• To protect against the risk of electric shock, DO NOT IMMERSE the appliance,
cord set or plug in water or other liquids.
• To clean, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
• Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used near children. Never
leave an appliance unattended when in use.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
• Switch off and remove the plug from the power outlet when not in use before
assembling or disassembling parts, cleaning or carrying out any maintenance of
assembling or disassembling parts, cleaning out any maintenance of the
appliance. Never pull the cord while unplugging out from power outlet.
• Do not operate any appliance with a damaged in any manner. Return the
complete appliance to your nearest authorized service facility for examination,
electrical repair, mechanical repair or adjustments to avoid any hazard.
• The use of attachments or accessories not recommended or sold by this
appliance manufacturer may result in fire, electric shock or personal injury.
• Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table, counter, or touch hot surfaces.
• Avoid touching hot surfaces, use handles and knobs.
• Do not operate or place any part of this appliance on or near any hot surfaces
(such as gas or electric burner or in a heated oven).
• Do not abuse the cord. Never carry the appliance by the cord or yank it to
disconnect it from the outlet; instead, grasp the plug and pull to disconnect.
• When using an extension cord with your appliance, make sure the extension cord
is correctly wired, and rated for its use.
• This product is intended for household use only.
• Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself; instead, take it to your Black &
Decker-owned or Authorized Service Centre for repair.
Parts Identification
1. Power Switch
2. Base
3. Water tank
4. Water tank cover
5. Filter cover
6. Filter holder
7. Glass jug
8. Indicator light
9. Filter
10. Heating plate
Intended use
Your Black & Decker Blender has been designed for making filter coffee as described in this
manual. This appliance is intended for indoor consumer use only.
Safety Instructions
• Warning! When using mains-powered appliances, basic safety
precautions, including the following, should always be followed to reduce
the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury and material damage.
• Read all of this manual carefully before using the appliance.
• The intended use is described in this manual. The use of any accessory
or attachment or the performance of any operation with this appliance
other than those recommended in this instruction manual may present a
risk of personal injury.
• Retain this manual for future reference.
Denotes hot
• Always route the cord carefully to avoid a tripping hazard.
• Never operate an appliance directly below the socket-outlet it is
connected to.
Using your appliance
• Make sure that the appliance is switched off before connecting to
or disconnecting from the power supply.
• Always take care when using the appliance.
Denotes hot surface
• Do not use the appliance outdoors.
• Never pull the power supply cord to disconnect the plug from the socket. Keep the power
supply cord away from heat, oil and sharp edges.
• Disconnect the appliance from the power supply when not in use, before fitting or removing
parts, maintenance and before cleaning.
• Surfaces may be hot during use and during the cool down period
• Do not operate or place any part of this appliance on or near any hot surface, such as a gas
or electric burner or in a heated oven.
• When using an extension cord with your appliance, make sure the extension cord is correctly
wired & rated for its use.
Safety of others
• Do not allow children or any person unfamiliar with these instructions to use the appliance.
• Do not allow children or animals to come near the work area or to touch the appliance or
power supply cord. Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is used near children.
• Never leave an appliance unattended when in use
• Do not allow the cord set to hang over bench tops
This product must be earthed. Always check that the power supply corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate.
Extension cables & class 1 product
A 3 core cable must be used as your tool is earthed and of class 1 construction.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they
have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
• Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
After use
• Switch off and remove the plug from the socket before leaving the appliance unattended
and before changing, cleaning or inspecting any parts of the appliance.
• When not in use, the appliance should be stored in a dry place. Children should not have
access to stored appliances.
Inspection and repairs
• Before use, check the appliance for damaged or defective parts. Check for breakage of
parts, damage to switches and any other conditions that may affect its operation.
• Do not use the appliance if any part is damaged or defective.
• Have any damaged or defective parts repaired or replaced by an authorised repair agent.
• Before use, check the power supply cord for signs of damage, ageing and wear.
• Do not use the appliance if the power supply cord or mains plug is damaged or defective.
• If the power supply cord or mains plug is damaged or defective it must be repaired by the
manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Do not cut the power supply cord and do not attempt to repair it yourself.
• Never attempt to remove or replace any parts other than those specified in this manual.
• Do not attempt to repair the appliance. Take it to your nearest Black & Decker-owned or
authorised Service Centre for repair.
Additional safety instructions for Coffee Makers
• Do not immerse the appliance, cord set or plug in liquids
• Always leave sufficient space around the appliance for ventilation
• Do not use the unit if you have wet hands or bare feet.
Warning: the lid, carafe and hotplate may be hot during use & the "cool - down" period.
Warning: Steam may escape from the lid during use. Use caution when opening the lid.
This appliance is supplied fully assembled, however all parts should be cleaned before use.
See “Cleaning” for details.
Before first use, operate the coffee maker with clean water 2 or 3 times, then switch off the
appliance and let it cool down for 5 minutes. Then repeat the process with fresh water. Your
coffee maker is now ready for use.
Fill the carafe (7) with cold fresh water, then lift the lid (4) and add the required amount to the
water tank (3). The quantity of water added can be measured from the scale in number of
cups on the water level indicator. Once the water has been added, place the carafe onto the
heating plate (10). Place the permanent filter (9) to the filter carrier (6). Add the required
amount of ground coffee to the filter and close the lid.
Place the appliance on a clean, flat work surface & connect it to a suitable electrical supply.
Press the power switch (1) to the on position. The switch (8) will light up, and after a few
moments, coffee will begin to pour into the carafe (7). Once the flow of coffee stops, the
coffee can be served. Removing the carafe from the heating plate will close a valve,
preventing leaks onto the heating plate.
Note: The carafe should not be removed while coffee is flowing into the carafe. Any coffee
remaining in the carafe can be kept warm by returning the carafe to the heating plate (10).
Note: The coffee maker should be allowed to cool before re-filling with cold water. Disconnect
the product from the mains supply & clean it after use.
Your Black & Decker tool has been designed to operate over a long period of time with a
minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care
and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance or cleaning of the tool, disconnect the
appliance from the power supply. Ventilation slots should be cleaned occasionally with a
clean, dry paint brush.
The main body of the appliance should be cleaned with a clean damp cloth only. The carafe,
carafe lid, filter & filter carrier can be washed in warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and
dry thoroughly with a dry soft cloth.
Note: Do not use abrasives or chemical cleaners on any part of this appliance.
Note: All parts must be thoroughly dried before use.
The coffee maker should be de-scaled regularly. To de-scale, operate as normal, but add
25ml white vinegar to the carafe. After the water / vinegar mix has passed though the
appliance it can be disposed of.
Add a carafe of clean water to the water tank & operate the appliance as previously. This
should be repeated 2 more times before the product is used again.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker product needs replacement, or if it is of no
further use to you, do not dispose it off with other household waste. Make this product
available for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled
and used again. Use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and
reduces the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the
household, at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and recycling of Black & Decker products
once they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service please
return your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf. You
can check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black
& Decker office at the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised Black & Decker
repair agents and full details of our after-sales service and contact are available on the Internet
Black & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase against defects due
to defective materials or workmanship. Motor/element burn-outs due to voltage fluctuations are not
covered under warranty. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, Black &
Decker will repair or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replace it free of charge.
The warranty provisions do not cover failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or non
observation of local regulations on the part of the user. Equally, the warranty provisions do not apply
where the appliance has been serviced by a person not authorized by Black & Decker or serviced with
non-approved parts and this has contributed to the fault of the product. Superseded models without a
replacement equivalent will either be repaired or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replaced with another
product of similar retail value.
Fill in the Warranty Registration Card with the original Authorized Dealer's stamp (indicating date of
purchase) and attach your purchase receipt to it. Retain in case of claims in the future.
