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How to Setup the EESiFlo DA301 Wall Thickness Transducer
on the EESiFlo 6000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter
DA301 Specifications
Temperature Range: -4 to 140°F
Resolution: 0.0004 inch
Linearity: 0.004 inch
Cable Length: 60 inches
The EESiFlo DA301 Wall Thickness Transducer is specifically designed to provide accurate pipe wall thickness measurements for the
EESiFlo 6000 Series Dual Mode, Dual Channel Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter. Following are simplified instructions for its installation
and use:
Locate the DA301 Wall Thickness Transducer and its 5 foot cable and plug them together.
Turn the EESiFlo 6000 Series Portable Dual Channel Meter ON
Plug the DA301 into Channel A ( or Channel B depending upon your requirements) and the display will indicate **WALL
THICKNESS DETECTED ON A (or B)** then it will return to the Main Menu
Using the 4 and 6 keys, navigate to the “PAR” (Parameter) selection then press ENTER
Using the 8 and 2 keys, select either Channel A or Channel B (depending on which Channel you’ve plugged the DA301 into)
then press ENTER
Use the 8 and 2 keys on the “Pipe Material” screen to select the pipe material you are measuring, then press ENTER
A screen will appear indicating “c-LONGITUDINAL XXXX.X m/s” where XXXX.X is equal to the speed of sound in the pipe
material you’ve chosen. Press ENTER to accept this value and you’ll return to the Main Menu.
Using the 4 and 6 keys, navigate to the “MEA” (Measuring) selection then press ENTER
A screen will appear indicating “Wall Thickness inch ?”
10) Apply a liberal amount of Acoustic Coupling Compound to the face of the DA301 and press it against a clean section of the
pipe where measurements are to be made.
11) If “NOT CALCULATED” appears, the DA301 is not making good contact with the pipe. Clean the pipe surface, reapply the
Acoustic Coupling Compound, press the BRK (Break) key once and you’ll return to the Main Menu. Start over at step 8
12) The Signal LED will turn green when a good signal is received and red if no signal is received.
13) When a good signal is received, the screen will indicate “Wall Thickness √ X.XX inch”.
14) Press ENTER and the screen will ask you to “Transfer Data no >YES<”. By selecting YES, you will transfer the measured
wall thickness directly to the Wall Thickness question for the appropriate Channel (A or B).
15) Press ENTER again and the screen will display “Wall Thickness X.XX inches” this time the values will actually be in inches.
16) Remove the DA301 and install the appropriate transducers into the channel vacated by the DA301.
17) Continue setting up the Flow Transducers by answering the appropriate questions.
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