Baby Bear | GK301 | User manual | Baby Bear GK301 User manual

Baby Bear children mobile phone
User manual
Please read this manu al carefully bef ore atte mpting installation.
Pictures are for indication and illustration purposes o nly.
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1. Accessories
Please check whether these accessories are included.
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2. Appearance
Button illustration
1. Special number 1
2. Special number 2
3. Special number 3
4. Special number 4
5. SOS button
6. GPS status LED
7. Power LED
8. GSM status LED
3. Notice before use
3.1 Check
Please check whether the accessories are included:
mobile phone 1pcs, battery 1pcs, travel charger 1pcs, lanyard 1pcs, user manual 1pcs,
3.2 Mobile phone
Application environment: temperature: 0℃~40℃ , humidity: 45%~85%
Remove from television/computer/telephone and so on.
3.3 Charging
● Open bottom USB port and connect mobile with power by charger. It needs 3-4 hours
● After finishing charging, disconnect mobile with power.
● Mobile can be used well during charging.
Warn: please put mobile in the draft of 0℃~40℃ during charging. Standard charger is
needed, or it will be dangerous and in this case, it will not be guaranteed.
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3.4 User of battery
When red LED is off or flash quickly, which means low battery, it should be charged in
When charged, solid bright means charging and slow flash means already full charged.
Warn: When abandon the mobile for a long time, its battery will be over-discharged. In this
case, when charging the next time, red LED will only start flashing after 15 minutes, which
is normal.
3.5 Install SIM card
Upper push the back cover of mobile and remove it, insert SIM card in the slot and lock
the cover.
4. Operation manual
4.1 Power on/off
This mobile does not have power on/off key.
Power on: Put SIM card and battery inside the mobile, then the mobile will be turned on
At that time, special 1/2/3/4 keys and SOS key will light and turned off after 20s. GSM LED
and power LED keep flash.
Once the mobile is on, its GPS will begin to search. GPS LED will keep solid light for 20s
after succeeding in locating, or it will be off if failed to locate in 5 minutes.
Power off: Remove the battery.
4.2 Language
4.3 Ring setting
SMS:RING,ring parameter#
Ring parameter range: 1-10
For example: RING, 2#. It means select the second ring as incoming ring tone.
4.4 Specific number setting
There are two ways to set special numbers.
4.4.1 SMS
The specific numbers can be set via SMS command sent from mobile phone
SMS: SOS, A,number1,number2,number3,number4#(A means add number)
For example:
SOS, A,13510682360,13511685136,13612687248,13612683621#
It will reply “OK” if succeeded.
If only set one specific number, it can be as follows:
SOS, A,13527852360# means set the first specific number
SOS, A,,13527852360# means set the second specific number
SOS, A,,,13527852360# means set the third specific number
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SOS, A,,,,13527852360# means set the fourth specific number
4.4.2 Platform
You can set special numbers in platform.
4.5 Delete specific number
There are two ways to delete specific number, one is via sms command and the other is
via platform. For the platform website, please contact your dealer.
SMS: SOS,D,1,2,3,4# (D means delete specific number)
For example: SOS,D,1# means delete the first number
SOS,D,3# means delete the third number
If delete several numbers at one time, SMS command can be: SOS,D,1,2, 4# means
delete the first/ second and fourth numbers.
You can also delete number by SMS like this: SOS,D,number#
For example: SOS,D,13527852360# means delete this specific number directly.
It will reply “OK” if succeeded to delete this number.
4.6 Dial specific number
After setting specific number, press correspond button for more than 3s until twice
vibration happened, then the button LED will be light and begin to dial correspond specific
Press SOS button to conclude current call.
If no specific number is set in correspond button, when press it, vibration will be happened
twice also but no dialing.
4.7 Receive call from specific number
When there is an incoming call from specific number, the button LED will light. Press any
button (except SOS button) to receive the call.
Press SOS button to conclude current call.
Only speical numbers can dial through the device.
Notice: If the SIM card does not activate the function of caller ID, all calls will be rejected.
4.8 Low battery alarm
When device battery is low, it will send low battery alarm sms to all preset specific
numbers: “Attention!Battery too low,Please charge."
4.9 Ringtone setting
There are three ringtone mode: Ring/Vibrate/Silent. Press combination key(4+SOS) to
change them in turn.