Take your defective product together with the Warranty Registration Card & purchase receipt to your local
service Centre. You can either do this in person or send it freight prepaid. If mailing or shipping your
appliance, ensure that it is packed carefully in a sturdy carton with enough packing material to prevent
damage. Include a note describing the problem to the service Centre and be sure to give your return
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Á«dL≥ t° .œu® ÈdOÖuK§ qL• ÂU~M≥ t° ÁU~∑ßœ t° ÊbO߸ VO߬ “« U¢ bOMØ dÄ ÈbM° t∑º° ’uBª± œ«u± U° «¸ ʬ ·«d©« Ë Áœ«œ ¸«dÆ rJ∫±
.bOzULM≤ ‘u±«d≠ eO≤ «¸ Áb≤dOÖ ”¸œ¬ dØ– Ë ÁœuL≤ ‰U߸« r≥ «¸ ʬ œ«d¥« “« dB∑ª± v∫O{u¢ ÁU~∑ßœ
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Ë ÁœdØ ‘u±Uî «d≤¬ b¥U° ÁU~≤¬ ,Xî«b≤« ¸UJ° eOL¢ »¬ U° «d≤¬ ¸U° 3 U¥ 2 «d≤¬ b¥U° ‰Ë« ¸U° È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ
È«d° UL® “Uß ÁuNÆ ÁU~∑ßœ ÊuMØ« .œuL≤ ¸«dJ¢ Á“U¢ »¬ U° «¸ ‹UOKL´ s¥« b¥U° fáß .œu® pMî tIOÆœ 5 ‹b± t° U¢ œ«œ Á“U§«
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.b¥e¥d° )3( tEH∫± qî«œ t° »¬ v≠UØ Ê«eO± t° Ë t∑®«œd° «¸ )4( ‘uĸœ fáß ,ÁœdØ dÄ Á“U¢ œdß »¬ U° «¸ )7( È« tAO® ı¸UÄ
»¬ tØ v±U~M≥ .œuL≤ Áb≥UA± »¬ `Dß d~A¥UL≤ È˸ ÊUπM≠ œ«bF¢ ÁbM≥b≤UA≤ œ«b´« È˸ “« Ê«u¢ v± «¸ Áb® t≠U{« »¬ ¸«bI±
Ê«eO± t° ‰U• .bO≥œ ¸«dÆ )6( d∑KO≠ ÁdOÖ qî«œ ¸œ )9( vLz«œ d∑KO≠ .bO≥œ ¸«dÆ )10( ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ È˸ «¸ ı¸UÄ ,b® t≠U{«
.b¥bM∂° «d≤¬ »¸œ fáß Ë t∑ª¥¸ d∑KO≠ qî«œ ¸œ Áb® »UO߬ ÁuNÆ “UO≤ œ¸u±
Ë s®Ë¸ ’uBª± tLÖœ .bOzUL≤ qÅË ‚d° VßUM± l∂M± t° «d≤¬ Ë Áœ«œ ¸«dÆ ·UÅ Ë eOL¢ ¸UØ eO± U¥ `Dß p| È˸ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ
tE∫∞ bMÇ “« vÅ Ë Áb® s®Ë¸ )8( êOzuß XOF{Ë s¥« ¸œ .bO≥œ ¸«dÆ s®Ë¸ XOF{Ë È˸ «¸ )1( ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ ‘u±Uî
ÁuNÆ Ëdß È«d° ı¸UÄ ,b¥œdÖ nÆu∑± ı¸UÄ qî«œ t° ÁuNÆ s∑ª¥¸ tØ v±U~M≥ .b¥UL≤ v± )7( ı¸UÄ qî«œ t° s∑ª¥¸ t° ŸËd® ÁuNÆ
ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ È˸ ¸Uª° XA≤ “« Ë Áb¥œdÖ t⥸œ p| Êb® t∑º° V§u± ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ È˸ “« ı¸UÄ s∑®«œd° .b®U° v± ÁœU±¬
.bMØ v± ÈdOÖuK§
Êœ«œ ¸«dÆ ‹¸uÅ ¸œ .X®«œd° ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ È˸ “« «¸ ı¸UÄ b¥U∂≤ eÖd≥ ,ı¸UÄ qî«œ t° ÁuNÆ s∑ª¥¸ ‹b± ‰öî ¸œ :t§u¢
.b≤U± b≥«uî vÆU° ÂdÖ ı¸UÄ qî«œ ¸œ Áb≤U± vÆU° ÁuNÆ ,)10( ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ È˸ t° ı¸UÄ œbπ±
ÁœUH∑ß« ÊU¥UÄ “« fÄ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ .œu® pMî U¢ œ«œ Á“U§« ʬ t° b¥U° œdß »¬ U° “Uß ÁuNÆ ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ dÄ “« gOÄ b¥U° :t§u¢
.bOzUL≤ eOL¢ Ë ÁœdØ Ã¸Uî ‚d° “«
ÁU~∑ßœ “« ȸ«bN~≤ Ë X∂Æ«d±
t±«œ« .bMØ ¸UØ „b≤« ȸ«bN~≤ Ë X∂Æ«d± t° “UO≤ U° Ë œU¥“ ÊU±“ ‹b± t° U¢ Áb¥œdÖ v•«d© È« t≤u~° UL® dØœ b≤« pK° ÁU~∑ßœ
.œ¸«œ v~∑º° ʬ ‹UFDÆ rEM± ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ Ë `O∫Å X∂Æ«d± t° ÁU~∑ßœ t≤«bML∑¥U{¸ œdظUØ
t¥uN¢ ÈU≥ Œ«¸uß .bOzUL≤ øUî ‚d° e¥dÄ “« «d≤¬ ‚d° rOß ,ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ U¥ ȸ«bN~≤ Ë dOLF¢ t≤uÖd≥ “« gOÄ !t§u¢
.b≤dOÖ ¸«dÆ X≠UE≤ œ¸u± eOL¢ Ë pAî v®UI≤ ”d° p| U° XÆË bMÇ “« d≥ b¥U°
ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ Ë X≠UE≤
v± «¸ d∑KO≠ ÁdOÖ Ë d∑KO≠ ,ı¸UÄ »¸œ ,È« tAO® ı¸UÄ .œdØ X≠UE≤ »u©d± Ë eOL¢ tǸUÄ p| U° b¥U° jI≠ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ vKÅ« t≤b°
.œuL≤ pAî ö
Î ±UØ pAî Ë Âd≤ tǸUÄ U° Ë ÁœdØ vAJ°¬ eOL¢ »¬ U° b¥U° «¸ UN≤¬ fáß .œ«œ uA∑º® Êu°UÅ Ë Âd∞Ë »¬ U° Ê«u¢
.bOzUL≤ eO≥dÄ Î«b§ ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« ÈU≥ gª° “« «bØ d≥ s∑º® È«d° ÁbM°Uß U¥ v¥UOLO® ÈU≥ ÁbM¥u® Êœd° ¸UJ° “« !t§u¢
.b≤u® pAî ö
Î ±UØ b¥U° œbπ± ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ ÁU~∑ßœ ÈU≥ gª° v±UL¢ !t§u¢
bOHß tØdß d∑O∞ vKO± 25 U±« ÁœdØ qL´ ‰uLF± ‘˸ t° ¸UJM¥« È«d° .œdØ „UÄ Â«d§« “« rEM± ¸uD° b¥U° «¸ “Uß ÁuNÆ ÁU~∑ßœ
