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SDC 8000 Digital Conference
and Interpretation System SDC
8000 is a fully digital conference system that
sets new standards in professional conference
technology. Integrated within the system is an
interpretation system that can be easily expan-
SDC 8000 CU The SDC 8000 CU
central unit is at the heart of every system. It
features a host of control functions and the
connectors required for the delegate units,
additional audio sources, monitoring headphones, PC, interpretation management and
camera control.
SDC 8000 D Basic Delegate console
features a microphone activation key, and two
3.5 mm headphone outputs with independent
volume controls.
SDC 8000 DC Similar to the
SDC 8000 D delegate console with the addition
of two independent channel selectors for each
headphone output.
SDC 8000 DV Delegate voting module NEW
features five voting keys, LCD display, chip card
reader and channel selection switch.
Sennheiser Products 2004/2005
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