Operation method: Press combination key(4+SOS) within 3sec when the device is in ring
mode, the device will be into vibrate mode automatically. Press combination key again,
the device will be into silent mode.
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4.10 Call volume adjustment
Press button 1 once to increase one level during conversation. Press button 3
to decrease one level. When all LEDs are light, it mean the volume reaches
the limitation.
4.11 Restore factory setting
Send SMS via any cellphone: FACTORY# to set all parameter to factory value. Once
received “OK”, it succeeds.
e.g.: FACTORY#
5 SOS emergency call
Press SOS button for more than 3s to activate GPS automatically. Twice vibration will be
happened, then the device will send a LBS locating sms to the specific number,
e.g.:“Emergency call(LBS): nearby Bao’an Road Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
(22.571,113.876)”. Then it will dial the specific numbers by cycle, if there’s no response
after all the number been dialed for three cycles, it will stop. After dialing the specific
numbers, if GPS is located, the device will send an accurate address information, e.g.:
“Emergency call(LBS): Bao’an Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
(N22.57139,E113.87710)”. If GPS is not located in 5 minutes, the device will not send the
accurate address information.
Notice: To realize this function, please set special numbers first.
6 GPS locating function
GPS will be activated automatically with flashing Blue LED after power on the device, If
GPS is located within 5 minutes, GPS LED keeps in solid bright and the device will send
accurate address information to the server, then the GPS will be off automatically. If GPS
is not located after 5 minutes, GPS will be off and the blue LED will in dark state.
GPS will turn off after 5 minutes if the device stays in the area without GPS signal cover.
At this time, GPS timing locating function will be activated. The default time interval is 30
minutes. The GPS will start updating data every 30 minutes.
7. Check location
7.1 Checking via call
When one of the 4 specific numbers call the device, hanging off the call when it rings 1-3
times (Ringing for 1-3 times then hang off, the corresponding specific number LED will not
light and not ring), device will automatically activate GPS, If rings more than 3 times, it will
not activate GPS, which will enter dialing proceed directly, indicate guardian want to
normally talk to their wards.
GPS searching time can be last for 5 min in maximum after booting device. If succeed to
activate GPS, device will send accurate location SMS to specific number, which just called,
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e.g.: “Location (LBS): Bao’an Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
(N22.57139,E113.87710)”. Then the GPS will be off again.
If it is overtime and not able to be located in 5 minutes, the device will not send GPS
accurate address information and will turn off the GPS automatically.
When GPS is off, device will send LBS information to the server, if still needs to use GPS,
call the device via specific number again.
7.2 Checking location via SMS command
Only 4 specific numbers can check location via sms command. If using other
numbers, the device will reply: Error:110.
7.2.1 Ask address information: POSITION
If the command sent successfully, the device will reply LBS address information.
If GPS is located in 5 minutes, the device will reply the accurate GPS address information.
If it is not located in 5 minutes, then no accurate GPS address information.
Example of LBS address information: “ Current location (LBS): nearby Bao’an Road
Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong (22.571,113.876)”.
Example of GPS address information: “Accurate location (GPS):Bao’an Road, Bao’an
District, Shenzhen, Guangdong (N22.57139,E113.87710)
7..2.2 Ask coordinates
SMS command: WHERE#
Device will reply the coordinates:
e.g. Lat:N22.571285,Lon:E113.877115,Course:42.20,Speed:0.0740,DateTime:10-11-23
Ask Google link
SMS command: URL#
Device will reply the google link.
e.g.: <DateTime:10-11-23 23:42:51>,E113.877103
Notice: GPS can only be located outdoor. It can not be located indoor, or the shade of tree,
or tall building where has low GPS or even no GPS signal. While LBS can be located in
anywhere has GSM signal.
8. Monitor
Monitoring function is only available for 4 specific numbers.
SMS command: MONITOR#
The device will reply “OK” and dial the specific number which just sent the command. The
owner of the specific number can answer the phone and then enter monitoring state.
9. Appendix
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9.1 Safety for the battery
● Please use the original battery. The warranty will be invalid by using any other
accessory. The manufacturer will not take any responsibility if the device get damage.
● The new battery need 2-3 days for charging full power and finishing all power to get the
best condition.
● The battery can get full charge and finish all power over and over hundreds times。When
the battery using time becomes shorter obviously, please change a new one.
● Cut off power supply if not using the charger, don’t charge the battery more than one
week, over charging will reduce the battery using time.