.Xª¥¸ ¸Ëœ «¸ ʬ Ê«u∑O± œdØ ¸u∂´ ÁU~∑ßœ qî«œ “« tØdß Ë »¬ ◊uKª± tØ v±U~M≥ .bOzUL≤ t≠U{« È« tAO® ı¸UÄ qî«œ t° «¸
¸UØ s¥« .bOzUL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« v~AOL≥ Ë ‰uLF± ‘˸ t° ÁU~∑ßœ “« Ë ÁœdØ t≠U{« »¬ ȸ«bN~≤ tEH∫± t° «¸ eOL¢ »¬ ı¸UÄ p| ‰U•
.œdØ ¸«dJ¢ eO≤ d~¥œ ¸U° Ëœ È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ “« œbπ± ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ b¥U° «¸
“« tØ vÅUª®« U¥ Ë )ÊUØœuØ tKL§ “« Ë( b≤d° v± Z≤¸ vM≥– Ë vJ|eO≠ XO∞uKF± “« tØ Èœ«d≠« ÁœUH∑ß« È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« •
tØ vBª® jßu¢ tJM¥« d~± ,b®U° vL≤ VßUM± bM∑ºO≤ ¸«œ¸uîd° ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« “« ÁœUH∑ß« È«d° v≠UØ g≤«œ Ë t°dπ¢
.œu® ‹¸UE≤ UN≤¬ ¸UØ t° U¥ Áb® Áœ«œ “ô ‘“u±¬ tMO±“ s¥« ¸œ UN≤¬ t° œ¸«œ ÁbN´ t° «¸ UN≤¬ vML¥« XO∞uµº±
.bMMJ≤ È“U° tKOßË s¥« U° ÊUØœuØ U¢ œu° VÆ«d± b¥U° Á¸«uL≥ •
ÁœUH∑ß« “« fÄ
«¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ,ʬ nK∑ª± ÈU≥ gª° v߸“U° U¥ ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ ,i¥uF¢ “« gOÄ U¥ Ë ÁU~∑ßœ “« Êb® ¸Ëœ “« gOÄ Á¸«uL≥ •
.bOzUL≤ øUî ‚d° e¥dÄ “« «d≤¬ Ë ÁœuL≤ ‘u±Uî
‹«eONπ¢ Ë qzUßË U° b¥U∂≤ U≥ tâ° .œuL≤ ȸ«bN~≤ pAî v≤UJ± ¸œ ʬ “« b¥U° œu® vL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« tØ v±U~M≥ •
.bM®U° t∑®«œ vßd∑ßœ Áb® ¸U∂≤«
dOLF¢ Ë v߸“U°
,ÁU~∑ßœ ‹UFDÆ v~∑ºJ® Âb´ “« .bOzUL≤ ÊU∫∑±« »uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ‹UFDÆ œu§Ë X°U° “« «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ,ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ •
.bO°U¥ ÊUMOL©« bM≥œ v± ¸«dÆ dO£U¢ X∫¢ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ `O∫Å œdظUØ tØ vK±U´ t≤uÖd≥ Ë U≥ bOKØ t±bÅ
.bOzULM≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ʬ “« b®U° »uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ “« gª° d≥ tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
.b≤u® dOLF¢ U¥ Ë i¥uF¢ “Uπ± ¸UØdOLF¢ jßu¢ b¥U° »uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ‹UFDÆ •
.bOzUL≤ v߸“U° vÖœußd≠ Ë v~MNØ ,vÖb¥œ t±bÅ ‹U±ö´ œu§Ë XN§ “« «d≤¬ ‚d° rOß ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± b®U° v± »uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ʬ tîU® Ëœ U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
“« U¢ œuL≤ dOLF¢ “Uπ± ¸UØdOLF¢ jßu¢ «d≤¬ b¥U° b®U° v± »uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® Ëœ U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
.bOzULM≤ «bÆ« ʬ dOLF¢ U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß lDÆ Ë Êb¥d° t° X∂º≤ v¥UNM¢ t° œuî eÖd≥ .œu® ÈdOÖuK§ dDî “Ëd°
«bÆ« b≤« Áb® hªA± ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ v¥UN≤¬ eπ° ÁU~∑ßœ ‹UFDÆ i¥uF¢ U¥ Ë s∑®«œd° t° UÎBª® eÖd≥ •
f¥Ëdß Ë ‹U±bî eØd± s¥d∑J|œe≤ t° «¸ œuî ÁU~∑ßœ ¸uEM± s¥« È«d° .bOzULM≤ «bÆ« ÁU~∑ßœ dOLF¢ XN§ UÎBª® eÖd≥ •
.bO≥œ q¥u∫¢ dØœ b≤« pK°
“Uß ÁuNÆ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ È«d° v≠U{« vML¥« ‹«¸u∑ßœ
.b¥“Uº≤ ¸Ë t©u¨ d~¥œ ‹UF¥U± t≤uÖ d≥ U¥ »¬ qî«œ ¸œ «¸ ÊUA¥U≥e¥dÄ U¥ Ë rOß ,vÆd° “«u∞ •
b¥¸«c~° “U° «d≤¬ ·«d©« ÈUC≠ ÁU~∑ßœ VßUM± t¥uN¢ È«d° tAOL≥ •
.bOzULM≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« eÖd≥ ,b®U° v± Xª∞ UL® ÈU≥UÄ U¥ Ë fOî UL® ÈUN∑ßœ tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
.bM®U° ⁄«œ ,Êb® pMî ‹b± ‰öî ¸œ U¥ Ë ÁœUH∑ß« sO• ¸œ Xß« sJL± ÁU~∑ßœ ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ Ë È« tAO® ı¸UÄ ,»¸œ !t§u¢
.bOzUL≤ XÆœ ʬ »¸œ ÊœdØ “U° ÂU~M≥ t° s¥«d°UM° .œu® øUî ¸Uª° ʬ »¸œ “« ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ‰öî ¸œ Xß« sJL± !t§u¢
ÈbM° r≥dß Ë VB≤
ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ ÁU~∑ßœ ÈU≥ gª° v±UL¢ œu§Ë s¥« U° U±« ,œu® v± tz«¸« Èb® ÈbM° r≥dß Ë VB≤ ö
Î ±UØ ¸uD° ÁU~∑ßœ s¥«
.bOzUL≤ tF∞UD± «¸ "ÊœdØ eOL¢ Ë X≠UE≤" t° ◊u°d± gª° ¸uEM± s¥« È«d° .œœdÖ eOL¢ b¥U°
·dB± œ¸u±
v•«d© ,Áb® Á¸U®« UN≤¬ t° ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ t≤u~≤¬ ,Áb® d∑KO≠ ÁuNÆ tON¢ È«d° UL® dØœ b≤« pK° “Uß ÁuNÆ ÁU~∑ßœ
Xß« Áb¥œdÖ v•«d© ‰eM± vKî«œ ·¸UB± XN§ UNM¢ tKOßË s¥«.Xß« Áb¥œdÖ
rN± vML¥« ÈU≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ
dE≤ ¸œ Á¸«uL≥ b¥U° «¸ d¥“ t¥UÄ vML¥« t≤«dO~AOÄ œ¸«u± ,vÆd° qzUßË U° ¸UØ ÂU~M≥ t° ! t§u¢ •
ÁU~∑ßœ v°«dî sOMâL≥ Ë Èœd≠ ‹U±bÅ ,vJ|d∑J∞« „u® ,È“uß g¢¬“Ëd° dDî U¢ X®«œ
.b°U¥ g≥UØ
t° ,b¥¸«œ vzUM®¬ ÁU~∑ßœ U° ¸UØ t° tØ v¢¸uÅ ¸œ v∑• «¸ ULM≥«¸ s¥« ÈU≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ v±UL¢ •
.bOzUL≤ tF∞UD± XÆœ
“«u∞ t≤uÖd≥ “« ÁœUH∑ß« .Xß« Áb® Áœ«œ `O{u¢ tâ°U∑Ø s¥« ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸«u± •
„U≤dDî Áb® tOÅu¢ ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ Èœ¸«u± “« dO¨ t° ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« U¥ v∂≤U§
.X®«œ b≥«uî Á«dL≥ t° «¸ Èœd≠ t±bÅ dDî Ë Áœu°
.bOzUL≤ ȸ«bN~≤ VßUM± v¥U§ ¸œ ÈbF° ‹UF§«d± XN§ «¸ ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« •
ʬ Êb® ÁbOAØ Ë UÄ t° ÊœdØ dOÖ ÊUJ±« tØ v¥U§ ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß U¢ bO®U° V™«u± Á¸«uL≥ •
.b®U° t∑≠d~≤ ¸«dÆ œ¸«œ œu§Ë
ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± b®U° v± qB∑± ʬ t° tØ vÆd° e¥dÄ d¥“ ¸œ ULOI∑º± «¸ œuî vÆd° ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ
ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß«
.b®U° ‘u±Uî ÁU~∑ßœ ,‚d° e¥dÄ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ÊbOAØ “« bF° U¥ ‰UB¢« “« q∂Æ tØ bOzUL≤ XÆœ Á¸«uL≥ •
⁄«œ `Dß X±ö´
.œË¸ v± ¸ULA° ȸËd{ Èd±« Á¸«uL≥ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ t° XÆœ X¥U´¸ •
.bOzULM≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ‰eM± “« øUî ·¸UB± È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ “« eÖd≥ •
.bOzULM≤ øUî e¥dÄ “« v≤UNÖU≤ ¸uD° Ë ¸UA≠ U° «d≤¬ U¥ Ë ÁbOAJ≤ «d≤¬ rOß ,‚d° e¥dÄ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ «b§ È«d° eÖd≥ •
.b¥¸«œ t~≤ ¸Ëœ eO¢ ÈU≥ t∂∞ Ë s¨Ë¸ ,U±dÖ “« «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß Á¸«uL≥
Ë È¸«bN~≤ Ë dOLF¢ ÊU±“ ¸œ U¥ b¥¸«œ «¸ ʬ ‹UFDÆ ÊœuL≤ “U° U¥ VB≤ bBÆ ,bOMØ vL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« tØ v±U~M≥ •
.bOzUL≤ øUî ‚d° e¥dÄ “« «¸ ʬ ,ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ t° «bÆ« “« gOÄ
.b®U° ⁄«œ ,ʬ Êb® pMî ÂU~M≥ t° U¥ ÁœUH∑ß« ‰öî ¸œ Xß« sJL± ÁU~∑ßœ ÕuDß vCF° •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± ⁄«œ d≠ qî«œ ¸œ U¥ ‚d° U¥ “UÖ ‚U§« qO∂Æ “« v¨«œ ÕuDß È˸ t° «¸ œuî ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
tBªA± X±ö´.bO°U¥ ÊUMOL©« ÊU¢dE≤ œ¸u± œd°¸UØ U° rOß VßUM¢ “« ,œuî ÁU~∑ßœ U° j°«¸ rOß “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ t° •
⁄«œ `Dß
Ê«d~¥œ vML¥«
.bO≥b≤ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« Á“U§« b≤¸«b≤ v¥UM®¬ U≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ s¥« U° ¸UØ t° tØ Èœ«d≠« U¥ ÊUØœuØ t° eÖd≥ •
v¥U§ ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« .bO≥b≤ «¸ ʬ ‚d° rOß U¥ ÁU~∑ßœ fL∞ U¥ Ë Êb® p|œe≤ Á“U§« ‹U≤«uO• U¥ Ë ÊUØœuØ t° eÖd≥ •
.b®U° v± q±UØ ‹¸UE≤ Ë v∑ßdÄdß ÂeK∑º± ,b≤¸«œ ¸uC• ʬ ¸œ ÊUØœuØ tØ
.bOzULM≤ U≥¸ X∂Æ«d± ÊËb° «¸ ʬ ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÊU±“ ¸œ eÖd≥ •
.b≤UL° Ê«e¥Ë¬ Ê«uªAOÄ U¥ eO± “« ÁU~∑ßœ rOß U¢ bO≥b≤ Á“U§« •
vM≠ ‹UBªA± Õu∞ È˸ Áb® hªA± ˛U∑∞Ë v≤«uªL≥ “« Á¸«uL≥ .b®U° sO±“ ‰UB¢« È«¸«œ b¥U° UL® ÁU~∑ßœ
.bOzUL≤ qÅU• ÊUMOL©« dN® ‚d° U° ÁU~∑ßœ
1 ”öØ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ Ë j°«¸ ÈU≥ rOß
Ë Áœu° 1 ”öØ Ÿu≤ “« UL® ÁU~∑ßœ «d¥“ œ«œ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° ‰UB¢« XN§ b¥U° «¸ t∑®¸ tß j°«¸ rOß p|
.b®U° v± sO±“ ‰UB¢« t° bM±“UO≤
Denotes hot
:ÁU~∑ßœ nK∑ª± ÈU≥ gª° vzUßUM®
ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ ‘u±Uî Ë s®Ë¸ tLÖœ .1
ÁU~∑ßœ t¥UÄ .2
»¬ tEH∫± .3
»¬ tEH∫± ‘uĸœ .4
d∑KO≠ ‘uĸœ .5