● Do not short-circuit the battery with metal stuff (like the key in your pocket)
● Do not bend or open the battery.
● Do not put the battery into water or fire.
● The battery should be charged at room temperature.
● The battery should never be charged at temperatures of below 0 degrees or above 45
degrees Celsius.
9.2 Use and maintain
Babybear is a high technology product, please use with caution. The advices below can
help you know how to use and maintain the device.
● Keep away the accessory of children’s reach.
● Keep the mobile dry, the water and moisture will corrosion circuit.
● Do not keep or use the mobile in a dusty place.
● Do not keep the mobile in heat , it will reduce the mobile using time, damage battery
and plastic accessories.
● Do not keep the mobile in low temperatures. When the mobile transfer in high
temperature, the moisture will damage circuit board.
● Do not disassemble mobile, non-professionals will damage the device with improper
● Do not throw, tap, shake the mobile. It may damage the main board.
● Do not clean the mobile with detergents. Use rag to wipe it slowly with soap water.
● Do not paint any color for the mobile. It may affect the mobile working in normal.
● If the mobile get wet, please switch off immediately and take out the battery, keep it for
24 hours, then use after it gets dry.
● It is better turn down the volume and screen backlight for lasting phone standby time.
● Do not put metal parts (except specific charger interface and cable interface) with phone
charger interface, avoid short circuit.
9.3 Troubleshooting
If there is trouble during using the phone, please read the solution as follow or contact
service providers.
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Radio waves can not
communicate with device when it
be used in a bad signal area, like
Bad reception
Change to a place with good
basement or space beside tall
Can not talk in Call-intensive
Avoid call-intensive period
Phone can not
switch on
No power
Change a new battery
Calls can not go
Have not setup the specific
number for that key.
Setup specific number for each
SIM card installed wrong
Check the SIM card
The sheet mental of SIM card is
Wipe with a clean wiper.
Phone can not
connect to the
Phone can not
GPS is not
Can not check
Invalid SIM card
Contact your internet service
Out of GSM service area
Move back to the GSM service
covered area.
weak signal
Try again in a strong signal area
Voltage is out of charging range
of charger.
Change to the proper voltage
Use non-standard charger
Use charger that come with the
Poor contact
Check if the plug is in.
Keep the phone indoor
Locating in open space outdoor.
Weak GPS signal
Keep the upside of the phone face
to sky
There is metal stuff covered the
Move away the metal stuff.
SIM card can not support GPRS
Please contact the sim card
operator to activate GPRS
Reply “no data, please try again”
all the time
Please contact with your
It is not a specific number
Please set the number as specific
10. Check on Global location platform
10.1 Login
The device will automatically register a login account according to IMEI no. after the device being
(1) After inserting SIM card and booting device, laying the device outside or near the window,
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waiting for the first time locating by GPS data.
(2) If the GPS LED (Blue) will be continuously in bright state after GPS locating. The GPS LED
will turn off if GPS can not be located within 5mins or if GPS successfully located more than
20sec. In this case, please bring the device to outdoors to power on and re-locate.
(3) After GPS LED (Blue) is continuously in bright state, please login in
Select “Login” , to login in platform by using IMEI no. of device, the defaulted password is
Notice: 1. The accomplishment of this function needs network support in your area, SIM card is required
to activate GPRS function.
2. For the first time to use this device, please wait for 2mins after power on, then login the
platform. Or else the platform may indicate “ This account is not existed” .
10.2 Check Location
When entering into platform interface, users can check the device locations on “View location”.
(1) Green symbols flicker means GPS location, Blue symbols means LBS location and Grey
symbols means the device is off-line.
(2) “View location” interface will display the address details of device, type of locating, battery
strength, and footprints and so on.
After login the location service platform, the platform will display the real time GPS location info
and LBS location info. LBS location is cursory but GPS location is accurate. Most of the time,
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device only uploads LBS info. And only upload GPS info when GPS is active. If you want
accurate GPS info immediately, you can click “starts satellite location” button in platform, the
device will active GPS function for 20mins after receiving the command sent from platform.
When the GPS located successfully, it starts to upload accurate location info.
10.3 View history
View history playback, it is available to select the date/ time in recent 7 days locating data.
10.4 Alarm information
Display the device alarm location, time, longitude and latitude via map or data.
10.5 Family Number
Setting family number of the device on the platform, the device will automatically update when
finishing the settings.
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