d∑KO≠ ÁdOÖ .6
È« tAO® ı¸UÄ .7
d~A¥UL≤ ⁄«dÇ .8
d∑KO≠ .9
ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ t¥UÄ .10
rN± vML¥« ÈU≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ
,È“uß g¢¬“Ëd° dDî U¢ X®«œ dE≤ ¸œ Á¸«uL≥ b¥U° «¸ d¥“ t¥UÄ vML¥« t≤«dO~AOÄ œ¸«u± ,vÆd° qzUßË U° ¸UØ ÂU~M≥ t°
:b°U¥ g≥UØ ÁU~∑ßœ v°«dî sOMâL≥ Ë Èœd≠ ‹U±bÅ ,vJ|d∑J∞« „u®
.bOzUL≤ tF∞UD± XÆœ t° ,b¥¸«œ vzUM®¬ ÁU~∑ßœ U° ¸UØ t° tØ v¢¸uÅ ¸œ v∑• «¸ ULM≥«¸ s¥« ÈU≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ v±UL¢ •
‹UF¥U± t≤uÖ d≥ U¥ »¬ qî«œ ¸œ «d≤¬ e¥dÄ U¥ Ë rOß ,vÆd° tKOßË eÖd≥ ,vJ|d∑J∞« „u® dDî d°«d° ¸œ X™UH∫± XN§ •
.b¥“Uº≤ ¸Ë t©u¨ d~¥œ
.bOzUL≤ „UÄ »u©d± tǸUÄ p| U° «d≤¬ v§¸Uî gª° ,ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ eOL¢ XN§ •
ÊU±“ ¸œ eÖd≥ .b®U° v± q±UØ ‹¸UE≤ Ë t§u¢ ÂeK∑º± b≤¸«œ ¸uE• ʬ ¸œ ÊUØœuØ tØ v¥U§ ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« •
.bOzULM≤ U≥¸ X∂Æ«d± ÊËb° «¸ ʬ ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß«
U¥ Ë “Uπ± dOLF¢ Ë f¥Ëdß eØd± s¥d¢ p|œe≤ t° ʬ b®U° Áb® »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® Ëœ U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
.œœdÖ ÈdOÖuK§ eO≤dDî “Ëd° “« Ë t∑≠dÖ ¸«dÆ dOLF¢ œ¸u± U¢ bO≥œ q¥u∫¢ hBª∑± ’Uª®«
øUî ‚d° “« Ë ÁœuL≤ ‘u±Uî «d≤¬ ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« gª° d≥ dOLF¢ Ë v߸“U° U¥ Ë ÊœdØ „UÄ ,‹UFDÆ i¥uF¢ “« q∂Æ •
e¥dÄ “« v≤UNÖU≤ ¸uD° Ë ¸UA≠ U° «d≤¬ U¥ Ë ÁbOAJ≤ «d≤¬ rOß ,‚d° e¥dÄ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ øUî È«d° eÖd≥ .bOzUL≤
.bOzULM≤ øUî
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± «d≤¬ eÖd≥ ,Xß« Áb¥œ t±bÅ sJL± ‹¸uÅ d≥ t° tîU® Ëœ U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJO¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
“Uπ± dOLF¢ Ë f¥Ëdß eØd± s¥d¢ p|œe≤ t° ʬ ÈU≥ gª° v±UL¢ U° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ,dDî t≤uÖ d≥ “Ëd° “« ÈdOÖuK§ XN§
dDî t≤uÖ d≥ “Ëd° “« ¸cÖ s¥« “« Ë t∑≠d¥cÄ ÂUπ≤« ʬ œ¸u± ¸œ rOEM¢ U¥ Ë vJO≤UJ± ,vJ|d∑J∞« ‹«dOLF¢ U¢ bO≥œ q¥u∫¢
.œœdÖ ÈdOÖuK§ eO≤
Y´U° Xß« sJL± b߸ vL≤ ‘ËdH° Ë ÁbA≤ tOÅu¢ ÁU~∑ßœ ÁbMMØ bO∞u¢ jßu¢ tØ v∂≤U§ “«u∞ Ë ‹«eONπ¢ “« ÁœUH∑ß« •
.œœdÖ Èœd≠ ‹U±bÅ U¥ Ë vJ|d∑J∞« „u® ,È“uß g¢¬ “Ëd°
.b®U° ”UL¢ ¸œ ⁄«œ ÕuDß U° U¥ Ë Áb≤U± Ê«e¥Ë¬ Ê«uªAOÄ U¥ eO± ÈU≥ t∂∞ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß U¢ bO≥b≤ Á“U§« eÖd≥ •
.bOzUL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« t∑ßœ Ë ÁdO~∑ßœ “« tAOL≥ ¸UJM¥« È«d° .bOzUL≤ eO≥dÄ ÁU~∑ßœ ⁄«œ ÕuDß ÊœdØ fL∞ “« •
ÈU≥eÄ „«¸uî qO∂Æ “«( v¨«œ ÕuDß È˸ U¥ Ë ‹¸ËUπ± ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« ÈU≥ gª° Êœ«œ ¸«dÆ U¥ Ë Êœd° ¸UJ° “« •
.bOzUL≤ eO≥dÄ «Îb§ )⁄«œ d≠ qî«œ ¸œ U¥ Ë vJ|d∑J∞«
eO≥dÄ Ê¬ ‚d° rOß jßu¢ ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ bMK° “« .bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ‰ULF∑ß« œ¸u± jK¨ È« t≤u~° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß eÖd≥ •
øUî e¥dÄ “« v≤UNÖU≤ ¸uD° Ë ¸UA≠ U° «d≤¬ U¥ Ë ÁbOAJ≤ «d≤¬ rOß ,‚d° e¥dÄ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœuL≤ «b§ È«d° Ë ÁœuL≤
.bOzUL≤ øUî ‚d° “« «d≤¬ Ë t∑≠dÖ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® Ëœ ¸UJM¥« È«d° .bOzULM≤
.bO°U¥ ÊUMOL©« ÊU¢dE≤ œ¸u± ·dB± œ¸u± U° rOß VßUM¢ “« ,œuî ÁU~∑ßœ U° j°«¸ rOß “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ t° •
.Xß« Áb® v•«d© ‰eM± vKî«œ ·¸UB± È«d° UNM¢ ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« •
Ë ‹U±bî eØd± s¥d∑J|œe≤ t° «¸ œuî ÁU~∑ßœ ¸uEM± s¥« È«d° .bOzULM≤ «bÆ« ÁU~∑ßœ dOLF¢ XN§ UÎBª® eÖd≥ •
.bO≥œ q¥u∫¢ “Uπ± ‹U±bî Ë f¥Ëdß eØ«d± U¥ Ë dØœ b≤« pK° f¥Ëdß
bOzUL≤ ȸ«bN~≤ sµLD± v≤UJ± ¸œ ÈbF° ‹UF§«d± XN§ «¸ U≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ s¥«
WµO∂∞« W¥UL•
.WO∞eML∞« ‹U¥UHM∞« WOI° l± Z∑ML∞« «c≥ s± hKª∑∞« Âb´ Vπ¥
l± tM± hKª∑¢ ô ,r¥bI∞« “UNπK∞ W§U∫° bF¢ r∞ Ë√ ,b¥b§ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° “UN§ ¡«dA∞ W§U∫° p≤√ ÂU¥_« s± Âu¥ w≠ ‹b§Ë «–≈
.qBHML∞« Âö∑ßû∞ Z∑ML∞« «c≥ eN§ .Èdî_« WO∞eML∞« ‹U¥UHM∞«
‰ULF∑ß≈ .b¥b§ s± UN∞ULF∑ß«Ë œ«uL∞« lOMB¢ …œU´S° `Lº¥ nOKG∑∞« œ«u±Ë WKLF∑ºL∞« ‹Uπ∑MLK∞ qBHML∞« Âö∑ßù«
.WO∞Ë_« œ«uL∞« vK´ VKD∞« qKI¥Ë wµO∂∞« ÀuK∑∞« lM± vK´ b´Uº¥ UNFOMB¢ œUFL∞« œ«uL∞«
WDß«u° Ë√ ‹U¥UHMK∞ W¥bK∂∞« lÆ«u± w≠ ,‰“UML∞« s± WOzU°dNJ∞« ‹Uπ∑MLK∞ qBHML∞« Âö∑ßù« …¸Ëd{ vK´ hM¢ bÆ WOK∫L∞« WLE≤_«
.«Îb¥b§ UÎπ∑M± Íd∑A¢ U±bM´ Wzeπ∑∞« lzU°
…œUH∑ßû∞ .WOKLF∞« UN¢UO• W¥UN≤ v∞≈ qB¢ U±bM´ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° ‹Uπ∑M± lOMB¢ …œU´≈Ë Âö∑ßô ‹öONº∑∞« dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° d≠u¢
»dÆ√ lÆu± W≠dF± pMJL¥ .UM´ W°UOM∞U° t±ö∑ßU° ÂuIOß Íc∞«Ë bL∑F± `OKB¢ qOØË Í√ v∞≈ „“UN§ …œU´≈ v§d¥ ,W±bª∞« Ác≥ s±
¡ULßQ° WLzUÆ d≠u∑¢ .VO∑J∞« «c≥ w≠ sO∂L∞« Ê«uMF∞« vK´ wK∫L∞« dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° V∑J± WF§«dL° p∞ W∂ºM∞U° bL∑F± `OKB¢ qOØË
WJ∂® vK´ ‰UB¢ô« s¥ËUM´Ë lO∂∞« bF° U± ‹U±bî s´ WK±UØ qOÅUH¢ d≠u∑¢ ULØ ,dJ¥œ Ë „ö° s± s¥bL∑FL∞« `OKB∑∞« ¡öØË : X≤d∑≤ù«
WO∞eML∞« BLACK & DECKER …eN§_ sO∑Mß …bL∞ q±U® ÊUL{
.¡«dA∞« a¥¸U¢ s± «Î¸U∂∑´« Z∑ML∞« «cN∞ sO∑Mß t¢b± ö
Î ±U® UÎ≤UL{ Black & Decker `ML¢
WØd® ÂuI∑ß ,ÊULC∞« …d∑≠ ¡UM£√ qD´ ÍQ° Z∑ML∞« W°UÅ≈ W∞U• w≠Ë .lOMB∑∞« w≠ WKî«b∞« œ«uL∞« Ë√ lOMB∑∞« »uO´ ÊULC∞« wDG¥
.UÎ≤Uπ± t∞«b∂∑ß« ) Black & Decker d¥bI∑∞ UÎI≠Ë( Ë√ t•öÅS°
.UÎOK∫± UN° ‰uLFL∞« rEM∞« ŸU∂¢« Âb´ Ë√ ,T©Uª∞« ‰ULF∑ßô« ,‰UL≥ù« ,‰ULF∑ßô« ¡uß ,Àœ«u∫∞« s´ Wπ¢UM∞« ‰UD´_« ÊULC∞« wDG¥ ô
W∞U• w≠ Ë√ ,Black & Decker WØd® q∂Æ s± bL∑F± dO¨ ·d© Èb∞ Z∑ML∞« `OKB¢ Ë√ W≤UOÅ XL¢ «–≈ ÊULC∞« ◊Ëd® o∂DM¢ ô ,p∞cØ
l± “«d© Í√ ÃU∑≤≈ nÆu¢ «–≈Ë .qDF∞« w≠ lDI∞« Ác≥ X∂∂º¢Ë ,UN∑I≠«u± vK´ ‰uB∫∞« Ë√ WØdA∞« v∞≈ Ÿu§d∞« ÊËb° ¸UO¨ lDÆ Â«bª∑ß«
.WOz«dA∞« WLOI∞« fHM° dî¬ “«dD° t∞«b∂∑ß« Ë√ Z∑ML∞« ÕöÅ≈ ¸UO∑î« o• Black & Decker WØdA∞ ÊS≠ ,VßUML∞« q¥b∂∞« œu§Ë Âb´
¡«dA∞« bM´
.WÆUD∂∞U° ¡«dA∞« ‰UB¥≈ o≠¸« r£ )¡«dA∞« a¥¸U¢ `O{u¢Ë( bL∑FL∞« d§U∑K∞ wKÅ_« r∑ª∞« œu§Ë s± bØQ∑∞« l± ÊULC∞« qO㧛 WÆUD° ú±«
.q∂I∑ºL∞« w≠ ‹U∂∞UD± œu§Ë W∞U• w≠ UL≥“«d°ù ULN° ÿUH∑•ô« ¡U§d∞«
t¢d§√ W´u≠bL∞« b¥d∂∞U° t∞U߸≈ pMJL¥ Ë√ wK∫L∞« W≤UOB∞« eØd± v∞≈ pºHM° ¡«dA∞« ‰UB¥≈Ë ÊULC∞« WÆUD° l± qDFL∞« Z∑ML∞« cî
l± ÈuI± Êu¢dØ ‚ËbMÅ w≠ ΫbO§ tHOKG∑° rÆË ÎUOKØ ¡UL∞« s± Z∑ML∞« m¥dH¢ s± bØQ¢ ,s∫A∞« Ë√ b¥d∂∞U° “UNπ∞« ‰U߸≈ W∞U• w≠Ë .UÎHKß
W°U∑Ø s± bØQ¢Ë W≤UOB∞« eØdL∞ WKJAL∞« UNO≠ nB¢ WE•ö± o≠¸« .¸d{ ÍQ° t∑°UÅ≈ ÍœUH∑∞ ‹U¨«dH∞« ¡vKL∞ nOKG¢ œ«u± W≠U{≈
.jI≠ WO∞eML∞« ‹ôULF∑ßö∞ rLÅ
«bª∑ßô« WI¥d©
“UNπ∞« TH©√ r£ W£ö£ Ë√ sO¢d± tKOGA¢Ë …uNI∞« œ«b´≈ “UN§ w≠ nOE≤ ¡U± l{Ë v§d¥ ,…d± ‰Ë_ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« q∂Æ
.«bª∑ßö∞ UÎ∫∞UÅ “UNπ∞« `∂B¥ U≥bF°Ë b¥b§ ¡UL° WOKLF∞« Ác≥ ¸dØ .œd∂¥ v∑• ozUÆœ 5 …bL∞ tØd¢«Ë
W≠dF± pMJL¥ .)3( ÁUOL∞« Ê«eî v∞≈ W°uKDL∞« ¡UL∞« WOLØ n{√Ë )4( ¡UDG∞« l≠¸«Ë …œ¸U° W°c´ ÁUOL° )7( o¥d°ù« Wµ∂F∑° rÆ
bF° )10( sOªº∑∞« Õu∞ vK´ o¥d°ù« l{ .ÁUOL∞« Èu∑º± d®R± vK´ œu§uL∞« »«uØ_« ”UOI± ‰öî s± W≠UCL∞« ¡UL∞« WOLØ
.¡UDG∞« oK¨√ r£ `®dL∞« v∞≈ Êu∫DL∞« s∂∞« WOLØ n{√ .)6( d∑KH∞« q±U• vK´ )9( rz«b∞« d∑KH∞« X∂£ .¡UL∞« W≠U{≈
.VßUML∞« wzU°dNJ∞« ¸UO∑∞U° tKÅË r£ uÌ∑º± nOE≤ `Dß vK´ “UNπ∞« l{
.)7( o¥d°ù« w≠ …uNI∞« o≠b¢ √b∂Oß WKOKÆ ozUÆœ bF°Ë )8( ÕU∑HL∞« ¡wCOß .qOGA∑∞« l{Ë vK´ )1( WÆUD∞« ÕU∑H± j∂{«
lML¥ UL± ÂULB∞« ‚ö¨≈ v∞≈ sOªº∑∞« Õu∞ s± o¥d°ù« p≠ ÍœR¥ .…uNI∞« o≠b¢ WOKL´ nÆu¢ œdπL° …uNI∞« ‰ËUM¢ pMJL¥
.sOªº∑∞« W•u∞ vK´ »dº¢ Í√ ÀËb•
vK´ o¥d°ù« XO∂∏¢ …œU´≈ ‰öî s± WMîUß …uNI∞« vK´ ÿUH∫∞« sJL¥ .tO≠ …uNI∞« o≠b¢ ¡UM£√ o¥d°ù« p≠ VMπ¢ :WE•ö±
.)10( sOªº∑∞« Õu∞
cîQ± s± Z∑ML∞« qB≠ vK´ ’d•« .…œ¸U∂∞« ÁUOL∞U° t∑µ∂F¢ …œU´≈ q∂Æ œd∂¥ v∑• …uNI∞« œ«b´≈ “UN§ „d¢ Vπ¥ :WE•ö±
.«bª∑ßô« WOKL´ s± ¡UN∑≤ô« bF° wºOzd∞« ¸UO∑∞«
W∂ßUM± W¥U´¸ dO≠u¢ Vπ¥ .W≤UOB∞« s± ¸bÆ qÆ√ v∞≈ W§U∫∞« l± WK¥u© …d∑H∞ Âbª∑º¢ wØ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° …eN§√ lOMB¢ r∑¥
.WK¥u© …d∑H∞ WO{d± qOGA¢ ZzU∑≤ vK´ ‰uB∫K∞ dL∑º± qJA° tHOEM¢Ë “UNπK∞
qJA° W¥uN∑∞« ‹U∫∑≠ nOEM¢ s± b°ô .¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤ vK´ ’d•« ,“UNπ∞« W≤UOÅ Ë√ nOEM¢ q∂Æ !d¥c∫¢
.WHOE≤Ë W≠U§ ÊU≥œ …U®d≠ «bª∑ßU° dL∑º±
d∑KH∞«Ë o¥d°ù« ¡UD¨Ë o¥d°ù« nOEM¢ sJL¥ .“UNπK∞ wºOzd∞« qJON∞« nOEM¢ w≠ WKK∂± ‘ULÆ WFDÆ Â«bª∑ß« vK´ ’d•«
.W≠U§ WL´U≤ ‘ULÆ WFDI° UNHOHπ¢Ë nOE≤ ¡UL° UNKº¨ r£ ,Êu°UB° T≠«œ ¡U± w≠ UNFI≤ ‰öî s± d∑KH∞« q±U•Ë
“UNπ∞« ¡«e§√ s± Í√ nOEM∑∞ W∞UØ√ Ë√ WOzULOØ ‹UHEM± «bª∑ß« VMπ¢ :WE•ö±
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« q∂Æ «ÎbO§ ¡«e§_« W≠UØ nOHπ¢ Vπ¥ :WE•ö±
…œU∑FL∞« WI¥dD∞U° “UNπ∞« qG® ,Vß«Ëd∞« s± nOEM∑∞« WOKL´ ¡«d§ù .Vß«Ëd∞« s± …uNI∞« œ«b´≈ “UN§ nOEM¢ vK´ ’d•«
.“UNπ∞« nOEM¢ bF° qª∞«Ë ¡UL∞« Z¥e± s± hKª∑∞« sJL¥ .o¥d°ù« w≠ iO°_« qª∞« s± q± 25 n{√ r£
sO¢d± WOKLF∞« Ác≥ ¸«dJ¢ Vπ¥ .WI°Uº∞« WI¥dD∞U° “UNπ∞« qG® r£ ,ÁUOL∞« Ê«eî v∞≈ o¥d°ù« ¸«bIL° nOE≤ ¡U± n{√
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« …œU´≈ q∂Æ sO¥dî√
Ë√ WOM≥c∞« Ë√ W¥bºπ∞« ‹«¸bI∞« w≠ hI≤ s± Êu≤UF¥ s¥c∞« ’Uª®_« q∂Æ s± «bª∑ßö∞ bF± dO¨ “UNπ∞« «c≥ •
rN¨ö°≈Ë W∂Æ«dL∞« X∫¢ ’Uª®_« ¡ôR≥ l{Ë Vπ¥Ë .)‰UH©_« p∞– w≠ UL°( W≠dFL∞«Ë …d∂ª∞« v∞≈ ÊËdI∑H¥ Ë√ WOº∫∞«
.“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« v∞≈ W§U∫∞« bM´ rN∑±öß s´ ‰uµºL∞« hªA∞« q∂Æ s± “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‹«œU®¸S°
“UNπ∞U° rN∏∂´ Âb´ s± bØQ∑K∞ ‰UH©_« W∂Æ«d± Vπ¥ •
«bª∑ßô« bF°
h∫≠ Ë√ nOEM¢ Ë√ dOOG¢ q∂Æ Ë√ W∂Æ«d± ÊËœ “UNπ∞« „d¢ q∂Æ ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤Ë “UNπ∞« ¡UH©≈ vK´ ’d•« •
“UNπ∞« ¡«e§√ s± Í√
.W≤eªL∞« …eN§_« v∞≈ ‰UH©_« ‰uÅË Âb´ vK´ ’d•« .·U§ ÊUJ± w≠ “UNπ∞« s¥eª¢ Vπ¥ ,«bª∑ßô« Âb´ bM´ •
ÕöÅù«Ë h∫H∞« WOKL´
w≠ nK¢ Í√ Ë√ …¸uºJL∞« Ë√ WH∞U∑∞« Ë√ W∂OFL∞« ¡«e§_« ·UA∑Øô “UNπ∞« h∫≠ vK´ ’d•« ,qOGA∑∞« WOKL´ q∂Æ •
qOGA∑∞« WOKL´ vK´ d£R¢ bÆ Èdî√ W∞U• Í√ Ë√ `O¢UHL∞«
tO≠ ¡e§ Í√ VD´ Ë√ nK¢ bM´ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« w≠ W∂OFL∞«Ë WH∞U∑∞« ¡«e§_« ÕöÅù bL∑FL∞« W≤UOB∞« qOØu° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ •
tO≠ nK¢ ‹U±ö´ Í√ œu§Ë ·UA∑Øô WÆUD∞« pKß h∫≠ vK´ ’d•« ,«bª∑ßô« q∂Æ •
¸UO∑∞« cîQ± Ë√ WÆUD∞« pKß w≠ VO´ Ë√ nK¢ œu§Ë bM´ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
¸UDî√ Í√ ÍœUH¢ r∑¥ v∑• VOFL∞« Ë√ n∞U∑∞« ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± Ë√ „öß_« ‰«b∂∑ßô bL∑FL∞« W≤UOB∞« qOØu° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ •
pºHM° ŸuDIL∞« WÆUD∞« œ«b±≈ pKß ÕöÅ≈ ‰ËU∫¢ ô .WMJL±
qO∞b∞« w≠ …¸uØcL∞« ¡«e§_« dO¨ ¡e§ Í√ ‰«b∂∑ß« Ë√ p≠ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
eØd± »dÆ√ Ë√ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° eØ«d± s± eØd± »dÆQ° W≤UF∑ßô« v§d¥ .pºHM° UÎIKD± “UNπ∞« «c≥ ÕöÅ≈ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« «c≥ ÕöÅù bL∑F± W±bî
…uNI∞« œ«b´≈ “UNπ∞ WO≠U{ù« W±öº∞« ‹«œU®¸≈
qzUß Í√ w≠ f°UI∞« Ë√ pKº∞« Ë√ “UNπ∞« dLG¢ ô •
W¥uN∑∞« WOKL´ q§√ s± “UNπ∞« ‰u• W≠Uº± „d¢ vK´ ’d•« •
sO±bI∞« w≠U• Ë√ s¥bO∞« qK∂± X≤√Ë “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
.…d®U∂± “UNπ∞« ¡UH©≈ bF°Ë «bª∑ßô« WOKL´ ¡UM£√ UÎMîUß sOªº∑∞« Õu∞ Ë√ o¥d°ù« Ë√ ¡UDG∞« ÊuJ¥ Ê√ sJL¥ :d¥c∫¢
.¡UDG∞« `∑≠ bM´ ¸c∫∞« wîu¢ Vπ¥ «c∞Ë Â«bª∑ßô« ¡UM£√ “UNπ∞« s± ¸Uª° Ãdª¥ Ê√ sJL¥ :d¥c∫¢
lOLπ∑∞« WI¥d©
v§d¥ .t±«bª∑ß« q∂Æ “UNπ∞« nOEM¢ Vπ¥ p∞– l±Ë ,WFLπ± tz«e§√ W≠UØ d≠«u∑¢ YO• lOLπ¢ v∞≈ ÃU∑∫¥ ô “UNπ∞« «c≥
.qOÅUH∑∞« s± b¥eL∞ "nOEM∑∞«" vK´ Ÿö©ù«
«bª∑ßô« ÷«d¨√
qO∞b∞« «c≥ w≠ …¸uØcL∞« WI¥dDK∞ UÎI≠Ë …UHB± …uNÆ œ«b´ù dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° ◊öî rOLB¢ r¢
jI≠ w∞eML∞« «bª∑ßö∞ bF± “UNπ∞« «c≥
W±öº∞« ‹ULOKF¢
ŸU∂¢« v§d¥ ,WOºOzd∞« WÆUD∞« ◊uDª° WKÅuL∞« WOzU°dNJ∞« …eN§_« «bª∑ß« bM´ :d¥c∫¢ •
Ë√/Ë WOzU°dNJ∞« ‹U±bB∞U° W°UÅù«Ë oz«d∫∞« ŸuÆË ’d≠ s± b∫K∞ WO∞U∑∞« W±öº∞« ‹ULOKF¢
.œ«uL∞« nK¢Ë ’Uª®_« W°UÅ≈
.“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« q∂Æ …dO∂Ø W¥UMF° qO∞b∞« «c≥ …¡«dÆ v§d¥ •
Denotes hot
‹U°UÅ≈ Z∑M¢ Ê√ sJL¥ .“UNπ∞« «c≥ «bª∑ß« s± ÷dGK∞ nÅË vK´ VO∑J∞« «c≥ Íu∑∫¥ •
w≠ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« Ë√ “UNπ∞« Z∑M± UN° wÅu¥ r∞ W¥u≤U£ ‹UI∫K± «bª∑ß« ¡«d§ ’Uª®ú∞
t∞ bFL∞« ÷dG∞« dO¨
q∂I∑ºL∞« w≠ tO∞≈ Ÿu§dK∞ qO∞b∞« «cN° ÿUH∑•ô« v§d¥ •
tO≠ d∏F∑¢ ô v∑• UM±¬ pKº∞« ¸Uº± ÊuJ¥ Ê√ vK´ ’d•« •
…d®U∂± f°UI∞« cîQ± X∫¢ “UNπ∞« «c≥ lC¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« sîUß `Dß v∞≈ dOA¥
sîUß `Dß v∞≈ dOA¥
¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± tKB≠ Ë√ tKOÅu¢ q∂Æ “UNπ∞« ‚ö¨≈ s± bØQ¢ •
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ UÎLz«œ ¸c∫∞« wîu¢ Vπ¥ •
‰eML∞« øUî “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
·«u∫∞«Ë X¥e∞«Ë …¸«d∫∞« s´ «ÎbOF° wzU°dNJ∞« ¸UO∑∞« pKß ¡UI° vK´ ’d•« .¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« ŸeM∞ pKº∞« bA¢ ô •
nOEM∑∞« q∂Æ Ë√ W≤UOB∞« ¡«d§≈ bM´ Ë√ ¡«e§_« p≠ Ë√ VOØd¢ q∂Æ Ë√ «bª∑ßô« Âb´ ¡UM£√ ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤« •
…d®U∂± tzUH©≈ bF° Ë√ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ¡UM£√ WMîUß `Dß_« ÊuJ¢ Ê√ sJL¥ •
Ë√ sîUß wzU°dNØ Êd≠ Ë√ “U¨ Êd≠ q∏± UNM± »dI∞U° Ë√ WMîUº∞« `Dß_« vK´ tM± ¡e§ Í√ Ë√ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
.ÁƒUL•≈ r¢ Êd≠ w≠
.“UNπ∞« «c≥ l± «bª∑ßö∞ t∑±¡ö±Ë bO§ qJA° tKOÅu¢ s± bØQ∑∞« v§d¥ ,b¥bL¢ pKß Â«bª∑ß« bM´ •
s¥dîü« W±öß
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ßU° ‹ULOKF∑∞« ÁcN° W¥«¸œ vK´ fO∞ hª® Í_ Ë√ ‰UH©ú∞ `Lº¢ ô
W∂Æ«d± Vπ¥ .pKº∞« Wº±ö± Ë√ t∑º±ö± Ë√ “UNπ∞« qOGA¢ WIDM± s± ‹U≤«uO∫∞« Ë√ ‰UH©_« »«d∑Æ« Âb´ vK´ ’d•« •
rNM± »dI∞U° “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ «ÎbO§ ‰UH©_«
«bª∑ßô« WOKL´ ¡UM£√ UÎÆö©≈ W∂Æ«d± ÊËœ “UNπ∞« „d¢ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
…bCML∞« W≠U• ‚u≠ v∞b∑¥ pKº∞« Ÿb¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« vK´ »u∑JL∞« X∞uHK∞ ¸UO∑∞« …uÆ W±¡ö± s± bØQ∑∞« …U´«d± l± w{¸√ pKº° “UNπ∞« qOÅu¢ Vπ¥
v∞Ë_« W§¸b∞« s± Z∑M±Ë b¥bL∑∞« „öß√
v∞Ë_« W§¸b∞« s± ¡UA≤≈Ë w{¸√ pKº° “UNπ∞« qOÅu¢ bM´ ·«d©_« w£ö£ pKß Â«bª∑ß« Vπ¥
“UNπ∞« ‹U≤uJ±Ë ¡«e§√
WÆUD∞« ÕU∑H± 1
…b´UI∞« 2
ÁUOL∞« Ê«eî 3
ÁUOL∞« Ê«eî ¡UD¨ 4
d∑KH∞« ¡UD¨ 5
d∑KH∞« q±U• 6
w§U§“ o¥d°≈ 7
WÆUD∞« d®R± 8
d∑K≠ 9
sOªº∑∞« W•u∞ 10
W±U≥ ‹«œU®¸≈
W±bB∞«Ë o¥d∫∞« dDî s± qOKI∑K∞ WOzU°dNJ∞« …eN§_« «bª∑ß« ¡UM£√ UN´U∂¢« Vπ¥ W±öß ‹U©UO∑•« „UM≥
:wK¥ U± ‹U©UO∑•ô« Ác≥ qLA¢Ë ’Uª®_« W°UÅ≈ Ë√/Ë WOzU°dNJ∞«
“UNπ∞« «bª∑ßU° W¥«¸œ vK´ XMØ u∞Ë v∑• W¥UMF° ‹ULOKF∑∞« Ác≥ qØ …¡«dÆ •
.WOzU°dNØ W±bB∞ ÷dF∑¢ ô v∑• Èdî_« qz«uº∞« Ë√ ¡UL∞« w≠ f°UI∞« Ë√ „öß_« W´uLπ± Ë√ “UNπ∞« dLG¢ ô •
“UNπ∞« s± w§¸Uª∞« ¡eπ∞« `º±Ë nOEM∑∞ WKK∂± ‘ULÆ WFDÆ Âbª∑ß« •
.t±«bª∑ß« ¡UM£√ W∂Æ«d± ÊËœ “UNπ∞« „d∑¢ ô .rNM± »dI∞U° “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ V∏Ø s´ ‰UH©_« VÆ«¸ •
fH≤ vK´ wM≠ Í√ Ë√ bL∑FL∞« W±bª∞« qOØË Ë√ “UNπ∞« lMBL° W≤UF∑ßô« v§d¥ ,WÆUD∞« pKß nK¢ W∞U• w≠ •
WMJL± d©Uª± Í√ VMπ∑∞ p∞–Ë n∞U∑∞« pKº∞« ‰«b∂∑ßô qO≥Q∑∞« W§¸œ
nOEM¢ Ë√ tz«e§√ p≠ Ë√ VOØd¢ q∂Æ Ë√ «bª∑ßô« Âb´ ¡UM£√ ¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« Ÿe≤«Ë “UNπ∞« qBH° rÆ •
.¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± f°UI∞« ŸeM∞ pKº∞« bA¢ ô .“UNπK∞ W≤UOÅ ¡«d§≈ Ë√
t•öÅ≈ Ë√ “UNπ∞« WM¥UFL∞ bL∑FL∞« W±bª∞« eØdL° W≤UF∑ßô« Vπ¥ ,n∞U¢ f°UÆ Ë√ pKº° “UNπ∞« qGA¢ ô •
r∞ w∑∞« W¥u≤U∏∞« ‹UI∫KL∞« «bª∑ß« vK´ œ«d≠_« W°UÅ≈ Ë√ WOzU°dNJ∞« W±bB∞« Ë√ o¥d∫∞« d©Uª± V¢d∑¢ bÆ •
.UNFO∂¥ Ë√ “UNπ∞« Z∑M± UN° wÅu¥
.WMîUß UÎ∫Dß√ f±ö¥ Ë√ …bCML∞« W≠U• ‚u≠ v∞b∑¥ pKº∞« Ÿb¢ ô •
i°UIL∞« «bª∑ß« …U´«d± l± WMîUº∞« `Dß_« Wº±ö± VMπ¢ •
r¢ Êd≠ w≠ Ë√ sîUß wzU°dNØ Êd≠ Ë√ “U¨ Êd≠ q∏±( WMîUß `Dß√ vK´ tz«e§√ s± ¡e§ Í√ Ë√ “UNπ∞« lC¢ ô •
.UNM± »dI∞U° Ë√ )ÁƒUL•≈
vK´ i∂Æ« .¸UO∑∞« cîQ± s± tKBH∞ Áb® Ë√ pKº∞« o¥d© s´ Ϋb°√ “UNπ∞« qL∫¢ ôË .pKº∞« «bª∑ß« Tº¢ ô •
.tKBH∞ t∂∫ß«Ë UÎLz«œ f°UI∞«
“UNπ∞« «c≥ l± «bª∑ßö∞ `∞UÅ t≤√Ë rOKß qJA° tKOÅu¢ s± bØQ∑∞« v§d¥ ,b¥bL¢ pKß Â«bª∑ß« W∞U• w≠ •
jI≠ w∞eML∞« «bª∑ßö∞ bF± “UNπ∞« «c≥ •
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